April 23, 2017

The House began to stir at quarter of 6 this morning. The cats and I did our regular early morning routine. After a while Sky started caterwauling so I let him downstairs. I did not want him to wake R and M as they had to be out of here around 8.

Dr. T called this morning to see if they were available so I explained that they would be home by 6 tonight so she decided that she would come at that time and would call first. I had sent a text to her around 1 before falling asleep with that message something tells me it didn’t work,

I spent the rest of the morning getting better scores on the crossword puzzle site. It worked for a bit and then I slept until Sky woke me up because he was meowing so much.

I heard from Liz this morning they are both still very tired (can understand that) . She hoped that the kids would stay away so they could rest. There is nothing wrong with that but I think that also should mean all of their friends as well. I told her that’s why I am not running over there or calling as much. At least I hope I wasn’t.

In the afternoon I had bingo and that went fairly well. I had completely forgotten to call the nursing home last week and say I wouldn’t be coming for the Easter Sunday activities. I do remember telling them the week before but that’s it.

After bingo I came home and stopped at Neighbor Chris’s house and chatted with him and of course said hi to Sawyer and Simon (the Dalmatian brothers). I was back at the house 15 minutes later watching Star Trek Generations on Universal TV channel…

I didn’t do very much after that…my ten crossword puzzles…did pretty well   for eight of them. Maybe later on I will do more. I chatted with Nephew Chris in NC. He told me he has a father daughter Dance next week with his Daughter.

I checked my emails from work and I noticed that Guardian Angel sent a recent coverage email. She will be taking a few days off next week and again in May and June. I have to be sure I don’t take the same time off.

It looks like an Administrators in HR is retiring very soon. OF course someone is stepping up to replace him. I recognized the name from the past but may be Siduri remembers…

Mama and Papa came home around 6:30 and we relaxed until Dr. T came over and presented us with GFWC Membership pins celebrating 20 years. You can see the pin on my FB. We chatted for a bit and then Dr. T left and we had dinner.

We ordered Pizza for dinner and watched TV for the evening.

Around 9 I started getting ready for bed. It took me a while to get to sleep.

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