Stormy start to Saturday



Yesterday  morning was not the best time to be out and about.  The sky had very orange look to it and then it got cloudy or more cloudier.  Then it started to come down and came down hard.  I had to close all the windows and there were several puddles and several things got wet.  It finally stopped and stayed cloudy until after lunch.

Around 9:00 I got ready for my hair appointment.  I also had an opportunity to call Liz.  I wanted to make sure she was okay from the rain (apparently a street nearby was flooded and so was the one by city hall).  We talked about the recipe book/file hunt that I was doing for our cousin.  I do have to say she is really excited about this trip she is taking Monday.

I am not sure what time I left the house but I made my way to the credit union and then to the salon.  I took the opportunity to talk with MaryAnn the receptionist who is leaving in September for Florida.  Karen had two people who were getting their hair colored and one came in early (at my time) and just walked in got ready for it.  I let her do the two of them first and then she got my hair done (see above).

After that I came home and gathered the books and did some odds and ends and called my cousin.  She wasn’t home then but she called me back later on in the day and we made arrangements for her to come pick them up an hour or two later.  We spent about an hour or so chatting and talking about cooking in general and our lives.  Before she left I asked about her sister.  She doesn’t always get to talk to her much.  I am never sure if I should ask or not.

While waiting I watched the NCIS marathon that lasted until about 11.



Didn’t have to wear a coat


It is now just before 5 and LOTR Return of the King has started its second hour. There is just about three hours left before The Battle of the 5 Armies (did I mention that already?). Bro was glad to know these were on today.

I was quite glad I didn’t have to wear a coat this afternoon. I wasn’t out in it long but it felt nice. I can’t say that now it is 40 F and the sun is setting in the west and the gray clouds look cool.


I couldn’t withdraw money from the Credit Union today. I don’t know why. I am going to call them tomorrow and find out. There is no problem with the balances that I could see. For a minute I thought maybe someone hacked into any of my accounts but it didn’t happen. It could have been the ATM itself. I just have to be sure to have cash tomorrow night.

I did get the gift card for the “kids” gift tomorrow. Now all I have to get is the card to put it in. I didn’t go to the card shop yet. I will do it tomorrow while at work. My reason for not going today is fairly lame I admit. It was because I stopped for lunch and had the chicken in my car and I was getting hungry.

I did stop at the post office but all I had was Shop Rite coupons the same exact one I got at home in the mail Thursday or Friday. So I tossed it. I was expecting the Box fee statement because it will come due again soon.

After I ate I took a rest and played solitaire. The bedroom became blindingly bright. So I just closed my eyes for a bit and l watched the movie some more.

I got up after a while and found the kitties together on the spare bedroom cuddled up. They were there for most of the day today. There were a few times each of them spent some quality time with me. I have let them down the cellar a couple of times. Now they have been running around the house.

I have received a few more Meetup alerts one or two of them are something I would do (20 something bowling yeah I know I am twice the age and then some). It is during the week and on a night I have the ladies guild. Then there were some party meet-ups as well.

Well I managed to fold or hang most of the clothes that have been washed I am waiting on one small load and then that’s it for the night. The dishwasher is empty and almost filled again. I just didn’t want to rush around tomorrow cleaning some things when Livia is supposed to come tomorrow.

I moved the box that held the new TV downstairs after having it in the living room for so long. I was getting tired of leaving it there and of course I thought it was going to be heavy it wasn’t and it really wasn’t that awkward to get down to the cellar for the next bulk pick up.

Finally all of you watched Original People’s Court  from the 80’s or 90’s Judge Joseph Wapner died this morning he was 96. I remember watching it over the course of 10 years on and off. I guess I wasn’t ever a big “reality TV” fan back then either.

My First Day Back

Yesterday was my first day back to work and it was great.  I was greeted with hugs and kisses and very generous monetary gift and an edible arrangement that I brought home with me.  Of course the work was there waiting for me.  It was organized but there was stuff they just didn’t do.  Let’s just say I was tired when I got home last night.


I saw the hemotologist yesterday.  He was quite surprised about the news but he also had reminded me that he could tell something was going on.  So now we are going to be watching out for future blood clots.  I am not sure what he means by that.  He does say the anemia is gone.  He wants me on iron for now.  I will see him in July.


I stopped at Liz’s last night.  we got into a bunch of discussions that made me uncomfortable.  We were talking about the money that may or may not come to her (she figures the house is completely mine ) but if something happens to me she and Jim get something.  she just wants to review the will again.  She also wants me to make plans financially for the future.  I just don’t like how she tells me how to spend money (it sounds like she is telling me).  she could tell I was getting overwhelmed.


after that visit I stopped at Adams got some dinner from the hot bar.  I should have gotten fixings too but I just wanted to get back home.  I ate it when I got home.  the kids were up this time and I found tiger looking out the window this time.  I don’t think they knew what to make of me.     they were a little skittish when I first walked in.


I tried to get to bed early but needed/wanted to post the picture I posted last night and it took some time.  when I finally got it done I got into bed.  fell asleep a little bit then woke up when the kittens came up.


around 1 I got sick to my stomach (took the meds too late) that’s a first time in months.  It was obviously not a fun time.  still wasn’t feeling great this morning better now.  I have to make sure I take meds when I am supposed to.


Livi did an awesome job on the house.  she even has a small basket for the toys sitting on the coffee table.  They know enough to take them out now if they would put them back it would be great.  anyway, I think this is going to work out great.  she will be back in two weeks.


today I see Debra and then its NCIS night.  MY hope is to get to bed early (or at least try)