This was how I started my day

I woke up around 5:30 and found her reposing by the bushes in the back yard.  She must have been there for quite a while before we saw her.  My neighbor sent me a message and I invited her over to take pictures of it (I have a feeling hers are much better than mine).  Around 6 the Doe got up stretched preened herself and ate some of the leaves and headed to the marsh behind us.


For a Brief Moment

For a brief moment when arriving to the nursing home a thought had occurred to me that I left the back door open. I had the images of the wonder twins getting out and experiencing freedom for the first time ever (not including the earlier escapes when they first got here).
I was occupied with bingo that went well. Not too many residents this time but we had a great time just the same. Evan and I split the number calling between us. Everyone is good. Kathy was the Rec staff member on duty. She did other things while we did that and told me she will be back on Sunday in the first week of Aug. Everything seems to be copasetic in that world.
Before I left for the nursing home checked in with Liz to see if she needed help packing but neither were home. She was doing some errands and Nel was picking up more containers and then she was going home to rest. They have been doing the packing since the morning. Since I wasn’t needed I headed home.
You know that feeling I had? Well apparently I wasn’t that worried I stopped at Adams for dinner and then headed home detouring to the Chris’s house. I chatted with ChrisP about the reoccurring parking from the residents at the condos across the street. Yep this is going to be an ongoing problem for sure.
When I finally made it to the house I noticed the door was fine. The cats were elsewhere in the house or so I thought. I called for them at first and then sat down to eat my lukewarm dinner. I got up and the twins were sitting as sweetly as you please in the back hall. Now they are doing their own thing.
I just had a baby bunny on the sidewalk who was a bit camera shy. I tried to find it but it took off. Maybe it will come back again.
Well it looks like I just missed most of Star Trek: Generations…last night was the originals and now this is the “Jean Luc Picard” era. I have been wanting to see this. It’s funny the movies on the Starz encore channels have been awesome. Chitty Chitty bang bang is on THiS channel as well.
Well I have some things to do before the night is out so I will say good night..

July 15, 2018

We got the rain during the night. The thunder mostly. It didn’t last long either but like I said yesterday there is more to come.
I had a good sleep until the headache came back. It has to be the pillow. You would think I would take it away. But every time we make the bed it gets mixed up. Don’t worry will fix it.
I managed to get some laundry started up again. I hope to have it done by the time I go to bingo and the grocery store.
I sent my daily messages to the siblings. They both responded. Had a conversation about the headache with Liz. She thought I was getting funky from the infusion. For some reason she jumps to conclusions really quick (a trait I get irritated with easily) about anything. I didn’t connect it with the infusion. Anyway she is packing up her kitchen so the destruction can begin for the new kitchen. So no visiting her today I think.
Jim hasn’t replied to my prompts for conversation. This I find irritating as well. It may be time for a phone conversation to commence. Liz is right. Texting isn’t enough.
Oh I heard from at least one of Bob’s family regarding the dining room stuff (china set etc.). My Niece Diane is coming up on the 26th for the day and will come by and pick out the stuff she wants. She better be bringing something to carry it because I don’t have them. The totes are staying here. She should also at least bring a car. I know I shouldn’t worry about it.
This week is a few meetings. The gym, and normal house hold stuff. The one meeting I am not sure I want to be at is the Ladies Guild. I am pretty sure it will be contentious. I think I better bring extra coffee.
I have a 4th District meeting this week. Chairman Phil sent another reminder and pointed out who hasn’t responded yet. LindaS replied rather defensively saying she doesn’t know if she can reply a week in advance because of scheduling conflicts. The rest of us can! IF it changes then oh well. God I really don’t understand some people.
I also have some letters to get printed and written and mailed this week. I have been procrastinating on that this week too.

