Couldn’t Stop myself

I couldn’t help stop myself from smiling when i found the titans cuddled with each other sleeping at the foot of the bed waiting for me to go to sleep.  They raised their heads a few times as I said good night to them. Of course they wake up everytime I move or get out of bed.

I couldn’t stop myself from setting up future documents for the next few weeks.  I have the last three thankful Thursday posts in various stages of being written.  I have a mid week reflection ready to be edited as well as Monday musings post. I also tried every which way to save emails that i think are pertinent for blogs and journals.  

I surfed the net until after 1:30.  I checked out the NCIS forums regarding this week’s episode (that I turned off).  1 forum liked it. 1 forum not as much. The two fB pages seem to not discuss it at all.  Need to check back with both of them. OKay the first discussion on the episode was mixed reaction to Bishop’s new hairstyle.  Really?

I don’t remember what time I actually fell asleep but when I woke up at 5:30 I decided to stay in bed until 6:00.  Much to the chagrin of the titans. When I finally got up I or should say we did our most of our daily routine. I left the cleaning out the litter box until about 10:15.

I was starting to get a headache after lying down and had the tv watching me.  I had the remaining rib for breakfast and then took some tylenol. Still not feeling that great.  It was getting worse when Sky kept meowing for what seemed like an hour. He is quiet now. Especially since I opened the doors to the cellar and old bedroom.  I found Tiger in the guest room under the blanket.

I am trying to get on to the informed delivery site to see if I got mail today (didn’t get any alerts yet) but I messed up on the login.  Can you say Frustrating? Sometimes i get it sometimes I don’t.

I did get email alerts that both my latest Dia order has been shipped as well as the day planner.  The Day planner is scheduled for tomorrow sometime. NOt sure when the other is arriving. I still have to open the remaining boxes here.

I did manage to reserve a couple of books from the Library one is about George H.W Bush by his daughter and also reserved a book about travel.  I want to see if i can take notes regarding. You know as reviewing. Hopefully they get it today. Library opens at 1.

I am going to get ready for my session with Alex.  Its at 12:30. We will be discussing the new regime.  The plans to avoid Type 2 diabetes and the other thing I wrote about.  The Osteopenie.


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