So many things happening

So many things going on this week. Nationally, Regionally, Locally, Politically, Globally, and personally.
Yesterday was national walkout day. Students from across the country all walked out of their classrooms to make the world know that they want those in charge to find ways to make them safe and better gun control etc. In many places both in cyber and real world people criticized the students for doing this and others punished them for doing it. IF they don’t do it who will?
The Toys R Us Company announced they will be closing all of their stores. That includes Babies R us as well. I have been to both stores over the years. I won’t say frequently but enough not just as customer but when our club was doing the baby contest there. They are about 2 miles from me.
A week ago Tonight State Senator Gayle Slossberg announced she would not be seeking another term representing Milford, Orange, and part of West Haven. Mid-week James Maroney announced his candidacy for that seat. James isn’t new to the political arena. He was a Board of ED member here in town and then from 2013-2015 he was a state Rep. I probably will be volunteering for his campaign.
Work is going well. My admin came back from her conference and got back into the swing of things. I was so tired one day but managed to put a huge dent in the readdress mail. The mail trays I had been waiting on all week finally came on Friday after a little more prodding from me.
I talked with Roberta this week there have been some slight changes to her itinerary the week she is visiting. They will be here for one night and spending the rest of the weekend with another friend but we are going to the Seder together. I had originally planned to get some painting done but I have put it off for so long that I don’t believe I have the time to do it.


Got Lazy Again

After doing a few odds and ends yesterday and going to the hairdresser and then to the gym I got lazy. I was tired from the hour long work out.
I came home around 2 and started getting tired. I surfed the net and then started to fall asleep. I made lunch sometime afterwards.
I finally broke down and tried to reset the TV remote on the downstairs TV and of course it didn’t work so I called and got some assistance. We got it done but the remote does need to be replaced. It will be here in about a week. I can’t turn it on by the cable remote. I can with the other remote.
The rest of the night I sat downstairs watching TV and doing crossword puzzles. I went to bed by the normal time. The funny thing is I decided to leave the laptop downstairs and it felt weird because I usually grab it during the night if I wake up. I slept through the night.
It was Daylight’s saving day today and I ended up staying in bed a lot longer than expected. It was nearly 7 when I got up. The kitties were none too happy with me. I took care of the stove ovens but everything else is going to take “time”.
I am not going to bingo today. Need to do stuff and need to be with myself.
I found out that parts of the borough had a power outage. Actually parts of Milford did too again. They got it back by 9. Customers of Eversource however are still in the dark as of this writing. Many are outraged and even a rep from Essex has been aggravated. According to Eversource they are working on things the best they can.
Eversource used to be Northeast Utilities which rebranded in 2015 into Eversource. I seem to remember that NU had its shares of troubles over the years and it doesn’t seem to be changing much for Eversource. It’s funny according to their site they service Milford. I figured all of Milford would be under United Illuminating (who have their problems too). I would be interested in finding out just how much they service here.
Talked with Jim a while ago. I don’t think he is handling the time change well. He told me he was grumpy.
Talked with Liz. She was wondering if she had hurt my feelings on Friday by rushing me out the house.   I told her not to worry about it. We talked about our day, the weather and the upcoming week.
So I think I am going to take a cue from my sister and do a few things before the weekend gets finished.

How far would you go?

Someone recently posted alerts on a FB page for our town. The alerts were regarding suspicious activity in a neighborhood and apparently had pictures of the person and their vehicle etc. It turned out he was not doing anything wrong. What followed was criticism and judgements that this person had no right to do this without posting a follow up. I don’t think she really did anything wrong but is it legal? Once information has been released by the police isn’t it freedom of information? I believe she was making neighbors aware of a possible situation. How far would you go? Who do you think was right?

So I went to the Thursday Group class last night and it is pretty much like Tuesday’s classes. IT hurt and i could feel it in the knees and the lower back. I hope I kept trying. Ran into Alex food confessed. I am in trouble tomorrow. The Obnoxious lady was in this class but less obnoxious than on Tuesday.

After the class I headed to Pops and called Dave (he had sent messages while I was in the class) and to let him know I was there. He was doing some errands. It was nearly 7 when we sat down. We talked about work, family, life in general. We both had scallops and pasta. We had salad he had dessert. We were there until closing and then left. We talked about vacations as well and going to movies soon. As of right now I think he is in California.

I stopped for gas at the Pilot station and got into a really cool conversation with a guy in the line next to me. I was having a little issue with the gas hose and we started talking (he is an instructor for AA) and I told him about Dave. We talked about the Unions and his job and he was just coming home from Montego Bay..

