A cool Sunday Morning

I woke up early Sunday morning thanks to the wonder twins.  They were meowing very early and I normally ignore them but I was sleeping on the couch this morning so that made it more intense.  The sun was just rising around 5:30 and made it pretty the temperatures had  risen to low 70’s by the end of the morning.

It was just about then the laptop was acting wonky and I changed over to the pc.  It was slow and I had to change the ink a couple of times.  I have a feeling I probably wasted a lot of it-again.  Anyway I printed out a pen pal letter and the dtc new member notifications for Chairman Phil to sign and take with him tomorrow.  By the end of the day both were working again.

I got ready for bingo and headed out by 1:30.  I arrived and found the dining room empty so I checked the recreation room and saw Natalie.  I should not have been surprised as it is the end of the month and usually the last weekend she is there for paperwork and activities.  Bob was there as well.  He was gathering the residents.  WE had 12 and it went pretty well.  While we were playing the weather changed dramatically.  It went from very sunny to cloudy in the matter of minutes.  By the time I left it was starting to rain.

I stopped at Mama Teresa’s around the corner from the Nursing home and got take out.  Shrimp Scampi.  I was in the mood for spaghetti and shrimp but not in the mood to make it at home.  I haven’t been doing much cooking since I came home from Florida except for the steak on Saturday.  The occasional lamb burgers.  EVerything else has been take out or from Adams.

After I had dinner I got online and got an email second to last update on my cousin RAH.  As the hours passed many had posted to his facebook page.  Many were from his friends and many of his students over the years.  He always had a smile on his face and great story to tell.  He would always come to our grandmother’s house on Sunday for brunch and talk about life, family, and travels.  Travel they did that a lot over the years too.  I remember months before my mother died RAH came dressed up as the Easter Bunny for Easter.  It made her smile.  It made me smile.

I had checked in with both my sister and brother.  I didn’t hear from Liz until after I got to bed.  I sent text messages to my brother.  He was sadden by the news.  He may come up for it but as of right now not sure.

Today was a long day.  I had almost three days worth of mail to do.  Happily I got that all done but  I still have a lot of readdress mail to work on.  I wasn’t able to get to any scanning but I don’t usually do that much on Monday. I also didn’t work on refunds other.  I am hoping I will be able to work on at least most of that stuff tomorrow.  I felt like an idiot when I was told I didn’t approve last week’s timecard.  I did this weeks!

I made arrangements to meet Chairman Phil to give him the papers he needs to sign  but it didn’t work because I thought we would meet at 5 at the grocery store parking lot.  He didn’t show up.  I wasn’t hanging around as my voice was waning and I was getting tired.
The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow.  I sent her a message this morning and she let me know tomorrow.  I am glad she decided to come tomorrow I wasn’t really up to getting things ready for her.

I am going to do some crosswords and then get ready for bed.


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