My Sister’s Birthday

All week long I have been mixing up the days.  I have to keep reminding myself I still have the infusion later today and I have meetings tomorrow then I have Friday off for any last minute preparations and cleaning before I leave Sunday.  


Today is my Sister’s Birthday and I sent her a birthday e card.  It is the kitty talking and then singing a birthday wish.  It was cute even if you couldn’t understand the first part of it.  It was part of the comments on the e-card server.  I will catch up with her after my infusion and before she goes out to dinner with her family.  I am giving her the necklace I got at the auction on Friday.  I am also giving her the program for the night to show her the picture of Mom.


THe winter like temperatures are going to be going today.  It is going to take some time but it will happen.  The day started out with clouds but but by the end of the day they were gone..  I am so afraid I will be sick by the time I get to Florida.  


I spent the morning doing a little mail and the refunds.  I Have to finish them both tomorrow before I spend the day scanning.  Today was definitely more refund day then anything else.


I went to my infusion and was a few minutes late due to road work.  They really pick the dumbest times to do it.  So we talked about being pet parents and it was a great discussion. My next infusion is July 5.


As i started for home I had gotten text with an invite for dinner.  They were going to Brazi’s to celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries.   So I responded and then headed home to relax and then get ready to go.  I Have not been home long.


The kitties were waiting for me to feed them when I got home.  They are quiet now and I suspect waiting for me to go to bed.  Everything else is going to have to wait..I am falling asleep.




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