Glad Monday is over

I am so glad Monday is over with. As I expected we got the mail that was being held up until the PO Box was paid. As you may recall it was paid last week and we managed to get 1 bin of mail. There is some debate as to whether or not there was a lot. I was expecting a lot more but who knows.
I am so tired I did the exercise for beginners tonight and it was a bit hard but I managed to stick with it to the end. The leaders were Alex and Becca. They are a couple. They were patient and great. Before leaving I did the treadmill and then headed to Pop’s restaurant for dinner.
I decided to get their Sherry wine Rib Eye


Our 16oz prime choice Rib-Eye steak cooked to your liking topped with Portobello mushroom and a sherry wine reduction. Served with potatoes and vegetables.

It was filling and delicious. It was after 7:30 when I left and I headed home.



I am  constantly misplacing  things.  Receipts, pens, credit cards, books, pocketbooks.  I put them down somewhere or just drop in a pile somewhere and then forget where they went.  Or they fall in to places you can not reach.  Recently I couldn’t find a credit card and a receipt for the Secret santa.  I found them eventually but it was frustrating and anxiety ridden times.


Work is fine.  Issues persist with the receiving of mail.  It looks like it will be a  couple more days before we receive the backlog.  Well if I have to I can always continue to work on the readdress backlog.  I was surprised nothing has been said.  There is another collection going around for a coworker who lost her father this past week.  I haven’t been contributing to the collections this month at all.   There is also a few things coming up union related.


The DTC meeting was good a rep from Susan Bysiewicz campaign manager.  She was at town hall meeting up north.  She is looking to throw her name into the gubernatorial race.  She was a former Secretary of State and up until a few months ago was going to run for State rep….she did try for Governor in 2010 but didn’t win.  


I found out a few people will not be renewing their position in the 4th District or on the DTC.  I had to edit the phone list.  I think there are a few more that will be out as well.  Both SM and chairman Phil have stated that we are going by the book (meaning we are not voting people in their first night) we need to get to know them and then vote them in.  There is a whole procedure and so this will be very interesting to see what happens.  We will have a whole new slate come march.  Stressful to say the least.


Just found  out my brother lost a friend of his.  I sent him a message to see if he was okay but he hasn’t replied.  It’s too late to call so I will call him tomorrow.  I think they know each other through various organizations.


I had planned on staying up all night but I am finding myself getting tired…so I will say good night for now.

I think I saw

The snow was lovely this morning. The streets were already plowed and the sidewalks looked like they were plowed. The temps got into the mid-40s and snow was melting all morning. It will continue until the temps drop to thirty overnight. The snow will be gone by Wednesday according to the weather reports. The rain tomorrow should help it if it doesn’t get really cold. It looks like we will have rain for most of the week.
It’s funny when I saw the report that we could see snow well into spring. I figured it was for the entire country. I should have read further. I bet it was for the mountains in the Midwest to West coast. Maybe we won’t get any more snow. Over the years we have had snow well into April.
I think I saw a Golden Eagle today. It was spotted in the Marsh over the Oyster River out back by the stores. It flew over to the beach and back over the house. It doesn’t look like a red tail but its wings were expansive. I was watching it for about 15 minutes and every time I spotted the bird I felt like I should call it a ghost as it disappeared.
There have been many postings on Nextdoor about hawk sitings in and around Woodmont. Some are being alarmists others not so much. Don told me yesterday that a hawk was on the roof last week and then got into the eaves where the small starlings. You can see the wire mesh destroyed.
The kitties spent most of the afternoon in the bedroom today. It was nice. I spent the morning doing crossword puzzles, laundry, and cooking. They came out just as I came back from bingo. I fed them just before 5 and now they are quiet. I think Tiger is beneath the bed. Sky is asleep at the foot of the bed.
Bingo went well but I got news that Maria the Recreation Staff member will be leaving after next weekend. She got a new job that was closer to home (Wallingford) and she is in Administrative position. She has been at the nursing home for 2 years now. She will be missed. When I said Bingo went well it felt like the hour was taking way too long. We had 17 residents. I stayed to clean up which was until 3:30 and then headed home. I was surprised that Cole the HS volunteer didn’t come today. I hope he wasn’t sick. I have a feeling that his community service hours are almost complete.
I finally bit the bullet and registered on Edge for an account so I can register for classes or see my progress (I think). I really don’t know if I should sign up for any classes yet or not. I don’t know if I can do the group Person Training classes or not either. The times are really not conducive in the morning. There are some classes after work as well.
I haven’t heard from my sister or brother today. I actually got a late night text from Jim informing me he went to the gym. I don’t know if he liked my response or not (it was “Kewl”). I am expecting a call from my Cousin in NJ. He said he would call me in about an hour (he was on his way home from work I think). It will be a wait and see.
Until I get the call from L I will just watch TV until it’s time to go to bed.


