This was how I started my day

I woke up around 5:30 and found her reposing by the bushes in the back yard.  She must have been there for quite a while before we saw her.  My neighbor sent me a message and I invited her over to take pictures of it (I have a feeling hers are much better than mine).  Around 6 the Doe got up stretched preened herself and ate some of the leaves and headed to the marsh behind us.


Getting back into routine

This weekend was about getting back into a regular routine. Yesterday morning, I went with my sister and BIL to a Pirate 5K race that my nephew Nel Jr and his son Nelson 3 participated in. It was a beautiful morning and not really a large crowd. It was along one of the beaches in town. It was Nelson the 3rds very first 5K and he did an awesome job for seven years old. He won a trophy for his age group. My sister seems to think he was the only one in his age group. After the race we headed back to the house and had breakfast. I stayed for another hour or so.
After the early Morning I headed to town fair tire and got the tire I destroyed last week replaced. It was a lot more than I expected but it was necessary. From there I went grocery shopping and then home to watch the rest of NCIS marathon. Oh yeah my TV/cable box started working again. Now I don’t have to call the cable company and rip them a new one.
Today was kind of quiet (at least the morning was). It was the regular morning routine and that included sending some text messages to my brother who was making preparations for his return trip home (he was in Akron Ohio) for a conference.
The morning I was writing in my Pen pal blogs and starting some letters and working on some stuff in said hobby until the laptop was being uncooperative. Happily, it didn’t last long.
AT lunch time I started getting ready for Bingo. My first foray in two weeks. Even though my voice was starting to go quiet. My Resident Ann helped me out by calling the numbers. It was a hot mess as many of them were chatting and or clapping and making it difficult for people to hear.
After the bingo I headed to Liz to give her a mini fashion show for the stuff. This time only a dress went back. The rest of it stays (and got washed). The reason it got washed is I believe Tiger peed on it. I didn’t stay long as Liz was getting tired and so for that matter was I.
If you visit my Facebook page you will see, I have been taking the cats pictures and some of them have been damn funny. You know how I have mentioned when seasons change they tend to go back to places they have gone to in the past? Well I found tiger sitting in the base of the table out back, or sleeping under the recliner now and then. Most nights I can also find her sleeping on the guest bed room. A couple of times she has been sleeping under the night table by my bed.
Now Sky has been doing his regular sleeping on my bed but on more than one occasion I have found him in a basket on one of the bookshelves in Mom’s office. I don’t know how long he has been doing that but it was too funny.
Now that laundry is done (but in a massive pile on the dining room table) and its almost 9 I think I am going to go to bed. I want to get out earlier than I usually do for work tomorrow. I suspect it will be very busy tomorrow.
Oh there was an awesome Motorcyle caravan going through town apparently it was one of two to raise funds for a Yale Hockey player who died unexpectedly a few years ago. It was awesome to see but rather loud.

Last Day of My Vacation

Well today is the last day of my vacation. At least for about ten days. I will have to put in for next Friday when I get to work on Monday but I shouldn’t have a problem. It also depends on the outcome of my BIL’s Doctor’s appointment today. I am not sure what she is expecting. But if there are issues we probably won’t go until my June Vacation which isn’t bad.
I have to start to use a budget again. I thought with everything that I currently have I would be fine. I forgot that the gym takes out $360 from my account and it’s going to be tight. I dread trying to make a budget that works…the setting up and how to produce it mostly. I know there are sites and templates but I just feel like a wall comes ahead of me. I don’t think I am drowning because the house bills get paid. Actually I think I will be fine. The bills I have scheduled for next week will be about the same time I get paid again.
Well I just got an update on the Family Reunion. It is going to be in June. I know that Liz and I talked about it in the last month (looking for a venue) but it is going to be on June 23. This is good. It is the same week as a few other celebrations.
I was hoping to go see Joanie but I just called her and she didn’t pick up. So now I will call her for tomorrow and see if she wants to get together. It is getting close to lunch time and I still have a few things to do before going out tonight.
Um that may not be prudent as I may have to go see Nancy regarding pet sitting gig I will be doing the weekend of the first. I found out the mice will not be among the tasks.
BBC American are rebroadcasting documents on Princess Diana in preparation for Prince Harry and Markel’s wedding tomorrow. I think the actual wedding will begin at 9 am our time. I just have to say they had some very huge hats a part of me would be very annoyed if my views were being blocked by those hats.
I went to the Ladies Night wearing the denim skirt and marooned blouse with stars imprinted. I had a pair of black shoes and my Mother’s Dove of Peace necklace I gave to her many years ago. I left around 5:15 (after chatting with Neighbor Kim) and headed to the bank. It was officially closed so I headed to the church. I waited for Liz in my but noticing many people were arriving including my cousin Donna, and a number of ladies from the guild.
When I went in Nel was already there giving directions. I was the first to sit and waiting for the rest of our table. I am not sure who came first or second. My Niece Olga was the last to arrive. Liz and Donna were throwing things at each other from each other’s table. They are both lucky that it didn’t hit someone and they didn’t respond with “fuck off”. Two of Liz’s Friends were very annoying to me. They seemed to get annoyed at a few things (like the service) and I was not liking them. I treated them with respect and kindness but I just don’t like them. Father Aiden brought his Dog Bruce to the dinner (after he ate his dinner) and we all got to say hello to him. Bruce is a huge Bassett house and sweetest thing ever. I offered my pet sitting service to Father Aiden for the future. Now that I think about it that may not have been a good idea. The food was good and I ate everything. I had the stuffed fish, and vegetables, and twice baked potato and of course dessert. Yeah I am going to need to take a walk tomorrow before my weigh in. Rain or no Rain.
Now that I am home I am going to get into my pajamas (flannel ones). I am so cold.

