What a wonderful Day

It is Friday.  I had written another entry for yesterday after the Thankful Thursday one and will post that later.  But I just wanted to say What a wonderful day it is.

Yes, it is hot, yes, it is semi humid, and yes, we are supposed to get some thunderstorm at some point today but I have family who would do anything for me.

You see I had been waiting on Handyman Soda to call back.  He hasn’t.  So, Sis told me to call Nephew Rich and ask him what he thinks.  I did and he said he would come by in the next few days and look at it or get it done today.

I also heard from Jim and he is having a Nuclear Stress Test today.  When he told me, I looked up the test and why have it.  I know I have had one myself but I am wondering now why he must have it.  I passed the info on to Liz…She hasn’t responded yet to that info.

Milford has had quite a lot of activity this week.  Just in the last couple of days there was a vehicle fire that tied up traffic, a pedestrian gets hit (and dies) by a train a quarter mile from my house (Northeast Corridor passes through near my house).  This morning near my Nephew’s house there is police presence for domestic dispute.  Swell.  I have been making cracks about it all morning.

I noticed I am taking advantage of the fact many of my Supervisorial team is out (or not close by) and chatting with too many people.  I still am working on yesterday’s mail and luckily that’s not too heavy.  I have also done some mail pick up runs too.  I just want to get this done early so I can work on the scanning for part of the day.

I got today’s mail almost done the health logic wasn’t delivered until late in the day which means I will have to finish it Monday.  I will have to find some time to do the readdress mail.  My goal to have it done daily just got tanked in one day.

Well I finally cancelled my parking privileges for the garage today.  It really didn’t take long and all that I should do is drop the key card off.  I will do it Monday.

Been getting revised contact lists from President MaryAnn and some of the ladies from Ladies Guild.  There have been two or three in the last few days.  I made a folder on the email so that I can put them there until I save them on the laptop.  The board meeting is at 6:30 on the 11th and not 7:30 like I thought. The location is still at St Agnes.

As the date approaches for the board meeting can’t help imagining how things are going to go.  It will be civil at first but I get the feeling by the time the meeting is over it will be very uncomfortable and people walking out.  This year will be very interesting and I do wish to be loyal to the administration but I really don’t want to deal with Petty BS.




Comparing Holidays

Throughout the entire day I was chatting with everyone about their holidays and we all got around to the brawl that happened at the West Haven Beaches before the fireworks started. It was crazy.  I was in the kitchen when several Milford squad cars came blaring past the street.  As though they were chasing someone.  It turned out they were assisting the cops at the beach.  Apparently three Hamden guys started it and were arrested.  Several of my FB friends and relatives showed a little bit of it or mentioned it.  They actually focused on the show itself and would speak of it.  On more than one occasion a few of us feel like telling people like that to stay in their own town. 

If you are going to drink or use drugs don’t come to public places and cause problems.  As my friend Kim says know your limits. Don’t ruin it for others who want to enjoy things like fireworks, concerts, plays or movies or any other outdoor events. If you don’t know your limits or its becoming really problematic than get help.  There is no shame in getting help.

As I had expected I spent the day working on mail.  I finished Tuesday’s mail around 2 and started todays shortly after that.  I have a feeling if I didn’t wander and chat with a few people I would have finished sooner and could have gotten a jump on today’s.  I also had to pick up mail the way GA usually does but she is on vacation for the next two weeks.  I am thinking I can do things at my pace instead of hers.  As it is AD is off tomorrow so I can finish the mail in the morning and do scanning in the afternoon.  I hope.

When I got home tonight I decided not to go to the class.  I came home and relaxed and then cooked some pork loin.

I need to get to bed now.

