Happy Birthday Dad

Yesterday  would have been my Dad’s 91st birthday.I sometimes wonder what he would have been like if he had been healthier (multiple illnesses).  He still had some daily demons that he dealt with but he was a good man to me.  I wonder if he would be suffering from alzheimer’s, or would he be fine?  Or would it not make a difference.  Really things that in the grand scheme of reality doesn’t matter he isn’t here but I do think of him often.

I can’t believe July is over.  One month from yesterday is my birthday (I always considered myself a belated birthday gift for Dad).  I will be the speed limit.  This year is going by fast ( it always does this time of year).

The first two weeks of August will be a little busy for me.  Some of it is health related (doctor’s appointments, and infusions, and some procedures-crown inputting).  The rest will be entertainment and fun stuff.  Volunteering will always be part of it.

This time of year around here is Festival season.  I just took a look at some of them and the Litchfield Jazz festival is the first weekend of August.  I was entertaining the thought of going (despite the traffic in the area) until I saw the prices.  $35-$500.

As you know I like to go just to window shop and see cute and cuddly things.  Of course the food and people watching.   I don’t go on rides anymore now most definite after what had happened at the Ohio state fair.   I am planning on helping out at the Oyster festival in a couple of weeks.

I also am tentatively planning to attend THE BIG E this year.  That starts in 46 days.  I ended up not going last year but this year I would like to.  I will keep you posted on that one.

It was a touch humid on the way into work so much so that my eyes were squinting from the sweat in my eyes. Yuck.  It continued this  morning too…should be warm all week.