One confirmation down

Well I just received the confirmation for the car service about 20 minutes ago.  I am still waiting on the one for the airlines.  When I spoke with Liz she said it should be here already.  Well guess what it isn’t.  I have been checking since last night.  This is one of those moments that I am starting to think I should be getting all the emails and check them again.  I can’t have DO come because he is on his way to CA.  I did ask him a question regarding the tickets but he hasn’t answered yet.


Well the party started.  The music is fairly loud but not a huge problem.  I was talking with Neighbor Don and he asked me if I was going and I told him I might he said he wasn’t because there would be too many people there.  He also gave  me some info on the guy.  He apparently won a great deal of money to build the house.  He wasn’t the same guy I spoke with (must have been a housemate).  Uh oh the music is off! :0(  Someone may have said something.   And its back up again.


I just chatted with the 2 chris’s.  We talked about the party and I gave him some history.  They are not going to the party either as they have other plans.  He wasn’t thrilled with the music blaring into his shower though.  He also doesn’t like where the house is or the style.


I was talking to another friend who is getting the party on his side of the neighborhood and he is not happy.  He doesn’t like the house either.  This is going to be very interesting.  Oh did i mention they got a DJ?


The latest cat food delivery arrived earlier today.  I haven’t moved it from the couch yet.  I will put it in the back with the others.  I really could have sworn I changed the date on this but maybe I didn’t.  ACtually I won’t get the next delivery until august.  I didn’t change the kibble/litter order yet but I don’t think I should.  I am out of the stuff for downstairs (litter not the kibble)  but not upstairs.  They should be okay.


I made some scrambled eggs for lunch.  It was delicious.  I didn’t want a whole lot anyway.  I may have it again at dinner time.


So what have I been up to?  As you can see not much.  When I talked with Liz she suggest that I get the sunscreen down there and just use the camera on my phone.  Whatever.  I want to have a good camera (aka the disposable) so that I don’t lose the pictures..  As for the notebook  i have a small one and that should be okay.  I do have crossword puzzles for the trip down and back.


Still a little straightening up here and there but I am taking my time.


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