Great Day!

I had a great afternoon yesterday. First the iN Body session/slight work out with Alex went well. I lost another two pounds last week. The body fat went up and Muscle mass has gone down. We made a deal that if 1) prepared my meals 2) went to the gym every day (cardio) I could have any flavor of Hallo Top Ice cream the entire pint. I also told him I would do Cardio by walking. That’s exactly what I did last night before watching TV.
We did have to reschedule next week’s Saturday session to this Tuesday before the class. Apparently he has prior commitments. 
Second Baby girl Morgan arrived yesterday afternoon at 12:02 pm and her name is Sophie Elizabeth. The pictures are adorable. Later in the evening Jennifer and Chris sent me a message and a few more pictures and they are great. All are well and resting I hope. Liz tells me this morning that she had some FaceTime with Sophie and it seemed like the baby smiled when she heard Liz’s Voice. I did contact Kari T late in the day on my walk.
In between the exercising and the baby arriving I manage to get the TV working again with the help of the tech at Optimum and it didn’t take long (for them) but at times I was getting aggravated but I tried to remember what Liz said to be about patient. It worked.
We had a visitor in the yard last night. The kitties were getting territorial. When I turned the light on it took off but I think it was still in the area as later on in the night we heard the cats outside going on.
They have been doing their own thing right now. I think they are upstairs sleeping or looking out the windows. I let them downstairs, in the spare room. So they are pretty quiet for now.
The weather is kind of blah in the sixties and cloudy. I left the windows open and have the thermostat turned off (something else I learned yesterday). I was expecting thunderstorms and rain…so far nothing yet. According to the weather report (I hate referring to the actual site) it should come this afternoon.
I found out that a coffee/doughnut shop that has been in town for as long as I can remember is closing in the next month. I have told a few people that I have only been there once in my entire life. Been trying to find articles announcing the closing but nothing so far. I emailed Chairman Phil about it. Looking forward to his take on it.
I have some letters to answer before taking off for the nursing home. I hope to have a lot written but it doesn’t look like I will.

Happy Friday!

