Why Should I be Tired?


It is after 6 pm and I am finding it a little hard to keep my eyes open.  When I left you this morning i was about to do some shopping at Jessica London clothing site.  Well by Noon I managed to get two capri’s and  white a blouse and all for $63 and change.  They should be here a week from this Tuesday.    


Once I did that i called Mama Joanie in Oxford.  We have been catching up with the week long activities.  I told her about my upcoming trip to Florida and my changed plans to meet up with Cousin Joe when he comes east with Floyd.  We had ot play telephone tag when we got disconnected.    When we hung up we promised to speak again.  I am going to try to call her before I leave for my trip.


I also had made phone call to the livery service that i will be using for the trip but they must have been closed for the holiday… i will call them tomorrow during work.  I am probably will have them reserved for 4 pm that evening and of course quarter of 12 on the return trip.


Around 12:30 I got a text from Liz inviting me to her house for an impromptu cookout around 2.  So I got showered and dressed and checked the sauce for the third or 4th time and stirred it and then left just before 2 and got a cake at Stop and Shop.  I got there a litter after and found My niece and her husband and a couple of her children were there along with my Nephew Nel jr and Nelson 3.  Apparently nelson 3 has been very hyper today.  


WE had hamburgers, hot dogs, and rice and beans, and of course the cake.  Conversations were pretty good.  Liz and I had some time to chat before I headed home and she had her nap.  She kind of warned me about things with the Ladies guild.  I think I was able to express things to her without any resentment or anger.  By the time I left it was 4.


Since I have been home I put the sauce in a bag and cleaned up the crock pot and straightened the kitchen.  I also refilled the kibble container.  I have also been watching TV.  


I am just waiting for TIger to get up from her nap and join SKy to play around until i go to bed.  I have to fill their bowl shortly.  


I think I better get the laundry finished and then get some stuff straightened up for the week.





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