Thankful Thursday

  1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all-Everyone is doing pretty good.  Heard from the Alaskan branch this week.  Big Brother is coming up in early Aug ( really?) for a friend’s Funeral service.  Sis and I are going to a trivia contest in August here in town.  Should be fun.  She is planning and hoping to go to SC to visit Grands.  
  2.         I am thankful for my kitties-Kitties have been very cuddly again.  
  3.         I am thankful for my job-Things are going okay.  Everyone is settling into their new locations on the floor (or is it office).  We had a very nice training session on Interpersonal relationships in the office last week.  
  4.         I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.  I see my Health Coach next week.  I see the Rheumy in about two weeks after a scheduling snafu (mine not theirs).  Others are in September.
  5.         I am thankful for my neighbors-It looks like my worst fears are coming to fruition with the new young neighbors in “Maria’s” place.  They left garbage out in the bins and too full where it was being blown all over.  They also haven’t been cleaning up after their dog (front yard is mine field of crap).  Another neighbor contacted the landlord.  Although not sure that’s going to go well.  I am a firm believer you can’t tell your neighbors what they can or can’t do in their home or yard really.
  6.         I am thankful for my home-Happy to report my bathtub is no longer clogged but will not let it go there again (putting kitty litter down the drain or even using draino).  The Furnace has its annual cleaning and ready for the upcoming heating season.  
  7.         I am thankful for my friends-I heard from Dr. T this week after sending her a newsy email.  She is still unpacking and getting ready for her new job that starts in a matter of days.  Heard from Mama Roberta as well.  She has returned to FL for a visit with friends and family. Not sure when she returns to NC.   

I am looking forward to my next adventure with Siduri in the fall.  We are making tentative plans for Mystic Village in Mystic CT.

  1.         I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.  The issue I had with the minutes will be resolved by the next meeting.  I did speak with Chairman Phil the night of the convention and he said he will speak on it.  We have quite a lot of work coming up.

I just received the schedule of activities for the Ladies Guild this week.  We have our first Board meeting at the end of August.  I was surprised we are starting so early when our next meeting is mid September.  I did notice some changes and in early november is our auction and then our holiday party is in mid December.

9          I am thankful for the weather.  The weather hasn’t been so humid for the last few days.  It did go from one extreme to the other quickly which I wasn’t thrilled with.  Been wearing sweatshirts around the house this week.

  1.      I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.  Enough said!

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