Well it is the end of the week and beginning of the weekend. Even though I had a day and half off from work it feels like it was long. Spending on the scanning and the mail and then as I said being out threw my schedule off.
I should be at the gym but decided against it. There was some issue with payment and hopefully by the time I meet with Alex tomorrow it will be resolved (it was denied) but I checked my account and it looks fine. Not only for that reason buy I am tired too.
I spent the entire day working on mail. I just barely finished todays and will have it finished Monday morning before I do scanning. I did very little readdress mail but I did almost everything else. oops that’s not true. Didn’t get the mail from the lobby. I am sure GA/Gargoyle will have gotten at some point even though she hasn’t been picking it up much this week.
I will be glad when AC comes back next week because the treasury wasn’t done and she can do it faster than I can. Not sure she will be thrilled but she did say do what I can and Supervisor Bob said to focus on the daily stuff.
Kari T told me today there is a virtual shower for Jenn and Chris as they are expecting baby girl Morgan soon. They will be moving into their new home this weekend. Kari is Jenn’s best friend and she found out by Jenn’s Sister. I was going to talk with Liz about it but at the time I called she had company and we briefly touched on tomorrow’s party.
Several of my co-workers who have been working at another location (CSS) returned to home base. I am not sure if they were happy to be there or not. It was good to see them. Let’s see who else returns from the other locale.
For some reason when I got home I could turn on the TV and for one channel and even that was hairy. I can’t do any voice commands or look at anything else. It is frustrating. The remote was flashing. I can’t believe this. I am thinking it’s the batteries. It was working all night long and when I went to bed and when I woke up this morning. Tonight I was pushing every button possible. I even turned it on by the box. I don’t think I was supposed to do that. Yes, I read the manual but it didn’t help. I guess I will have to call the place.
I also opened a few windows tonight to let some air in. I was going to do laundry and hang it out but sunset is going to be soon. I will do it tomorrow.
I talked with Mama Roberta and we talked about scams and how easy it happens. We agreed it is good nothing more came from mine and they had to take care of their situation by getting a new card as well. That’s why I was checking my AE card.
We talked about her moving and it sounds like they will be going out there to visit their daughter and find a house and then come back and make the final arrangements. So by this time next year I will hope to be visiting them in Nevada.
I got an email from the Ladies guild about changing the date of the Board meeting in May. I guess some can’t make it the 7th considering May 1st is the first Tuesday. Anyway whatever date they pick will be okay. However, some of the emails seemed to be against the change.
It looks like the Democratic Awards Night is going to be on June 22, 2018 at the Great River Golf Course. I have never been in the restaurants there but I have been on the grounds a long time ago when the Woman’s Club/Girls Club did an environmental cleanup (picking up garbage). The grounds are beautiful. The Golf Club (aka Country Club) opened in 2001 and has been a staple in the city ever since. I can’t believe it’s been here so long.
Oh great news the first of the tax refunds has been received. I am thrilled now I have to wait for the other one and then start to pay off some bills.
Well I am going to have some coffee and write some letters and then gather some clothes for the laundry tomorrow. I don’t feel like doing much anyway tonight.




Heading to Bed

In a few moments I will be putting my head down after a very fast Saturday. I got in from Sharon’s house after midnight this morning. There were just four of us girls left from the meeting and we chatted for the next four hours. We talked about everything. The DTC, the 4th District, Altice (Optimum Cable Company) that NA works for. She gave her limited knowledge of it (she works in the Advertising part of the company).
When I finally got up this morning it was the regular routine but instead of just watching TV I also revised and prepared the minutes from the meeting and awaiting Chairman Phil’s approval of it. I have already sent February’s minutes to the committee and to DTC chairman and Secretary. I have to update the email list on the contacts for the yahoo account.
Since I am currently having problems accessing my primary Gmail account I have been moving most of my things to the yahoo account. I am not sure what happened I think it may have happened after I got the new phone and I was having a hard time either remembering the old password or it was not taking. I can remember the secondary Gmail account but I use that for the NCIS stuff primarily.
Late in the morning I headed to the gym. I thought it was at 11:30 but it was actually 12. So we did some sitting squats, and pull ups and stretches. We set up the fitness pal app on the phone. Finally we discussed nutrition for the week.
After that I headed to Liz’s for a visit and to pick up cookie dough for baking tonight. We were talking for about an hour about health, and family and life in general. It was time for me to leave and head home.
I did a little straightening and gathered insurance papers that I needed to have a phone chat with Lawyer Bob. He had called me while I was at the gym. He wanted to discuss the new insurance policies and we concluded we had no real problems with it.
It was three then. I had opened the windows (the temps got into the 50’s.) and I ended up falling asleep. That’s until the cats wanted food. So I got up fed them and baked the cookies.
The cookies didn’t take long and they were Otis spunkmeyer brand. A couple fell apart while cooling but I still had at least nine cookies left. I put them in bags once they cooled and are on a plate in a bag so I can take it tomorrow.
I had salad with marinated chicken (marinated with Italian dressing) and a glass of milk. It really didn’t sustain me but I have already gone over my limit (two broken cookies).
IT looks like I have a new pen pal. Her name is Pat and is from PA. She is in Friends R Special Yahoo group I joined earlier this month. Set up a file for her on the laptop and tomorrow I will do it on the other computer.
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. It is also the Plant and bake sale and of course I will be there to help out. Afterwards I may go grocery shopping and then I need to do Bingo.