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for my family warts and all. Everyone is doing well.    Some are vacationing with the Mouse.
  2. I am thankful for my kitties. They Bring me joy
  3. I am thankful for my job. Have a short week this week because the 4th landed in the middle of the week. Will be playing catch up again just for this week.
  4. I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.  Didn’t make it to the gym yesterday.  I am sure I will hear about it tonight.  I have my infusion next week along with a dentist appointment for a cavity.
  5. I am thankful for my neighbors. Two of the guys in the helped me when my front door wouldn’t open.  They got me through the window.
  6. I am thankful for my home. Still waiting on people to help with the door repair.
  7. I am thankful for my friends. Everyone is fine.  Jolyn is in mourning for her husband who passed away last week.
  8. I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. The lady’s guild board meeting is in six days and now that I am thinking about it I am getting anxious.  The DTC meetings are for two weeks and we have a few things coming up.  I haven’t been to any candidate meet and greets or activities since the annual dinner.

9             I am thankful for the weather.  The weather has been hot and humid but I am still thankful for it.

  1. I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. Enough Said.

Independence Day 2018

Happy Birthday America! May everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday! Mine will be a fairly quiet one as I have to work tomorrow and my plans are to write letters, do some cooking, and go to the gym.
Yesterday was good day. I got a lot of scanning done and was pretty pleased with myself. I wasn’t able to get the mail done but Susan knew it and I told her I would finish it on Thursday. I have a feeling Thursday is going to be just mail.
I had a good session with Debra. Discovered I didn’t pay her for the last Phone session. So that went out with last night’s session. WE talked about my visit with Liz last week and we discussed therapy sessions in general. “How to respond to people who suggest what we should talk about in our sessions’. I told her I read a Psychology Today article about different methods of talk therapy. We do almost any of the methods listed. Debra says we go through situations and how to deal with them.
After the session I had to high tale it back to the office to catch the shuttle so I could at least show up at the gym. I had already sent messages to Alex letting him know about the shuttling and how late I would be. I did get there at 6 and he was free. I think he was okay with it. So we talked about today. I was supposed to be there an hour ago. I still plan on going. But I told him or asked him if I could also do the exercises we do at our sessions on my own as well. Not just the treadmill or bike. He said of course. Wouldn’t you know it he added something at the end. Stretching the legs while on my back.
After that I headed to Adams to get something to eat. Some angel hair pasta with beets and veggies. It was odd looking but good. I also had a protein shake. The rest of the night watched TV and then to bed.
I ran into my Friend Nancy (fellow DTC’er) we talked about things going on in Woodmont. The weather, big crowds etc. were also discussed.
The fireworks in West Haven went off after all the weather held off until well later on. A few of my friends posted pictures of the pre-show and I could see them a little. The cats didn’t seem fazed by them at all. Sky came up eventually to bed. He laid at my feet using my leg as a pillow and then he came to his regular spot for a short time. After that I don’t know where he went. I was more interested in sleeping.
Well I better get going…the gym is only up for another three hours…

