Can’t find my original entry

I had a really great entry started this morning but never finished it. Annoying but not a huge tragedy. IT has happened before and probably will happen again.
Anyway it was a beautiful morning but it got warmer as the day went on. It was in the 80’s until night fall. I have the fans on in almost every room again. Not sure how long this will last but I like it. AT one point found myself wondering if in years past we still had the windows opened in September. I tried to read some entries but I don’t think I mentioned last year.
I spent the day finishing laundry, working on reorganizing my pen pal files and updating and writing some letters. I also managed to straighten up my old bedroom. I still have to organize stuff in there but at least it’s not all over the floor.
Finally got the storage bin that I had in the old car cleaned out and put into the trunk of “Blue”. I put a few things in there and will put some towels at later time.
I had a dull headache so I stayed home from the rest of the world. I also have to call the dentist there is something seriously wrong with the teeth.
I took some Melatonin for the second night in a row. Not sure if it is affective or not. I do feel tired but not so sure if that is the reason.



The weather does crazy shit to people

It was raining when I left here and it was chilly. It prompted me to go to DD (no not the same one where the car rolled back on its owner) I got fall related refreshments such as Pumpkin Macchiato coffee and Apple spice doughnut They were all out of the pumpkin donuts. I ended up wearing the apple spice all over my clothes by the time I got to the nursing home.
To be honest I hate being there at 1:30. I wasn’t doing much until it got closer to bingo but I had to stop a potential argument between residents (Julia kept rolling into Vera) and I tried to help them get through it. One of the kitchen staff got smart with me. I just looked at it her. I didn’t think she was funny. Apparently another patient did.
I had 22 to 23 residents at bingo. They all seemed restless and loud. If they were not yelling at each other or me for one thing or another. One resident couldn’t believe I had a lot of patience (while I was thinking it’s time to take another long break). I let Bob M know how it went. He gave me some advice (Laugh it off) and then he told me about his trip to Alaska. He didn’t like the cruise part but everything else he loved.
During Bingo I noticed it started to pour hard and the trees blowing side to side hard. Ten minutes later the sun came out! The sun stayed out for about two or three hours until the sunset. Everything dried up almost by dusk.
When I came home kitties roamed around and then I let them downstairs, fed them kibble, and I did some emailing, TV watching and dinner making.
I didn’t finish the laundry but did send dishwashers through.
Played some solitaire and did pretty well.
Now though going to bed.


I had been playing solitaire online on a new free website called World of Solitaire and I got a message around 9:15 from Peapod letting me know they would be arriving soon. The driver did an excellent job. Even without reading the instructions. He parked out front and had everything. WE talked about the driveways.
I sent an email to Debra to let her know how the weekend was going. I also wanted to let her know the payment for Friday’s session should be arriving to her by the end of the week. I also had let her know that I have an appointment at 5 the same day of our session.
Well I signed up for two swaps…they are due by September 30th. Kasi explained the partners haven’t been assigned and not enough people signed up yet.
After a several week absence from the neighborhood I saw Mr. Fox. I had been talking to Don and Kim and her daughter and we looked over towards the sewer station property he was just standing there staring at us. HE eventually moved on to the marsh.
I managed to do most of my to-do list. I didn’t go to the bank but I can do it tomorrow. I didn’t get the batteries because I didn’t want to be on route 1 any longer than I have to. It getting over cast for me to do the flower beds (but I do have the gloves, and the mini flashlights). I am still doing the laundry but I may not be able to finish it tonight. I am getting tired. I did take a nap.
I managed to get two letters printed up and one mailed and one waiting to be mailed (that is going to be tomorrow). I didn’t get any happy mail today but I got mostly junk except for some TIAA Cref stuff.
Chairman Phil sent out announcement that we have a new P&Z candidate and he will be getting his material in soon. Now we have a full slate for the campaign. We also have been asked to help the rest of the slate with calls and envelope stuffing. I will call tomorrow.
Now I am going to have some tea and go to bed…

