Busy Week

Had a nice visit last week with Big Brother when he came in for an old friends funeral services. I think you call it an overnighter and then he went back home after the services.  I did hint at him about Thanksgiving and he thought I was out an out crazy for even planning that far in advance.  I had my reasons.

The weekend was for the most part quiet. I get a couple of visits from my cousin we were talking about food and cooking.   I had a couple of things to do but other than that I slept or watched TV.  It was definitely not enough but that’s what this saturday is for.

The work week has been busy as far as I am concerned.  Not enough time in the day for the last few days to get a lot done.  The end of the week will be be scanning.  I will finish the mail that’s not done by next week.

The area union meeting was interesting.  Approval of financial stuff, updates on different things that has been going on. They will have these again.  Not sure when.

When I got home my two amazon items arrived. The grooming gloves came (and they do seem a little big for my hands) and I tried it on Sky..mixed reaction. Next will try tiger.  If she ever comes up from the cellar.  The other was a monthly Dayminder for 2018.

This past week on the You know you live….FB page there had been an alert for a missing dog.  They asked for help by sharing updates, posting flyers, and almost daily updates.  Well this afternoon it was posted that Geno was found dead.  The owners sent heartbroken thanks and have been receiving many condolences.  It may not have brought the entire city together but a large part of it shared, offered to help search for him and sent donations and prayers.  I cried.

I also got emotional this evening as I was putting out the garbage.  As I turned around to go back in the house I saw three rabbits.  You are probably wondering what’s the deal?  Today or tomorrow is the anniversary of Bob’s death.  Also the day my Mom died three rabbits were out back.  I feel it was Mom, Dad and Bob coming for a visit.  Usually there are only 1 or 2 rabbits in the yard not three.

I ended up not going to the Trivia game at the restaurant.  I am too tired and really need to go to bed.