It Feels like Winter

It is nearly 5 in the afternoon and the sun has all but gone. It clouded up around 2 this afternoon. The temperatures dropped too. I didn’t have a jacket with me the entire time I was out and I wished I had.   When I got home I closed the windows and turned the heat on.

I made it to bingo early and started early as well. I think it was Chloe who was waiting for me and eventually the other two girls came. We had a good session but what seemed like a smaller than usual crowd.

After bingo I headed to the Oreck store and dropped off the Oreck. He also told me that I could trade that one in for a newer model and more updated one that could do both. I stayed with repair. I also got some bags and glass wiper. It came to about $150. It should be ready by tomorrow night.

I have been craving ice cream for the last couple of days so I stopped at Adams and picked up a quart of ice cream. Two flavors…party cake and choc cookie. I had one and I think that may have been a mistake.

Last night I had heard from my friend SuzanneB that there were going to merge the churches in town. ST Mary’s and St Agnes will now be known as Precious Blood while the other two will be known as St Raphael’s. Now the third one Christ the Redeemer I am not sure. The breakdown for that didn’t make sense. This isn’t just affecting Milford but the Arch Diocese for Hartford, New Haven, and Litchfield. As you can see by the list.

This will be very interesting in what the future holds for Liz as reader and Eucharistic Minister. Will she go to both places or keep separate. It will be interesting about the Ladies guild.

Oh man I just found out that a coworker of mine has died this weekend. COD is not certain but one of them thought it was possible heart attack. The lady who told me got the news via text and it got passed around to few people from the office. I sent a message to Mary and Ann. It will be very sad in the office tomorrow.

Well it’s getting late and I need to get ready for bed…


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