Snowy Friday night

It is after 6 at night and I am about to do marathon Christmas Card signing and addressing.  It is snowing out and has been since 2 or 3 this afternoon.  It was definitely a slow ride home but I had to make stops.


The first stop was to the Post office to mail the four cards I addressed last night and to buy about 40 stamps.  Once I go through all of these I will buy more.  The second stop was to Adams to pick up dinner and dips for me to snack on tonight.


I think I messed up on the list.  Some names are checked off as being done and I don’t remember doing them and the dates seem wrong.  So I am going to be a little more careful with it but if I feel I didn’t send it out I will send another one.


I found my address book (the hardcover book) in my bag.  I had though I lost it long ago.  I have to update it.  I also found the note book inserts alphabetically which reminded me that I wanted to find a three ring binder to make my own address book.  Of course trying to figure out how I want to do it is a little aggravating.


Sky is asleep on the bed behind me.  Tiger was in my bedroom sleeping on the bed and then followed me downstairs when I went for tea.  She stayed down there.


Another Explosion

There was an explosion at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York this morning.  An alert popped up in my email and began the details.  They are uncertain of the origin of the explosion but evacuated a few of the subway lines.  IT’s about 20 minutes East of where DIane and Rogier live (if I know my directions).    I sometimes wonder if she could feel it or see it from where she was.  I guess it’s like here.  YOu can’t always hear noises on the other side of town.


ON the upside Today is Diane and Rogier’s Third Wedding anniversary!  Did I send them anything? Nope.  Do I ever? Nope.  Unless you count  FB messages!


Work is fine.  Spent the morning scanning and the rest of the day doing mail.  The couriers redeemed themselves in my eyes.  They got here by 12.  Had the normal volume of mail.  I finished by 3.  The last hour consisted of readdress mail.


Today must have been bring in food day because there is chili in one aisle and lasagna in another and I turned down both!  Only because I had ravioli for lunch.  I was patting myself on the back for saying no.  I did not say no to one cookie.  Been drinking coffee (3 cups all day and lots of water in between).   Will probably not have dinner tonight.


On the way home I stopped at Christmas Tree Shop to get more cards.  I was not thrilled with the selection but I still got them anyway.  I also got candle lighters or whatever you call them in case I wanted to light candles and or the wax melts at anytime.


When I got home I found my order waiting for me in a small box.  The outfits look great.  There is a blue blouse a pair of black pants, a skirt and a jacket and one other blouse.  I am going to my sister’s on Thursday and try them on to see if they look good.


Also my order for the kitties.  I really need to put the rest of the kibble in the storage containers before it looks like I am hoarding the dry food.


I watched the last hour of the NCIS Monday Marathon.  It was the episode in which Ellie finds out why Jake has been squirrely in their relationship.  It was great to see the guys be protective of her but I couldn’t help feel someone (Gibbs) was being a little bit of a hypocrite.


For the next two hours I wrote out some Christmas cards and sent an ecard since i don’t have an address for one or two people yet.  I also sent emails to get address updates.  This is for the family list.  I am finding boxes of cards from last couple of years around in my bags so I can still use them before I use the others.


I also started to read Tonia from OH letter to me as well.  I noticed I still have to add a few things to her file (like a log sheet).


Well it’s now time for me to get to bed.  My cough seems to be getting irritated.

First Snow storm

The snow started just a little after 9 and I found myself regretting even canceling my hair appointment for that morning. It didn’t start getting heavier until after 10. My Sister called me on it-teasing me about it. I really didn’t want to go out in it and I wasn’t sure how my cold was. Even though it seemed much better through out the day.

I spent most of the day watching the NCIS marathon and surfing the internet. AT one point the lap top did a complete update to Windows ten and now I have to get my emails via web mail.

I made sure I wrote a letter to my pal Donna in California that I literally just finished this afternoon. I still have to answer her letter of November 15.