I have been noticing


after a rainy day. The sun was still in the sky and it was five o’clock. I noticed it again this afternoon. Of course that means the mornings start in darkness and the sun is blindingly bright in the east. I like that because the lights don’t have to always be on when I get home.

I was so tired yesterday when I got home from the day that I really didn’t do any journaling. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t on the computer. I did crossword puzzles and surfing the net but that’s it.

Work was fine. Busy but fine. Did some scanning and the mail. A couple fo people came back from med leave and personal leave. We have another collection for anther co-worker who had surgery.

Supervisor B sent out an email with the performance review that we have to fill out by next Monday. I can’t believe it is time to do that again. It is nothing they can hold against us actually. It is just a review of the past year.

I don’t know what is going on with me but I thought I was supposed to meet with Dr. Lu yesterday but it turns out it was next month and I did have it in my calendar for next month. I could have done a few things.

I did go to the grocery store and picked up kitty supplies and then to Adams and got dinner (Lo Mein Veggie and Vegetable rice) then I picked up a pint of ice cream (Strawberry Shortcake)-I don’t know why I had bought two cans of fruit cocktail to have.

When I got home from the stores I fed the cats and then fed myself and just got settled in for the night. The cats joined me at one point and I took the above pictures.

I don’t remember what time I went to sleep but it felt like a good sleep. When I got up this morning I felt fresh until after I fed kitties.

I have been coming up here most days and either sleeping a little more or watching TV until it’s time to get ready for work. I have been managing to get out of the house at decent time.

Today was supposed to be very active from work, meetings, and appointments. Well the planets aligned and most everything I was supposed to do tonight was rearranged or cancelled.

I finally got back to the gym. I went on my way back from the church (I had forgotten there was no general meeting) I contacted Tammy and Suzanne and Suzanne replied and told me there wasn’t a meeting this week. So as I was driving back home I stopped at the gym for half hour.

Now I am going to bed. I am starting to fall asleep.


Good News

Well the guy came shortly before 12 and took a look at the situation and pulled out the machines from the laundry closet and discovered the ventilator was clogged and crimped. So $91 dollars later the hose was cut from it and a new one put in (so like TOH) and it is working now-I think. There was a lot of lint and dust coming out of that hose. I asked him if it would have caused a fire and no it wouldn’t.

The rest of the afternoon I spent doing crossword puzzles, napping and watching TV. Saw movies and shows that I hadn’t seen in a while including Walter Matthau’s first dramatic (and his first role ever) in the Kentuckian. I always thought that was also John Wayne’s Vehicle.

Around 5 I ordered pizza and salad. It came an hour later. They didn’t have the salad I wanted and they tried to call me.   I will eat the salad later. Drinking lots of water though.

I was watching the crows and Black birds out along the marshlands and I swear it looked like a scene from-wait for it “the Birds” They were all flying around and then landing in the trees and raising a ruckus which leads me to believe that they saw a fox down below or there was a bigger predator flying around like the eagle that I haven’t seen in two weeks or the hawks that I saw late last week. I was sorely tempted to go out and take a closer look but it was too cold and the animals would take off.

I gave Liz an update on the dryer after the repairman left. I wasn’t on long with her because her grandkids were over and she was working on some papers with Adam. She had told me about it last night when I stopped over as well. I hope she gets the resolution she is looking for.

I had a nice conversation with my classmate Karen. It has been almost three months since we got together and so we were catching up. Of course we chat on FB from time to time and of course she has a pampered chef party going on right now. It was great talking with her. She will retiring a year from this month. She is really pushing for me to buy something from Pampered chef.

Well it’s time for me to get to bed.


Mid Week reflection

Last week we had Lee Ann’s Retirement dinner and a cake and gift and today on her final day we said goodbye to her.  As in the last few days she hasn’t had do much work.  She has been cleaning out her desk and taking things home since Friday.  I swore I would call her or chat with her online but I don’t do that now with any of my other former coworkers.

Just found out my super is going to be off until next Wednesday.  .