Another Low Key Saturday

I had some really nice plans to get things done today after the week I had. Unfortunately, I had a headache during the night and ended up vomiting a few times and it finally stopped around 9 this morning. I ended up cancelling my session with Alex and spent the morning sleeping or trying. Sky was quite vocal about wanting to go downstairs today. I ignored it until 10 this morning. He has been there a few times today. Tiger slept under the sofa until about 3 and fed them both by 5.
I finally fell asleep for a couple of hours on the sofa and felt better but still low key. I spent the afternoon watching Star Trek franchise on StarzEncore action channel and some of the Harry Potter movies.
So to my week. Work has been busy. Mostly worked on scanning while DG did the mail. I was going to lose my temper at least once and I had to walk away. She knew it and I knew it. Good thing? We worked it out and continued to go through the work and reviewed what she did. I am pretty sure she will continue to do it this way. I just have to work on the patience a little more
We had the Celebration of life for Stacey last night. Caught up with former coworkers like LAS, Mama Terri, MaryCo, and of course MS Elinor. Who misses working at the University. Patty who hosted it did an awesome job and it was held at Randall’s, who provided the apps, and drinks. I had the apps. Which is probably what caused me to get sick.
The Ladies Guild Board Meeting was turned into a General meeting and accomplished nothing. Except another meeting for others to discuss three options that were now given. Some of the women on both sides annoyed the crap out of me. Many had great ideas but I just don’t know the answer. I do hope we get it resolved soon.
My nephew has been working on the front door and he sent us out with a mission and we didn’t come back with exactly what he wanted. He said he didn’t explain it to us very well so he is going to get it tomorrow and work on it then. Sadly, he had to put his 16-year-old furbaby (cat) down yesterday. I felt so bad for him. When I talked to Liz about it she was saying he felt like a bad parent for not recognizing the symptoms. I am told (and she also knows this) that sometimes you can’t tell what ‘s going on.
The weather has been phenomenal this week. Hardly any rain until perhaps later tonight and part of tomorrow. As I am looking at the future cast it looks like we may be getting rain for part of the next week. Uh oh I hear something…
I have started some laundry and managed to get the dishwasher going and finished but I will empty it tomorrow.
I think I may just go to bed. Don’t know if I will fall asleep with the sleeping I did today but will find out.

Not sure I got a lot accomplished

From the time I got to work to the time I left I don’t think I got much accomplished. I did some mail at first until DG helped out and then throughout the day she came and asked me about the addresses (she couldn’t find them…so by the end of the day I gave her some more tips on where to find things when the normal route doesn’t work. Not sure it will work.
I was scanning for a few hours and managed to get only two batches done (there was like 14 or 15 packets and almost 2000 pieces but it also came with moments of anxiety when I was dozing. I actually had to go and get some coffee. Luckily the coffee machine in the lunch room near where I sit was repaired early in the day. Of course I had to also reboot the computer a few times because the system for scanning was very slow. So you can see where I would feel that I didn’t get a lot accomplished at work.
I went to the area committee meeting and once again two people showed up. Granted Elia wasn’t feeling well and went home but she always sends emails out for the meeting five minutes before it’s supposed to start. This isn’t cool. I asked her to start 30 minutes at least (she gets busy with the phone calls she has to deal with and the data entry). So Alder E and I discussed pilot program for those who have chronic health issues that she hopes to discuss with Sally T. WE talked about the work with New Haven Rising. There are a few more opportunities. I am not sure I can go on the 14th. Quite Honestly it depends on the weather and what I have planned that day. There is an area Membership meeting on the 25th. Location yet to be determined. Great.
The evening shuttle rides have been a little disconcerting. The guy is a fill-in and really is a little too aggressive. Takes corners, rushes to get to West Campus. Forgets he is supposed to make a stop at the Train station. I almost fell into the aisle and a few times I dropped stuff on the floor. Luckily I won’t have to worry about it tomorrow as I am driving in. Let’s hope Thursday is better.
My session with Alex was good. Started off rowing, squats on the “elastic bands” and then rows, dead bells, and one other thing. The only thing I left my phone in the car and my water bottle. This was indicative of the rest of the night was going to be like.
After I left there I stopped by DD for coffee take with me to the ladies Guild meeting. But I would learn almost an hour later (and I wasn’t alone in this either) Historian Susan was there as well. WE both thought the meeting was tonight and it is tomorrow. We made an AA meeting move to another room and when we realized no one was coming. WE left and checked our emails and realized the meeting is for tomorrow night! By this time, I called the President three times. She is going to think I am certifiably insane. Susan and I were projecting as “if certain things start to happen then we are out”. Not wasting my Tuesdays for any type of BS.
As I was leaving for home I called my sister to ask for Rich’s number I was having a hard time calling him or had the wrong number. So she sent it to me via text by the time I got home. I also shared with her my experience tonight (including getting to know the AA group that was there tonight). She was understanding as she says everyone has done it.
I did get a hold of Rich and he says he will stop by tomorrow to take a look at the door and then evaluate what needs to be done. IF he can’t he will text me. He has been so busy lately.
When I got home the kitties were waiting for me. I settled in to watch TV for a while and had some fruit. Straighten up a little and will be going to bed soon.
Tomorrow Is my infusion so I will only be at work for a few hours and then after the infusion I will have Courtney and then the meeting.
Have a great night..

