Easter 2017

Good Morning and Happy Easter to all who celebrate this day. Admittedly I haven’t gotten ready for church or services. As my sister pointed out I participated in a Seder but not my own religious tenets. To be honest I haven’t been to church since I think Christmas. I think it would be awkward.

Dinner at the Carol and Gary’s last night was lovely. Active with three dogs but lovely. The food was delicious and stories great. We had a curry chicken and something called cimmis? We had an eggplant dish and fresh fruit for dessert. There was a brief rain shower but it dried up by the time we left for home. We got home by 9 and I was in bed a short time later. The kitties were sitting on two of their regular chairs.

This morning they were hovering over me by 6 am. I got up fed them and went back to sleep on the couch and have the TV watch me. I got up had breakfast and have been surfing on the computer for an hour now.

I posted a Happy Easter message on Facebook and had some replies. I had also finished posting yesterday’s entry on the boards as well. I noticed that LJ is celebrating an anniversary and we all get a banner. I can’t believe I have been on that one for over 13 years. They have been in existence for 18.

Today’s activities include dinner at 1 and then I am not sure. Mama and Papa will be here shortly. It is supposed to be laid back I am told. I hope so. I am bringing the sweets that Liz brought yesterday to the dinner. I couldn’t very well not bring anything.

It looks like I am making dinner for Mama on Thursday while Papa goes to his Guys night out. I have no idea what I am going to make. I have to think of what she wants to eat.

Well it’s time for me to go.



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