Independence Day 2017

Good Morning and Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate!  To our Military members I send continuous thanks for all that you continue to have done to  protect us.

Today will be a quiet day for me I think.  It will be spent working on laundry, and probably pen pal letters and notes to family and friends.

Last night would have been quiet if not for the 4th of July Eve celebrations going on.  It wasn’t an issue but it made me think of a discussion on one of the “Milford” FB boards that a woman was droning about the illegal fireworks being shot off in her neighborhood. She had been told to “get over it” multiple times.

I had a nice dinner.  It wasn’t the seafood dinner I was planning but instead an outback dinner.  I got one of their steak specials 9 in steak delicious with two sides.  Broccoli (had to make it semi healthy), baked potato and a bloomin onion.  It took me a while to finish the bloomin onion and realized why i don’t get that very often anymore.  It was as expected a tad greasy.  I was afraid it would cause me grief but so far nothing.

I talked with Liz via the phone last night.  She had just been spending the last couple of days with the grand kids and they went home a short while earlier.  She was returning my call from a day and half ago about the woman we knew from years ago.  She seemed uneasy that I was friended with the woman who told me about the mutual friend.

I chatted with her via IM this morning about my phone.  She suggested I turn it completely off.  She also was telling me how she was spending today.  They decided not to go to Cheryls for their July 4 picnic.

I heard from Jim this morning.  He was responding to my “phone wigging out on me”.  He suggested it was time for a new phone..technically this was a new phone.  I don’t want to spend more money.  He tells me he is going to the gym and perhaps to a picnic.

My lawn guy came to do the lawn and dropped off last month’s bill.  It wasn’t too bad but I paid it immediately.   I was thinking I need to set up a file for him.  I don’t usually keep the bills.

The rest of the day not much….


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