Staying home today

I decided to call in sick this morning.  Even though I feel a little better I think this morning will be sleeping in.  I sound like I still have a cold.  The nap yesterday did some good but not enough.  I called my team lead and she agreed that I stay home.


The installation last night went really well.  I got to see people that haven’t been able to attend and we had guests (such as the deacons, and of course Father Aiden) and the food was delicious.  Cheese and crackers to begin with then a buffet and chocolate cake with lots of blue frosting on it.  Most everyone at my table had a blue lips.  Some of us more than others (Not me).  It was finished by 8 (which was a relief because I really didn’t want to be out late).  We are done for the summer and will start up again in August or September.  I have flowers that I got in the refrigerator and will put them in a vase.


I do have some things to do before the weekend starts like emptying the dishwasher cleaning up spots.  I will order my groceries for tomorrow this afternoon.  Make sure things are straightened up.


Jim is coming sometime tomorrow and I told Liz about it.  I am not sure why I said anything but just to let her know.  He didn’t say he was going to see anyone but sleep and take off for home the next day but who knows.


It looks nice out.  The sun is out and it is supposedly 72 degrees out it feels a little more in the house.


Alright I am yawning way too much.  I will see you later..


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