And so it begins

Well the countdown has begun.  One week from tonight I will be on a flight to Fort Lauderdale Florida to spend a week with friends and getting to see a part of Florida that I have never seen before.  I have already gotten things packed just waiting on the clothes I Ordered last week.  I decided not to bring a dress but a couple of sweaters, light white pants,  one denim, lots of blouses.  I will put my meds together later on in the week.


I still need to get some things to take with me such as a camera (not sure my phone will always be cooperative) and a compact umbrella to take with me.


Right now though I am using the PC in my old bedroom as the laptop is either updating or dying I can’t tell which.  I am not pleased by this development either.  I have been doing a few things that I need to do.


The kitties slept in the computer room (My old bedroom ) until 6 or 7 today.  They have been exploring the room again and really want me to go to bed soon.


The Groceries arrived shortly after 8 this morning they were quickly stowed and started working on some long overdue letters.


As i mentioned I finally got a letter off to my friends Andrea and Missy today.  It was about five pages each and asking them a few questions here and there while letting them know what I have been up to.  I told them about  Work, the Ladies’ Guild and what the future holds for them and the catholic churches, as well as the woman’s club and offered them both suggestions about joining their local organizations.  Andrea is originally from NJ and living with her family in Kentucky.  Missy is from California and married to her best friend.  I mailed Andrea’s today and I will mail Missy’s tomorrow.


Bingo went well we had about 15 residents and  Hanna helped out for the last time this year.  She will be leaving on the 12th back to home in China.  Bob was there and was glad I was there.  Once again some of the residents were a little restless.  I am glad I am taking a break for the next two weeks.


The weather was beautiful this morning but changed quickly around 3.  It began to rain while I was at bingo.  It continued for most of the early evening and stopped by  7 I think it will start up again later this evening and will continue for the next three days.  It will be in the 50’s overnight (I am wearing flannel jammies right now)


I just got word that thursday may be the only time we have the June meeting.  It will be 6:30 and at Dr. T’s house.  I Have been the only one responding so far.


I am starting to get tired so I am going to call it a night.  I have enough outfits for the next 4 days so I am not worried.