A Busy and Tough Day

I was up at my regular time thanks to Sky’s head-butt and I basically did the normal routine.  My intention was to make the sauce.  It wasn’t made and the way I feel now I am not sure it will get done tomorrow either.    I will see when I get up tomorrow.  I managed to the morning routine and get ready for work early while the kitties cuddled on the bed.  I left at a decent time and had no problems.

I got to work and made some stops to pick up mail and converse with co-workers, many had found out either by FB or text messages yesterday and there was a lot of comforting and sharing stories and anecdotes on life itself.  Lee Ann gave more info on it as she went over as she got a text message.   FC had suffered a heart attack in her sleep.  No flyer went out with the Announcement but an email went out inviting anyone for Grief Counseling.  LA didn’t go even though many urged her to go.   I would check in with a few people throughout the day.

 I spent most of the day working on the mail from the last several days.  Clearly no one did Friday’s mail! I was surprised I got it all done by the end of the day.  Unfortunately because it took me so long I wasn’t able to do any scanning or refund checks.  Even though J tried to give me some.

I got an email from one of our stewards about activities to support 33 and there are plenty of stuff coming up.  I am not sure I can do all of them either.  I will have to figure out. I guess this will be where the using of my time comes in handy.

After work I picked up the Oreck and then stopped by and saw Liz and Nelson.  I was there for about an hour or so.  We talked about work, Estate stuff, and some finances.  It was getting a little much about financing and investments because I didn’t have a lot of info.  I did get to see my niece Cheryl for a short time before coming home.

It was after 6 when I came home.  My lawn guy came and did the lawn it took no time at all.  While he did that I checked on kitties.  Spent time with them and then replenished their kibble and cleared out their box downstairs.  There was an order I didn’t like and I have been checking everywhere for it.  It is okay for now. 

I haven’t done much of anything tonight except have dinner and surf the net.  I think I am going to bed early so I can get up and get the sauce started. 


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