Tuesdays can be tough

I have come to the conclusion that Tuesdays can be tough day of the week.  Between lunch time meetings and having a large amount of Mail to open for that day and an occasional Dr. appointment like today I can never get the mail done in one day.  Also lately the mail delivery has been later than it used to be.

Today I met with Dr. Sonia for my regular appointment.  It was for 11.  So I left the office around 10:30 and got there just before 11.  I paid for the appointment filled out the annual questionnaire and then waited until about 11:30 or 12 was brought into the room for the triage(?) and then had to wait because her schedule got backed up.  I think I finally got to see her by 12:30.  She asked me all the questions, and checked the extremities to see how they were moving etc.  I did ask her what type of the Lupus I had and she said Systemic.  I never know what to tell people. So I asked her.  I really couldn’t be upset with her since I messed up her schedule last month

I got back to the office by 1:30.  I scoffed down a hot dog that I got from a vendor outside.  I also let SR know because Team Lead Lauren was dealing with her own health issues and Supervisor Bob on vaca….in other words no one was really around to tell.

The mail delivery was late too so that had to be dealt with (just got it done basically).  The delivery has been late for a while now sometimes it worries me and sometimes it doesn’t.

The afternoon whizzed by and it was time to go home. I went to get Ann and then we picked up Maria.  She was ready this time.  So  we headed to the cars.  I chatted with Leslie about restaurants in Milford and things going in Milford.  Soon after I was heading to Captain’s catch to pick up dinner.

I really shouldn’t talk to people about dinner because usually I end up getting stuff they have had or recommended.  I didn’t get the clam chowder but I did get shrimp and fries.  Both fried. It was delicious.

The kitties were waiting for me when I got home.   They were pretty funny today.  On more than one occasion they scattered from noises they heard from outside and they have been running around a little too.  Tiger actually sofa cushion above my head the way Sky usually does.  The new food I got them was also waiting so I opened it and put in their dishes, I also mixed it with the old stuff in the containers.  I think they like it but will find out again tomorrow.
Peapod came tonight just a little after 6:30.  I didn’t hear them drive up (and I didn’t check the emails and text alerts until much later).  I had gotten most of the stuff except a few of the salads.  Even the driver thought they should send a text to let you know what isn’t going to be included.   EVerything was put away and I opened some juice.  I think i had about three glasses of it already.

Been watching TV mostly tonight, fell asleep at one point.  I hope I will be able to sleep soon.

The search for “geno” the dog continues.  They have been looking for nearly three days now.  They have been having a search team out (including a hunter) in the area by the train tracks and Pepe’s Farm Road (the Post office).  I guess he got loose from  the Kennel on Old Gate Lane.  It really is a cute dog.  If you would like to see a pic check my facebook page..

I also read that there were a couple of coyotes walking down a street in Milford.  Some shit keeps making inane jokes.  I really  get annoyed with stuff like that.  If you are not going to contribute something substantial to a conversation other than really stupid jokes or hijack a thread than don’t waste time!

There was a Bobcat sighting in milford this week too but apparently it hasn’t reach the status level that the black bear did last month.  BTW, that bear had been tracked in milford for nearly a month.  It was moved up north somewhere.

I have to say the foxes must have moved on again.  I haven’t seen them in the back for nearly a week to ten days now.  I will have to check with Darcy when I see her.  Something tells me they will be back once the baby bunnies are born.

The bunnies have been a common occurrence around here.   All day long actually.  I usually see them on the side of the house by the driveway.  In the driveway, in the back yard.  Sometimes there will be one and others there will be two.  I wonder if they are the parents to be.

I am flaking out on the Trivia game at the restaurant tomorrow.  I just don’t feel like going.    Especially alone.  Liz said if they have another one or in other places she would go with me then.

Finally I was saddened to learn of the passing of the legendary Country singer Glen Campbell.  He passed away in TN at the age of 81 from Alzheimer’s.  He was one of my favorites growing up.  I loved his music and liked him in the original True GRit movie with John Wayne.  I was listening to some of the music tonight as I was searching.  Granted I was maybe 6 or 10 when I liked him.  I don’t know if I saw his TV show much but I do know I listened to his music in the 80’s.

Well i better get to bed.  The kitties are both on top of the sofa cushion again.  I haven’t seen them both up there for a while.