May 30, 2017

Well Tuesday came and went quickly.  It rained on and off all day.  There is more coming tonight and tomorrow but it will be in the 70’s tomorrow and Thursday.  It is also a little windy as i sit here and write this.


My ride into work wasn’t bad but I think the traffic lady on CHannel 8 jinxed everyone when she said that traffic wasn’t bad.  OF course it isn’t almost no one has to be at work at 6:30!  No sooner did she say everything was good there were accidents scattered throughout the state.


I was a few minutes early so I stopped at the lobby mailbox and picked up the weekend mail brought it upstairs to my desk and then did my first mail collection through the office.  I chatted with a few people and then started working  I spent the entire day doing the mail and the re-address mail (man I haven’t said that in a long time!).  I was hoping to get to some scanning but it didn’t happen.


We had the Union Committee meeting and we discussed the results and debriefing of the commencement action.  I expressed my dismay at the lack of information that came down. It is an issue that Barbara the organizer expressed strongly at the meetings the weekend prior to the action.   Some also felt the students needed to be better organized in their efforts for negotiations.  In the end sometimes situations and circumstances change and we have to either change with them or pass them.  There may be some small actions for the summer for them but we will now be focusing on the upcoming election in New Haven…We wish to keep our political supporters in office that are doing not only the best job for their constituents but for the employees at the University.  Actually every city has a tough campaign season coming up.


Because of the holiday the mail volume/delivery will be shifted one day.  I was expecting a large volume of what I call healthlogic a small amount that usually comes Monday came today.  Tomorrow I am going to get nailed.  I did tell Bob late this afternoon that I will be happy to help do the refund mailings as well as documenting them on the system.  He was for that.  THat means no scanning I think.


The house got cleaned today…it looks and feels great.  I hated to mess it up with dinner but it was cleaned up and i have the dishwasher going now.  Along with the laundry.  I dropped stuff on my pants and didn’t want to leave it for the end of the week.


I told Livia the cleaning lady that I will be on vacation in mid june.  All she said is have a great time.  I guess she will do the cleaning when I get back on the 20th.  She will have to shift the cleaning days that’s all.


Not much mail today.  Mostly junk and a Pt survey from the hospital when I had my ultrasound last week or so.  Most of it is shredded (the mail).  I have a couple of piles of things that need to be tossed or shredded I will probably do that next weekend.


My travel arrangements are all in place.  I made reservations for a car service to pick me up at 4 the day of my flight and drive me up to the airport.  THey will pick me up by 11:30 am on the return flight as well.    I just need to pick up a couple of things before the trip.


When I got home the kitties were still upstairs one by one they came down to greet me.  So each had some one on one time.  I sat down and watched TV mindlessly   I did want to watch the two parter of Little House on the Prairie (it was their 4th Season finale in which Mary went blind and then to the Blind school to begin her new life).   NCIS was on for the Tuesday mini marathon as well.  It was about then I made dinner.


I decided that I would have the steak and baked potato for dinner.  I had been thinking about it for the entire weekend.  I haven’t had baked potatoes at home in quite some time and I wanted to try it.  It was successful.  Unfortunately I am still hungry and not even a couple of yogurts are going to work.  I probably could have a salad but it’s getting late now.


The kitties eventually did their own thing between sleeping above my head (sky) and sleeping upstairs (Tiger) until about 7 when they decided to amble down for some fresh kibble I put out.  They are now doing their own thing.


THe dishwasher is just finishing up (I wanted to get it done early) and I have clothes in the wash and dryer.  Like I said I don’t want to leave it to the weekend.


I have decided to pick up a new American Flag It will be 3×5 nylon flag and a pole.  I had received a call back from a local Flag distributor and said she would be open until 5 and that i could come by and get one.  It will be about $23.00.


After this i need to be careful with finances.  I have a few things coming in (new cat food, the clothes and of course the trip).  It’s getting me a little anxious.  Even though i am getting paid this week.


Well I am just having some tea and then heading to bed.


Good night all!

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