May 30, 2017

Well Tuesday came and went quickly.  It rained on and off all day.  There is more coming tonight and tomorrow but it will be in the 70’s tomorrow and Thursday.  It is also a little windy as i sit here and write this.


My ride into work wasn’t bad but I think the traffic lady on CHannel 8 jinxed everyone when she said that traffic wasn’t bad.  OF course it isn’t almost no one has to be at work at 6:30!  No sooner did she say everything was good there were accidents scattered throughout the state.


I was a few minutes early so I stopped at the lobby mailbox and picked up the weekend mail brought it upstairs to my desk and then did my first mail collection through the office.  I chatted with a few people and then started working  I spent the entire day doing the mail and the re-address mail (man I haven’t said that in a long time!).  I was hoping to get to some scanning but it didn’t happen.


We had the Union Committee meeting and we discussed the results and debriefing of the commencement action.  I expressed my dismay at the lack of information that came down. It is an issue that Barbara the organizer expressed strongly at the meetings the weekend prior to the action.   Some also felt the students needed to be better organized in their efforts for negotiations.  In the end sometimes situations and circumstances change and we have to either change with them or pass them.  There may be some small actions for the summer for them but we will now be focusing on the upcoming election in New Haven…We wish to keep our political supporters in office that are doing not only the best job for their constituents but for the employees at the University.  Actually every city has a tough campaign season coming up.


Because of the holiday the mail volume/delivery will be shifted one day.  I was expecting a large volume of what I call healthlogic a small amount that usually comes Monday came today.  Tomorrow I am going to get nailed.  I did tell Bob late this afternoon that I will be happy to help do the refund mailings as well as documenting them on the system.  He was for that.  THat means no scanning I think.


The house got cleaned today…it looks and feels great.  I hated to mess it up with dinner but it was cleaned up and i have the dishwasher going now.  Along with the laundry.  I dropped stuff on my pants and didn’t want to leave it for the end of the week.


I told Livia the cleaning lady that I will be on vacation in mid june.  All she said is have a great time.  I guess she will do the cleaning when I get back on the 20th.  She will have to shift the cleaning days that’s all.


Not much mail today.  Mostly junk and a Pt survey from the hospital when I had my ultrasound last week or so.  Most of it is shredded (the mail).  I have a couple of piles of things that need to be tossed or shredded I will probably do that next weekend.


My travel arrangements are all in place.  I made reservations for a car service to pick me up at 4 the day of my flight and drive me up to the airport.  THey will pick me up by 11:30 am on the return flight as well.    I just need to pick up a couple of things before the trip.


When I got home the kitties were still upstairs one by one they came down to greet me.  So each had some one on one time.  I sat down and watched TV mindlessly   I did want to watch the two parter of Little House on the Prairie (it was their 4th Season finale in which Mary went blind and then to the Blind school to begin her new life).   NCIS was on for the Tuesday mini marathon as well.  It was about then I made dinner.


I decided that I would have the steak and baked potato for dinner.  I had been thinking about it for the entire weekend.  I haven’t had baked potatoes at home in quite some time and I wanted to try it.  It was successful.  Unfortunately I am still hungry and not even a couple of yogurts are going to work.  I probably could have a salad but it’s getting late now.


The kitties eventually did their own thing between sleeping above my head (sky) and sleeping upstairs (Tiger) until about 7 when they decided to amble down for some fresh kibble I put out.  They are now doing their own thing.


THe dishwasher is just finishing up (I wanted to get it done early) and I have clothes in the wash and dryer.  Like I said I don’t want to leave it to the weekend.


I have decided to pick up a new American Flag It will be 3×5 nylon flag and a pole.  I had received a call back from a local Flag distributor and said she would be open until 5 and that i could come by and get one.  It will be about $23.00.


After this i need to be careful with finances.  I have a few things coming in (new cat food, the clothes and of course the trip).  It’s getting me a little anxious.  Even though i am getting paid this week.


Well I am just having some tea and then heading to bed.


Good night all!


Why Should I be Tired?


It is after 6 pm and I am finding it a little hard to keep my eyes open.  When I left you this morning i was about to do some shopping at Jessica London clothing site.  Well by Noon I managed to get two capri’s and  white a blouse and all for $63 and change.  They should be here a week from this Tuesday.    


