Not What I was expecting

Yesterday was the union protest at the commencement.  It was discussed on the news all weekend but by the time I left for work is when I found out it wasn’t going to be just a silent vigil.  IT turned out to be a long march from the union office all the way to Broadway and then back where we greeted the graduates and applauded.  Quite frankly I am annoyed because this is not what we were told and we should have been told.  By the end of the day my ankles were swollen and my legs hurt.  There was a de-briefing  lunch at the union hall today.  I decided not to go because i could still feel my ankles against the shoes.  It took me awhile to get home yesterday too.  I don’t remember that happening last year. For the record 20 minutes in the garage and 15 to get out of the city.


Last night was the creative writing contest reception at City hall.  Before I got there I had to stop and get more cookies and get gas or I would not have gotten home I think.    It was still crappy out so the end of the day was dismal and wet.   I got to the city hall past 5:30 and everyone was setting up.  Really it was already set up for us which is nice.  We took pictures and eventually the event began.  The mayor came as expected and we got to chatting.   There were 21 winners and all of them showed up.  We even honored our three graduates with the Presidential Volunteer award.  The only two things that made it difficult was the fact I collided with a grandparent of another winner because neither of us were watching where we were walking!  My leg was not cooperating either.  It was achy and stiff.  I couldn’t wait to get home to take something for it.


When I got home the kitties were waiting for me.  I gave them their night time kibble and cleaned the litter boxes and then I went to bed.  They eventually followed actually SKy did not sure where Tiger slept.


Unfortunately I didn’t fall asleep fast enough to learn there had been a terrible explosion in London at Ariana Grande’s concert.  Twenty two people were either killed or injured.  It is being tagged as Terrorist attack.


The week started with rain and we have had a nice cloudy day with no rain but getting more by the end of the week.  I don’t have a problem with that but what I do have a problem with is how freaking cold it’s been!    I haven’t turned the heat up once in the last several days but the house has been cold I had to wear long sleeves and or sweaters.  Today is a little better but i haven’t turn the fans back on yet either.  I don’t remember May being so cold.  Not even last year.  I would like it a little warmer please!


I am not doing anything outside the house tonight i have to do a little bit of pen paling to a new pal who is right here in CT.  Actually she lives in the next town and about 15 minutes away.


Tomorrow is another story.  AFter work I will head over to the hair salon and get the ad from Karen and then bring it to SHaron.  I will then pay her for the dinner next week and for my portion of the 4th District ad.


I will have a phone session with Courtney the health coach tomorrow.  It’s been a couple of weeks since we last spoke and we were supposed to meet tomorrow but the Angel hair thing came up.


THursday is the scholarship presentation at Foran.  The coordinator of the event contacted both Chairman Rich and I about who is presenting it and will we have the checks.  I didn’t want to be responsible for getting the checks there but Rich said he would.  I also will be presenting it alone this time.  I am very nervous about it.  WHen I talked with Liz she reassured me I would be fine.


Friday is the start of the long weekend.  I don’t have any tentative plans for that night.  IF it is raining I probably will call it an early night and curl up in bed and watch TV with the kitties.


Saturday I probably will order my groceries for that day and in the afternoon head over to Liz’s for a short visit.  I Have a birdhouse for her from the club and I want to give it to her.  When I talked with her on the phone she was telling me how Nelson had really over did his activities on Sunday and got sick.  They hope to recuperate this weekend so I know I won’t be staying long that day.

Sunday is the normal activities.  Quiet in the morning (and maybe cooking) and bingo in the afternoon.   The city’s Memorial Day parade is that afternoon so it would behoove us to avoid the center.


For Memorial Day head back to Liz’s for a small picnic or something in the afternoon and get ready for a short week.


I can hear tiger and sky running around making noises upstairs and things falling to the floor.  They had an opportunity to come into my old room while I was updating the pen pal files and they took it for about five minutes.  One of them totally missed the box today.  I had cleaned it out thoroughly this morning and did it again when I saw the pile of crap on the mat.  I guess this means I have to wash it completely out again this weekend.


Well it is now 9:30 and i need to get going to bed….Be safe and sound..


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