One thing I do and do it well is Procrastination.  I knew I had a meeting this past week at my house and I didn’t do anything about it until the night before.  I would do a few things here and there but not follow through.  I finished the minutes from last month just two days before the meeting luckily they were approved by the chairman and sent out with his permission the day of the meeting.  I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again.  As of right now I am waiting on the chairman to review for distribution the current report for the last meeting.


I had an issue with the tub in the upstairs bathroom for the last couple of days.  As I was trying to get the litter out of it I used the hose to wash it down the drain.  Needless to say it’s clogged.  I was hoping it would go down by itself.  It hasn’t…my next step is to get Draino and see if that works.  If it doesn’t the next call is the plumber.  My other concern is the kitties trying to get into the tub.


I haven’t finished writing other entries that i have on the side burners.  I am hoping that I will this afternoon after bingo.  




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