I came home and got ready for bed. The cats followed. Soon they were sleeping and it took me some time so I did some crossword puzzles.

Today was good although I got a little stressed out as GA came to my desk like three times and i was getting more than paranoid. This gave me a kick in the pants to work on some of the readdress mail that has been gathering dust.

I didn’t get a lot of us mail (and I wasn’t expecting the) Healthlogic but it got done by the time I left for the day. I gave me a moment to talk to SR as she is going to conference next week so she won’t be here. I kiddingly said I will be on my best behavior and she came out with oh good I won’t get any emails? Which got me to thinking that GA had been saying things (she was watching me a lot today). However I got the feeling that we all got the messages we were NOT saying. I was pretty up front with both Supervisor and SR about focusing and getting the work done. So by the time I left I was feeling better.



I called my sister on the way home to see if I could stop by (I hadn’t seen her since she left for her trip and have only spoken to her once or twice and texted all week). I stopped and got my dry cleaning before I got to her house and we spent the next hour and half talking about her trip and she showed me our cousin’s beautiful pristine house. She showed me the pictures of the kid too. OMG Audrey and Jason (Chris’s kids) are so grown up and they are just at the tween stage.

We basically got caught up on the family (both the hers and ours) and I told her about the new insurance plans we have. As usual I think I didn’t explain it well. But we had a good time. Nelson came home from what sounded like a trying experience at the pharmacy. He fell asleep before I left.

It was after 6:30 when I left and I wasn’t really hungry but didn’t want to cook anything so I stopped at Subway close to the house. I got a foot long seafood salad sandwich for dinner. I finished it a short time ago. It was good.

The kitties were waiting on me when I got home so before i ate I fed them. Now they are both sleeping at the foot of the bed. They are lying butt to butt. It really is cute. This is the longest SKy has been quiet tonight. HE had been vocalizing for the past hour.

I really should be finishing the laundry but I am tired. There isn’t much on TV tonight except the normal marathons and a few movies.

It is a bit chilly in the house now ( had turned the thermostat down when I came in-it was hot). There was an oil delivery today. The bill was lower than last month’s but it still rather high. It will be paid in the next few days.

The outside temps are supposed to drop to 29 overnight. We might get some snow flurries i think. It looks like we will have a fairly decent weekend weather wise. Monday might be another story. I hope not. Someone says it may go out to sea..


Just waiting

It was a cold and sunny Tuesday and I waited. I waited for my sister to come home (she forgot to text me). I waited to see if we would be not working today. We got some confusing emails but finally a text came out and says we are closing at noon today.

I just realized I did something I may regret. In Monday’s entry I talked about the store down the street that had severe wind damage and I literally put in my address in the map. I should not have done that.

Tuesday I spent the day doing scanning and the mail. It seemed to take forever then again it usually does. Tuesdays came early but it was taking so long. I finally finished the mail for both days by the time I was leaving today. I will have normal stuff tomorrow.

I had my session with Debra and by the time I sat in her office I grew tired. We had a good session I told her about the highlights of the past two weeks. We also talked about the things that are in reality stressing me out. The pen pal stuff, the ladies guild stuff, and DTC, and of course a few bills. She told me I don’t have to do the things that are stressing me out.

After the session I headed home not before making a stop at Shoprite for a couple of things. Onions and the Kodiak pancake Mix. The latter was recommended by Alex. He says to add the protein drink in it and it’s much better. Anyway it was slightly crazy in there. I was glad to be out of there and at home.

I ended up not going to the Ladies guild. I had some dinner and then did a few things and watched TV and then went to bed. The kitties followed.

Today the snow started off slow and it turned to rain for a time and then stopped. But by 11 it started up again and it hasn’t stopped. I can hear the wind a little bit now. We did have a power flicker but some of the TV channels were not coming in on the small TV.

I made some lunch and called Liz. I had spoken to her via text/IM earlier she had been home nearly 12 hours by then. She was catching up with the things that gathered and collected while she was in SC.


I do have some Great news. Nearly ten days ago my nephew Chris and his lady Jen got married in NC. They are now looking to buy a new house and that was one of the many things they did while Liz was down there. She had a great time. Spent time with the kids. Now she is probably sleeping.

After I got off the phone with her I wasn’t really ready to do any cooking that I was planning on doing so I got online and played games and watched a surprising NCIS marathon on Oxygen. That is until the cable started getting wonky. It came back about 8:30.

