Just waiting

It was a cold and sunny Tuesday and I waited. I waited for my sister to come home (she forgot to text me). I waited to see if we would be not working today. We got some confusing emails but finally a text came out and says we are closing at noon today.

I just realized I did something I may regret. In Monday’s entry I talked about the store down the street that had severe wind damage and I literally put in my address in the map. I should not have done that.

Tuesday I spent the day doing scanning and the mail. It seemed to take forever then again it usually does. Tuesdays came early but it was taking so long. I finally finished the mail for both days by the time I was leaving today. I will have normal stuff tomorrow.

I had my session with Debra and by the time I sat in her office I grew tired. We had a good session I told her about the highlights of the past two weeks. We also talked about the things that are in reality stressing me out. The pen pal stuff, the ladies guild stuff, and DTC, and of course a few bills. She told me I don’t have to do the things that are stressing me out.

After the session I headed home not before making a stop at Shoprite for a couple of things. Onions and the Kodiak pancake Mix. The latter was recommended by Alex. He says to add the protein drink in it and it’s much better. Anyway it was slightly crazy in there. I was glad to be out of there and at home.

I ended up not going to the Ladies guild. I had some dinner and then did a few things and watched TV and then went to bed. The kitties followed.

Today the snow started off slow and it turned to rain for a time and then stopped. But by 11 it started up again and it hasn’t stopped. I can hear the wind a little bit now. We did have a power flicker but some of the TV channels were not coming in on the small TV.

I made some lunch and called Liz. I had spoken to her via text/IM earlier she had been home nearly 12 hours by then. She was catching up with the things that gathered and collected while she was in SC.


I do have some Great news. Nearly ten days ago my nephew Chris and his lady Jen got married in NC. They are now looking to buy a new house and that was one of the many things they did while Liz was down there. She had a great time. Spent time with the kids. Now she is probably sleeping.

After I got off the phone with her I wasn’t really ready to do any cooking that I was planning on doing so I got online and played games and watched a surprising NCIS marathon on Oxygen. That is until the cable started getting wonky. It came back about 8:30.

Around 4 I made the turkey meatloaf and the chicken burgers. In each of them I did something slightly different then was was called for. I tried it and it was slightly dry (the meatloaf). The kitchen has been cleaned.

The snow is going strong still. There seems to be a lot. The plow came through earlier this evening. I think it will come again later on during the night and before daybreak.







Snowy Monday

I had hoped to have  missed the snow they were predicting overnight and into today.  Unfortunately it started flurrying when I hit the city. Great. I didn’t bring my boots today.  There are snow showers predicted for Milford this morning and apparently for the city. Lovely we are getting another Nor’easter come Wednesday.  


There is one thing that I forgot to mention.  A strip mall had some damage during the storm friday and I just found out that it was the strip mall by the house.  I didn’t even make the connection until a coworker said something to me this morning.  I hadn’t recognized the names or the background pictures. I thought it was in another part of town.


Work went well.  The healthlogic came early so I jumped on that as soon as I could.  It was pretty quiet for Monday. Could have been the weather or could have been weekend activities.  I had fried proscuitto, baby arugula, melted provolone, baby arugula & tomato with roasted garlic aioli on toasted sourdough for lunch.


I had a lo of insurance mail at home (it was the house  insurance-the old one and the new one) and cute invitation to Giata’s first birthday party.  IT will be in April. I can’t wait ot attend.


I went to the gym and was in the foundation class and I survived barely.  My butt was hurting afterwards. Still need to keep at it though. Unfortunately there was one woman who was really obnoxious.  Someone had come to the class late and I thought there was enough room and it was where obnoxious was standing but moved. OBNox got really bent out of shape.  I said that it was my fault because I thought she had moved. IT was eventually resolved but I hope that woman isn’t in the next class. What did like is the fact I am was getting encouragement from the others.  I did get to see my coworker Yan.


I didn’t stay to do cardio.  I wanted to get home and make dinner (steak and vegetables) and then get to bed.  