Another Beautiful Day

It is another beautiful sunny day. The temperatures are in the high 70’s and low 80s collectively and I am stuck inside. Well I did get out for a walk to the Yale Parking office on Cedar street. I even managed to get my steps in as well. Tomorrow is supposed to be a repeat but tomorrow night and into Wednesday the rain is coming. None of the weather people seem concerned about the tropical depression known as Hurricane Chris.
Tonight, was supposed to be Becca’s class at the Edge but I hemmed and hawed back and forth about going and then learned I had a doctor’s appointment that I forgot about. So my discussion with Jennifer went flying out the window and evidently I was relieved about not having to go.
I got to the appointment on time and was in and out of the whole thing by 5:10. I need to eat more iron but he is not overly concerned. The numbers for everything else is great. I see him in October.
After the appointment I headed home but not before I got some gas which was a huge pain. I was nearly on empty but I could go about 60 miles yet but everywhere I would go there were lines or closed stations! I couldn’t believe it! I was panicking but I went to a gas station up the street from the house.
When I get home I fed the cats and started to make the shrimp. It was a winging kind of meal. It came out good with a stick of butter, olive oil, and cornstarch and garlic powder and oregano. Then I had cauliflower rice. I have another one for tomorrow.
I fell asleep through one of my programs and clearly it was time for me to get ready for bed. I have a few more things and then I am going to bed.

Another Lovely afternoon

As I was leaving the house there was a sky writer above writing out a Message from Mohegan sun. I posted it to Facebook. It was so cool I haven’t seen skywriters round this area in a very long time.
I left the house around 1 and headed to Dunkin Donuts to get something to drink and decided to call Liz and see if they wanted coffee. I had called and texted them to see if I could come by before bingo. They agreed.
I brought BIL an Ice coffee and I got myself one (much larger) while he watched TV I visited with Liz and her friend. We talked about stuff apparently Liz received Coyote Pee to put on stuff to ward off all the other critters. Joked about that for a bit and then we chatted about the drinks we had. I was referring to the Prevention magazine that featured the 50 summer foods we should not have. The link has mostly pictures and a behind them. Liz made a crack and I just looked at her and side “bite me”.
After her friend left we talked about health in general I wanted to ask her about her MS. She believes there are some links to Genetics but they can’t say for certain. NO blood tests to determine for sure. But she has more than one autoimmune disease besides MS. Soon I had to leave for the nursing home.
I was pretty late for the nursing home. Evan the new (to me) volunteer was starting bingo. There was a new face on the recreation staff. Her name is Kathy and apparently she worked there in 05. We had a good bingo session (I think) even though there were a few other residents chatting rather loudly in a corner of the room (we play in the main dining room).
After bingo I caught up with Claudia the receptionist. We talked about the holiday, school, and life in general. It was great. I don’t know when I will see her because the reception staff schedule is changing as one of them is coming back from maternity leave.
Before I left the parking lot of the nursing home I thought I would go visit my cousin Bob and Donna C. I called first but they were not home. So I headed home.
Not before stopping at Adams for chicken enchiladas and roasted potatoes. It’s funny all the way over there I was trying to decide what I wanted. I had chicken here (didn’t want it for the third day in a row), I knew I couldn’t have ribs, or steak, or some form of fish. All of those I had here. I had finally forged ahead earlier and opened the shrimp so I can do something with it when I got home from gym tomorrow night. I even entertained the idea of going to Golden Corral. Chose Adams instead.
When I came home it was oh 5 I think. We did our normal routine fed them, fed myself and watched TV for several hours. Mostly the NCIS:LA marathon with an occasional foray over to the Godzilla marathon.
I managed to take a nap and get the dishwasher emptied and almost filled up again. Most of the laundry is completely folded and I can finish that tomorrow.
Now Sky just reminded me it’s time for me to go to bed.


I still

It is a beautiful 62 degrees and the sun is shining and the birds are singing their daily songs. I have Sky lying above my head on the sofa and Tiger is outback by the door watching the world go by.
I still have laundry to finish, dish washers to empty, letters to write, blogs to read. I haven’t done that. I am taking my time. Yet I am feeling a little guilty for it.
So I am consoling myself with Godzilla Movies-You remember I wrote earlier that I am watching Godzilla movies the kind we grew up with? One of the encore channels is broadcasting and I am realizing the ones from the 60’s is a little campy. Watching Godzilla do karate is just plain weird. He is also slow as Molasses. Also been watching clips of the Original Mothra movie. Never realized she or it died at the end. This had me misty eyed.
Well I talked with Liz via Text. It would seem there will be a new Baby come October. It seems my nephew Adam and is wife will be expecting a baby in October. Of course the Grandparents are tickled pink and blue.
Well it is time for me to get ready for bingo and grocery shopping. I may even stop by to see Los abuelos.



