I hope I won’t be sorry

I  took a look at reviews for the hotel I am going to be staying in next week and most if not all were negative!  I hope I won’t be sorry for this. I sent Jim a message to see what he thinks of the place. I expected him to suggest i look at reviews or I should have asked him sooner. Instead he surprised me and said he would.   If it is as bad then I am going to cancel the reservation and hope to Heaven that the one I really like is not full.. Although I just read my payment will not be refunded!

I had met up the girls at Panera bread last night.  There were two new girls that arrived and it was a lot of fun.  We discussed ways to turn moments around to better moments. I ended up having dinner there and had chicken noodle and two muffies.  Hot tea. I stayed longer than in the past. I did get home by 8:30.

When I arrived home I did the mid week routine empty garbage/and put it out for the garbage pick up this morning.  The guy was coming as I was leaving. I need to remember to put the recycle out in December (mine wasn’t full yet).

I fed the cats (they were quiet indignant to have to wait so long!) They finished and a short time later they came up to bed.  I didn’t stay up long.

I have been so preoccupied with the hotel thing that I don’t think I got that much done.  I did mostly the scanning and helped Donna with mail stuff but I was dawdling with everything.  

The drive home was dicey it was starting to snow when I left the office.  It was definitely a slow ride and aggravating because well everyone was a little nervous..  Below was just about quarter of 7 and it was still coming down.

I  came in and fed the cats their dinner and cleared out the litter box downstairs and settled in on the couch for a couple of hours and did some channel surfing.,  I had some dinner. Yogurt and protein shake.

I did finally get rid of flyers, and old announcements from work and the political ads, junk mail that I know I am not going to use. hat were accumulating but I left the bag down in the living room.   Kept stuff like a letter from JoanS from the walk in SEptember. The calendar she gave me and a few other things., I will start organizing again for the new year. During the recess.

I am listening to the entire soundtrack of Polar Express on Youtube right now.  It just felt right iwth the snow outside still snowing. People are starting to share updates and pictures and videos.  OF course I did.

But now I am tired and need to go to sleep.  Tiger is at my feet keeping my shins warm at least.  I expect The king to be ambling up pretty soon.

My goal is to get to work early and get a lot more done before leaving at noon. Tomorrow.  The RWA is sending a contractor over to install an updated water meter reader..  I received a reminder call this afternoon.

Then tomorrow night I am going to the fundraiser at the Italian American club for my neighbor Ron who is recovering from a cancer bought

OKay well good night.


now its this

Now it’s this.

So yesterday sort of got away from me hence the shortened post. I spent most of the day scanning but had to log in a few times while my computer was getting upgraded to Windows 10 at work. Its up and running.

The Committee meeting was cancelled due to illness by the organizer. They also forgot to send out an email letting us know. Some of us grumbled about it. This has been an issue in the past. I mentioned something about it and I really like this girl but she was dismissive. She argued that 95 percent of the time she does send out emails. THis is the same girl who suggested that maybe being on the committee is not a good fit for me because I am kvetching to others instead of coming to her about issues in general. She seemed to get annoyed by it. When I also told her about some people upset with the HEP program she says they need to speak to the Health team. Well I spoke to EH who is on the team and she was aware of it. I also shared the events of yesterday with her.

The rain subsided by the time I left for home. The shuttle ride was fast. It could be the reason I haven’t been taking them lately. Aside from the activities before, during, and after work. At least I got home at a decent time.

When I arrived home I found my new fedora hat (that needs to be stapled on my head in the wind), My latest Dia order (that has two blouses, a dress, belt and pair of pants that look nice), and my stationery that i recently ordered.

I have to finish trying on the clothes and rate them and see what stays or goes. I also have to go through all the others and hang them up eventually. I need to look for more hangers and if I don’t have enough it will be time to order them.

I had some time before going off to the Gym. I fed the cats, watched TV, looked through the Dia Box. and did some straightening here and there.

My session with Alex went pretty well. We talked about the food i ate yesterday and shared a particular recipe with him about Balsamic Spare ribs. He reminded me that they are fatty and of course use moderation.

I was supposed to do 20 minutes of cardio and I barely did 10 I was talking with one of the other trainers and she is lovely…do I remember her name? No. Anyway I was on my way home by 6:30.

I had every intention of just having a protein shake but the chili won out. I was close to eating the entire bowl of it. I think it’s too late now to put in in the bags. But I will need to have it gone by the time I do more cooking.

The rest of the night I watched TV and surfed the net. I did find myself falling asleep in the middle of NCIS.

NCIS was at first about wall art (aka Street ARt) and it turned out to be “agenda Pushing” episode. It was about ecosystem saving and (I believe in it) but the whole thing came off fairly preachy.

Oh I skipped the Ladies Guild completely. I figured since I didn’t go to church for Tickets I wasn’t going to be able to go in. This is the first time I missed it in a long while. It’s getting to be that time where it will be break time between the holidays and the weather.

I went to bed around 9.. Woke up a few times during the night but felt it was deep sleeping each time. The final time I woke up I got up and of course Sky was there waiting for me. Tiger was already downstairs.