Last week for me was also filled with doctor appointments that took a long time and fusions that made me tired.  Still taking baby steps to getting to a full workout at the gym.

I also visited with an old family friend who recently lost his wife We spent about half hour talking about changes in our lives and what we do and it was quite nice. 

I had to take the kitties to their dental cleaning this week and they did well.  Tiger had to have two teeth removed.  They are getting back to normal I believe.

This weekend I have a repairman coming to fix the dryer.  The rest of the weekend will be quiet.



Another Successful Trip

Yesterday was the trip to the vet’s and I think I am getting good with getting the kitties into their crates.  I put them in just after 5:30.  They gathered around my feet and the first one I put in was tiger.  I left her in the crate in the bathroom until I got Sky in.


Sky almost got away from until I had to grab his tail and then I grabbed his torso.  I got him in finally and kept talking with him.  It was still dark so i put them facing eaching other and they barely made a sound. This allowed me to get ready for the trip and for work.


We got there on time even with a side trip to DD.  I filled out some papers and turned them over to the tech.  I left and headed to the office.  Waited for their call.


The Vet called just around noon to say they were finished and both did well but Tiger had to have two teeth extracted.  A short time later I received these two pictures of them that I am dubbing Coneheads.


Luckily they were not wearing them when I picked them up but they sure where quiet while I got instructions for them.  They both couldn’t eat right away and it has to be even smaller than what they were used to.   Tiger had to have meds for the next two days and I bought some greenie pill pods (for $8 plus dollars!!!) of course I won’t have to use them until the next time.


The ride home was quiet as well.  When I got them home they were absolutely funny to watch.  They ran all around the house and and then in circles and then bumped into the cabinets and then starting to beg for food.


I was certain the anesthesia was wearing off as they seem to know how to get on and off counters, sofas, and beds.  They stayed downstairs for a long time in the kitchen, livingroom.  At one point I convinced myself that my coaxing them to come upstairs was working.  

They were falling asleep and Tiger was allowing me to pet her head.  More than once she would move her head into my hand.  I am not sure they got up a few times during the night but by 4 or five this morning it was going back to our routine.


I will be bringing her back for a follow up on February 10.  That should be it until 2019 if I read it right.



Another Week has ended.

It is Friday night and the short week over. Despite the short work week it was busy but not so that I couldn’t handle it.. It may have hit some snags here and there but they worked out. I got to my appointments that I needed to (well not so much) I had to have a phone session with Debra when my Dentist appointment conflicted with her session.

I was caught up with the daily mail by today and made a huge dent in the readdress mail. I hope to get it gone by next week. I am running low on interoffice envelopes. I believe we got some coming but I didn’t see any today.

I was able to get some scanning done. I did about 40 batches. They were of mixed amounts in each of the batches but it took some time to do it.

It was unusually cold in the office for the last two days. It bothered even me. I am not usually that cold. I had to wrap a blanket around my shoulders. That’s going to be a problem with the building maintenance me thinks.

Tonight I am taking it easy. I have been watching the National Geographic Wild Channel. The show is Wild Scotland. It’s pretty good. I do have a few things to do but I don’t feel like doing them.

The kitties are downstairs I think. They have been given their kibble and their litterboxes checked. I will have to start preparing for their visit with the vet tomorrow. I was trying to get Tiger to check out the shower stall while I was there this morning and she sniffed as far as the door and took an about face. Sky hasn’t caught on yet. I tried and succeeded to pick Tiger up and hold her for a short time. I am going to have to get the travel case into position early and may be have food in it for both of them.

Tomorrow is their visit with the vet. I hope it won’t take long or be expensive.



The last day of 2017

It is the last day of 2017.  I am sitting at my house doing laundry  because Nancy’s machine either didn’t work or I did it wrong.  Which annoys the hell out of me.


I have been here an hour.  I had coffee, fed the kitties, and cleaned out their litter boxes.  It was very much needed.  I didn’t come last night because I wasn’t sure the roads would be great.  They had been vocalizing for quite some time now they are sleeping under the bed in the computer room.  


Yesterday as I mentioned we got snow.  Enough to use a snowblower and shovel.  It started about 10 and probably ended by 6.  I didn’t do very much of anything as it was tricky out.  

I didn’t go shopping but will later today.  I do have to get a few things for Vlad and of course my two goobers.  I actually slept once I got back from the house and subway.  Thrilled Preston to death.