Once I did that i called Mama Joanie in Oxford.  We have been catching up with the week long activities.  I told her about my upcoming trip to Florida and my changed plans to meet up with Cousin Joe when he comes east with Floyd.  We had ot play telephone tag when we got disconnected.    When we hung up we promised to speak again.  I am going to try to call her before I leave for my trip.


I also had made phone call to the livery service that i will be using for the trip but they must have been closed for the holiday… i will call them tomorrow during work.  I am probably will have them reserved for 4 pm that evening and of course quarter of 12 on the return trip.


Around 12:30 I got a text from Liz inviting me to her house for an impromptu cookout around 2.  So I got showered and dressed and checked the sauce for the third or 4th time and stirred it and then left just before 2 and got a cake at Stop and Shop.  I got there a litter after and found My niece and her husband and a couple of her children were there along with my Nephew Nel jr and Nelson 3.  Apparently nelson 3 has been very hyper today.  


WE had hamburgers, hot dogs, and rice and beans, and of course the cake.  Conversations were pretty good.  Liz and I had some time to chat before I headed home and she had her nap.  She kind of warned me about things with the Ladies guild.  I think I was able to express things to her without any resentment or anger.  By the time I left it was 4.


Since I have been home I put the sauce in a bag and cleaned up the crock pot and straightened the kitchen.  I also refilled the kibble container.  I have also been watching TV.  


I am just waiting for TIger to get up from her nap and join SKy to play around until i go to bed.  I have to fill their bowl shortly.  


I think I better get the laundry finished and then get some stuff straightened up for the week.




Memorial Day 2017


Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  For those who have served and currently serve thank you for your Service to keeping us safe.  We will never forget.


It is starting out to be a very rainy Memorial Day which has already caused a few towns and cities to cancel their parades and make alternate plans for the day.  I am going to take it easy for the most part.  I put the sauce in the slow cooker and it should be ready in ten hours.  I may make spaghetti or pizza and have the steak and baked potato for another night as i have had a lot of beef this weekend.


So how was the rest of my day yesterday.  Well I had a good session at BIngo.  Despite some angry visitors who thought we cheated her relative/friend out 15 cents.  Luckily Maria was there to help squash it. IT’s only a game.  I did catch up with Natalie.  THey are having a FAther’s Day activity on Father’s day so I won’t have to come.  That’s good because I get home that day from my trip.  I was planning on doing bingo the day I leave for FLorida but as i am sitting here that’s not going to work.


When I left i was tempted to get take out and decided not to. I came home and made lamb chops.  I did end up making the burgers it didn’t take long.  I did the way I usually do.  LIke meat loaf but I added worcestershire sauce, ketchup and mustard and eggs and bread crumbs.  I still have more pork in the freezer to use and of course the stew meat.


The rest of the night was quiet.  Until I went to bed.  I went up and SKy followed sometime later.  I heard TIger meow sadly so I decided to come down and sleep on the couch.  SKy again followed then throughout the night they were running around and chasing each other.  At least Tiger wasn’t meowing.  Hissing maybe but not meowing.  Things settled down way after midnight.  Sky slept above me and Tiger I am not so sure.  I just know that about 4 they started to wake me up.  


I did find some hairballs around the downstairs and this time it wasn’t Tiger.  It was sky.  He has been chewing and eating the plastic bag on the water bottles.  I think I am going to have to put them all away.  I also ordered Muse cat food for them.  Not too many about 24 cans.  I want to see if they like it. It should be here Wednesday or so.


I discovered that my nephew’s School Blair Academy had its commencement last week.  However James was not with them.  I asked Jim about it and he was cryptic.  All he did say was he would be Graduating from Emmaus High School (Where Kris and Emily attended and graduated) next week.  I did ask James before Jim replied but never heard from him.    My huge plan was to write him once he started American University in DC but the truth is I barely wrote him the entire time he was at Blair.  He barely responded either but that’s okay.


DId I mention I heard from my Nephew Mike?  Yeah he suggested i check the washer and filter and see if it needed cleaning out so I did and the water pressure much better.  I may have to get a new one.  Not today though…


I am however going to have to get on the stick and start wardrobe shopping for my trip in June.  I am starting to cut it close to the deadline for delivery.


