They are on their way


I received an early morning email (sometime around 1) from Mama Roberta telling me what time they are leaving today and where they will be by tonight. This is good. I am getting nervous (or anxious) now. I still have many things to do but I managed to get the new bed linens on but I think they were a little too big. It looks okay but I hope it doesn’t unravel. Yes I measured (after the fact)

I have been trying to get the laundry finished but I keep finding more stuff.  I may have to leave the rest until tomorrow. I will move all my clothes that are in the laundry area to my room then as well. The Ironing board I will move to my room as well.

Oh I got my invitation to the Long-Term Service dinner and in it has one stipulation and that I can bring only one person. I am going to check with Liz one more time before asking Jim. I have to find another outfit for it.

The downstairs bathroom is cleaned. It looks 100% better but I am going to have Livia do it again for her magical touch. I went and bought a new toilet bowl brush for nearly 8 bucks. The other one died. The bristles started to fall apart.

I went into the other bedroom today to make sure the computer works so I can do the taxes. The kitties must have thought they died and went to heaven. They spent some time sleeping and I think they are there again now.

I am starting to ramble and I really need to finish up stuff..







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