Calling it a night

I have been home an hour already, had made a makeshift dinner of protein frozen vegetables and yogurt, watched a little bit of TV, and fed the kitties. Now I am in a make shift warm pajamas and about to go to sleep. I am so tired.
I left hear just about 7 the ride was fine until I found out the elevator in the parking garage where I park continues to not work. This is really inconvenient for me. I have had to make adjustments like walking to the second level and take the elevator from Temple Medical and walk from that garage.
I got into the office just about 7:20 and chatted with a number of people. I also made some calls (to the FMLA people) regarding my appointment on Wednesday. Then it went south a little. I changed the password (it was from the university site) and after that I couldn’t access anything for about a couple of hours. I called the help desk and the message suggested I reboot both computers and it worked. So I was able to print up a few things, and listen to music while I did work.
Bob and the rest of our team moved last week so now I have a longer walk to deliver some things. They are getting used to their new digs. At least it will help in my steps. I did learn that the batches we scan will be closer to where AC will be sitting and I will have to walk to get them.
I am going to get going, I want to get up early and get to the office early again…


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