Thankful Thursday

  1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all
  2.         I am thankful for my kitties
  3.         I am thankful for my job
  4.         I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
  5.         I am thankful for my neighbors
  6.         I am thankful for my home
  7.         I am thankful for my friends
  8.         I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.

9             I am thankful for the weather.

  1.      I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.


Early this week I got to spend the Memorial Holiday with My sister and her family.  We had a cookout and some fun.  Caught up with each other and hectic schedules.  I learned some things about some of my nieces and nephews that saddens me because I am very protective of my family.


I also learned that my Nephew J (brother J’s son) didn’t graduate with his classmates at Blair last week but will be graduating next week with one of the local HS in Allentown.  Ironically it was the same HS that both Kris and Emily graduated from a few years back.


My SIL E is in states and has yet to come see me.  I have chatted with her on FB and i understand she has seen my sister.   If you haven’t gathered me not pleased.  I do know my Nephew John and his wife are very close to getting to Fairbanks for his newest assignment.


Work is continuing to be busy. Between the mail and other tasks.  I just had my performance review meeting and it went awesome (today).  The Union activities are slowing down for a little while.  We will be focusing on our local political allies re-election campaign for the upcoming political season.  We also will have some other activities i can’t think of at the moment.  There is an employee appreciation event next week.  I can’t remember if I responded or not.  I may not be able to go because I have so much to do.


I am really looking forward to my trip to FL next week where I will be meeting up with Mama Roberta and we will visit some friends down there.  SHe will be going in on Saturday while I will be flying in Sunday night.


I am meeting up with Dr. T this weekend to do some club business.  I believe we have a meeting next monday (a date change because the girls have exams and last minute things to do for school).  The reality of the club closing is becoming a reality as Dr. T’s house went on the market this week.


Friday is the Awards dinner for the DTC.  It seems there isn’t  a lot of interest in attending this year’s celebration.  Not sure if it the current atmosphere in the political fields with our Federal, state and local legislators.  WE also have a few things that are coming up-again to prepare for the upcoming election.  SHould be very interesting.


I won’t be attending the LG Board Meeting next week because it conflicts with the Scholarship presentation  the same night.  My sister gave me a heads up last weekend about being careful as the LG can be less than Christian like.  I reassured her it won’t be bad. I hope.


The weather has been very odd for the last week of May.  It rained for most of it and the temperatures were chilly.  Last night’s Thunder and lightening storm was loud and long for many and it woke me up last night.  Today started off cool and foggy.  By the time I got home sun was shining and it was warm.


That’s about it for now…:)




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