Stormy start to Saturday



Yesterday  morning was not the best time to be out and about.  The sky had very orange look to it and then it got cloudy or more cloudier.  Then it started to come down and came down hard.  I had to close all the windows and there were several puddles and several things got wet.  It finally stopped and stayed cloudy until after lunch.

Around 9:00 I got ready for my hair appointment.  I also had an opportunity to call Liz.  I wanted to make sure she was okay from the rain (apparently a street nearby was flooded and so was the one by city hall).  We talked about the recipe book/file hunt that I was doing for our cousin.  I do have to say she is really excited about this trip she is taking Monday.

I am not sure what time I left the house but I made my way to the credit union and then to the salon.  I took the opportunity to talk with MaryAnn the receptionist who is leaving in September for Florida.  Karen had two people who were getting their hair colored and one came in early (at my time) and just walked in got ready for it.  I let her do the two of them first and then she got my hair done (see above).

After that I came home and gathered the books and did some odds and ends and called my cousin.  She wasn’t home then but she called me back later on in the day and we made arrangements for her to come pick them up an hour or two later.  We spent about an hour or so chatting and talking about cooking in general and our lives.  Before she left I asked about her sister.  She doesn’t always get to talk to her much.  I am never sure if I should ask or not.

While waiting I watched the NCIS marathon that lasted until about 11.



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