This past week

When I wasn’t with my friends I spent it quietly sleeping or watching TV and running some errands. I spent some time with family on Saturday and then went out with my friends to some spend time with a larger group of friends.

On Sunday was the Easter Celebration that I spoke of yesterday. It was very active and as I look back at it-it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought or wrote about. It was very special and all the more when we spotted a rabbit by my car. I would like to think it may have been Mom.

I spent most of Monday doing taxes. A huge headache there. In the afternoon I had appointments and errands and then went to dinner with R and her friends. It was a late evening. We talked and talked about stuff and some of it was rehashed stuff.

Tuesday was a fairly quiet day. Found there was a break in around the neighborhood. I did some laundry while waiting for word on My BIL from his surgery. I got the word late that he was in a room in ICU step down in lots of pain but good.  

My internet kept crashing on the laptop. I was beginning to think something was wrong because I was having issues with the security programs. Still working on that one as well.

Today have a phone session with Debra. We will catch up with all that’s been happening. We will have our regular in Office session next week. She figured since I would be very busy with vacation and the guests and one week she wasn’t around that we would have phone sessions.

I am also preparing for two dinners one with the woman’s club tonight at Wood and Tap over in orange and the one tomorrow with Roberta…Making pork and roasted potatoes.

On Friday my friends will be returning albeit for one night and then leaving for the casino with their synagogue the next day. I think they have a few other “get together” with other friends as well but I am not sure if that’s in stone yet.

I have to prepare for the committee meeting Friday. It will be at someone else’s home this week but I still have to finish the minutes from last month prior to the meeting and get them to the other members.

On Saturday I have a hair appointment and the rest of the time get ready to get back to work next week. Siduri, Hawks


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