I was waiting

I had been waiting since 10 to hear from AH my Easter Dinner host about dropping off the main dish to store in my refrigerator overnight. I was expecting her to call before coming. Well she called me around 4:30 to let me know that she didn’t need to come over she had managed to clean her own refrigerator. I had things that I wanted to do.

Liz ended up coming here for coffee and we got caught up with family news for the next hour. She brought me a choc bunny and flowers, and some sweets for breakfast and or desserts. She had mocked horror when I told her how the kitties were able to go in to a closet. She told me what was going on with her SIL in Waterbury and how this and the ride up to Waterbury was a bit much for Nelson.

I have been doing a few things here and there. Like folding clothes, doing the dishes, and very shortly cleaning up the bathroom-again. Earlier had the TV on and did some net browsing.

Oh and around 10 am this morning April the Giraffe finally had her baby. I can’t believe I had visited the site and the baby was just breeching and I left. Well now we don’t have to worry. Now there will be another item of interest on Facebook.

After Liz Left I took a nap, surfed the net and then late this afternoon I started getting ready for tonight’s dinner. I had gotten a message from Mama letting me know they would be by quarter after 5.

So I am going to get ready….


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