Now that I am home I am closing down the house and hitting the sack….


I am done for the night.

It is quarter of 10 and I am heading to bed. The kitties are already at the foot of the bed asleep. The cable has been acting up all day long and it keeps resetting itself. I can’t be bothered with it. Besides the Oscars are on and “hell no” is ringing in my head.
This afternoon went well. I left for bingo just around 1:30 stopped and got some HC from DD. I drove by the Sundae House to see if the road was flooded and it was. I got to the Nursing home ten minutes later.
AS I approached the nursing home an ambulance and the police were both there. The ambulance is not uncommon to see there but the police yes. Unless it was really bad.
Cole was already there setting up and Bob was there as well. We started bringing the residents in for bingo and we started shortly before 2. Cole and I split the games up between us. We had the regular 17 players and it was pretty good. It was nearly 3:30 when I left.
By that time it was getting colder and overcast again. I headed to the store and did my grocery shopping. It took about an hour and I managed to get everything on the list.
On the way home I stopped for a sausage and pepper sub. I was going to try the dog town restaurant but they were closed for the day. So I ran into an old friend while waiting for the sausage/Pepper sandwich and we chatted for a short time. I think it was nearly 5 when I got home.
The cats were waiting on me to feed them and so I did. I headed upstairs to watch TV and eat the sandwich. It was good of course.
Since dinner I did some more laundry and worked on some stuff for the 4th District and straightened the kitchen and had a protein shake.
I also made more definite plans for dinner with Dave. It looks like we are going to Pop’s Diner for dinner on Thursday.
We are supposed to get some snow showers for the next couple of hours. It is cold and I can hear the wind blowing. I hope it will be gone by the time I leave for work tomorrow. I am also hoping the storm we are supposed to get Wednesday is rain…
Oh well I got to go to sleep I can feel my eyes starting to shut on me..


I don’ t want to do much

It is mid Sunday morning and Tiger is sleeping at my feet and Sky is in the spare room. I am not in a huge hurry to do much today. I am just tired or lazy or both. I did manage to do a few things this morning but as soon started them I headed back to bed. Slept a good long time.
Yesterday afternoon after the gym (which was excellent) lost more weight and gained muscle whatever. I headed out to do some errands. I called Nel who was on his way out and ultimately to the same place (the dry cleaners) and we chatted for a few moments.
There was some remnants of the storm. Gulf Pond that ends up going into the sound was very flood and surrounded the businesses there including The Sundae House. I had to find an alternate route home. If I go that way again today I hope it has receded but I doubt it.
I got tired so I ended up not going grocery shopping but I did go to Adams for lunch. I had BBQ ribs and salad. I spent the rest of the time watching the TV and ending up falling asleep a few times. I went to bed by 9.
Actually before going to bed Neighbor Sean came over to get a house key he was locked out. First time for him. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the key (tried) and that worries me. I thought I had it. That will be something to check into later.
I am planning on going to Bingo and then grocery shopping afterwards. Then I will finish the laundry and then crossword puzzles.


I have often wondered

As the wind seemed to be dying down I have wondered if we have ever had nonstop rain like you see on TV. I don’t remember the last time we had nonstop rain. I know that it has rained for hours and would stop for a period of time and sometimes start up but I don’t recall it going on for days.
I also remember pretending the house was a houseboat. I would imagine the river would get larger (as it has over the years) and it would reach to the houses. Never having to leave it and being able to drive it to the next destination. I may have had a fertile imagination.
I just looked up houseboats. They can be pretty expensive I think. Some are usually docked (or moored) at one location. I have so many questions floating around in my head. It would be interesting what life is like on a houseboat.
I talked with Jim last night. He is fine. He didn’t have any power earlier in the day because of the nor’easter. I told him there were many power outages here in the state but luckily we were not affected. I think I checked with the UI website and about 11 customers were out. I couldn’t see where exactly.