Keeping Cool

It was in the low to mid 80’s today and the only time I have been out is to get to and from work. I found out that we could use fans but must turn them off when we are done. It kept me cool. I couldn’t help but wonder about my kitties.
On more than one occasion this weekend both were laid out on the kitchen floor or by the back door or on the foyer in the living room. I was getting a little nervous and worried that they were getting overheated. I kept putting ice in their water bowl. I was so pleased I could pick up Tiger and hold her for a brief few minutes. The fans were on and I hope kept Livia cool as well.
Work was quiet but busy. I believe many took advantage of the holiday week and took a few extra days off before and after the holiday. I spent the first couple of hours working on mail and then spent the next few hours on scanning. As usual it took me longer than I anticipated. The rest of the afternoon I spent on mail. I managed to get it finished and delivered.
That means I can work on the scanning in the morning if there isn’t anything on my desk. Which in likelihood there will be. From now on I will make sure any mail that needs to be opened and sorted and or readdressed is done before scanning. Not put aside for later. I know I have said that but I am making every effort so that it doesn’t build up on me.
I found out that there isn’t going to be any services for Stacey but many of her friends are getting together at a restaurant in West Haven and have a celebration of life. When the group of friends who knew each other hung out together they went to Randall’s. It will be on Friday July 13. I plan attending.
I heard from Dr. T again today we had bene corresponding back and forth this weekend regarding a local Mom and Pop store that will be closing at the end of July. We shared memories of it (mine were limited to “drove by it many times but never shopped.) We talked about the holiday, news of our former club members, and protests that she and her husband attended recently regarding the immigration bans. We talked about our plans for the holiday. Mine are probably going to be quiet. Letter writing and bill paying will be predominant and probably NCIS if it’s on.
On the way I home I called Mama Roberta. The connection wasn’t that great but we spent 20 minutes talking about club stuff, moving, weather, holidays, pen paling. Again it was a bad connection so some of it was garbled. Now I know why we resort to texting and emails. I can’t wait until they get back to NC. At least we will be in the same time zone for at least until they make the move to Colorado.
I didn’t make it to the gym. Too tired and too hot. I made dinner the other pork chop that I had marinating. I also cooked vegetables (the left over cauliflower rice with mushrooms and corn. Yogurt for dessert and water. I cleaned up the dishes from dinner and those left in the sink from this morning.
I put some laundry in the machines. I actually should go and fold at least a few of them. I can dry the sheets and then fold them in the morning before work.
Have a good night everyone..


Today is my cousin’s Birthday

Today is my cousin Paul’s birthday. He would have been 53 today. Sadly, he was found dead at a New Jersey train station on his birthday. In a car and drank himself to death. He was the youngest of 4 to my Aunt and Uncle. I remembered how wonderful he was growing up. Even though we saw each other a few times a year. He was sweet, gentle and he loved fiercely. Unfortunately, things changed. As we all got older and family dynamics changed we didn’t see each other as much. He married, had kids, the kids had kids. I don’t know what happened on some levels. It’s sad he isn’t here.
This is why it’s important for me to be in contact with my family. I am not though. We are spread far and wide. Lives are busy (one of the reasons I do like FB) and sometimes I feel I should be sending emails to everyone or cards (I try on the cards). It doesn’t always work or is reciprocated.
So my trip to Oxford yesterday went okay. Of course Google maps had me go a different direction then I normally would. At one point it had me turned around (or more I think about it I read it incorrectly) but I got where I needed to by 2:30 (first stop was the Nadella’s for our supper) then to Joanie’s house.
Joanie was at her kitchen table coloring in one of those coloring books. We greeted each other sat down and began to eat our sandwiches. She had a sausage and peppers and what was supposed to be No Mushroom Parmesan sub and I had chicken w/vegetable wrap. I had soda I wasn’t supposed to have. We talked for nearly three hours. I hate to say this but I think I did most of the talking. She acknowledged it because she knows she doesn’t go anywhere except doctor’s appointments.
I told her about work, the morale boosting activities, the moving around, the workloads and of course the latest news. She did tell me she hears from another coworker Janet. Who lives here in town but I never see anymore. I told her about my family, the community service stuff and of course my health.
It was sometime after 6 when I left I took a route I was more familiar with home and got to the house by 7 and was greeted by two hungry cats. Fed them and got online for a while and tried to watch TV.
The fireworks show in the center of town were starting around 9 (I couldn’t see them but sure could hear them). They last a good half hour to hour. I am trying to figure out if Sky was getting agitated when they first started because he was clawing the screen and got stuck. I have a feeling there was a lightening bug or another critter in the yard. He eventually came to bed while Tiger was brave and slept downstairs.
This morning they came and got me up (after 6) and they got fed and I put some laundry through. I have more to do. I eventually opened my old bedroom door and Sky is there and not sure about Tiger. She probably is already sitting on the bed. I have the windows open and the ceiling fan on but the other window fan is now in my room.
I am going to bingo at the nursing home and then go grocery shopping (yeah I may be an idiot for doing so) afterwards but I need stuff. I should start cooking again. I just don’t like it. Especially in this heat.