Have a great day and be safe…




My Phone went wonky on me again

After i posted yesterday morning took a nap and heard my phone make a notification noise but I didn’t hear the phone ring.  It turned out to be Dave returning my phone call from yesterday.  He was waiting to go to work at the airport but it was cancelled so we had a moment to talk.  He answered some of questions when I told him I was going to Florida and when.  I also told him my sister’s concerns.  HE was very supportive.  After that conversation we got to talking about how long my brother has been gone.  I thought it was seven years.  Dave remembered his sister died the same year just two months later.  I was absolutely sure it was seven…it’s not.


AFter I got off the phone with him Liz texted me that she was home and to come over anytime.  So I got ready and started to go.  As I was driving there it was crazy out on the roads.  People seemed to be in a rush.  Actually that’s the way it usually is on a Saturday but i think it was more because of the holiday.


When I arrived I found her in the back in her garden.  She was replanting and weeding and looked a mess.  I am guessing she is sleeping soundly this morning.  We started to visit then a friend of hers came by and they began to do some gardening.  I watched and at times felt I should be out in my own yard tending to the flower beds.  I discovered that her friend also had lupus and she was getting tired herself.  SHe is very proactive in her illness so Liz says.  I was there for a couple of hours.  It was nearly 3:30


When I got home I finished up the fried chicken from Popeyes and then had a piece of the “cheesecake” from Emerald’s that I had in the freezer from the meeting last week.  Now I just have to be sure I don’t go through it by the beginning of the week.


Well I was expecting this but not so soon.  I received an email last night from Sarah the HS senior who has been helping out at bingo at the nursing home letting me know that she now has a lifeguard job for the summer and won’t be able to help out at bingo.  I thanked her and wished her well.  I am pretty sure after today both Hanna and Chloe will do the same thing since they will be leaving in two weeks for home.


I spent the rest of the evening watching NCIS and This Old house it’s almost done for the season with their projects in Detroit.  I would really love to hear about the houses after they have been done.  (I think these two projects were done by the Christmas holidays).  It looks like there is a follow up to the family that ended up buying the house that the city and another organization rebuilt.  I have a feeling that episode will be next week.


I had dinner around 7 and that was steak and salad.  I was going to make baked potatoes but decided on the salad.  Considering I had the fried chicken.  Made sure i was drinking lots of water though.  The ankle is still swollen.


I went to bed by nine and eventually Sky came up and TIger probably slept under the bed or in the other room.  I could hear her kneading the rug that’s why i am guessing she slept under the bed.    They did their normal routine this morning.  They were very excited to see a rabbit in our front yard they were trying to get through the windows to get to him.  I managed to get a few pictures of him. I was sitting on the porch and as you can see very close to me.  Eventually it hopped off and i came back inside.


Image may contain: grass, plant, tree, outdoor and nature


Today should be quiet and I probably should start the sauce and the hamburg patties but I don’t want to.  I know I know it has to be done.  I will.  I have also been going around picking up here and there.  I guess it was something liz said to me (that I took umbrage at).  I don’t know why she said it but it’s that Judgement thing I guess.  It’s been weeks since she has been here I think.  Although that’s why I am going around trying to straighten up here and there.  When I do it I feel like I accomplished something.





Looking forward to the weekend.

I am so looking forward to this weekend.  Especially after the long week I just finished.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was busy and some of it was great but it just wore me out and at times stressed me out.


The Scholarship presentation was great.  I went early enough to enjoy the reception prior to the evening’s events.  Met up with people who I don’t see often and got to reacquaint myself with.   The food was nice (when isn’t it).  The evening was long though.  I was among the first ten presenters and that was good but I stayed until the end so that I got an opportunity to get a picture from a grateful young lady and her parents.  I have a feeling I will be hearing from her sometime in the near future.   Her mother is a staff member of the local Library and promised to help me anytime I am there.  SHe also knows Dr. T.


It was still raining when I left the presentation and headed to SHaron’s house to drop off my dinner choice and money for the DTC dinner next week.  SHe wasn’t home from the DTC so I left it in a secure place–I hope.  I did call her the next day to make sure she got it but I haven’t heard from her.


Friday night I made my airline reservations for the trip to FL next month.  I can’t believe how easy it was.  I did let Roberta know and of course Liz.  THe only thing is it is a night flight and I won’t be getting into FL until maybe 11.  Debbie and Stan live a half hour Northwest of Fort Lauderdale.  All that’s left is the car reservation to and from the airport and a little shopping.  Oh and LIz thinks i should have picked a better time to go (like earlier in the day) but i liked the price i got my tickets at.  I will be riding JetBlue.