Later on in the evening I spent talking with Mama Joanie. WE talked about work, family, the weather and health. We said good bye 45 minutes later and I did some more writing

Around 7:30 I went to bed and watched TV for a while longer

A Short night

I am so tired and still not feeling well that I will be calling it an early night again. Today was busy and somewhat sad again.
I made a haphazard ride to work with my glasses this morning and attempted to tape them together a half dozen times even with Bob’s help. I did call the Optician’s office and found they would be open until 4:30. I decided that I would leave work early and high tail it over and see what they could do for me. He did find me a pair of glasses that would work for now.
Before leaving for early for the day I finished Friday’s mail and worked on today’s mail. I will have to finish it tomorrow before I do any scanning. I spent about an hour doing scanning and it was hard without using the glasses.
We learned that our Co Worker Ann Marie lost her Son Johnny (25 years) to murder last week. I have trying to find any information online but the team leader who is great friends with her said he was murdered. It happened last Tuesday. Ann Marie has been there a week already with her husband and several of her friends and former coworkers.
I went grocery shopping and managed to get a few extra things I needed as well. It took me an hour and I was home by quarter of 6. I managed to have dinner and feed the cats.
Now just going to bed.

Broken Glasses

I am finding it hard to see anything today because I carelessly left my eyeglasses on the bed and rolled over them and they snapped at the bridge. I have been trying everything I could to fix them until I get them replaced. Scotch tape didn’t work. I was hoping that if they stayed on long enough I could use the Gorilla Super Glue if I had it. This couldn’t have come at a worse time. I did try to keep them on a few more times and it worked. I just had to be careful of how I looked down or moved.
I called the nursing home to tell them I wouldn’t showing up. I told them I had a headache and quickly threw In my glasses are broken. I can’t very well drive without the glasses. Which means I can’t do much of anything else.
By the end of the afternoon my throat has been bothering me. I suspect I have the beginnings of a cold. Throat is hurting and nose running and I have had some weird coughs. I did take the Alka Seltzer cold med not sure it kicked in. I have had tea as well. I will take come cough medicine before going to bed.
I have to wonder what this merger with CVS and Aetna will me. I have Aetna insurance coverage and I have been thinking about moving to a Pharmacy closer to me then Walgreen’s. I will have to read up on it.

Quiet Time

I have some quiet time before going off to Serena’s Funeral. I have the TV on and I have been surfing the net.
Among some of the things I am thinking about was “was I okay at the wake. Did I say stupid things? I was somewhat nervous around my cousin Serena over the years (as though she is annoyed with me but she really wasn’t). Did I talk about the cats too much?
I will just have to take one moment at a time. I guess. Just don’t over analyze and just be me. I did do some straightening up as I went along before going to bed and when I got up. In case any of them come visit.
Tiger is sleeping beside me right now on the couch. Sky was above me but now is ambling around. I think he wants to go downstairs again but may be later. They both sat with me last night on the couch before going to bed. They both came to bed with me last night for several hours.
My plans for after the reception this afternoon will depend on when I leave there. My hope is to go to the tailors, car shop to reset the tire pressure and probably write some letters and get some cards written. Oh and go grocery shopping.
The sun is shining now. It looks a little breezy out not sure of the temperatures either.
Well I have some things to do before I get ready so I am going to go..Have a blessed Friday everyone.

I haven’t been feeling great

Something happened 24 hours ago. I started feeling like crap and I was fine when I went to bed Monday night. I suspect the 12 plus wings I had for dinner that night caused it but yesterday morning I felt like a block was in my stomach. I got ready for work and just felt sluggish and it felt worse by the time I got to work. So I finished Monday’s mail and headed for home. Not before vomiting in the bathroom.
After a quick chat with Sally T I headed home and was home by 10. I got into my pajamas and went to bed. For the next 8-12 hour s I slept and hard. I know the times I did wake up I checked the clock. I also noticed that my kitties were at my feet. Awwww.
I also did get sick to my stomach a couple of times before settling down and haven’t felt like doing that today. It depends if my dinner (mushroom ravioli in white sauce) acts up.
I had a great Thanksgiving holiday with my Family and spending time with my HS classmate. I had a semi restful weekend after I got stomach bug.
I haven’t begun Christmas shopping yet. Not sure when I will. I know there are few things we are collecting at work but I haven’t done that yet.
Sadly we have had another loss in our extended family. My Aunt Serena passed away over the weekend and Services are tomorrow night and Friday. I will be taking the whole day. Actually Serena is the sister of my Aunt Rosalie. She became great friends with Mom and myself.