It’s here

IT is a windy and rainy morning and supposed to be like this until tomorrow at the least. Well that may have changed as well. IT started sometime during the night. I knew it because I could hear it on the windows around 4 this morning. Despite it being a dreary day I don’t feel it is. I suspect I will be curled up on the bed this weekend and relaxing. They say march is the windiest and it is true. There seems to be a different feel to the wind during march.

Last night was fairly quiet except for the Yale alert regarding a threat made to the Health Plan. It was resolved by 8:30. Some one either had a lot of time on their hands or was pissed off about something. I sent a message to Debra thinking she was still there but she contacted me and said she was home.

I didn’t go to the class. I didn’t get home until 5 and I was too tired by then to rush out. I called and cancelled but felt guilty about it. I will sign up for it again when it comes up.

I fed the cats, warmed up a smart ones dinner (asian noodles) and spent the rest of the night relaxing. Did some crossword puzzles and surfed the net a short time. I also made a call to BIL to see how he was doing on his own.

Liz left yesterday morning for the Carolinas. She is staying with our cousin DLH and her husband in Salsbury before she goes to the kids. She says she is being treated like a queen.

I left work an hour early today to go to Hamden and pick up the fmla papers from Dr. Sonia’s office. They normally close at 5 and were not willing to stay a few minutes later if I was running late. The staff is really starting to piss me off. They will be charging me for filling out the FMLA papers. I have since found out that many Primary Care Providers do this. I think it is wrong.

When I arrived there it was quiet and so I chatted with them before we got down to business. I let them know I object having to pay for this since its forms they have to sign.
After that I headed to Ihop for an early supper. It was also quiet there as well. I had been yearning for pancakes all week. After a fairly good look over I finally decided on small stack of blueberry pancakes, hash browns,fruit and a few cups of coffee. I have a feeling I will be up all night. I ended up not eating the fruit.

After “supper” I headed home via the Merritt parkway. As every else there was lots of evidence of how much power the storm has. There were trees on the side of the road, bits and pieces of it on the asphalt. I was a little worried something would come crashing down on me (the car) and I don’t know if I would have handled it well.

It’s been two hours since I have been home. The kitties were waiting for me in the kitchen. I fed them after I washed up. They have been downstairs and I have been curled up (like I usually am on Friday nights) on the bed surfing the net and watching TV.

I got a call from the cable company to offer me a loyalty rewards program for being a long time subscriber/client sheep. They wanted to upgrade my internet speed for an extra $10. I was irritated. When I answered I was less than patient with them and when they made the offer I said no thank you and hung up. I mean I already spend $210 for the company. I wanted it lower. It was for a short time (even with getting rid of the extra cable boxes). Now not so much.

I put a couple of loads of laundry started and hung up some of the stuff that was already in there. I have a feeling I am having another problem with the dryer.

I had to turn the heat up when I got in. It was to 64. I am leaving it up to 68 for the night. Lots of blankets. I hope the kitties decide to come up soon.

My shoulder is bothering me right now. I have taken some tylenol and probably will rest it soon.

Thankful Thursday

1. I am thankful for my family warts and all-Sis took off for points south today. She is going to visit her grandkids and newly married son. In a recent conversation we had we were talking about our bad habits and our goals to be better persons. I was making sure she knew that I knew she has survived so much in her life.
2. I am thankful for my kitties-They have been great.
3. I am thankful for my job-Things are well. No major problems. No complaints about the new procedure for FMLA.
4. I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health. Saw Courtney yesterday and I also lost weight. My session with Debra this week had to cancel because of scheduling conflicts (for her). I cancelled Courtney last night because I wasn’t feeling great.
5. I am thankful for my neighbors. Everyone is doing well.
6. I am thankful for my home. Made some changes regarding insurance.
7. I am thankful for my friends. Many of them are experiencing life’s challenges and I am sure they will persevere.
8. I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. The Ladies Guild is finally starting up this month and still no nominating committee. Keeping fingers crossed. The DTC will be making some changes in members and in procedures I believe. I still am not looking forward to some challenges.
9 I am thankful for the weather. It was warmer in the last couple of days but we are supposed to get rain this weekend.
10. I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. Enough said

No Nor’easter yet

It is Wednesday and nearly 50 degrees. It doesn’t feel warm yet but I hope it will later. It had been predicted that a Nor’Easter is coming soon. I hope its rain and rain only. Granted rain can do a lot of damage itself but let’s hope it doesn’t. The forecast right now calls for showers during the night. The Nor’easter is supposed to come the weekend.

