Jeans Day

This is becoming my favorite day of the week.  It’s the day we can wear jeans to work.  It is a day to be comfortable but still be functionable and get work done.  Today it may have been a little too comfortable as I found my falling asleep a number of times at my desk.  Today was a little bit of mail and the rest of the day was scanning.  It went pretty well with a few glitches.  I have put in my time for my appointments for July.  I have taken all of Wednesday off and that will be explained in a moment.

I went to the food court outside the hospital for lunch and got some chinese food.  It was pretty good.  THere was a concert in the courtyard next door.  It was great listening to the music.  It has been a long time since I saw those there.

I have to admit I am still not feeling completely well.  I had my dental checkup yesterday and it looks like i am having a root canal done next wednesday..  It hadn’t been hurting for the last few days until they began to poke and prod it.  Honestly it is affecting my jaw now and now my head hurts when I look to the right.  I have a feeling it’s a little more than that but I also still have a leftover cough.  I will have the Rheumatologist look at it next week.

I got a reply of sorts from Neighbor Don regarding Floyd being in the driveway.  He actually sent me a link to a house up for sale.  It’s the hockey player next door!  So many things are going through my head as to why he is moving.  Could they hear me yelling or screaming ( I do that quite often to release tension),  have I not been careful getting in and out of the shower (bathroom is literally in the kitchen and probably visible in the window) or could it be the big huge neanderthal sign promoting the fortune teller (seer) across the street?  I don’t know.  At the same time I am thinking I can do whatever i want in my own home and if the neighbors don’t like it then too bad.

The kitties are quiet tonight.  Sky is currently under the chair in the livingroom and Tiger is under a dining room chair.  I expect that very soon when the living room light goes out Sky will either lie on my legs like he has for the last few nights or on the sofa cushion above me.  Tiger might sleep on my lap depending the thunder claps for the night or she will sleep in the back room or stay in the dining room.  For the last couple of morning I have yelled at sky as he has been clawing my toes and feet while I have them under the blanket.  Its an old comforter that is losing its down filler.  If he keeps doing it he will be flying around the house without a parachute.

Tomorrow is the Memorial Service for Rah and I am expecting Jim to come up and pick me up in time for this thing.  Its from 10-12 but it’s one of those events that allows people to show up late.  I don’t get it. Why would you think it’s okay to show up for service late?  I can understand if its traffic related or no place to park (and I that’s why I am expecting for tomorrow) but nothing else should make you late.


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