Early Morning

I was up early for a Saturday (no not the usual 5:30) but I saw a beautiful semi sun rise. It was between the horizon and the clouds that were will be with us for most of the morning. It was bright orange. I wish I had my phone with me.

I checked the cellar and the floor is almost dry but the rug isn’t. I can’t move the rug very well. The well isn’t full yet but I am going to keep it going for another couple of hours. Then what ever is leftover will dry on its own. I am just wondering if the water that came through the bathroom floor to the cellar did any damage to the wood. I have visions of the floor collapsing into the cellar. Knock on wood but it hasn’t happened.

It looks like MYWC will be getting together for dinner near the end of the vacation time. I am very excited about this. I just don’t know if this conflicts with Mike and Roberta’s itinerary.

I called Mama Joanie and found out she has been in the hospital since Tuesday and then transferred to a nursing home in Newtown. So I went up to see her (yes I know I am avoiding things but this is important). I made a stop at the local farm store near the house and bought a perennial that had reminded me of her. When I left there the GPS was bound and determined to have me go route 34 and I wasn’t having it. I had to adjust the directions a couple of times and managed to get there about 1:30.

Her room is like any other room in the short term area. The facility itself is in the hills of Newtown and is lovely. She was dozing when I got there so I woke her up and showed her the flowers and then put them on the built in desk by the window. We spent the next hour talking about her health, what was to come next, and we talked about work, vacation, and my life. I told her about the flood of Grove Street and she seemed to get a laugh out of it. Glad she did.

It was after 2:30 when I left and I headed back home with a stop at a gas station on Route 25 and to Cracker barrel for early supper. I had pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs, tea and juice. I didn’t get to eat all of the eggs I was too full.  I got home sometime around 4 pm.

The kitties came running to greet me and they wanted kibble and to go downstairs. So I gave them both. I spent the next several hours watching TV, and doing crossword puzzles. I also did some laundry. Now I am watching the last of the LOTR trilogy.

The kitties are both sleeping upstairs…and I am going to say goodnight…


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