Short Week

Now that I am in the countdown mode I have been trying to get a lot done.  At least at work it will still be here when I get back. Some of it will also be done on some level.    At home what doesn’t get done will get done when I get home on Father’s day but who wants to be cleaning on the day they get back?  Besides I am hoping Livi comes the following week.  Then again tonight I don’t have to do anything.  Maybe pick up here and there.


DO stopped by with a pair of earphones for me to use on the plane to and from Florida (for their TV’s and what not.  It was really sweet of him.  I did send a message to him asking him if he will be around on Friday.  He may be but not sure.  I just want him to look at the documents and see if I should print up the boarding pass or let them do it at the gate.


I didn’t want to make dinner tonight so I went to Adams and bought sweet and sour pork, General Tso’s chicken and pecans.  I just ate a whole container of one.  It was good and filling.  NOw I just have to figure out what I am going to have tomorrow night.  I will be late.


On the way home I stopped at the Post office again to check my box.  Its empty again but i am expecting responses from the girls in about a month.  I haven’t heard from Patty  who lives in the next town.  I just have to be a little more patient.  I also sent an email to Mary L in Australia.


I was getting a little nervous when my silly kitties never came down to see me when i came home.  I was home nearly an hour before they actually came down.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t go look for them but I didn’t find them.    I even went in my old room to do some work and then they eventually come out of hiding.  O gave them kibble and they have been ambling around.  Ambling around in and out of the closet.


Well I am exhausted again so I think I will have my tea and go to bed.


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