Busy Friday

I spent a couple of hours working on mail and sending out refunds for the afternoon mailing.  By the end of the morning I spent it working on scanning until the end of  the day.  I  don’t feel I got a lot done but I did have some problems with a couple of the batches.

I did make an appointment with Courtney the health coach for next week.  I was beginning to think I missed an appointment but when I checked with her I found that I hadn’t.  It will be on Wednesday at 4:30.

I wasn’t sure I could eat anything chewy yet so I had broccoli and cheese soup for lunch.  It was good and I did chew on the left side of the mouth with no problem but as usual I probably used both sides.  I had been drinking lots of water at least I tried.  I had some coffee.

It was also refrigerator cleaning day at work.  I had forgotten and manage to lose a new coffee creamer that I put in there from Thursday next time that happens I am bringing in a cooler  so I don’t waste three dollars.  It’s already on the next grocery list but I won’t be going shopping for another few days.

I had been hankering for a lobster roll so on the way home yesterday I went to a local restaurant Captain’s Catch and got two lobster rolls and fries.  It was delicious.  I ended up not eating all the fries even though they were delicious.  I was getting full.

I also checked the post office again and there was nothing from any of  the pen pals I wrote to in the last month.  I had to remind myself that they also have lives and are busy with activities.  I updated a few files with notations.

In all likelihood I won’t be hearing from the woman in West Haven.  It’s been nearly two months now.   I did leave messages on the two groups we belong to but no one answered.  I hope she is okay though.

I had a phone session with Debra last night.  I told her about the memorial service and how that went and  about the week in general.  It was the regular 30 minute phone session.  We probably will have another phone session before she comes home.  Her internet connection is limited where she is.

I did a couple loads of laundry and folded some clothes and emptied the dishwasher before I went to bed last night.
I also tried to get a picture of a fox that came into the yard just at dusk.  It looked like an adult but there were no pups with it.  I did post the “alert” to woodmont Nextdoor site.  Not that it is a big deal but it was ‘fun’ to be letting others know.

This morning was our regular routine.  I let the kitties downstairs but i think Sky is the only one who jumped at the chance.  I am not sure if Tiger went upstairs or is in her daily spot yet for a nap.

I talked with TE this morning and we are going to the Peabody next week.  I will be picking her up and we go to the Museum around 10.  I checked the restaurants around there for lunch so we have a choice of places.

I was entertaining the idea of going to the Balloon festival in Goshen and invited the guys (DO and JK) but DO is working and JK is not going to go without DO.  At least I don’t think he would.  I am not sure what the weather is going to be like anyway.

I am also thinking of going to see Mama Joanie in Oxford.  I haven’t spoken to her since I have been back from my trip (yes I know I haven’t written that up yet).  I will call her later on (it’s too early right now).

It definitely is going to be a hot one today.  By 8:30 it was already low to mid 70’s and you could feel it and I kept looking out the window to see the sun and it was cloudy for a while.

I think I am going to take a little bit of nap.



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