I am wondering

All day has been pretty windy. More than once I have heard the wind whistling through the house and slamming the doors to bedrooms I had open. I look out and the flag is blowing but the trees are not blowing as hard. It makes me wonder if we are getting Hurricane Irma. The Governor has asked residents to make preparations “just in case”. In either case I haven’t seen any updates for the state…
I learned today that a bar in New Haven had caught on fire and it turned out to be the one where Rich (my Nephew) is Bartender/bouncer for. I just sent him an email and he says everyone is fine. Thanked me for checking in with him. I don’t know if he was working there today or not really.
There was also a freak accident over at the DD about three miles from here. Apparently a man dropped change on the ground and he got out and the car rolled back on him. I have not been there in quite some time but I think Liz goes there from time to time as well.
Then a little while ago I discovered that actor Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman on The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman series of the 70’s) died on my birthday. He was 91 years old. He had a long list of accomplishments and he was on a number of shows I liked. I liked him by association with Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner.
I am still working on the laundry and picking up here and there. I decided not to do the weeding because I am not ready to do it. IF the weather is nice tomorrow I will work on it.
I decided to order a pizza for dinner. It should be here shortly. I wanted a small with onions, mushrooms, peppers. I also ordered some soda.


My Birthday

My Birthday is drawing to an end. It was quite lovely. I have been receiving many birthday greetings on FB and at work. I also received a few at tonight’s DTC meeting.
I haven’t been really in the mood to celebrate. I have been really angry this past week. On Sunday Liz and I had gotten into it about my housecleaning. She had been here earlier that day to put the new sheets and mattress cover on it with us and a friend. She wasn’t happy. When I called her later that day she started in on me about how the cleaning woman wouldn’t be able to move there was things in every corner of the bedroom. Under my breath I told her to shut the fuck up and she says to me “you call me a fucking asshole we are done” So she hung up on me. I almost sent her an email but stopped myself completely and called Debra.
Liz sent me an email the day after she apologized for upsetting me she acknowledges she should not be judging and criticizing me (the same shit she says to me every time the subject of the housekeeping comes up. She went on to say that I need to deal with the consequences of living like this. She has said she won’t be coming over anymore because her health cannot deal with this. But that I am more than welcomed to come over to her free of judgement, criticisms. She thought she was doing something nice for me. No she wanted to do this to feel good about herself.
I haven’t responded to her email. She wants space? I do too. I am sick and tired of the constant criticism of the way I keep house, dress, eat and anything else. It’s like I am dealing with my mother all over again.
Since the cleaning lady has been here I have been trying to keep things up. Something I try every time. There are things that still need work. I still have laundry in the dining room that has to be put away, things that need to be done but it’s not like I have dirt on the floor. I keep up with the litterboxes and let Livia clean the rest of the house.
Work has been good. I was busy with the mail, and refunds, and scanning. WE are caught up with current stuff now (as of today). We said good bye to TMJ a woman I worked with all of my 25 years in OPS. She was my buffer at times with Mom (when Mom was working with us). We are having a dinner in October for her.
School started up this week in town with little or no problems. The reaction I got was it has been exhausting.
A couple has been arrested earlier this week for breaking into vehicles a half mile away. So I have been locking doors left and right these days.
The days are getting shorter now. It’s been getting darker earlier every night. It’s still dark in the morning which allows me to sleep a little longer before going to work. I have seen deer in the usual place.
The Ladies Guild board meeting was this past week and went well. I have offered to get pasta for the pot luck dinner next month. We have a number of things going on in the next few month. One of them is to tread lightly with the ST Agnes LG. We don’t want them to feel they are being taken over but we want to include them in the activities. Not going to be easy.
I better get going. I have a lot planned for tomorrow (including finish laundry, and gardening) and the rest of the weekend.



Somethings I forgot to mention

I have been sitting here and realized a few things I hadn’t mentioned. They probably aren’t important in the grand scheme of things but I seem to forget things.

For example yesterday I noticed there was clearly progress made on the condos as outer walls were started and worked on this morning. Becoming more and more a reality. Concerns from the neighbors is we will have unsavory people exploring our neighborhood and abusing the parking. They don’t get it that people can park on the streets. Although there are times I can see their point. I want to be able to park in front of my house sometimes (and I have) if I have to go out or don’t want to park in the driveway.

DTC Secretary CC came by with the by-laws and we chatted and she could tell I was looking for something and I explained my rationale and she was wondering if it happened again and I said no but I was doing something pre-emptive. She understood where I was coming from on my views. After she left I took a quick perusal and the answers to Liz’s questions were there.