Around 4 I made the turkey meatloaf and the chicken burgers. In each of them I did something slightly different then was was called for. I tried it and it was slightly dry (the meatloaf). The kitchen has been cleaned.

The snow is going strong still. There seems to be a lot. The plow came through earlier this evening. I think it will come again later on during the night and before daybreak.







I am done for the night.

It is quarter of 10 and I am heading to bed. The kitties are already at the foot of the bed asleep. The cable has been acting up all day long and it keeps resetting itself. I can’t be bothered with it. Besides the Oscars are on and “hell no” is ringing in my head.
This afternoon went well. I left for bingo just around 1:30 stopped and got some HC from DD. I drove by the Sundae House to see if the road was flooded and it was. I got to the Nursing home ten minutes later.
AS I approached the nursing home an ambulance and the police were both there. The ambulance is not uncommon to see there but the police yes. Unless it was really bad.
Cole was already there setting up and Bob was there as well. We started bringing the residents in for bingo and we started shortly before 2. Cole and I split the games up between us. We had the regular 17 players and it was pretty good. It was nearly 3:30 when I left.
By that time it was getting colder and overcast again. I headed to the store and did my grocery shopping. It took about an hour and I managed to get everything on the list.
On the way home I stopped for a sausage and pepper sub. I was going to try the dog town restaurant but they were closed for the day. So I ran into an old friend while waiting for the sausage/Pepper sandwich and we chatted for a short time. I think it was nearly 5 when I got home.
The cats were waiting on me to feed them and so I did. I headed upstairs to watch TV and eat the sandwich. It was good of course.
Since dinner I did some more laundry and worked on some stuff for the 4th District and straightened the kitchen and had a protein shake.
I also made more definite plans for dinner with Dave. It looks like we are going to Pop’s Diner for dinner on Thursday.
We are supposed to get some snow showers for the next couple of hours. It is cold and I can hear the wind blowing. I hope it will be gone by the time I leave for work tomorrow. I am also hoping the storm we are supposed to get Wednesday is rain…
Oh well I got to go to sleep I can feel my eyes starting to shut on me..



I have often wondered

As the wind seemed to be dying down I have wondered if we have ever had nonstop rain like you see on TV. I don’t remember the last time we had nonstop rain. I know that it has rained for hours and would stop for a period of time and sometimes start up but I don’t recall it going on for days.
I also remember pretending the house was a houseboat. I would imagine the river would get larger (as it has over the years) and it would reach to the houses. Never having to leave it and being able to drive it to the next destination. I may have had a fertile imagination.
I just looked up houseboats. They can be pretty expensive I think. Some are usually docked (or moored) at one location. I have so many questions floating around in my head. It would be interesting what life is like on a houseboat.
I talked with Jim last night. He is fine. He didn’t have any power earlier in the day because of the nor’easter. I told him there were many power outages here in the state but luckily we were not affected. I think I checked with the UI website and about 11 customers were out. I couldn’t see where exactly.



Sunday Night

It is after 6:30.  I have been home from my afternoon activity for nearly two hours.  I had dinner from Adams (ribs and wings) and a bottle of Juicy Juice Tangerine and Orange something.    That bottle of juice is almost gone.   I have a feeling I will regret this in many ways.


I left here shortly after 1:30.  I said good bye to the kitties (they were basically sleeping when I left) and I got to the Nursing home ten minutes later.  Maria was worried I was not coming.  I helped bring the residents to the dining room and I then brought the bingo stuff in.  I learned that Patty one of our regulars had passed away in the last couple of weeks.  She was a multiple amputee and her husband frank was so very helpful.  He had been playing with us for months and then stopped coming (had other things to do but I suspect it had to do with the fact that guests/visitors could not win the pot) .  I have been trying to find her obituary but I can’t find it.  I will continue to look over the week.


I had 15 residents playing.  There were quite a few winners.  Some won multiple times.  My girl Ann wasn’t feeling well she wasn’t her peppy self today (at 90 plus years would any of us?)  Janet the second Bingo queen wanted to play full card.  Not happening.  She offered to call the numbers if I ever wanted to take a break.  I may think about it.  I was surprised that Max from FP didn’t come today.  I hope he is coming back.  I don’t know if he met his required hours for community service or not.  They don’t usually until Graduation time.