I did email them and they seem fine with the choice i made at least I think they are.  I can never tell with Debbie.

I had a phone session with Debra yesterday and I told her about the week’s events and she felt I did fine with the flights.  SHe understood everything I was feeling.


Last night a neighbor sent me a message that she took a picture of rainbow over the house last night and it is beautiful.  It is on my timeline that I shared with Liz and Jim this morning.


I had a nice dinner that managed to swell my ankles up quickly.  Popeye’s chicken.  I had a couple of pieces with a biscuit and macaroni and cheese (clearly velveeta box).   I had it for breakfast as well.


This morning has been pretty good.  Fed the kitties had some coffee, and did my crosswords (haven’t done them in a week) and got some really good scores.


The grocery delivery came around 7:30 and everything has been put away that needed putting away.  I will have to freeze a few things and maybe do some cooking.


There is a Memorial Day NCIS marathon going on so I am going to watch it most of the day.  I don’t think it’s on tomorrow.  They are starting with season ten.  I probably will watch it most of the day after my visit with Liz.


As I said will be going over Liz and Nelson’s to drop off a bird house the girls made from the club and I thought she would want one.  I may be going over there on Monday but that’s only tentative for now. If not I will be here sleeping.


Tomorrow is going to be very quiet for the morning and then do bingo.  I have laundry i am working on so it won’t be last minute.


The weather is going to be a mixture of sun and clouds and maybe some showers.  I think the temperatures will be in the 60’s.


The kitties are good.  Tiger pulled a “Sky” and crawled under the blankets of the spare bed and is currently there.  I don’t know where SKy is (probably leaning up against her) and I would imagine both sleeping right now.



Thankful Thursday May 25, 17

  1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all
  2.         I am thankful for my kitties
  3.         I am thankful for my job
  4.         I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
  5.         I am thankful for my neighbors
  6.         I am thankful for my home
  7.         I am thankful for my friends
  8.         I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.

9             I am thankful for the weather.

  1.      I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.


Everyone is okay.  BIL over did it at his granddaughter’s recital and ended up getting sick.  So he has been taking it easy for the week.  SIL E is in town still.  Haven’t actually seen her but I spoke to her via FB. Nephew John and his wife should be in Tacoma WA by the weekend before they get to Fairbanks by early JUne.


After my pity party yesterday the kitties were very loveable for breakfast (yes I realize they were waiting to be fed this morning) and they still made me feel pretty good.   Space just needs to be given.


I heard from Mama Roberta over night and our plans for the trip to Florida have commenced.  From the 11th to the 17th.  Have already been looking at prices.  Will be booking them this weekend.




Another Busy week

The end of Last week brought on a really enjoyable evening with the KFC Ladies Night on Friday.  The weather of course was chilly.  For the entire weekend.


This week the chilly weather continued with some rain on and off the entire week.  That included commencement activities at work.  An incredibly long march at that I finally recovered from last night (Tuesday).


Also the annual Creative Writing contest reception was held on Monday and it really was a great turn out.  I think we have some great future writers coming down the road.  Dr. T urged the teachers and families to nurture the writing in the kids.  It really sounded like a farewell in a way.


Thursday is the Scholarship presentation over at one of the high schools.  I usually end up staying for the whole thing.  THere isn’t a chance in the world that this year will be any different.


A long holiday weekend coming up.  I didn’t take any extra time off this time but I might in June for a tentative trip to Florida.  Waiting to hear back from Mama Roberta.  I haven’t been to FL since 1977.    I have been searching and I still don’t know what I am doing even though I flew last year.


I am having kitchen sink issues (aka plumbing) the pressure doesn’t seem to be strong and after I have turned it off it keeps going.  I put a call  to my nephew Mike and he will call me tomorrow night.


My afternoon went south or at least half way there.  I made what i consider a huge blunder when I was scanning a particular batch and I forgot to put in some information that was important and then I sent wrote it to the “system”. I had to rescan it and it hasn’t shown up yet.  I felt like an idiot.

I was running late to get to the hair salon.  I called them to tell them I was going to be late.  Maria calls me back to let me know Karen left for the day and that Maryann wrote that I would be there tomorrow for the Ad.  I know well and good that I asked for today.  THis is just really pissing me off.  I left a few minutes early to get there.  I was hoping to get it to SHaron tonight along with my own.   I talked with her about it and I can drop it off at her house tomorrow.    My phone went wonky before actually talking with her.


