Another Busy week

The end of Last week brought on a really enjoyable evening with the KFC Ladies Night on Friday.  The weather of course was chilly.  For the entire weekend.


This week the chilly weather continued with some rain on and off the entire week.  That included commencement activities at work.  An incredibly long march at that I finally recovered from last night (Tuesday).


Also the annual Creative Writing contest reception was held on Monday and it really was a great turn out.  I think we have some great future writers coming down the road.  Dr. T urged the teachers and families to nurture the writing in the kids.  It really sounded like a farewell in a way.


Thursday is the Scholarship presentation over at one of the high schools.  I usually end up staying for the whole thing.  THere isn’t a chance in the world that this year will be any different.


A long holiday weekend coming up.  I didn’t take any extra time off this time but I might in June for a tentative trip to Florida.  Waiting to hear back from Mama Roberta.  I haven’t been to FL since 1977.    I have been searching and I still don’t know what I am doing even though I flew last year.


I am having kitchen sink issues (aka plumbing) the pressure doesn’t seem to be strong and after I have turned it off it keeps going.  I put a call  to my nephew Mike and he will call me tomorrow night.


My afternoon went south or at least half way there.  I made what i consider a huge blunder when I was scanning a particular batch and I forgot to put in some information that was important and then I sent wrote it to the “system”. I had to rescan it and it hasn’t shown up yet.  I felt like an idiot.

I was running late to get to the hair salon.  I called them to tell them I was going to be late.  Maria calls me back to let me know Karen left for the day and that Maryann wrote that I would be there tomorrow for the Ad.  I know well and good that I asked for today.  THis is just really pissing me off.  I left a few minutes early to get there.  I was hoping to get it to SHaron tonight along with my own.   I talked with her about it and I can drop it off at her house tomorrow.    My phone went wonky before actually talking with her.


I got my call from Courtney and we talked about articles that focus on portions and things like this because I told her how my 6 weeks have been.  Trying to make the best choices and still not seeing results.   BTW  I had salad for lunch today no jelly beans (had a lot yesterday) and salad with my lamb chops and yogurt.  Lots of coffee both decaf and regular.  That’s probably why I am so aggravated tonight.


I think it’s time I hit the sack…I am really stressed and the kitties can sense it they were avoiding and pulling away from me tonight making me feel like a crappy fur Mommy.  Of course i felt a little better an hour later when they did actually feel like showing me some kitty love.




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