We did our normal routine and I stayed on the couch until 6:15 and started getting ready for my physical.

The Physical went really well. All the tests are good Need more VItamin D. They will be checking the A1C again. I was out of there before 9 and on my way to the office. As I suspected the Colonoscopy is for good for another ten years *2024* .Made a stop at DD on the highway. Man their prices are really high.

I was at the office by 10 and spent the rest of the day scanning. Since I have the coffee Talk tonight I will be staying until 5. I hope the weather doesn’t change by then. The sun was still out mid afternoon.

I made an appointment with OB/GYN for MOnday. Then we will schedule the Mammogram I guess. After that I should be all squared and compliant for HEP.

I heard from Angel Hair today and I have an appointment on Saturday at 2:30. That’s great that means I can bake in the morning, get cleaned up and then go to the gym and then to her when done. I can also run some errands that afternoon.

Well I have some more work before heading out for the night. See you later.

I can’t believe

That in eight days, Thirteen days, thirty-three Minutes and (well you get the point) will be Thanksgiving.  I will be with my brother and hopefully two of the kids (Kristian is still in CO and isn’t coming back this way until next Summer).


I am still trying to organize things to get ready for it. I put a call into my hairdresser and hope to get in on Saturday.  Just waiting to hear back from her.


My plans are to bake the breads Saturday afternoon and freeze them.   I have gotten a lot of good advice from the Cooks Group on FB. I wanted to know the best way to wrap and store the breads in the Freezer.  I don’t know how Mom did it (and besides they never lasted long there any way).


The rest of the weekend aside from Sunday will be preparing for the trip.

It was a quiet and slow day

Today is the Observed Veterans Day celebration in CT. Banks are closed, DMV, Government Offices (city, county, towns, state, and federal) so if you took the day off to do certain things that needed to be done by these offices. You are SOL. The PO will be closed so no mail but at the office we will have stuff from the weekend to do. Depending on where you live schools may or may not be open. I am trying to remember if we were in school on those days during Elementary and HS.

The Drive in wasn’t bad for 7:18 in the morning (that’s about the time I left the house) even the sun glare didn’t bother much. It was frosty on the car that was a slight problem I couldn’t see much until it was cleared. I sometimes wish I had the automatic starter and it would be defrosted by the time I leave. I never think to get up and warm up the car early. I am going to have to start doing that now (considering there is snow in the forecast for later this week).

I had a slight headache again this morning this time I took some milk with the tylenol. Now there is just a hint of it. I am not sure if it was culmination of things (like the spices, food, cold, or pillow I was sleeping on).

I am also a little concerned that I have been having a runny nose lately. Sneezing. I would really like not to get sick However, all of this will be brought up at the physical this week. I need to remind myself to print out the medicine list. I don’t want to be sick for the next couple of weeks.

I am pleased to learn that my MyFitnessPal app and the pedometer app are working properly. Not sure what the problem was with the first and now sure what the second one was doing (it wouldn’t post to FB).

So what is going on this week?

For work it’s pretty quiet. I have a union committee meeting tomorrow and we will probably learn more stuff then. IT Randy is coming by tomorrow to upgrade computer to Windows 10. Not sure how long that will take.

Tonight is the final night of the fitness challenge and clearly will not be winning $$. Lost some weight and have been trying really hard to not over do it since Saturday but. I have decided I am doing the next one in the winter.  Tomorrow I see Alex for our regular session.

The Ladies Guild is tomorrow and it is Painting night. A part of me is regretting not bringing money for the painting time and a part of me isn’t (because I am not that good of a painter). I see others do it and think I would love to do it. I am more of a paints by number girl.  They are selling tickets for it so I may not be going.

Wednesday will be the physical and later that night is the Coffee Talk. I am really looking forward to this one because I won’t be at the next one since it’s Thanksgiving eve. I will be traveling.

Thursday will be the strengthening class and I am making every effort to go this time even if it is snowing! IT will probably beat my butt. It did last week.

On Friday the new meter reader equipment is going to be installed so I will be home in the afternoon. That night i am attending a fundraiser for an old neighbor/classmate of mine who is recovering from Cancer. It’s a comedy club night. I have just got to remember it may not be to my liking but I will have to deal with it.

Next weekend is baking weekend, cleaning up weekend (the car-the house should be done by then). I may have to go through the house and get rid of clutter. Organize a few things basically. I will have my weekly walk meetup and of course bingo.

Veteran s Day 2018

To all those who serve in our Armed Forces past present and those will serve thank you for your service and dedication. Today we honor those who are in the armed forces. My father, Uncles, Cousins, nephews and my friends. The armistice for the end of World War I was held at 11:11 on the 11th day of November.

Milford had their Parade at 2 pm. The group attended the parade right after the Veteran’s Day walk that we took at 1.. I was ready and out the door by quarter of. I have been told that the parade attendance has been lacking over the years. I don’t know why (although the weather may have something to do with it.). It indeed was short but very nice.