Sorry for Disappearing-again

I have to start by apologizing for disappearing. I have been really busy at work and by the time I get home I have been tired or just too warm to write. I have attempted but just didn’t have the energy.
I have been to the gym once this week. I am going later this morning and will have to reschedule one that I missed Wednesday. I don’t normally go on Wednesday but just forgot. I did go for a walk after my session with Alex. I had a nice one and I got to see an Osprey in someone’s yard. Not sure if they were a pet. It was flying from the front to the back yard.
Work as I said been busy and near the end of the week very sad. I have been doing a lot of scanning and of course the daily stuff. The readdress mail has been caught up and even DG had been looking for stuff to do.
I went to the committee meeting this week and signed up for a door knocking session regarding Jobs Pipeline in New Haven. That’s for next Saturday early in the morning. Liz urged me to not go alone and or at night (I said AM folks). I have committed to one session but with the codicil that I will try another time. There is a lunch time meeting near the end of the month.
We found out a former coworker that was laid off last year was found dead by her husband on Tuesday. It would appear she had a seizure. She has had several health issues and she was young. She touched a lot of lives. Yesterday we found out our Top Admin lost her Father-in-law on Thursday unexpectedly. Flowers will be sent on behalf of the office.
Later this afternoon I will be heading to Oxford to visit Momma Joanie. I told her last night when she called for lunch order about Stacy. Told her I would tell her more about it when I see her. Anyway I am going after I go to the gym.
I had my eye appointment on Tuesday and all is well. I will see him again in December (the day after Christmas). I actually have a new prescription but he is satisfied with the current one. So if the ones I have now break I will get them.
I saw Liz after my appointment. We had a good time but she saw things much differently than I did on Sunday. She says I was “fresh and “pulled a Jimmy” when I told her I was talking. Um she was interrupting me and I needed to tell her that. Well I didn’t tell her that then nor did I tell her I didn’t appreciate the comments about “too many selfies”. I did mention something about the “big woo” and she explained as she didn’t care about what I was talking about at the time. Nice. Before I left I apologized for making her feel less than she should have been. I think she accepted it.
I did find out that in about two weeks’ work will begin in the kitchen remodel. Liz is looking to take Nelson out of the chaos for a few days at least. She is thinking to Maine where they were when they learned Bob (our brother) had died. I offered my house and she just smiled and declined.
Thursday was another full day. It had been raining and raining hard all morning and by the time I was back in Milford the sun was out. I had my hygienist and exam that day too. I have another cavity and have to go back on the 19th to get it filled.
I also attended a wake for a friend’s husband. It was for fellow MYWC member Jolyn’s husband. I hadn’t seen her since before Dr. T left for Florida. By the time I left we made promises to get together more often (or least keep in touch).
When I got home that night I discovered the front door wouldn’t open. The whole mechanism is broken. The first time I got locked out Neighbor Sean helped me in. yeah I know. The second time (as I was testing it) both Sean and Next door don helped (I asked for his help). That time they had to pry open the big window behind the sofa and unfortunately the pane broke and the glass is out of the frame. Now I have to use the back door to get in and out.
Been in contact with Liz and Nephew Rich and I am waiting for handy man Soda to call back. If I don’t soon will have to call Liz again. She wants this door taken care of soon. The window will have to wait though, I think. As long as the kitties don’t lean on it they should be okay.
The weather has been warm for the most part we did have some thunderstorms late in the week and from what I gather not much of that in the next few days. I did put on extra fans in the guest room and opened more windows for us. According to the weather reports/sites it will be cloudy (a few times) during the week they are calling for rain next Friday. Just as long as the rain holds off next Saturday.
Tonight is the Summer Kickoff Bash in town. It starts at 4 and I hope to be coming home from Joanie’s by then. There will be music, food, fireworks, and people-lots of people and traffic. A part of me wanted to go but not alone. Not always big on huge, drunk, crowds.
I finally managed to do some stuff around here. I did some laundry and emptied the dishwasher and started to fill it up again. I was at my limit of having dishes in the sink for the last couple of days. All that I have to do is fold the clothes, and put them away.
This is the weekend before the 4th. News reports have said this will be the busiest weekend for travel both on the roads, and in the air. I don’t relish being on the roads but I hope it won’t be too bad.
Just the same everyone be safe and have a wonderful weekend and I will see you later!



