Quiet Time

I have some quiet time before going off to Serena’s Funeral. I have the TV on and I have been surfing the net.
Among some of the things I am thinking about was “was I okay at the wake. Did I say stupid things? I was somewhat nervous around my cousin Serena over the years (as though she is annoyed with me but she really wasn’t). Did I talk about the cats too much?
I will just have to take one moment at a time. I guess. Just don’t over analyze and just be me. I did do some straightening up as I went along before going to bed and when I got up. In case any of them come visit.
Tiger is sleeping beside me right now on the couch. Sky was above me but now is ambling around. I think he wants to go downstairs again but may be later. They both sat with me last night on the couch before going to bed. They both came to bed with me last night for several hours.
My plans for after the reception this afternoon will depend on when I leave there. My hope is to go to the tailors, car shop to reset the tire pressure and probably write some letters and get some cards written. Oh and go grocery shopping.
The sun is shining now. It looks a little breezy out not sure of the temperatures either.
Well I have some things to do before I get ready so I am going to go..Have a blessed Friday everyone.


Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.  My mother’s side of the family will be gathering in the next few days to say goodbye to My Aunt Serena.  My hope is that many will come I haven’t seen in awhile.
2.            I am thankful for my kitties.  As I mentioned earlier this week they stayed with me when I got sick this week and I promptly thanked one of them by locking them unwittingly in the closet.

3.            I am thankful for my job.  This week was busy catching up on mail even the one day off was glitch but I managed.  Will be back to catching up next week as I have off tomorrow for  the funeral.

Sadly a few more of my co-workers lost a family member this week.  More fliers went around and haven’t contributed yet.

Bake sale was yesterday and $200 was made.  WE were given an update for Evening holiday party and few of my co-workers are already complaining.
4.            I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.  I should be done with the antibiotic in the next day or two for the UTI.  I called Courtney the health coach to get back on a regime.  No other appointments except for later on in the month (dec)  .
5.            I am thankful for my neighbors.  They are all getting ready for the Christmas holiday and working.
6.            I am thankful for my home.  It is providing me a great place to be protected and comfortable.  I am still working on getting it better organized.    I see some projects ahead of me but they do need to wait.  I did get the shower handle fixed.

7.            I am thankful for my friends.  I have heard from so many of my friends this week.  Dr T, Mama Roberta, and a few of my pen pals such as Debi in Florida.  My hope is to get some more letters written this week.  I haven’t been able to this week.

8.            I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.  Next week is our CHristmas party for the ladies guild.  Then we will be off for one month.  THen my work begins.

9             I am thankful for the weather.  No snow yet but I feel its coming.

10.         I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.    Enough said.


I haven’t been feeling great

Something happened 24 hours ago. I started feeling like crap and I was fine when I went to bed Monday night. I suspect the 12 plus wings I had for dinner that night caused it but yesterday morning I felt like a block was in my stomach. I got ready for work and just felt sluggish and it felt worse by the time I got to work. So I finished Monday’s mail and headed for home. Not before vomiting in the bathroom.
After a quick chat with Sally T I headed home and was home by 10. I got into my pajamas and went to bed. For the next 8-12 hour s I slept and hard. I know the times I did wake up I checked the clock. I also noticed that my kitties were at my feet. Awwww.
I also did get sick to my stomach a couple of times before settling down and haven’t felt like doing that today. It depends if my dinner (mushroom ravioli in white sauce) acts up.
I had a great Thanksgiving holiday with my Family and spending time with my HS classmate. I had a semi restful weekend after I got stomach bug.
I haven’t begun Christmas shopping yet. Not sure when I will. I know there are few things we are collecting at work but I haven’t done that yet.
Sadly we have had another loss in our extended family. My Aunt Serena passed away over the weekend and Services are tomorrow night and Friday. I will be taking the whole day. Actually Serena is the sister of my Aunt Rosalie. She became great friends with Mom and myself.

