Glad Friday is over

I got up early and did our normal routine.  Took my time getting ready for work but managed to leave earlier than normal but still ran into traffic.  Took the side roads and eventually made my way by the hospital in New Haven. I was waiting at  the worst intersection mind you some numbskull walks against the light.  I had to slam on the breaks.  He knew I was yelling at him and he was kind enough to flip the bird at me.  He was still walking in the same direction I was driving and I was yelling “I hope you die”.  He didn’t see me but he really scared the heck out of me.

Work was okay.  It was supposed to be scanning day but as usual finished the mail from yesterday and worked on refunds (preparing to mail them).  ARound 10:30 I headed over to the scanning and spent the next several hours over there.  Managed to get about 35 batches scanned.  We have a small amount of “Older stuff” to do and then we will start working on newer stuff.  The mail delivery for the day came late.  So M couldn’t or didn’t do much of it.  I told the SR and didn’t get overly upset. So I will be doing it Monday.

AT Lunchtime I went for a walk.  STopped at The little Salad Shop and got a (what else?) salad  It was their Green Salad.  (if you look on GRubhub the menu is there).  It had Lettuce, avocado, broccoli florets, Mesclun, tomatoes, and bean sprouts.  It came to just $8 and change.

Well it looks like we are no longer having the district meetings in my home.  An email went out went out from Chairman phil asking for views (privately) qualifying that people also liked how it was currently.  Well as the morning progressed several people flagrantly disregarded the section that said “send only to Phil”.  The first two explained it because it’s “Understandable that the host wants to control what happens in her home” it is against the charter.  It is supposed to be open to the public.  Of course several others expressed questions as to why.  Of course explanation were given.  I have acquiesced to having it at the Woodmont borough as well because even though I am trying very hard not to take it personally it still hurt.

You see i firmly believe that when you come for meetings in homes you conduct yourself respectfully (including not yelling, bullying and general rudeness).  I have told them recently that if this conduct continues I will ask them to leave.  Well I have been told (not by people in the committee who should have said something) that according to certain rules for any political governmental meetings held in a home no longer is the homeowners but a place of meetings.   I don’t know what genius  came up with that shit but I feel it is wrong.  Some people within the committee agreed but I did get other’s views and they are of the same view as I am.

I did ask the secretary for the full DTC for the charter and she will be sending it to me.  I also bought and just received today the 11th edition of Robert’s rules of order.  Some of these people want things done a certain way then (like adding to the minutes and revising them before the next meeting ) I am going to look through and notate the proper way of asking for revisions.  Also trying to read this is difficult at best.

Saturday was spent fairly quiet.  I hadn’t slept well from the night before.  Between stewing about the emails and the choices (and not taking it so personally) and trying to stay up to d other things I have been putting off.  I finally got to sleep by 5.

I got my mani-pedi done in the morning and it was quite lovely.  It was a good couple of hours and I enjoyed it.  I chatted with the Maria who is wonderful and did an awesome job.  When I left I went to the pet store next door.  There was one angora cat and then all the pups..They were so cute.

Today has been quiet and finishing the laundry.  This afternoon is bingo, visit sis, and church.  Then probably vegetate for the rest of the day.

Liz came home from SC late thursday afternoon.  She had a great time.  Laughed hard and just enjoyed her grandkids.  Yesterday she went to Madison’s 2nd birthday.  Like I said I will hear all about the trip and party later.

This coming week is what else busy.  INside of work there is the regular committee meeting, and a retirement party for a dear friend/coworker.  I have a 4 appointments this week, dentist, hemotologist, and my sessions with Courtney, and Debra.

Next weekend is the Oyster festival.


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