Day 3

Today was day number 3 taking the shuttle and it may not have happened at all because either it was early or I was late. I didn’t check the app for its location and I should have. There would have been another one but I like to have some time to get settled in and then start the job. The route slightly veered from last week as we had to stop at the train station to make a pick up. I will have to check Wednesday when I must6 leave here for the eye doctor appointment. I have been told the elevator in the garage is still not repaired. This does not engender a lot of trust on their part.
Work was busy. Finished Friday’s mail and delivered by 9 and then from then until 12 scanned a couple of treasury batches. I think I hit a couple of snags but they will be okay. There was a new person coming on board today she works for DC and PM.
DG came back from vacation today and continues to help with backlog (the readdress for the most part). A part of me is feeling a little pushed and a better word would be territorial. Honestly though If I get this stuff out of here The next batch hopefully won’t be so big or take as long. Although she was not finding stuff on the labels I printed out for her. Did I mention she offered to do the rest of the readdress mail so I could do the scanning? We will get through it.
I heard from Mama Joanie yesterday. She came home from the hospital and it was “a trip”. She was telling me she didn’t have her breakfast it took time to get it released. She told me about her grandson’s graduation and what he is plans are. I told her about my family news and activities.
I received some bad news today. Dr. T contacted the remaining members of the club to let us know that one of our own lost their husband. It was JW. Her Husband Judge was well into his 90’s and suffering from Alzheimer’s. She was a dear friend and I feel terrible that I have not kept in contact with her. The services are for later` in the week. I will be going to the wake.
So Yesterday was the play it was called “A wake in the west”. It was put on by the Irish Society and it was an Irish tale. I got to Liz’s on time and we chatted and waited for her friend to come pick us up. The woman is the one who performed the Installation at the woman’s guild. We had plenty of conversations about that. Saw many friends from my various worlds.
The play was okay (I think I have a fairly good sense of humor) but some of the acting was over board. Some of the acting was stiff and I don’t mean the dead body in the room. I am sure this is the way it is in a true Irish home especially in the old country but
What also was influencing it was Liz. For some reason she just seemed a little judgmental of me and what I had said or done. I was showing her the pictures I took when I was going to the dinners and she had the mitigated gall to say I take too many selfies! WTF? She also told me I told her the temperature in Henderson NV twice. As I said to Debra after I left Liz’s house its okay for Liz to let everyone know how they hurt or offended her and she thinks she can set us straight but what if we told her? She sulks and pouts and says “I can’t say anything”. Damn Straight.
Yes, I spoke to Debra yesterday right before I had dinner at Pops. We talked for nearly an hour about the situation and how to prepare myself if we discuss it. WE talked about work, volunteering (she doesn’t think it is wrong to want to do things on Sundays instead of bingo). We made plans to have a phone session next weekend as we are not meeting this week.
After the phone session I headed into Pop’s it was nearly 6 when I ordered my dinner. Souvlaki, salad, and steamed vegetables While there I had a phone conversation with Mama Joanie. She told me how she spent the last few days and how much fun she had at her Grandson’s Graduation. WE talked about all the news in my family and what my plans are. We are getting together next Saturday after the gym.
While we were talking I kept looking out at the sky above and it clearly was getting darker so as soon as I could I left for home. Even though it did earlier in the day. The rain held out until about 8 and it was raining, thundering and lightening. It didn’t last long. Just enough to make things comfortable.
I didn’t go to the gym. I went and picked up dinner. Sausage and peppers and some wings. I had corn with it and watched TV. I just finished watching the Weekend with Yankee shows on CPTV. It was pretty interesting.
The kitties have been fed and they are just hanging around. They may follow me up to bed soon I think. Both of them. They will sleep on the bed for a while. Sky may stay a lot longer than Tiger will.
It is now after 9 and its completely dark. I can see fireflies flying around outside. I did notice that it seems to be getting darker a little earlier each day. Sun set was at 8:28 tonight. The longest day was four days ago. Ever since that day it will start to get darker earlier each day. It goes so quickly.
The temperatures are nice its supposedly 71 degrees and supposed to get cooler. This is nice sleeping weather. I hear we are getting rain again mid-week. Not sure what the rest of the week will bring.
My left hand has been achy. I am not sure if it the aches of lupus or the salt I know I may have had in the food I had. It’s been happening the last few days actually. I have to remember to take the meds for this.
Well I can feel my eyelids starting to droop. It is quiet except for a few motorcycles passing the street. Someone recently told me that Motorcyclists rev their engines so that the oncoming cars can see them. Really like you at night you can’t see it the blinding light? I am not sure I agree. I may ask Don about that when I see him next.



