Another Busy Day

The last couple of days have been fairly busy.  I had my  temporary crown put in and then last night I attended the BEars in CT lecture at the Library.  It was very interesting.  The bear that had been here in Milford had been in the area for nearly a month..  The lecture talked about how they kept track of it and where they took it once it was recovered.  I learned so many neat things.

Today I had my infusion and my session with Courtney.  Both was good.  Of course the tech had a hard time getting the vein ot cooperate but eventually worked.  I did manage  to fall asleep.   I was finished by 2:30 and on my way home by 3.  I stopped at the store to pick up dinner.  I got some macaroni and cheese and string cheese and soup.

My Session with Courtney went well I lost a couple more lbs..  We talked about some other things we can do for the next week..  We talked about alternatives.  I will see her again in two weeks or so.

I have a feeling that my upstairs bathroom toilet is leaking.  Twice this week I saw a puddle of water by the bathtub but no indication of where the leak came from.  A part of me thinks it coming from the tub.  YOu know I very rarely use the bathroom tub (except to clean out).

The big window by the driveway broke some how (not the glass part) but the locks that lock them into place..  That should be an interesting proposition.

Despite the three cups of coffee tonight I am very tired.  I think it’s the DRixoral and the tylenol from the infusion today.  The cool air is not hurting a bit either.  The rain storm that came through earlier this evening cooled things down nicely.

I have a program about Ireland.  Its beautiful,,,,


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