After Bingo I was hoping to visit Liz but she had company and had planned this visit for this visit since the middle of last week.  Liz called me back about 5 while I was watching PBS.  We talked for about half hour.  We talked about the final outcome of Thanksgiving plans for Jim and me.  What the expectation will be that day.  She also tried to get me to promise not to talk about the cats at all.  I promised her I would try not to talk about the cats unless someone asks me.  She resigned herself to that quasi promise.  We will get together after my appointment tomorrow.


The kitties came down from their spots and one at a time while I was eating.  They eventually went back to either sitting or sleeping.  Then for the last half hour Sky has been ambling around meowing as though he is looking for something.    He is quiet now.  Tiger went back to the bed.


The laptop adapter must be dying again.  The light keeps fading and I have had it plugged into the lap top and it didn’t look like its working.  I thought it might be the plugs.  It will cost $15. I don’t know why this isn’t lasting longer.  I can’t remember how long ago I bought this one I think it was at the beginning of the summer.


Oh and obviously I didn’t go grocery shopping.  Like I said I stopped at Adams for dinner and then went home and ate.    I definitely will have to do it soon.


Well I have a few things to take care of before getting ready for bed.  I may even stay awake long enough to watch NCIS LA.  It actually is starting at its normal time.



Election Day 2017

My intention was to be out of the house by 6.  It didn’t happen.  I got up at 20 of 6 and began my day.  After the kitties were fed and watered I had my coffee and got on line to check emails and read some message boards.  My hope was the lines would not be long or even slow.  I did get there just after 7 running into my fellow committee members and giving them hugs and stuff.  I chatted with them before and after I placed my ballot.  When I got back to the car I discovered I didn’t close my car door!  Head Slap!  Happily everything was where I left it


The weather started nice with sun and low temps but it got into the rainy evening.  I was glad i had the the rain gear but not so glad I  had to be out in the rain anyway.


When I got to work I found out that my friend Marlene lives very close to where there was an accident on I-84.  She indicated that she could walk right through her yard to that part of the highway.  She says she kept getting phone calls from all of her friends to lock her door and don’t go out.


The first couple of hours I spent scanning.  The rest of the day I spent on mail. Both the daily mail and the re-address mail.  Of course the piles are getting smaller for the re-address but more always comes in.  It made my desk cluttered.  I am always trying to look neat but it doesn’t work often.  At the end of some days I leave the desk looking cluttered.


We didn’t have a committee meeting today but will tomorrow.  Probably discuss the election and things that are coming up for the union.  I am glad we didn’t because I was able to get a little more done than usual.    


I was relieved to get a call from Debra asking for us to have a phone session instead of meeting today.  She is on call and it’s been busy.  So I was able to have a little more time home before going to the Board meeting.


It was raining when I left the city.  I took the side roads and avoided the highway.  I drove along the shoreline in West Haven and what did I see?  A house already decorated for Christmas!!!!  REALLY?? It’s not even freaking Thanksgiving yet.  I thought my neighbors the A’s were bad.  


I had steak and peas for dinner and watched TV and fed the kitties.  They were ambling around for a bit before I left for the meeting.


I stopped for gas before going to the meeting and I am here to ask how hard can it be to keep up on repairs for your gas pumps?  Every time I go to the Shell station by the highway you have to go inside to get a receipt!  That is not convenient and it nor is it right.  I told the guy customers shouldn’t have to come in and get a receipt.  I will not be going there again.  If you can’t afford the upkeep on your equipment get of the gas station business!  I still have to update the gas log at home but tonight is not the night for that.


From there I went to Dunkin donuts.  I got a large decaf hazelnut for the meeting.  It was delicious and kept me awake.  I got to the meeting shortly before 7 and did a little business with the woman who called me the other day.  The meeting went quickly we were done by quarter of 8.  I will be helping out the morning of the auction.  I need to update my minutes from all the minutes and put them in a binder.


After the meeting I rushed home to watch NCIS.  As I expected I missed the first act if you will.  I liked it.  I was afraid that Gibbs and Fornell’s relationship was over and that this would be the end of Agent fornell.  I guess I was wrong.


The kitties were waiting for me when I came home.  They either sat near me or with me and as soon as i go back to bed they were there with me too.   I am surprised they haven’t come to the door to come in.  I have come to the realization if I need to do some writing of any kind I need to do it during their long naps.   


It is still raining and will be until 2 am tomorrow.  The northern part of the state got snow flurries.  We may get that on Friday.  Winter has arrived.


I don’t know the results of the election in Milford.  It’s a given that our current Mayor has been re-elected but I am not sure of the other races.  


