Just wanted to check in before

Good Morning everyone! In about 12 hours I will be on my way to Tamarac to visit my friends.  I got the trip information and all that goes with it around 8:30 last and because the computer was a tad slow it took me nearly 30 minutes to print it out (part of it was the checking in).  I was going to check my bags in but when I learned it was another $25.00 I said no way.   My sister says if it is too big then i will have to pay the $25 anyway.   I called DO up and sort of chewed him out.  I will get my return info the day before I come home.

I have a few errands to run including getting the stupid umbrella that I not only wanted but needed.  I kept putting it off and now I have to get it.  I will go to Marshalls and get one after I got to the bank.

I am at that point that whatever else needs doing (making the beds, straightening up) is now not important than being ready for the trip.  The car will be here by 3:30 (I am guessing) as I seem to remember they came a tad earlier than the time I wanted them to come.  This should get me to the airport by 5 which leaves me two hours at least to get something to eat and relax.  Boarding is at 7:23 pm. Doors close at 7:43 and then 16 minutes whoosh into the sky.

To be honest I am not really moving that fast either.  The party I wrote about yesterday didn’t break up until 1 as i could still hear the music but not as loud as earlier in the day.  Those of us who didn’t go enjoyed the music from our perspective homes until it was time for me to go to bed.   I tried everything to get to sleep finally semi warm milk was the cincher.

I nearly scared liz last night when I called her at 9.  I was calling her to check in with her before the trip (I am calling her today as well).  I just didn’t realize the time.  I told her I got my boarding pass and how I was enjoying the lovely entertainment.

Do you believe this?  I am heading to Florida to see friends I haven’t seen in awhile and I am whining because I had neighbors partying until the wee hours!!!! REALLY?  GAK.

You all be safe and enjoy the good weather that’s planned for the week.  I will see you when i get back.  I will post about the trip when I get back.


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