Going to the theater

It is a cool cloudy Sunday morning here. I have a load of laundry going and I am just catching up on emails and writing before I take off to the theater with my Sister.
Yes, I got an early morning text from her saying she finally found it but it was sold out for yesterday (at the train station turned theater) but there is a show this afternoon at 2 but we will meet at her house at 1. She was concerned (and according to her channeling Mom) for my cancelling bingo. I told her I am not worried considering they forgot to tell me they were not having bingo on Father’s day. I am not trying to be spiteful but this is a volunteer job and I should be able to do things spontaneously (if I have the need or want) of course it’s important to let them know of planned things.
It is amazing it is 66 degrees out and not as cold as yesterday. I was either wearing sweat shirts or burying under blankets to be warm. You would think I would turn the fans off but I didn’t. Today I am much more comfortable.
The Bonfire Grille is getting good press and good reviews from people. It is the third restaurant in that location since I was a child. The grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony is next week some time. I want to go to it sometime.
I better get going…

Knew it

I knew when I got home yesterday I would have a great time at the dinner. I also knew I would eat some things I shouldn’t have (like the pasta with the salmon). I also knew I would talk about the cats to people and they would understand. I also knew I would stay until the very end. I didn’t place any bid for the auction. I did get to talk to the state candidates and to some old friends. I thought I got home by 11.
I knew when I got up this morning that I would not do what I had originally planned. My original plans were to get up early get the dishwasher emptied and the laundry started. Instead after feeding cats and taking care of the litterboxes I went back to bed for a couple of hours. I also planned on getting some letters written and then go to the gym.
I knew I would also let the cats down in the cellar at least twice this morning. Sky came back up and is currently sitting above my head on the sofa. I have a feeling tiger is still down there. I will probably have to brush them sometime soon as they are starting to shed and I want make sure they are not getting and any bugs from down there. I don’t think we have fleas or anything of that nature but I just want to make sure.
Liz and I were making plans to see a friend of hers at the local theater but we can’t find it anywhere (she thought it was this weekend) so she is continuing to look and will text me if she finds anything. If it is today great, it may be next month which is okay too. She tells me N is going to a railroad reunion and is taking a train in. I don’t know where (probably Stamford or NY). That’s a fun thing to do.
Just heard from my Brother he went to his Weight Watchers meeting. He is a huge fan of it. I am meh over it. I have had success over it but I like what I am doing now. He says he didn’t gain any weight this week. That’s good. We were talking about how important diet is as well as exercise. That’s true for sure.
I have to be at the gym in about an hour and half. Alex texted me to come in at 12 instead of 12:30. Once that is done I will come home. I think I need to do some cooking and then the write some letters and probably watch the NCIS marathon.