I felt like I should be sleeping

It was a rainy monday and I felt  I should be sleeping.  I almost fell back to sleep a few times before getting ready for work.  Thanks to my furry alarm clocks I was able to leave at a fairly decent time.  I was able to go back to sleep when I got home.  Man it was chilly! I had to get under a blanket on the couch.  I had already turned off the fans the day before.  I ended up going to bed early as I wasn’t feeling well.

Sunday turned out to be pretty good.  THe temperatures were cooler than in the last week.  My peapod came later than usual but found out that they called to inform me that the original driver got sick and the replacement driver was on his way.  I got everything I ordered and got it put away quickly.

After that I finally got off my ass and found a plumber to get the bathtub clog cleared out.  I went on Home advisor and within minutes I got one to call back and we scheduled it for later in the afternoon.  I had asked them to come at 4 and just as I was finishing bingo i got a call that he came early.  So I explained to him the situation and he started to work on it.  First he explained what he would do and if he couldn’t get it out then we would have to get more indepth (like removing pipes).  He did the snake, he also used his wet vac.  He got it cleared out.  He also gave me some suggestions about what to do in the future.   Oh it came to about $300.

That night I attended a Drum Circle on the beach in town.  Liz had sent me a text and invited me so I hopped in the car and went over and enjoyed myself on the cool beach.  It was very energetic and barely knew anyone! 🙂  But met some new people.  I was back home by 9 and in bed a short time later.

Work is a little hectic.  The staff moving is continuing and will continue for the rest of the week.  I also just found out it AC is on vacation next week so I am going to have to split my time between the mail and the scanning and the refunds.  SuperBob has said we will do the best we can and not to stress..too late.

As I mentioned I wasn’t feeling well yesterday.  I was getting a headache and could feel what I would only call sinus pressure.  By the time I got home my entire left arm was stiff and sore.  I can only surmise that it was the sausage and pepper and onion sandwich I had for lunch (the arm).  I ate a light dinner (2 slices of cheese and toast with jam and butter) and called it an early night.  Today I feel a little better but the day is still young.

I haven’t done very much of the walking that Courtney and I discussed at the last session.  I am hoping I can do it on my afternoon break.

I received two emails yesterday regarding the minutes from thursday’s meeting.  One ws from KR regarding her report that she gave (she wanted revisions made to it) and from TM regarding revisions of electing three new members.  I had mentioned under new business the third woman was voted in.  I told TM that the information was on the second page.  The date and time of the next meeting was omitted.  I have been trying to locate rules that state committee members should not be emailing the secretary with changes.  It was touched on by robert’s rules of order that at the meeting it should be done.  At least that’s how I am understanding it.  Need to check with Chairman Phil about it but I can’t do it tonight (the municipal convention is going on).  I have made the revisions but I don’t believe they should be emailing me.



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