I got my call from Courtney and we talked about articles that focus on portions and things like this because I told her how my 6 weeks have been.  Trying to make the best choices and still not seeing results.   BTW  I had salad for lunch today no jelly beans (had a lot yesterday) and salad with my lamb chops and yogurt.  Lots of coffee both decaf and regular.  That’s probably why I am so aggravated tonight.


I think it’s time I hit the sack…I am really stressed and the kitties can sense it they were avoiding and pulling away from me tonight making me feel like a crappy fur Mommy.  Of course i felt a little better an hour later when they did actually feel like showing me some kitty love.



Not What I was expecting

Yesterday was the union protest at the commencement.  It was discussed on the news all weekend but by the time I left for work is when I found out it wasn’t going to be just a silent vigil.  IT turned out to be a long march from the union office all the way to Broadway and then back where we greeted the graduates and applauded.  Quite frankly I am annoyed because this is not what we were told and we should have been told.  By the end of the day my ankles were swollen and my legs hurt.  There was a de-briefing  lunch at the union hall today.  I decided not to go because i could still feel my ankles against the shoes.  It took me awhile to get home yesterday too.  I don’t remember that happening last year. For the record 20 minutes in the garage and 15 to get out of the city.


Last night was the creative writing contest reception at City hall.  Before I got there I had to stop and get more cookies and get gas or I would not have gotten home I think.    It was still crappy out so the end of the day was dismal and wet.   I got to the city hall past 5:30 and everyone was setting up.  Really it was already set up for us which is nice.  We took pictures and eventually the event began.  The mayor came as expected and we got to chatting.   There were 21 winners and all of them showed up.  We even honored our three graduates with the Presidential Volunteer award.  The only two things that made it difficult was the fact I collided with a grandparent of another winner because neither of us were watching where we were walking!  My leg was not cooperating either.  It was achy and stiff.  I couldn’t wait to get home to take something for it.


When I got home the kitties were waiting for me.  I gave them their night time kibble and cleaned the litter boxes and then I went to bed.  They eventually followed actually SKy did not sure where Tiger slept.


Unfortunately I didn’t fall asleep fast enough to learn there had been a terrible explosion in London at Ariana Grande’s concert.  Twenty two people were either killed or injured.  It is being tagged as Terrorist attack.


The week started with rain and we have had a nice cloudy day with no rain but getting more by the end of the week.  I don’t have a problem with that but what I do have a problem with is how freaking cold it’s been!    I haven’t turned the heat up once in the last several days but the house has been cold I had to wear long sleeves and or sweaters.  Today is a little better but i haven’t turn the fans back on yet either.  I don’t remember May being so cold.  Not even last year.  I would like it a little warmer please!


I am not doing anything outside the house tonight i have to do a little bit of pen paling to a new pal who is right here in CT.  Actually she lives in the next town and about 15 minutes away.


Tomorrow is another story.  AFter work I will head over to the hair salon and get the ad from Karen and then bring it to SHaron.  I will then pay her for the dinner next week and for my portion of the 4th District ad.


I will have a phone session with Courtney the health coach tomorrow.  It’s been a couple of weeks since we last spoke and we were supposed to meet tomorrow but the Angel hair thing came up.


THursday is the scholarship presentation at Foran.  The coordinator of the event contacted both Chairman Rich and I about who is presenting it and will we have the checks.  I didn’t want to be responsible for getting the checks there but Rich said he would.  I also will be presenting it alone this time.  I am very nervous about it.  WHen I talked with Liz she reassured me I would be fine.


Friday is the start of the long weekend.  I don’t have any tentative plans for that night.  IF it is raining I probably will call it an early night and curl up in bed and watch TV with the kitties.


Saturday I probably will order my groceries for that day and in the afternoon head over to Liz’s for a short visit.  I Have a birdhouse for her from the club and I want to give it to her.  When I talked with her on the phone she was telling me how Nelson had really over did his activities on Sunday and got sick.  They hope to recuperate this weekend so I know I won’t be staying long that day.

Sunday is the normal activities.  Quiet in the morning (and maybe cooking) and bingo in the afternoon.   The city’s Memorial Day parade is that afternoon so it would behoove us to avoid the center.


