Not feeling well again

Around 3 this morning I started getting cramps and next thing I was crapping and it has subsided for the most part but I been sleeping for most of the morning. I couldn’t believe I slept until 6:30 this time. Despite the cats best efforts. Sky slept above me and Tiger not sure. But they were running around and meowing by 6:30.

I got up fed them and then went back to bed for a while. I really haven’t done much today. Consulted with my Lawn guy who has had people re seeding the front and side yard and starting on the yard, folded sheets, sent the dishwasher through and cleaned up some kitty related spots.

Someone missed the box today and I am not sure who but ever since I moved it to the back hall in plain view of the world they have either missed the litter box or threw stuff out.

I started getting dinner ready around 5 then I got a message from Mama indicating they weren’t going to be in town until 7 and they hit traffic. So I put it back in the refrigerator until 5:30 and started cooking the meat. The potatoes at the instructions from Chef Maureen said to cook them an hour.

While waiting I was going to go to the store for a dessert and more vegetables. That’s until I discovered my battery was dead. I called roadside assistance and they sent some body out. They were supposed to arrive just before 7 but got there by 6:30.

It looks like Mama is going to be late I am going to a nap.


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