Went to the insurance agent yesterday. We finally made changes to the homeowners policy. I am now considered a tenant but will pay the insurance as it is in the Trustee’s name. So I have personal property policy too and it is less than I was paying with the other insurance provider.

My nephew Chris and lady Jen were married in NC over the weekend. My nephew Rich flew down to surprise them and was in attendance as well as Chris’s Children. Sis made me promise to not say anything at work until KT (coworker/and friend to Jen)was told. She was told yesterday.

Been going to the gym semi regularly. I am debating whether or not I am going tonight. I don’t feel well and I am tired. No I didn’t go last night but I probably should have. I have another class tomorrow. I see the Personal trainer this weekend during the Nor’easter.

Mail is getting back to normal I think. I still believe there is more that hasn’t been brought to us but it’s not my job to worry about it. I spent the day working on it and working on the readdress mail and made a dent.



Glad Monday is over

I am so glad Monday is over with. As I expected we got the mail that was being held up until the PO Box was paid. As you may recall it was paid last week and we managed to get 1 bin of mail. There is some debate as to whether or not there was a lot. I was expecting a lot more but who knows.
I am so tired I did the exercise for beginners tonight and it was a bit hard but I managed to stick with it to the end. The leaders were Alex and Becca. They are a couple. They were patient and great. Before leaving I did the treadmill and then headed to Pop’s restaurant for dinner.
I decided to get their Sherry wine Rib Eye


Our 16oz prime choice Rib-Eye steak cooked to your liking topped with Portobello mushroom and a sherry wine reduction. Served with potatoes and vegetables.

It was filling and delicious. It was after 7:30 when I left and I headed home.

I thought

I was surprised to see the sun out yesterday morning. I thought it was supposed to rain all day. I am sorry I didn’t take advantage of the sun to clean out the car before going to the gym. Of course I took a look at the report and found out it was to start later on in the day. It actually started just as I was leaving the gym
I was at the gym for almost 2 hours. Alex had someone before me and was still working with her until quarter of 1. When it was over we did our session. I weighed in and got my weekly biometrics. I lost some weight and some of the body fat increased and others didn’t. We then talked about dietary needs and he wrote out my Calorie limit (1400) and the percentages for the meals. Then we went over the schedule and he wants me to take to classes that he and another person are teaching. He also gave me supplements to take (Vitamin D and multi vitamin and something to help with the joints. Think bio flex). I also have a protein shake stuff. Yum. When we were done I did the treadmill for 30 minutes.
I came home by 2 and did some laundry and then did exactly what I was hoping to do. Curled up and did crossword puzzles and watched TV. I did make dinner at one point (tilapia) I should have had vegetables but didn’t have any.
I talked with Liz last night. She was wondering if I had gone back to the gym and I told her yes but left out that I hadn’t since I last spoke to her. I told her about the scheduling and that I lost weight. She did tell me she is leaving next Thursday for SC and coming back the following Thursday
Today is a MLK rally in New Haven but I can’t make it. It is at the same time as Bingo. I don’t know if I will be able to afterwards. We have a few more activities in the next few weeks as well. Lobbying for the MGM casino in Bridgeport among them.
The kitties are good. Sky is clamoring to get into the other bedroom and Tiger is sitting at my shoulder. Last night Sky slept in his normal spot (at my arm) again and Tiger has slept downstairs for the second night in a row. Tells me the seasons are changing.
Well I am going to have breakfast and do some crossword puzzles.