Another Monday in the books

Another Monday has come and gone. I am sitting here with herbal tea and have Nat Geo Wild on in the background. I have been home since 5. I have had my dinner from Adams Market and just reflecting on my day.
When I left here this morning it was just 35 degrees and barely any frost on the car. I had been up a good couple of hours and did our daily routine. Except I didn’t go back to sleep. I managed to get ready for work and leave by 20 after 7.
The ride in was unexpectedly quiet. I am thinking all the holiday weekenders decided to call and book off. I managed to get to the office just before 8. After extending my morning greetings I hopped right on the mail that was waiting for me.
I also found a few announcements on my desk. A collection for Registration Kelly for her Mom’s passing last week. I have until Friday to contribute. We also got new instructions for our voicemail. I guess the old VM system is being retired. I don’t know when this new starts. Siduri do you know?
So today was mail day. Opening, sorting and not delivering it-yet. I had at least two to three days’ worth of Health logic to process (sort collate) and the US mail to open. In the end I have to finish it tomorrow. I also took care of readdress mail and made progress with that. I finished up the refunds that I couldn’t last week.
I have to revise some of the staff location lists and I so I made a file and so that I can have each individual list so that I don’t have to keep changing the only one I had.
For the Christmas season we had to write out Christmas cards with our favorite Christmas memory. The memories I had used are animal related. The year I got Holly and of course the numb nuts I have today.
I still have to get a Christmas sweater to wear next week. I may have to look on Amazon
I feel horrible. I forwarded a flashing light card to my pen pal Carol and she asked that I don’t send it again as it causes migraine and epilepsy seizures. I had no idea that happens to her. I apologized and told her I wouldn’t do that again.
Sky has been avoiding me tonight. I let him downstairs like he wanted and he somehow pulled the cord to the laptop out and so I snapped at him so now every time I go near him he runs. So I am giving him space. Tiger is keeping her distance as well. Not really caring tonight. I tried. I am just too tired to push myself.
I actually have to do some things to do before I go to bed…

Took it easy this weekend

I decided to take it easy this weekend. The last few days were exhausting and fun. Thanksgiving dinner at my niece and nephew’s home was wonderful. It was a lovely day. The kids were funny and the best part is Olivia my great niece gravitated towards me a lot. She willingly sat on my lap more than a few times. I am lucky if I get a hello from her. I was there until about 4:30 or so and then we came home. A short time later we back in Milford. After that I came home and scrambled to get the bed made for when my friend Karen came.
Karen is my HS classmate and friend. We shared quite an adventure with another friend and it was a tough those years. More for her then me. We also worked together back in the late 80s and our relationship faded again. We reconnected a few more times after that and most recently on FB.
We spent most of thanksgiving night catching up on life. For some reason she was a little more interested in my love life. I didn’t have much of one. She even asked why I never got married to Dave. I had to call it a night around 11:30. Even the cats were coming to get me.
Friday was a really slow day. Karen didn’t get up until one so I spent the time between surfing the net and working on one letter that I finished (check out my Pen pal blog). We went to lunch around 2 to Jimmy’s of West Haven. We each had soup, and birch beer, Karen had fried clam strips and fries while I had fries and a Lobster Roll (I would end up regretting later on). While we were there we ran into my Admin Sally T, and RIA Anita, and Sally’s family. I had only seen Anita from my seat imagine my surprise when I saw Sally. WE had a lovey chat about the holiday and work. I may have talked myself into working over recess in December. Soon we took off for our trip down memory lane.
After we had our lunch we headed to part of Milford Where Karen spent most of her formal years. She showed me where some of our classmates we both knew lived and where who were her on newspaper route. We even stopped at our high school to show her the changes made over the years.
It was nearly four when we got home. We decided that after a nap that Karen would head home. We both needed it because it was just about then when I started to feel chilled. I didn’t have a fever but I was cold. We woke up and then it was nearly 5. Karen got a call from her Mom and they chatted and then she checked the traffic. She left by 6. The next time I heard from her was two hours later. She had no problems traffic wise. We made promise to keep in touch and make plans to come see her soon.
When she left I did some odds and ends and headed up to bed. I slept for several hours into Saturday morning and that’s when I got sick. The cats scattered when I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I knew then I should have had something else from Jimmy’s. It happened two more times before I fell asleep.
Saturday was definitely pajama day. I spent most of it sleeping and watching TV and started a letter. I had two visitors that day. The first was Neighbor Sean returning chairs they borrowed Thursday morning. He wondered why I was still in my Pajamas and I told him I wasn’t feeling well. About an hour later Dave came.
I don’t know how long he stayed but it was a distressing visit. He would ask me questions and then talk over me and not listen to me. I asked him to let me finish. It really aggravated me and I told Liz about and she gave me advice and reminded me of our long friendship. As did Debra when I spoke to both of them Sunday.
Even though I wasn’t feeling great I did end up having steak and cereal throughout the day. It didn’t have an adverse effect on me.
Sunday two of my computers decided to go wonky on me. Actually Saturday night the laptop started and then by mid Sunday morning the PC in my old bedroom wouldn’t let me access the internet. I finally got on my Mother’s and managed to get to the internet. It was frustrating and aggravating. I clearly can’t write on the lap top and send it to the pc. By Sunday night the laptop is working not sure about the Bedroom pc.
Sunday afternoon went to the nursing home and did bingo. Actually I let Cole the HS Volunteer call the numbers while I sat with one of the residents and helped her. There were a few restless residents. I had to speak to them. After that I went home.
When I got home the kitties were still under the bed in my old room. I sat down and watched Nat Geo channel (first time I have done that in a while). I finished off the salsa sauce and chips. I had soda and relaxed.
As I mentioned I spoke to Liz Sunday. The first time was to tell me that our dear family friend we considered an Aunt had passed away Saturday. The second was to let our brother know (I had by the time she called me again). We talked about the visit from Dave and the relationship.
Debra and I had our phone session and we talked about the holiday, and this weekend and of course my visit with Dave.
I also did some laundry and set the dishwasher going. Both are done and the dishes are cooling. I will empty it tomorrow.
Now that the weekend is over its time to look forward to the upcoming week. As I looked over the week with Debra it looked pretty quiet but I know I forgot something for the calendars and I need to look it over.


Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving Edition

1. I am thankful for my family warts and all. Today I am having Dinner with the Rivera clan for thanksgiving. It is the first time I have been to their home for the holiday it is usually spent with Jim either here or in Allentown. We are leaving my sister’s house by quarter of 1. Not going for the pre snack session (although we still may catch it).

Jim will be having dinner with his kids and ex-wife at the local Golf course in Lehigh. Not really sure he is going to have a great time but there is always next year. I will be there for him then.

As I mentioned yesterday Bob’s family will celebrating Thanksgiving together in Alaska where it is snowing. I was worried they weren’t going to be celebrating much. So much for them checking in with us!. Sorry. I should have been in contact with them myself. I know.

2. I am thankful for my kitties. They have been doing well. Returning to some of their old routines (sleeping in places they haven’t in a while). Running around like lunatics at times. They are going to have their space invaded by another human for a night. Let’s hope they are more receptive then in the past.


3. I am thankful for my job. Things are going well there. We had a short week due to Thanksgiving. I look forward to this time every year. I know I will have plenty to do come Monday.

4. I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health. Still taking antibiotics this week for the UTI. I had my infusion yesterday. I have a few appointments coming up in December.


5. I am thankful for my neighbors. Everyone is good. Celebrating the holiday this week. Neighbor Sylvia is waiting on more responses to her open house.

6. I am thankful for my home. It has managed to stay cleaned for the most part.
7. I am thankful for my friends. I heard from my friend Dr T this week and she is doing well. I finally have an address for her and have seen her beautiful Floridian home! It’s huge and beautiful. I will have an opportunity to write some letters this weekend.

8. I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. The ladies guild is now in post Auction mode and we will find out next month how we did. Then we will have our Christmas party and then off for January which then starts my part of nomination committee.
9 I am thankful for the weather. The weather for Today was beautiful. 40 Degrees and sunny. It got colder as the sun begun to set but it was still great.
10. I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.

Midweek Reflection

Last week I found out my Neighbor put her house up for sale-again.  She lives on the corner of our street (and she is the one who complains about the least little thing).  I usually get along with her except for a couple of rare occassions she pissed me off.  She has been wanting to do this ever since the condos broke ground across the street.  She tried several months ago but it never left the ground.  She had an open house over the weekend and even though I had asked another neighbor if there were a lot of people i got the impression no was a strong clue

The Auction was a huge success in attendance.  We had 101 tickets turned in and 110 dinners ordered.  Lots of items auctioned off and I managed to bid on a couple of things and won item I bid on was a theme basket of Disney.  I got it.  Guess who is getting it?

Work is fine.  Been busy as usual and preparing for the holidays.  We have a number of fun activities coming up including a Christmas sweater contest.  We will have recess off next month.  Everyone is anxious for today to hurry up and end so they all can start their holiday.  I get to leave early because of my infusion.

My sister is nursing bronchitis.  She is on antibiotic some I am hoping my spending time with her tomorrow isn’t going to open me to catching this thing.  If I get it I am going to be po’d.

It looks like my SIL and her family are flying up to Alaska to be with John and his wife Heather.  Glad to hear it.

Didn’t Stay up as late

I ended up going to bed my normal 10 pm time.  The kitties came with me for a few hours.  I did write some on the computer but not long.  I had warm milk and needed to get to bed.  I hung up the clothes in the laundry area and will put them away tonight when I get home.  The reason I decided to forgo the all nighter is I would be unable to function today in any capacity.