So many things happening

So many things going on this week. Nationally, Regionally, Locally, Politically, Globally, and personally.
Yesterday was national walkout day. Students from across the country all walked out of their classrooms to make the world know that they want those in charge to find ways to make them safe and better gun control etc. In many places both in cyber and real world people criticized the students for doing this and others punished them for doing it. IF they don’t do it who will?
The Toys R Us Company announced they will be closing all of their stores. That includes Babies R us as well. I have been to both stores over the years. I won’t say frequently but enough not just as customer but when our club was doing the baby contest there. They are about 2 miles from me.
A week ago Tonight State Senator Gayle Slossberg announced she would not be seeking another term representing Milford, Orange, and part of West Haven. Mid-week James Maroney announced his candidacy for that seat. James isn’t new to the political arena. He was a Board of ED member here in town and then from 2013-2015 he was a state Rep. I probably will be volunteering for his campaign.
Work is going well. My admin came back from her conference and got back into the swing of things. I was so tired one day but managed to put a huge dent in the readdress mail. The mail trays I had been waiting on all week finally came on Friday after a little more prodding from me.
I talked with Roberta this week there have been some slight changes to her itinerary the week she is visiting. They will be here for one night and spending the rest of the weekend with another friend but we are going to the Seder together. I had originally planned to get some painting done but I have put it off for so long that I don’t believe I have the time to do it.

Got Lazy Again

After doing a few odds and ends yesterday and going to the hairdresser and then to the gym I got lazy. I was tired from the hour long work out.
I came home around 2 and started getting tired. I surfed the net and then started to fall asleep. I made lunch sometime afterwards.
I finally broke down and tried to reset the TV remote on the downstairs TV and of course it didn’t work so I called and got some assistance. We got it done but the remote does need to be replaced. It will be here in about a week. I can’t turn it on by the cable remote. I can with the other remote.
The rest of the night I sat downstairs watching TV and doing crossword puzzles. I went to bed by the normal time. The funny thing is I decided to leave the laptop downstairs and it felt weird because I usually grab it during the night if I wake up. I slept through the night.
It was Daylight’s saving day today and I ended up staying in bed a lot longer than expected. It was nearly 7 when I got up. The kitties were none too happy with me. I took care of the stove ovens but everything else is going to take “time”.
I am not going to bingo today. Need to do stuff and need to be with myself.
I found out that parts of the borough had a power outage. Actually parts of Milford did too again. They got it back by 9. Customers of Eversource however are still in the dark as of this writing. Many are outraged and even a rep from Essex has been aggravated. According to Eversource they are working on things the best they can.
Eversource used to be Northeast Utilities which rebranded in 2015 into Eversource. I seem to remember that NU had its shares of troubles over the years and it doesn’t seem to be changing much for Eversource. It’s funny according to their site they service Milford. I figured all of Milford would be under United Illuminating (who have their problems too). I would be interested in finding out just how much they service here.
Talked with Jim a while ago. I don’t think he is handling the time change well. He told me he was grumpy.
Talked with Liz. She was wondering if she had hurt my feelings on Friday by rushing me out the house.   I told her not to worry about it. We talked about our day, the weather and the upcoming week.
So I think I am going to take a cue from my sister and do a few things before the weekend gets finished.

How far would you go?

Someone recently posted alerts on a FB page for our town. The alerts were regarding suspicious activity in a neighborhood and apparently had pictures of the person and their vehicle etc. It turned out he was not doing anything wrong. What followed was criticism and judgements that this person had no right to do this without posting a follow up. I don’t think she really did anything wrong but is it legal? Once information has been released by the police isn’t it freedom of information? I believe she was making neighbors aware of a possible situation. How far would you go? Who do you think was right?

So I went to the Thursday Group class last night and it is pretty much like Tuesday’s classes. IT hurt and i could feel it in the knees and the lower back. I hope I kept trying. Ran into Alex food confessed. I am in trouble tomorrow. The Obnoxious lady was in this class but less obnoxious than on Tuesday.

After the class I headed to Pops and called Dave (he had sent messages while I was in the class) and to let him know I was there. He was doing some errands. It was nearly 7 when we sat down. We talked about work, family, life in general. We both had scallops and pasta. We had salad he had dessert. We were there until closing and then left. We talked about vacations as well and going to movies soon. As of right now I think he is in California.

I stopped for gas at the Pilot station and got into a really cool conversation with a guy in the line next to me. I was having a little issue with the gas hose and we started talking (he is an instructor for AA) and I told him about Dave. We talked about the Unions and his job and he was just coming home from Montego Bay..

I came home and got ready for bed. The cats followed. Soon they were sleeping and it took me some time so I did some crossword puzzles.

Today was good although I got a little stressed out as GA came to my desk like three times and i was getting more than paranoid. This gave me a kick in the pants to work on some of the readdress mail that has been gathering dust.