I can’t sleep..


Halloween 2017

To all those who love Halloween may the spirits protect and guide you tonight. After the God awful attack in NY this afternoon I really mean it.  God I had to turn off the news because it was too sad.   I won’t be handing out candy considering we haven’t had large groups come to our street in years.    I have a feeling two of our newest neighbors will be highly disappointed that it’s been quiet tonight.  As i said earlier this week Liz and Nel went to FAirfield to be with the grandkids.

I sent Halloween cards to Jim and his kids and to Liz.  DId talk with Jim. He told me they had TorT in his town last friday.  I can understand a little better how it possibly could be here if legislators make a statue to have Halloween on the last weekend.

Work was busy and we had some fun today.  Many participated in the call to dress up.  Around 2 we had treats provided by our admin team.  I participated in that a lot.  It is also second day of month end.

The committee meeting for the union was brief.  We talked about tomorrow’s meeting and where we will gather before the meeting.  The discussion of why no comes.  I told them…Wednesday’s are not good for my people and several of us after the meeting feel that these people are grown ass adults if they want to know what is going on they need to show up.  We can’t keep twisting their arms.  The rally this Saturday is around 9 am.  I hope it isn’t a long one.

The ride home seemed to take a long time but I was talking with a co-worker about the whole older teenagers trick or treating and groups of people from other neighborhoods or parts of the city.  That’s going been going on for years.  I don’t believe teenagers older than 15 should be trick or treating.  Not sure I am making any sense.

When I got home talked with Neighbor Sean who was going to do some work before calling it a night.  He wasn’t expecting anyone at his door and he is hoping that we don’t get a lot of people from the condos.  No friends of residents parking and coming over on to the street.  I pointed out that if we get “No parking” then we can’t park on the street.  He countered and said get resident stickers that allows us to park her.    I really couldn’t argue with that.

Sky was at the door when I came in tonight.  I have to say this is becoming a new trend with him.  I came in and gave extra kibble and then relaxed with some hot apple cider and the news.  GAve them some treats and allowed him to go downstairs.  Tiger came down for a short time and they both were upstairs on the bed the last time I checked.  I bet when I get up there Tiger is going to leave for a while.

I had chicken for dinner and then made a pork roast.  This time I pretty much followed directions.  When it was done I had a couple of slices and now I have stuff for lunch tomorrow and the rest of the week.  I put the stew meat in the freezer. I can’t do it it takes too much to do.

.i got a letter from DEbi in Florida.  She was telling me about her life in Florida and what her kids are up to and she sounds good.

It is now time for me to hit the sack…




We Did Okay

Well it is the day after the storm and we did okay.  There was a power blip that i would say happened just before 10 (I was watching weatherman Sam Kantrow report from Anchor Beach) and warning people to stay home and be safe..Um good advice but don’t  you think you should heed your own advice?  I mean I could hear the wind and I made sure the windows were locked.  Most of them locked with no problems except for height.   The kitties seemed a little agitated so you know who really cuddled with me.  Although he did venture to the rest of the house a couple of times.  Tiger finally came up around 11 I think.   The winds subsided by 1 and we finally fell back to sleep.


I had gotten up a couple of times last night.  First to take tums (the sauce was a little spicy)  and the second to have the sleepytime tea.  I have to get some more for that one.  I went back to bed feeling okay but this morning not so much.  After feeding the kids I laid on the couch until 6:30.  


The ride in wasn’t bad and I made it on time.  I even got my regular parking spot.  That means it’s going to be a good day. Let’s hope that by the end of the day it will be the same.  I have to be back in town to get blood work done.  


I spent the morning doing some refunds, scanning and late morning back to the mail.  THe rest of the afternoon was mail and I was hoping to get back to scanning but I knew it wasn’t going to happen.  MS came back from her two week vacation to Florida.  It was great to see her.


I was surprised to see DK in because her SIL did pass away before the weekend began.  From what she told me it was just the way the SIL wanted.  THey will have a  celebration of life later on in the spring.


I had learned that parts of Milford had trees down and no power.  I called Sis and Nel to see how they did and they were fine.  I am grateful they got rid of a huge tree earlier in the summer because it could have come down right on their home.  She did tell me that my Niece and her husband lost the pine trees lining their driveway and they had no power.


After I get the blood work done it should be a fairly quiet night.  I have to do some things around the house (hang clothes, finish the laundry) then I will have to call it a night.


Well it’s time for me to get back to work.