For Memorial Day head back to Liz’s for a small picnic or something in the afternoon and get ready for a short week.


I can hear tiger and sky running around making noises upstairs and things falling to the floor.  They had an opportunity to come into my old room while I was updating the pen pal files and they took it for about five minutes.  One of them totally missed the box today.  I had cleaned it out thoroughly this morning and did it again when I saw the pile of crap on the mat.  I guess this means I have to wash it completely out again this weekend.


Well it is now 9:30 and i need to get going to bed….Be safe and sound..

I Don’t Like it

I don’t like when I haven’t written all week. I usually start forgetting what had transpired in the previous week and it could be important or significant things that have impact on me or to the thought process I have used.

The week started with a close encounter (or 2) with nature. I noticed something in the grass towards the back of the yard and took a look through the binoculars and found a sleeping fox. It stayed there for quite some time and when I checked after my shower it was gone. As I was leaving a Mama and kit came out of the woods near my garage they stopped mid step and watched me. They turned around and headed back to what I can only guess is their den. I haven’t seen them since but neighbor D’Arcy shared videos of her pack in her yard on FB. I have seen rabbits lately.

Work has been its usual busy stuff. I was able to get more days of scanning done except for Friday. On Thursday Supervisor asked me to take care of the mail for this past Friday as the girl who was supposed to do it didn’t. I suspect she refused and I had warned him before he had his long weekend. ;0 I told him I would have to tighten my time management and get it all done. Well as much as possible. That’s including mailing the refunds out.

Midweek several of us went and did a lunchtime march for the grad students over at the med school. In the 80 plus degree weather. Many didn’t stay because they wanted to get their lunch and it was too hot. Admittedly I did the same thing especially when my voice kept cracking and coughing. I don’t know what that was about. I did stop and get Chinese food for lunch from one of vendors there. Tomorrow is the silent vigil at the commencement. I asked for time off for the morning. Yes I realize it is going to be raining.

AT least we have a long weekend next weekend. I hadn’t planned to take an extra day off because I want to be able to get the work done and since I will be out for the vigil on Monday. I know this will be a lot to do.

There is going to be a campus wide Employee appreciation celebration at Phelps gate in June. I hope will get to see Siduri. We had one last year and it was quite nice.







I had dinner with Dr. T last week at a financial planning seminar she invited me to a week before. Of course I got there before her and got to know the staff and other attendees.   We did have an opportunity to talk about the last days of school (she had another friend there as well) and when she is heading to FL. WE did have a brief discussion about the Creative writing contest tomorrow night.

She did share news that we were featured in the AIEP Host families’ newsletter. The AIEP is the organization that is for International students’ placement with families here in the US and of course we have ten of the girls in our club. Truth is I don’t know much about it except the website and the mailings I get and the huge bill board I saw on the highway once. Dr. T has been doing this for two years with this organization.

As I said tomorrow is the Creative writing Contest Reception at City Hall. WE have to be there by 5:30 and set up and have everything ready and done by 8. Dr. T says we should have 200 people attending. A part of me can’t believe this may be the last one unless another organization takes it up.

WE may have a few more things to do before the end of the year. Most of the girls may be gone by the next meeting (all the girls from China that is).

I don’t know if I told you this last time but at the last Ladies guild meeting I volunteered to chair the Nomination committee. That means I am on the board as well. Our installation dinner is at the end of June and will be at the Yacht Club in town. Which may conflict with a possible trip to FL. Any way I think the last meeting of the season is the installation and then we start up in September again.

WE had the 4th District here last week. I managed to get the minutes done and out by the weekend and there was so real uproar. Two people asked me to make revisions and about distribution and the fact we were discussing a particular rep who hasn’t been doing her job as an elected official. WE have been accused by a few of bashing the person. We weren’t. We expressed concerns that the person hasn’t been doing what she was elected for. Not to mention as part of the entire “party”. I have made the appropriate revisions but these people should know that one you don’t call or email the secretary to make revisions or changes until the next meeting. This should be interesting.

The kitties are pretty good. They seem to be returning to their old hangouts around the house for sleeping. They are thrilled I have opened the windows so they can sit on the ledges. On more than one occasion this week have been very cuddly.

Spoke to Sis via text this morning…Her AC died late last week and was fixed by the time I saw her at Ladies night. Yesterday a water pipe burst into the crawl space and damaged the insulation where they found rat poop and dead rats. Not real happy about that she is. Today she is going to her granddaughter’s recital. It should be starting by the time I post this.