Midweek Reflection

Last week I found out my Neighbor put her house up for sale-again.  She lives on the corner of our street (and she is the one who complains about the least little thing).  I usually get along with her except for a couple of rare occassions she pissed me off.  She has been wanting to do this ever since the condos broke ground across the street.  She tried several months ago but it never left the ground.  She had an open house over the weekend and even though I had asked another neighbor if there were a lot of people i got the impression no was a strong clue

The Auction was a huge success in attendance.  We had 101 tickets turned in and 110 dinners ordered.  Lots of items auctioned off and I managed to bid on a couple of things and won item I bid on was a theme basket of Disney.  I got it.  Guess who is getting it?

Work is fine.  Been busy as usual and preparing for the holidays.  We have a number of fun activities coming up including a Christmas sweater contest.  We will have recess off next month.  Everyone is anxious for today to hurry up and end so they all can start their holiday.  I get to leave early because of my infusion.

My sister is nursing bronchitis.  She is on antibiotic some I am hoping my spending time with her tomorrow isn’t going to open me to catching this thing.  If I get it I am going to be po’d.

It looks like my SIL and her family are flying up to Alaska to be with John and his wife Heather.  Glad to hear it.

Going to have a sleep over

I heard from my friend Karen tonight and she says she was able to get Friday off and wanted to come over Thursday night for a sleep over. So of course I said yes. I am really glad Livia came today!!!! Anyway, she will come in from her brother’s as soon as I am home from Jr. and Lisa’s. I just hope dinner isn’t late. I am going to need to get soda before she comes.
So tonight I am doing laundry and going to stay up long enough to get it done. The house looks great and so she will see it the way It is.
Tomorrow I will wash the sheets on the guest room bed (it’s been a little hairy since the kitties have been sleeping there).

Busy Weekend

I am glad last night was a fairly quiet night.  I did some laundry and had dinner and watched TV for a while.  I didn’t get on the computer much.  I was getting tired.


I did get an invitation to the Municipal Inauguration next Tuesday at Parson’s complex.  Its early but it lasts two hours.  Everyone who was elected to boards and commissions and offices of Mayor and CIty Clerk will be sworn in.  I have gone every year since our Mayor was elected.


I also got two phone calls.  One was from the woman who ordered five tickets and reserved a table for the AUction tomorrow night.  She wanted to give me her phone number.  She was flighty.  As of our conversation she didn’t receive the tickets.  I mailed them out Sunday.  I told her to call me if she didn’t get them.


The other call was from the Cardiologist’s office they needed to change the appointment in December to January 2 (the day we come back to work).  I believe it’s 2 in the afternoon.  Will have to call them and confirm.


So why is it a busy weekend?  For me we are setting up tonight and tomorrow for the Ladies Guild Auction and Dinner.  YOu have read it’s our biggest fundraiser of the year.  I need to get money to do the raffles!  It starts at 6:30 tomorrow night and it should be fun.  I think I will wear the purple pantsuit I just got out of the cleaners.


In New Haven the city and the University is preparing for the biggest sports event of the year.  The annual Yale VS Harvard game is tomorrow afternoon.  It’s been featured on at least one news station (the only one I watch) and it’s been bantered about around at work.  Handsome Dan 18 will be there too.  He is the 1 year 48 lb Mascot for Yale.  It certainly will tie up traffic around the Bowl not sure if downtown will be affected by this or not.  Maybe for those who come in from out of town.  What I mean by that is if they go to the local businesses during the weekend.  I just hope the rain that’s before predicted holds off.


Sunday morning will be grocery shopping and some letter writing before going off to Bingo and perhaps go to church.  Then of course it’s getting ready to go back work.