I didn’t get a lot of us mail (and I wasn’t expecting the) Healthlogic but it got done by the time I left for the day. I gave me a moment to talk to SR as she is going to conference next week so she won’t be here. I kiddingly said I will be on my best behavior and she came out with oh good I won’t get any emails? Which got me to thinking that GA had been saying things (she was watching me a lot today). However I got the feeling that we all got the messages we were NOT saying. I was pretty up front with both Supervisor and SR about focusing and getting the work done. So by the time I left I was feeling better.



I called my sister on the way home to see if I could stop by (I hadn’t seen her since she left for her trip and have only spoken to her once or twice and texted all week). I stopped and got my dry cleaning before I got to her house and we spent the next hour and half talking about her trip and she showed me our cousin’s beautiful pristine house. She showed me the pictures of the kid too. OMG Audrey and Jason (Chris’s kids) are so grown up and they are just at the tween stage.

We basically got caught up on the family (both the hers and ours) and I told her about the new insurance plans we have. As usual I think I didn’t explain it well. But we had a good time. Nelson came home from what sounded like a trying experience at the pharmacy. He fell asleep before I left.

It was after 6:30 when I left and I wasn’t really hungry but didn’t want to cook anything so I stopped at Subway close to the house. I got a foot long seafood salad sandwich for dinner. I finished it a short time ago. It was good.

The kitties were waiting on me when I got home so before i ate I fed them. Now they are both sleeping at the foot of the bed. They are lying butt to butt. It really is cute. This is the longest SKy has been quiet tonight. HE had been vocalizing for the past hour.

I really should be finishing the laundry but I am tired. There isn’t much on TV tonight except the normal marathons and a few movies.

It is a bit chilly in the house now ( had turned the thermostat down when I came in-it was hot). There was an oil delivery today. The bill was lower than last month’s but it still rather high. It will be paid in the next few days.

The outside temps are supposed to drop to 29 overnight. We might get some snow flurries i think. It looks like we will have a fairly decent weekend weather wise. Monday might be another story. I hope not. Someone says it may go out to sea..

Just waiting

It was a cold and sunny Tuesday and I waited. I waited for my sister to come home (she forgot to text me). I waited to see if we would be not working today. We got some confusing emails but finally a text came out and says we are closing at noon today.

I just realized I did something I may regret. In Monday’s entry I talked about the store down the street that had severe wind damage and I literally put in my address in the map. I should not have done that.

Tuesday I spent the day doing scanning and the mail. It seemed to take forever then again it usually does. Tuesdays came early but it was taking so long. I finally finished the mail for both days by the time I was leaving today. I will have normal stuff tomorrow.

I had my session with Debra and by the time I sat in her office I grew tired. We had a good session I told her about the highlights of the past two weeks. We also talked about the things that are in reality stressing me out. The pen pal stuff, the ladies guild stuff, and DTC, and of course a few bills. She told me I don’t have to do the things that are stressing me out.

After the session I headed home not before making a stop at Shoprite for a couple of things. Onions and the Kodiak pancake Mix. The latter was recommended by Alex. He says to add the protein drink in it and it’s much better. Anyway it was slightly crazy in there. I was glad to be out of there and at home.

I ended up not going to the Ladies guild. I had some dinner and then did a few things and watched TV and then went to bed. The kitties followed.

Today the snow started off slow and it turned to rain for a time and then stopped. But by 11 it started up again and it hasn’t stopped. I can hear the wind a little bit now. We did have a power flicker but some of the TV channels were not coming in on the small TV.

I made some lunch and called Liz. I had spoken to her via text/IM earlier she had been home nearly 12 hours by then. She was catching up with the things that gathered and collected while she was in SC.


I do have some Great news. Nearly ten days ago my nephew Chris and his lady Jen got married in NC. They are now looking to buy a new house and that was one of the many things they did while Liz was down there. She had a great time. Spent time with the kids. Now she is probably sleeping.

After I got off the phone with her I wasn’t really ready to do any cooking that I was planning on doing so I got online and played games and watched a surprising NCIS marathon on Oxygen. That is until the cable started getting wonky. It came back about 8:30.

Around 4 I made the turkey meatloaf and the chicken burgers. In each of them I did something slightly different then was was called for. I tried it and it was slightly dry (the meatloaf). The kitchen has been cleaned.

The snow is going strong still. There seems to be a lot. The plow came through earlier this evening. I think it will come again later on during the night and before daybreak.