I am seriously considering dropping out of the FB page “You know you lived in Milford when”…there is far too much bs going on. From what I was told it was to be a memory lane and to share memories but it’s turned into more of the “Next door social media sites and of course people reducing the threads to fights and bullying. Whether or not it is bad mouthing or criticizing companies that were negligent in their responsibilities (a dog died last week getting lose from a kennel) or about the kids on their bikes rudely riding around (every town seems to have a bunch of kids that do this). It’s getting old.

Kitties are doing pretty well. They seem to like the kibble I gave them. They are both downstairs and have been sleeping downstairs at night. I was getting nervous when I call sky and he wouldn’t come down or come to me. Wild things keep going through my head.

Well its late and I need to get to bed….

Busy Week

Had a nice visit last week with Big Brother when he came in for an old friends funeral services. I think you call it an overnighter and then he went back home after the services.  I did hint at him about Thanksgiving and he thought I was out an out crazy for even planning that far in advance.  I had my reasons.

The weekend was for the most part quiet. I get a couple of visits from my cousin we were talking about food and cooking.   I had a couple of things to do but other than that I slept or watched TV.  It was definitely not enough but that’s what this saturday is for.

The work week has been busy as far as I am concerned.  Not enough time in the day for the last few days to get a lot done.  The end of the week will be be scanning.  I will finish the mail that’s not done by next week.

The area union meeting was interesting.  Approval of financial stuff, updates on different things that has been going on. They will have these again.  Not sure when.

When I got home my two amazon items arrived. The grooming gloves came (and they do seem a little big for my hands) and I tried it on Sky..mixed reaction. Next will try tiger.  If she ever comes up from the cellar.  The other was a monthly Dayminder for 2018.

This past week on the You know you live….FB page there had been an alert for a missing dog.  They asked for help by sharing updates, posting flyers, and almost daily updates.  Well this afternoon it was posted that Geno was found dead.  The owners sent heartbroken thanks and have been receiving many condolences.  It may not have brought the entire city together but a large part of it shared, offered to help search for him and sent donations and prayers.  I cried.

I also got emotional this evening as I was putting out the garbage.  As I turned around to go back in the house I saw three rabbits.  You are probably wondering what’s the deal?  Today or tomorrow is the anniversary of Bob’s death.  Also the day my Mom died three rabbits were out back.  I feel it was Mom, Dad and Bob coming for a visit.  Usually there are only 1 or 2 rabbits in the yard not three.

I ended up not going to the Trivia game at the restaurant.  I am too tired and really need to go to bed.



Tuesdays can be tough

I have come to the conclusion that Tuesdays can be tough day of the week.  Between lunch time meetings and having a large amount of Mail to open for that day and an occasional Dr. appointment like today I can never get the mail done in one day.  Also lately the mail delivery has been later than it used to be.

Today I met with Dr. Sonia for my regular appointment.  It was for 11.  So I left the office around 10:30 and got there just before 11.  I paid for the appointment filled out the annual questionnaire and then waited until about 11:30 or 12 was brought into the room for the triage(?) and then had to wait because her schedule got backed up.  I think I finally got to see her by 12:30.  She asked me all the questions, and checked the extremities to see how they were moving etc.  I did ask her what type of the Lupus I had and she said Systemic.  I never know what to tell people. So I asked her.  I really couldn’t be upset with her since I messed up her schedule last month

I got back to the office by 1:30.  I scoffed down a hot dog that I got from a vendor outside.  I also let SR know because Team Lead Lauren was dealing with her own health issues and Supervisor Bob on vaca….in other words no one was really around to tell.

The mail delivery was late too so that had to be dealt with (just got it done basically).  The delivery has been late for a while now sometimes it worries me and sometimes it doesn’t.

The afternoon whizzed by and it was time to go home. I went to get Ann and then we picked up Maria.  She was ready this time.  So  we headed to the cars.  I chatted with Leslie about restaurants in Milford and things going in Milford.  Soon after I was heading to Captain’s catch to pick up dinner.

I really shouldn’t talk to people about dinner because usually I end up getting stuff they have had or recommended.  I didn’t get the clam chowder but I did get shrimp and fries.  Both fried. It was delicious.