I called Liz and chatted with her about the snow.  They were busy getting ready for tomorrow’s open house.  She was getting tired.


I got a couple of emails from Dr. T.  She gave all of us her new contact info (including landlines) and it seems the closing of the house is on January 8th.  She also wrote to us about a former GFWC-CT President who was our biggest supporter throughout our existence as club.  It seems that the woman has been sick and is battling stomach cancer.


The funny thing is shortly after the second email from T I had a conversation with Mama Roberta asking about T and I told her about the contact information and about the friend with cancer.  Anyway, Roberta and her husband will be doing some traveling in the next few weeks.  So I may get a chance to call her now and then (as usual).

I talked with Mama Joanie today.  SHe is bored with all the Holiday Hallmark movies.  Its way too cold for her too.  We talked about the holidays, my current house sitting gig.

While I was talking with Joanie I saw an Eagle (bald) flying through the marsh this afternoon.  I discovered later on in the day when I sent a message to all my neighbors on FB that apparently there is a Mama Eagle and a Baby Eagle there.  Donnie next door must have seen it before I did or efter.  I sent him an email.


Bingo went well.  We played for an hour and there was 15 residents and it all went well despite the fact they were getting annoyed with Vera who constantly sings and claps during bingo.  There is nothing we can do and even Bob thought it was annoying.  


After bingo I ran to Petco and got the food for all kitties. I am trying some new stuff and even gave it to my goobers and Sky seemed to like.  Tiger stayed up stairs.


I managed to pick up the breads and stored them at home.  Will pick them up when I go over to get them fed and get ready the rest of the time.


I got back to the zoo by 5 fed Vlad and Preston and had my dinner (wings and cupcakes and chips).  ARound 8:30 i took Preston out.  He didn’t like walking on the sidewalk and so I cut the walk short.  Stupid move.  He has pooped and peed in two places already and this isn’t the first time this week.  

As I suspected Vlad also moves the gate to get into the computer room.  I may have to put inside the door frame.  So they don’t move it.


I have been watching Nature, and I finally saw the last part of God’s Not Dead it was okay and I was sort of surprised at what happened to Kevin Sorbo’s character.


Oh and it seems O will be coming home on Wednesday and her parents on Saturday.  Not a problem.



What a week

What week~  I left here around 12:30 or so on Sunday and dropped off the Christmas cards I wrote out in the last two days.  I then went to DD and got some hot chocolate and then headed to the nursing home.  I was early.  Tracy and her daughter were getting things set up and so I watched movies with the residents. 


We played for a good hour and taking turns with young cole in his santa hat.  There was one issue between a couple of residents that I called Tracy to come down on.  She stayed for a short time until she felt okay about leaving them.  One of them was yelling at the other while doing bingo and managed to scratch her.   That moment is when I start to rethink about volunteering.


After Bingo I went grocery shopping and Christmas shopping all at once.  I got a lot of gift cards that I would divide up.  Until recently I thought I had misplaced one and found I didn’t but I also needed an address and got it this morning. 


I made dinner when I got home that night then eventually had my meds.  I also called Hawk_soaring and spoke with her for nearly 30 minutes or so.  It was great.


I was relaxing after that.  Until around 10 when I started getting sick.  I continued to get sick well into the night and early the next morning.   I called the office and told them I wasn’t coming in.  After that I laid on the couch until Livia came.   When she came I went upstairs until she finished cleaning downstairs.  Then we switched floors and she was finished. 


I finally fell asleep for several hours and the made calls and went back to bed.


Tuesday I went back to work and was busy non-stop.  We didn’t have a meeting but we presented Bob with his gift.  That afternoon after work was supposed to see Debra but she had an emergency so I headed home.  I wrote out some more cards and then headed to bed.


Wednesday and Thursday were both short days.  I had an eye appointment on Wednesday and my infusion on Thursday..  I was busy both mornings. 


Thursday afternoon I made a stop at the pet store and Staples for last minute gifts.  I came home and began to relax.  I had a phone session with Debra and then got ready for bed.

Today I didn’t do much.  I had more cards to write but didn’t do it.  I browsed the net and then had a late lunch.  Around 3 I went to the post office when I realized I didn’t mail Jason’s gift.  I had already found Chris and Jen’s so they were mailed and I bought more stamps. 


Doing more laundry now and probably will run some last minute errands before going to Nancy and Pat’s tomorrow night. 


Right now though closing out for the night and finish watching the Wizard of Oz.