Trying to play catch up

I feel as though I am playing catch  up with stuff at work (the readdress mail basically) and my blogging at home.  Most nights I have been tired and  not in the mood to do a whole lot except surfing the web.  I did the grocery shopping last night.

This past weekend was the balloon festival in Goshen CT.  Part of the Litchfield County and Hills.  Very beautiful at anytime of the year.  It was enjoyable until the brief rain storm came through.  I decided to go home when it hit but my friends stayed until after the storm passed and it took them five hours just to get out of the field.

The weather has been hot and humid and cloudy and a few times storming.  Not long but enough to make it even more humid.

FOR LUNCH I HAD CHARRED VEGGIE DELUXE …zucchini, squash, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, peppers, melted mozzarella, basil pesto on an Asiago foccacia…with French fries and ketchup AND ICE TEA AND ONE ECLAIR.

A number of things occurred this week at work that I had forgotten about.  All of that will be discussed at our staff meeting on Friday.  The entire thing will last no more than 30 minutes.  Spent the afternoon working on refunds.  Will finish them first tomorrow before scanning.

My session with the health coach went well.  216 lbs.  Goals for the upcoming week walking three times a week.  Next week will M, W, F.

I almost killed a Turkey on the highway on the way home from New Haven tonight.  It was walking around the exit ramp in Milford.  I wouldn’t be surprised to think it got its giblets cooked.

I stopped to the Post office on the way home but there was nothing there since my last visit earlier in the week.  I found coupon books and junk mail waiting for me  at the house when I got home tonight.

I picked up some pasta salad and seafood salad for dinner tonight.  It was good.  I ate all of the  1 lb seafood and half of the pasta salad.  Been drinking cran apple juice and its delicious.

I spent time chatting with neighbors and when i came back I found this on my front porch

Secret Admirer 7122017

Right now though waiting on the machines to finish so i can move the laundry around a little then I will go to bed.




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