The kitties were waiting for me when I got home.   They were pretty funny today.  On more than one occasion they scattered from noises they heard from outside and they have been running around a little too.  Tiger actually sofa cushion above my head the way Sky usually does.  The new food I got them was also waiting so I opened it and put in their dishes, I also mixed it with the old stuff in the containers.  I think they like it but will find out again tomorrow.
Peapod came tonight just a little after 6:30.  I didn’t hear them drive up (and I didn’t check the emails and text alerts until much later).  I had gotten most of the stuff except a few of the salads.  Even the driver thought they should send a text to let you know what isn’t going to be included.   EVerything was put away and I opened some juice.  I think i had about three glasses of it already.

Been watching TV mostly tonight, fell asleep at one point.  I hope I will be able to sleep soon.

The search for “geno” the dog continues.  They have been looking for nearly three days now.  They have been having a search team out (including a hunter) in the area by the train tracks and Pepe’s Farm Road (the Post office).  I guess he got loose from  the Kennel on Old Gate Lane.  It really is a cute dog.  If you would like to see a pic check my facebook page..

I also read that there were a couple of coyotes walking down a street in Milford.  Some shit keeps making inane jokes.  I really  get annoyed with stuff like that.  If you are not going to contribute something substantial to a conversation other than really stupid jokes or hijack a thread than don’t waste time!

There was a Bobcat sighting in milford this week too but apparently it hasn’t reach the status level that the black bear did last month.  BTW, that bear had been tracked in milford for nearly a month.  It was moved up north somewhere.

I have to say the foxes must have moved on again.  I haven’t seen them in the back for nearly a week to ten days now.  I will have to check with Darcy when I see her.  Something tells me they will be back once the baby bunnies are born.

The bunnies have been a common occurrence around here.   All day long actually.  I usually see them on the side of the house by the driveway.  In the driveway, in the back yard.  Sometimes there will be one and others there will be two.  I wonder if they are the parents to be.

I am flaking out on the Trivia game at the restaurant tomorrow.  I just don’t feel like going.    Especially alone.  Liz said if they have another one or in other places she would go with me then.

Finally I was saddened to learn of the passing of the legendary Country singer Glen Campbell.  He passed away in TN at the age of 81 from Alzheimer’s.  He was one of my favorites growing up.  I loved his music and liked him in the original True GRit movie with John Wayne.  I was listening to some of the music tonight as I was searching.  Granted I was maybe 6 or 10 when I liked him.  I don’t know if I saw his TV show much but I do know I listened to his music in the 80’s.

Well i better get to bed.  The kitties are both on top of the sofa cushion again.  I haven’t seen them both up there for a while.

Pretty successful afternoon

I am sitting here with The Kratts brothers Wild Alaska Live on in the background.  Part of me is interested and some of it is waiting for the next load of laundry to finish.

I left here just around 1 chatted with Neighbor ChrisP before taking off for the cleaners to pick up some stuff I left there.  Then I went to the nursing home.  Maria was there doing some paperwork.  We chatted about the activities fo the day.  Reminded me to make sure everyone gets transported either to their room or to  the recreation room.

I had about 17 residents playing and of course some of them were chatting and one woman complained incessantly that I was going too fast.  I was really really wishing the hour would go by faster. Despite that the others enjoyed themselves.  I did have a chance to talk to Chef Phil and he told me what the “atmosphere” in the labor force there.  I didn’t leave there until about 3:30.

Once I left there I headed to my Sister and Brother in law’s.  They were entertaining children and grandchildren.  They were all just getting ready to go but the little ones were being a bit shy.

I was there for about an hour.  They fed me (cheeseburger and potato salad) Nelson took a nap and Liz and i chatted about a few things on FB and of course church which I was a bit late for.

By the time I got there the gospel was just being read.  Mind you it was Just 4:35.  The mass started at 4:30.  The parking didn’t seem full but by the time I got inside number of attendees it seemed pretty full (I don’t even know if there was anyone in Father Cronin hall).  Near the end the ushers were counting how many parishioners were actually there.  I suspect that if the  numbers aren’t good they will cut some masses.  Then again this is all supposition on my part.

On the way home I heard from Jim.  I was trying to pin him down to a specific time to expect him on Thursday.  In the last texts he says he will be here between 4-5 and we will go to dinner when I get home   (I have a session with Debra).

It looks like I will be attending the trivia game at Scribner’s restaurant stag.    Liz will be spending a few days in SC and it will be during the time of the trivia game.  She is really looking forward to it.

