Not enough time yesterday

I just didn’t have enough time to post.  Between work, my infusion, and the gym. I was tired and went to bed around normal time.

While at work I spent it Scanning and did fairly well.  I probably would have gotten a lot more done if I didn’t get so tired after my infusion.  Or have other distractions. Not much happened at the office. I know everyone seems to be anticipating the office party next week.  We have been getting tons of emails about the raffles and baskets.

I left around 10 for my infusion and on the way there got a reminder call for my appointment with Dr. Sonia on monday.  Something I totally forgot. It is at 4:00. When i got back from the infusion told Bob and called the Standard. While I was there we watched the second service of President George Bush.  Very moving. Would have loved to have been along the route of the train.

They are not focusing on late afternoon appointments for my infusions anymore.  The next one is 9:30 in the morning on January 24th. It’s the same day I have a mammogram.  So I will make plans to take the day off.

Alex was with clients and joked/complimented me on getting to the gym regularly.  I went to the burn class at 6:30. By the time I got home I was achy. I did manage to get some calcium pills and Vitamin D.  Alex reminded me to take them in the morning and night. As i mentioned on Tuesday we are going to have a strategy session tomorrow to help with the prediabetes diagnosis.    Was contemplating on going tonight but decided not to.

Today was basically scanning.   We had a 30 minute staff meeting and recess was on the agenda and it was confirmed only those under the new contract will be will be working the recess.  So the scanning will back up and the mail will be heavy when we get back. I always have to remind myself that the mail wasn’t heavy during that time anyway.   I will be able to relax and take care of things such as the pet sitting and pen paling.

Another item came up.  Those who call out sick before a holiday or after the holiday when they don’t get PTO request approved.  The Supervisor says he’s getting tired and annoyed with it. He doesn’t want to start asking for dr.’s notes.  He always lets us know there is a maximum of people allowed.

I had my session with Debra Tonight.  We talked about work and how GA has been getting on my nerves with her behavior.  We talked about the fact I have pulled back from the Ladies guild. We also talked about the upcoming Holiday.

That reminds me! Cheryl send out a text yesterday or today with a Christmas dinner invite.  So I accepted and Liz saw it. I think she reacted to the response following it. Debra seems to think this and the text messages that have transpired between us is a thawing.    She thinks things will be fine and just be myself. We will have two two more sessions before the Holiday and we won’t be meeting during the Christmas week.

The kitties are good.  They were waiting for me to feed them when I got in so I made sure I did before I did anything else.  For the last two nights I have been feeding them late. Wednesday was because of the meet-up and last night I had forgot to feed them early.  They have been sleeping upstairs with me most nights and keeping themselves busy.

I just ordered a few new litter mats as the one upstairs is starting to deteriorate and I would like more so that I can change them more often.  I believe one of the orders is going to be here sometime next week and the others will be in the autoship later this month that will include the de-icer for the sidewalks (safe paws).   

They have their annual physicals and shots in January.  I just scheduled Sky’s appointment today and managed to have it the same day as Tigers.

I haven’t ordered Peapod yet so I will have to do it tomorrow and have it delivered for Sunday.  

I got some really great christmas  cards this week. Most recently from Mayor Ben, and today from Cousin in NY.  It’s a picture of their grandchildren. My good intention was to write out some tonight.   It’s not happening.

It’s been so cold this week.  It’s been in 30’s to 40’s and colder at night.  There is no snow in the forecast. Maybe some rain but that won’t be until Sunday.  

Well I am heading to bed…Have a great one.


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