Today was the door knocking for Jobs Pipeline that New Haven has to provide Jobs for people in New Haven. It is something that Local 34 and 35 both support and we are getting the word out to get people to urge the city to do it (apparently the city hasn’t fulfilled its promise to get all of the citizens jobs from it.
I had gotten up early to feed the cats and decided to go back to sleep for a little while. I had some coffee around 7 and decided to get up and at least send texts to my sibs. I started getting ready around 7:30. I figured that traffic at 8 am should be fine and I was… I was able to find a space on the street.
I was still having reservations about walking around some neighborhoods with the different things that had been going on (crimes that probably go on all the time) despite reassurances from Alder Evette that it would be fine earlier in the week I still had concerns. At least I was getting my steps in. We met at the Union offices and the members of the New Haven Rises began to arrive. I was letting people in and then we got instructions of how we would approach people. We paired up with people and I met Chas and his son Robert. We were assigned Howard Avenue in the “Hill Section”. We managed to get about 8-10 houses and spoke to two or three people.
Once I finished with that I raced back to Milford for my session with Alex. I knew there would be some discussion about Wednesday. I practiced all week what I would say to him (“didn’t lie just changed my mind”). I did lose a little weight. We did some squats with two twenty lbs. Rows, and sit-ups. I thought we were supposed to do an hour but he couldn’t remember we will do another long hour.
After the gym I headed to Nardelli’s and got a garlic chicken wrap. It was delicious. It was nearly 1 when I got home. Watched a little of PBS and played with the kitties. Fell asleep, watched more TV and then made dinner for the furbies and myself.
Around 6 I went for a walk. Stopped a number of times to talk to people who had their pets with them and to rest. I forgot my water bottle and wish I had it because I was starting to feel sick and ended up having the runs. It must have been something I ate. I showered got into pajamas and watched TV and now I am heading to bed.

What a wonderful Day

It is Friday.  I had written another entry for yesterday after the Thankful Thursday one and will post that later.  But I just wanted to say What a wonderful day it is.

Yes, it is hot, yes, it is semi humid, and yes, we are supposed to get some thunderstorm at some point today but I have family who would do anything for me.

You see I had been waiting on Handyman Soda to call back.  He hasn’t.  So, Sis told me to call Nephew Rich and ask him what he thinks.  I did and he said he would come by in the next few days and look at it or get it done today.

I also heard from Jim and he is having a Nuclear Stress Test today.  When he told me, I looked up the test and why have it.  I know I have had one myself but I am wondering now why he must have it.  I passed the info on to Liz…She hasn’t responded yet to that info.

Milford has had quite a lot of activity this week.  Just in the last couple of days there was a vehicle fire that tied up traffic, a pedestrian gets hit (and dies) by a train a quarter mile from my house (Northeast Corridor passes through near my house).  This morning near my Nephew’s house there is police presence for domestic dispute.  Swell.  I have been making cracks about it all morning.

I noticed I am taking advantage of the fact many of my Supervisorial team is out (or not close by) and chatting with too many people.  I still am working on yesterday’s mail and luckily that’s not too heavy.  I have also done some mail pick up runs too.  I just want to get this done early so I can work on the scanning for part of the day.

I got today’s mail almost done the health logic wasn’t delivered until late in the day which means I will have to finish it Monday.  I will have to find some time to do the readdress mail.  My goal to have it done daily just got tanked in one day.

Well I finally cancelled my parking privileges for the garage today.  It really didn’t take long and all that I should do is drop the key card off.  I will do it Monday.

Been getting revised contact lists from President MaryAnn and some of the ladies from Ladies Guild.  There have been two or three in the last few days.  I made a folder on the email so that I can put them there until I save them on the laptop.  The board meeting is at 6:30 on the 11th and not 7:30 like I thought. The location is still at St Agnes.

As the date approaches for the board meeting can’t help imagining how things are going to go.  It will be civil at first but I get the feeling by the time the meeting is over it will be very uncomfortable and people walking out.  This year will be very interesting and I do wish to be loyal to the administration but I really don’t want to deal with Petty BS.