Well its time for me to say good night…For those of you in the middle of the wildfires please know i am thinking of you and praying for your safety.  Those in Drought conditions I pray you get the rain…

Good night…


This Weekend

Saturday we had a celebration/memorial service for my cousin Rah who was 73 and had died of lung cancer the previous week.   I had expected it to be very crowded as it will include his students, colleagues, friends, and of course family.  It will also be a chance for us to remember those who left us in the past as well.  My cousins Celia, and Lee Jr lost their brother Paul a year ago  yesterday when he died in an old van in a parking lot at a NJ Train station.  I think they were celebrating Paul’s birthday which ironically was July 1.  It is one of those moments of “where were you when..” I was in NC.  


I was really taking my time to get ready yesterday morning.  Partially because I was waiting on my brother .  Well I did while I was showering.  He had decided to not come up after all!   He said we would talk later.  I texted Liz and told her.  She offered me a ride up.  I grabbed the chance.  I really didn’t want to drive my car up as it looked like I had been living in it.  So I drove to their house and while she got ready asked if he was “using”.  That’s the first thing she goes to when he breaks promises.  She felt this was the second time he broke a promise (the other one was stopping over last month).  Anyway we picked up my cousin and had a nice drive to Wallingford.


When we arrived there were  a lot of people.  People that were his colleagues students and people from his theater groups.  Our cousins were there and eventually the rest of them arrived.  Cousin Joe showed up and amused us all as he looked like the quintessential Beach Boy Band member.  Some of our Georgia clan couldn’t make it, and NJ, and Florida and Texas.  So Jim wasn’t the only one of Mom’s side who couldn’t make it.  


The bereavement reception was held at Tradition Golf Course at their Season’s Restaurant.  IT was a basic buffett.  Chicken, fish, beef, pasta and bread and salad with ice cream for dessert.  We left around 2 I think and I was back at the house by 3.  


I spent some time with the kitties before taking off for my cousin’s house on the other side of town.  It is really beautiful.  I can’t tell you what type of house it is but it’s big enough for all of them and the yard is great.  I stayed there until 7 visiting with those of the clan I didn’t get to speak with at the reception.


By the time I got home I was exhausted.  I was entertaining the thought of going to the Fireworks display but decided against it.  In the end I could hear it in between the claps of thunder that came through.

So I watched the rest of the NCIS Independence Day weekend marathon.  Day two is tomorrow.  I also finished off the Twinkie Ice Cream.


Sunday was a really warm day.  I tried to sleep more (I found myself very tired this weekend) as my head was still hurting ( a little less than the beginning of the weekend).  I did some laundry, updated addresses for a pen pal, and went to bingo.


After Bingo I had supper at IHOP.  It was the crepes with strawberry and cheese and of course I had to have sausage, and hash browns.  I decided to have ice tea instead of some shake.


It was about that time I was sending text messages to Jim (after I got home).  He called me back when he had read a former neighbor and classmate of his (and Bob’s) died.  I knew the family name as her mother and ours traveled in the same circle from Freemont Ave.  (It was their neighborhood before coming to Grove).  I told Liz about her this morning.


I ordered peapod for Wednesday morning.  Both Monday and Tuesday were unavailable.  I have it scheduled for  8 am-10 delivery.  I really hope it comes closer to 8:30.  I was happy to learn I saved $14 on the order and got free shipping this time.


I heard from Dr. T this weekend.  She has been unpacking her new home and bike riding and swimming.  😦  I sent her a two long emails of updates in response.  I need to keep doing that.


Last night I spoke to Mama Roberta.  It’s just as hot and humid down there as it is here.  I told her about the new bike ordinance in town as well as the news about my neighbor moving.


Work has been good.  I finished Friday’s mail early in the morning and today’s mail was delivered by 10:30 and all that part has been taken care of and delivered.  Now I am going to work on readdress mail.  Since there is nearly an hour and half left until I go home.  




We have tomorrow off (yeah I know most people do) but I also have Wednesday off for a couple of appointments (besides the peapod delivery).  I am pretty sure I will be working on mail on Thursday and then the scanning for the next two days.  This week already seems to be going by quick but it will change I am sure.


Got to finish some stuff before I leave for the day…


I am thinking I will have fish for dinner.