Spoke to Jim via text. He plans on meeting our Cousin Joe when he comes down the Erie Canal with Floyd his boat. HE wants to get together for dinner. I would like to but I still have things to do at the beginning of June.   My cousin used to have a blog but he hasn’t updated it in a while.

This weekend was fairly quiet for me. I didn’t do very much but that will change when I get back from Bingo.





Mother’s Day 2017

It is after 4:30 and I have been home a short while. The sun is out but not for long I fear but I will explain that shortly. My day started at the normal 5:30.

I knew the grocery delivery was supposed to come sometime between 6 and 8 and I wanted to be up in time. I fed the kitties and then heard this Gawd awful noise that turned to be a fox! IT was behind neighbor Sean’s car. It came around in front of it and then headed to the marsh/swamp. Of course my phone was nowhere near me. I would say I shooed it away but I am not sure it did it all by itself. I told the neighbors later on in the day and they have seen it from time to time.

After that bit of excitement I went back to sleep for a while. That’s until I could hear the Delivery truck coming around quarter of 7. He drove all the way up to the pump station and turned around. The backing up alarm seemed loud to me (or I was just worried someone would bitch about it-luckily no one has—yet). It didn’t take long to put stuff away.

So what else did I do? Yep went back to bed for a while. I fell asleep during the Law & Order marathon more than once. That’s until I got a text from Liz.

Liz actually was replying to my Mother’s Day Message to her and she reminded me to be at her house a little after 11. So that left me nearly an hour or so to get ready. I showered, got dressed and straightened here and there. I left the house a little after 10:30.

Unfortunately it took me longer than expected to get out of the driveway. I think with all the rain yesterday it somehow got into the system and would not turn over. I checked everything. There was plenty of gas and the battery seemed okay (the radio when on in one of the attempts). The third time was a charm. I headed to Liz’s with one stop to the Pharmacy to get money out. In case I had an opportunity to pay her for Ladies Night. I didn’t but there is always next week.

When I arrived my Nephew rich was there watching Soccer. Nelson and Liz was busy setting up things for Chris who arrived a short time after me. We chatted and he started cooking and then Jen and her sister-in-law and niece Amelia arrived. We all were smitten with Baby Amelia. She was smiling constantly and barely cried the entire time.

I was there until almost two. We talked about life in NC and where they live and what is available to them. They really love it. They will be returning to NC tomorrow sometime.

AT two I headed to the nursing home to do the bingo. It was a small crowd today and I discovered that one of the resident’s sons is neighbor. All this time and I had no clue! The bingo crowd was small because of the holiday. I didn’t mind it too much. Recreation Bob was there and he was doing paper work. At the end we cleaned up and I headed to the store.

I had a bag of bottles to take to the bottle return and got about $2 and change. It took about 20 minutes to do. After that I went to the post office and mailed some things. I checked the box not expecting much but a newsletter from regional water authority and fundraising stuff from linden hall.

It was nearly 4 when I got home. The kitties were waiting on me before their afternoon nap. I have gotten laundry going and watching the TV. There are a bunch of movies on including “Grease”, and various horror movies, and of course CSI Miami Binge-a-thon. The one thing I am looking forward to seeing is NCIS: LA season finale.

I was shocked at last week’s episode and found it unnecessary to kill off a character (and if you haven’t seen it yet then don’t read any further).   I have since learned the actress has a gig on Scandal.  There were mixed reviews on that episode (and frankly when haven’t there been?).

This week looks to be fairly busy. Lots to do at work with mail and refunds, and of course the scanning jobs. I am hoping that if I finish the mail early in the week I will be able to scan in the afternoons. As well as the regular days I am scheduled to do.

We have a few lunch time actions in support of Local 33 this week and one particular one is on Thursday. It angers me the comments left on some of the articles in newspapers by people who have no comprehension of what is going on. They don’t believe it is really happening and have called the ladies who were featured in the article horrible names. Really? One you must really be shallow and two how about putting yourselves in their place? Would you allow it to happen and no do anything about it? If you have problems in your place of employment don’t come crying to me!

I have a couple of meetings this week as well as Ladies night at church next Friday. It is a really fun time and the food is usually great.

Well I have to move the laundry around and then watch NCIS. Have a great night.