Playing Catch up

This week is about playing catch up.  It took me until Thursday to post my midweek reflection and  I couldn’t do the the thankful Thursday post as it was pretty full day (which in of itself I am thankful for).

The funeral for FC was Thursday in Cheshire at St Brigid and it was my first time there so I made the traditional wish for being in a new church.  The church itself reminded me a little of St Agnes here in town.  It was in the shape of a cross as well.   Fran was cremated and placed in a beautiful Eggplant colored urn with butterflies.  After the services we traveled 26 miles to North Haven to All Saint’s Cemetery on Middletown Avenue.  I was a little nervous because I was afraid I wouldn’t know how to get back to the office even with the GPS however it wasn’t far and I got back after 12.  I am happy to report that Tanner FC’s fur babie found a new home as of Thursday.  LAS has graciously stepped in and took him into her home.  By all accounts the first night went well.

There is great concern that during this whole time Management did not acknowledge Fran’s death.  They did offer Grief counseling but many believe they could do more.  By sending out an email or a notification of some kind informing the staff of their co-worker’s death.  As i said Tuesday it is usually by word of mouth and flyers for collections.  Management has never done any acknowledgements since our first move to CSS and our current location.  This is going to be the committee’s latest task in getting this protocol changed.  I think it will be a losing battle personally.  I hope I am wrong.

Members of Local 34 and the committee were asked to stand and witness the civil disobedience yesterday I wasn’t able to participate because I had the woman’s club dinner but I heard about it this morning.  I didn’t know it was a civil disobedience until I saw them on TV getting arrested.  It is usually pre-arranged with the city before they do this.  Over the years I have only been to one or two of them.  Usually the union posts the bail of the “offenders” and I am not sure what happens after that.  I was reminded that yes traffic and others who unaware of what’s going on is hassled but this is to bring awareness to those who are not a part of it.    THere are several more “actions” between now and commencement.

Last night was the Woman’s Club Dinner and Meeting.  Before the meeting all the awards and presents for the Creative Writing Contest reception were put together.  AFter the business portion (including reviewing of last activities) and the ones coming up including the creative writing contest.  Then we have a final meeting in June.  After that the girls in the exchange student program will be returning to China for the summer.  I don’t know if any of them will be returning next year.  I also don’t know when the president will if ever tell them that she moving in the summer to Florida.  She did give out some lovely gifts last night.  A collage of all of our activities and certificates and for me a license plate cover from the GFWC.

Oh I have officially become a board member of the Ladies Guild at church.  I am chairman (at least I think i am) of the nominating committee.  We have our installation on June 22 at the Yacht club.

This past week was the campaign kickoff for the mayor’s re election bid.  I was unable to attend and made sure I called them two days prior.  I had misplaced the flyer and so i looked on line.   I found the flyer upstairs on the night table next to my bed this morning.

I have been getting emails from chairman Phil regarding preparations for our annual awards night in early june.  I have to get an ad for the ad book that will be present at the dinner.  I am thinking of asking my hairdresser tomorrow.

Last minute confirmations about the scholarship presentations for one of the schools.  I can’t believe its that time again.  It will be here soon.  I have a message to JIm..I let Rich know we expect to be there.

Last week was reunion weekends for both Foran and Linden Hall.  I haven’t heard any glowing reports for the Foran one but a number of my classmates shared the Linden Hall ones.  THey look great.  I wish I went to the Linden Hall one but I didn’t have the time or money for the trip.  It looks like Endicott had commencement last weekend and have several Alumni activities including a Red sox game.  I didn’t see if they are having a reunion weekend or not.

The kitties have been dutiful in getting me up this week.  They have been sleeping else where while I have been sleeping on the couch.  Sometimes Sky would sleep above me on the cushion or in the chair by the window in the living room where he is now.  They have been a little skittish this week but loud noises (hangers dropping from  the bathroom door.

The weather has been meh…chilly and overcast.  Thursday was nice but Friday was overcast for most of the day.  The weekend is a mixed bag.  Rain most of Today and Mother’s Day.


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