Last Day of vacation

Yesterday was the last day of my vacation until maybe next month or June. It was raining since Thursday night and it is still going on today. It was cold and dreary yesterday and it was the same for today.

After tackling the kitchen I decided to go run some errands that included paying for the post office box, picking up the creative writing contest stuff, and messed up on my prescription.

When I got home made some calls and it was straightened out. They were reminding me I have to have an eye test while taking the plaquenil. I told them I was in two months. I guess its new protocol.

In the afternoon I did some errands for Liz who had brought Nel home. I picked up the prescriptions and some lunch/dinner for them. I also picked up a stuffed chick where bunny ears. I later found out he loved it and it’s by their bed.

When I got home I was waiting for Roberta to come home. She had lunch with a friend and Michael worked with his friend eddy. They had dinner in Branford.

Roberta and I just watched TV it was TOH series. We also watched other things star Trek I think. After a while we headed to Hibachi Grill in Orange and had dinner. I don’t remember what time we finished or what time we got home but a few hours later Mike came back and we watched the Christian Bale 2014 movie Exodus: Gods and Kings. It was very interesting and much different then Charlton Heston’s version of Moses. I stayed up and watched it until maybe 11 they stayed up for a while longer. I think the kitties ambled around for a while.

Around 11 after I went to bed Sky came up and slept with me. I am not sure where Tiger went. It makes me smile to remember when they both helped make the bed. They sat on the bed a couple of times.

This morning I got up early fed the cats and watched TV and surfed the net. After awhile Roberta got up (not sure Sky woke her) and we watched TV and then she went back to bed and then Mike came down and I made breakfast for him.

Around 9 I got ready for my hair appointment. Before I left I asked Roberta if she wanted to go to Dr. T’s house with me to drop off the creative writing contest submissions. She did but after I get back from the hair salon.

It was about noon time when I got back to the house. Roberta came shortly after I did they needed to get some air. Mike has been fighting something and when he gets a tad cranky he is cranky.

We left here around 1 and went to Dr. T’s house. We spent an hour there and helped her go organize the submissions. Then we talked more about family, moving, and life in general. That’s when Papa got cranky. We were only going to drop it off. They needed to be on the road early to head to family dinner in NY. Upstate NY. They should be back here later tonight.

It looks like Hockey guy and family have returned from their Hockey season as there are cars and more activity at the house. Now that I know that I have to be really careful in and around the kitchen. My small bathroom is built in to the kitchen in a way.

Tonight quiet watching TV and doing Crossword puzzles and some laundry that I seem to find in every corner this weekend.


Well that’s all the news that’s fit to print for now…



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