Looking forward to the weekend.

I am so looking forward to this weekend.  Especially after the long week I just finished.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was busy and some of it was great but it just wore me out and at times stressed me out.


The Scholarship presentation was great.  I went early enough to enjoy the reception prior to the evening’s events.  Met up with people who I don’t see often and got to reacquaint myself with.   The food was nice (when isn’t it).  The evening was long though.  I was among the first ten presenters and that was good but I stayed until the end so that I got an opportunity to get a picture from a grateful young lady and her parents.  I have a feeling I will be hearing from her sometime in the near future.   Her mother is a staff member of the local Library and promised to help me anytime I am there.  SHe also knows Dr. T.


It was still raining when I left the presentation and headed to SHaron’s house to drop off my dinner choice and money for the DTC dinner next week.  SHe wasn’t home from the DTC so I left it in a secure place–I hope.  I did call her the next day to make sure she got it but I haven’t heard from her.


Friday night I made my airline reservations for the trip to FL next month.  I can’t believe how easy it was.  I did let Roberta know and of course Liz.  THe only thing is it is a night flight and I won’t be getting into FL until maybe 11.  Debbie and Stan live a half hour Northwest of Fort Lauderdale.  All that’s left is the car reservation to and from the airport and a little shopping.  Oh and LIz thinks i should have picked a better time to go (like earlier in the day) but i liked the price i got my tickets at.  I will be riding JetBlue.


I did email them and they seem fine with the choice i made at least I think they are.  I can never tell with Debbie.

I had a phone session with Debra yesterday and I told her about the week’s events and she felt I did fine with the flights.  SHe understood everything I was feeling.


Last night a neighbor sent me a message that she took a picture of rainbow over the house last night and it is beautiful.  It is on my timeline that I shared with Liz and Jim this morning.


I had a nice dinner that managed to swell my ankles up quickly.  Popeye’s chicken.  I had a couple of pieces with a biscuit and macaroni and cheese (clearly velveeta box).   I had it for breakfast as well.


This morning has been pretty good.  Fed the kitties had some coffee, and did my crosswords (haven’t done them in a week) and got some really good scores.


The grocery delivery came around 7:30 and everything has been put away that needed putting away.  I will have to freeze a few things and maybe do some cooking.


There is a Memorial Day NCIS marathon going on so I am going to watch it most of the day.  I don’t think it’s on tomorrow.  They are starting with season ten.  I probably will watch it most of the day after my visit with Liz.


As I said will be going over Liz and Nelson’s to drop off a bird house the girls made from the club and I thought she would want one.  I may be going over there on Monday but that’s only tentative for now. If not I will be here sleeping.


Tomorrow is going to be very quiet for the morning and then do bingo.  I have laundry i am working on so it won’t be last minute.


The weather is going to be a mixture of sun and clouds and maybe some showers.  I think the temperatures will be in the 60’s.


The kitties are good.  Tiger pulled a “Sky” and crawled under the blankets of the spare bed and is currently there.  I don’t know where SKy is (probably leaning up against her) and I would imagine both sleeping right now.




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