I Swear

I swear every time I go to do my taxes. I have issues whether it is internet connections, firewalls, or I have problems with my passwords. I started to get it set up around 8 and ended up using CreditKarma.com and I still have to fix it. Didn’t put info in that is needed. Will have to do it soon.

So Easter at my friend’s house. I have mixed feelings about it. It was a little hectic and awkward for me. The food phenomenal. The behavior of some really rude. I was asked to set the table yet this one woman who has only been here (in the country) five years doesn’t move. I didn’t want to wait for her to finish cutting something that could have been done in the kitchen. A few people spoke in Greek and when they know how to speak English whether it is limited or not. Everyone left me at the table with the old Greek lady who barely spoke English. I really didn’t appreciate it. The hostess interrupts her daughter while the daughter is speaking and doesn’t say excuse me.   I let Roberta know when we were leaving to take me home. I was getting too tired and needed to come home. They were going to have another meal and I just couldn’t.

When I got home the kitties were waiting for me. I gave them some kibble and relaxed for a while then I went to bed.

I had my Doctor’s appointment late Monday and it didn’t take long but it was concerned for the swelling in my leg. Everything else was good. I did manage to get my dry cleaning before going. I went back to the house to pick up the phone that I left behind. It wouldn’t be the only time I left it behind.

I headed back to my sister’s house where I would be meeting up with Roberta who had been spending most of the morning in Trumbull to visit her former co-workers and also do some business. While I was waiting I had a quick visit with Liz who was cleaning out her car for today. It was a short visit because soon Roberta arrived.

While we were confirming with our companions we learned that one would not be attending as she was sick. It sounded like she was really sick. Once we connected with C we headed to the family we had Easter with to pick something up and we spent some time with them.

We got to Roberto’s in Monroe about 6:15. Carol was waiting at the bar for us. I had a flash back of meeting there a few years ago before Mama R left Connecticut. We first had a variety of Bread and then we ordered salads and our main entries. Carol and Roberta had chicken Parm with pasta and I had Shrimp Scampi. It was delicious. We left there around 10 and we got back to Milford by 10:30 and I got home without my cell phone by 11.

After sending an email to Mama about the cell phone who got it later on I headed to bed.  Sky followed and Tiger slept elsewhere for most of the night.

The weather on Sunday was absolutely beautiful despite the two rain showers that came through the state. One was about 4 and the other was about 8 and neither lasted very long. I have had the windows open now for three days. It was just as beautiful yesterday but ended up closing the windows and put the heat on it was far too cold.

Today I found out a neighbors car was broken into last night. It was parked on the street as usual. The cops were called and all. So I made sure nothing in my car is worth stealing the plaid suit is still in there. However keeping an eye on things around here.

Nelson is at the hospital now. According to Liz earlier this week he will be there a couple of days. She will let me know via IM how he did. I suspect she is at home sleeping or even there. I don’t know.

Oh and things seem to be ramping up at the condo construction site down the street. They were working last week there but now it seemed they were working on the sidewalks as well as the buildings. Traffic was really tied up all afternoon.

I am very excited to make tentative plans in June with Siduri to go to exhibit at the Art Gallery in New Haven. I think it will be on Saturdays.

Well I am going to watch Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations. Then figure out how I am going to make Dinner for Thursday.


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