I was supposed to be here early so that MS and I could steam the very heavy winter coat I have been wearing.  IT didn’t happen.  I got here just before 8.  But we did do it at break time and it looks great.  MS has to leave early today.

I was relieved when the committee meeting was cancelled today.  Mostly because of the holiday (  people were going to leave early etc).  We do have a membership meeting on the 16th (again).

I emailed Liz this morning to find out the details for Thanksgiving.  It looks like the munchies are being served by 1 and dinner is 2.  That gives me a couple of hours to sit and relax and eat and then head home.  I am debating whether or not I will drive up myself or hitch a ride with Liz (but I am leaning to driving up myself as Liz now has bronchitis-again).

David Cassidy has gotten worse. There has already been a couple of fake news reports of his death and a former coworker believed it.  Of course the headline is misleading it goes into more detail but I still posted they should check more reliable sources as there hasn’t been anything more. All though it wouldn’t surprise me if by the end of the night he does pass.  Of course I will be sad he was a part of my childhood.  I will be sending prayers to him and his family.

Tonight is NCIS.  It should be good.  I have a feeling that will be it for first run episodes until after the holiday.  Then it will only be a few weeks until the winter Olympics.  I seem to remember reading that CBS wasn’t going to air new episodes during the olympics.

I can’t believe that more and more prominent men are now being accused of sexual misconduct.  The latest is Charlie Rose who was fired from CBS and his shows on PBS are taken off and also Jeffrey Tambor from Transparent.  It seems like they just popped up.  I respected Charlie Rose for his interviews now..not so much.

I got home just before 5 and the kitties didn’t come down right away.  I had to call for them.  I was making a bowl of cereal when I felt this soft and furry body walk in between my legs.  A short time later Princess Tiger was already out back

Since i Have been home I moved the laundry ahead and still have a little more to go.  I took a shower in between and now just waiting for NCIS.

Going to have a sleep over

I heard from my friend Karen tonight and she says she was able to get Friday off and wanted to come over Thursday night for a sleep over. So of course I said yes. I am really glad Livia came today!!!! Anyway, she will come in from her brother’s as soon as I am home from Jr. and Lisa’s. I just hope dinner isn’t late. I am going to need to get soda before she comes.
So tonight I am doing laundry and going to stay up long enough to get it done. The house looks great and so she will see it the way It is.
Tomorrow I will wash the sheets on the guest room bed (it’s been a little hairy since the kitties have been sleeping there).

It’s Monday Again

Sorry I disappeared after Saturday afternoon.  I had a visit with Liz and then came home and relaxed and rested before the Auction that night.  We got the rain that was predicted just about 5 and it lasted until I got home i think.


The whole event was great.  I would say over a hundred people came and there were a lot of nice things at auction and I even made some bids.  I managed to even bid on a theme basket and it’s going to Chris and Jenn.   The food was good (as always).  It was buffet food (chicken, fish, beef (pork), pasta).  I sat with Janet at her table and chatted with a few people.  I stayed until 9 and was home a short time  later.  I did a few things and then went to bed.


I spent most of Sunday morning sleeping.  I just wasn’t feeling great.  I called LIz and told her about the Auction and how fun it was.  I sent a message to Suzanne and told her I had a great time.  


In the afternoon I went to bingo and then did Grocery shopping.  I forgot a few things and will have to go back tonight.  You really can’t do laundry with little to no laundry detergent.


Early this morning I heard the news about Charles Manson dying.  I didn’t hear anything about it on the radio and I had to look it up on google.  Only a news outlets says anything.  Fox (of course) did an interview with SHaron Tate’s Sister.  I remember the movies and subsequent interviews with him over the years.  I am guessing no one really cares.  Over the years there were 9-13 movies made that were inspired by Manson and his cult.  Now that he is dead I am betting there will be more.


This week will be a very short week work wise.  Thursday and friday is our holiday and recess day.  I will get to leave early  on Wednesday for my infusion.  I will have to go to Hamden for that one.  I am hoping the week will go quickly and I am pretty sure it will (today has so far)


I am really looking forward to dinner at JR and Lisa’s on thursday.  I sent an email letting Liz know what I will be wearing.  She doesn’t know what time dinner is though.  I will meet them at their house and we will drive up.  On Wednesday I will pick up some floral arrangement to bring with me.


Friday will be a day of rest (mostly).  I will do letters for sure and then start Christmas cards.  Since I have actual cards I want to get them used up.  Then maybe do e-cards for the rest of the list.    At least for those whose address I don’t have.


Well it’s time for me to get to the mail…Have a great day.