The chili was made this morning. It was still cooking when I left as I didn’t start it at 6 like would have liked or it would have been done before I left. I did make sure I took my time and measured everything. I have come to the realization that my crockpot isn’t 6 quarts but 4. It was leaking all over the counter wehn I got home. There is a small hole at the bottom of the outer shell and there were pools of the juice all over. I do admit i understand somethings mom must have felt when she cooked over the years. For one I am really clutter nut. I need to get better organized than I am now.

It was sometime after 3 when I got home. I had stopped at the store to pick up shredded cheese for the chili and some paper towels. I didn’t have any in the house and Livia is coming tomorrow.

I had the chili and continued to watch TV for the next several hours. The cats were in various states of agitation. I apparently left someone in the cellar. I don’t know if she even ate her dinner. I know Sky did but I don’t know where he disappeared to.

I did a few odds and ends and had became tired. I even fell asleep during Starz Encore Action channels Star Trek marathon. As soon as I finish this I am going to bed.

Beautiful day

It is a sunny morning. It is already 50 plus degrees and it is only quarter of ten. It is predicted to have high winds until later this afternoon and evening. The rest of the weekend is supposed to be sunny and that’s a good thing for the parade tomorrow and the walk.

I swore earlier this week I heard the word snow in the forecast (even if it is flurries). But I checked and I don’t see any snow in the forecast. I have been trying to figure out when I should clean out the car for the trip to Allentown. I think cleaning out the car should be before that but the morning of the trip I will go and get it washed.

Today though I already got the blood work done for the physical on Wednesday. It didn’t take long. There was a twenty minute wait as they said. I was done by 9:00 and got home with coffee and a doughnut (buying it would donate to the CT Food Bank). IT won’t help me with the weight loss though. Shh.

I have the entire counter space filled with the cans of food that will need to be put into two recipes no make that three recipes. I will have to do the chili in the morning before I take off for the milford walk challenge at 1. I just don’t know what I want to do first. The breads, or more sauce. I am also looking for recipes with chicken that are still healthy. Not sure Chicken Parm is going to be on that list.

I also need to do some organizing on the laptop and things like that. I have to get rid of a lot of papers that are hanging around. I did clear out the cabinet under the bathroom downstairs and cleared out the counter in front of the laundry clutch.

I had my phone session with Debra this evening…it had been a couple of weeks since we spoke. We talked about the activities, work, the weight loss, and I read the past week’s entries to her. We may need to have another phone session next week since I have to be here for the RWA contractor.

Been watching TV and did some more laundry and sent the dishwasher going. As soon as NCIS is over heading to bed.

Today is going to be a low key day

I got a terrible pain in the gut area this morning and it made going to the bathroom difficult. Almost like I did when I had the fibroid tumors (non malignant) several years ago. I thought perhaps i had gotten gas or something. After a while it made my stomach nauseated. Still feel that way now. I have had coffee and ice coffee and I have done the whole routine but I don’t think i am going to eat much today. Actually I can’t i have bloodwork to do tomorrow and I have to fast.

I cancelled my appointment with Debra and explained I wasn’t feeling well and that I have the peapod delivery coming tonight at 6 (with my luck it will be later). So we will have a phone session Saturday afternoon.

I decided to drive in to work today. I just don’t feel like waiting for the shuttle and hopefully the traffic won’t be too bad. Then again it may not be the case. We are supposed to get rain this afternoon. It was horrible yesterday. The sunset made it difficult but there were accidents up and down the 95 corridor. Traffic on the side streets home was ridiculous too.

I have been mostly scanning and even that I am having a bit of hard time focusing on the task. I plan on spending the day doing this (both focusing and scanning). DG will do the mail. She did pretty well with yesterday’s mail. Only a couple of mistakes.

Supervisor has returned and approved my two PTO requests for next week. I am glad that’s out of the way. I will have to do the end of the month next week as well. Thanksgiving is already done but I am pretty sure I still have to do fmla on this month’s infusion and the day that Diane and Rogier come to pick up the stuff.

WE had pizza for lunch celebration today. I wasn’t planning on having any but we all know i would. IT was delicious and from ABate’s. Unfortunately it didn’t curb my hunger. I will have to start drinking the water.
It was a bit chilly this morning (37 degrees) and sunny by the end of the day it was rainy and a little warmer. As i mentioned at the top of the piece we are supposed to get rain and flooding overnight.

The grocery delivery came after 6:30 and now I have enough stuff to make a couple of batches of chili and sauce. I discovered I need to reorganize the cupboard. I also have to find various recipes for the meat.

But for now I am going to relax and keep an eye on the laundry. I want to get it done before the weekend is gone

I sometimes wonder

Do you ever see those commercials on TV or online about people rushing around their world doing things to be organized or active?  Then the VO says you may have manic tendencies? Well I sometimes wonder if I am that way? I have had moments that I can get busy trying to clean up things and being organized.


For example,  after posting my Thankful Thursday list I changed the emails linked to the blogs to my primary google email.  On the theory I wanted to leave the yahoo just for the Ladies guild stuff. Not sure if that’s working or not.


I have put in the PTO requests for next week at work.  My hope is Supervisor will be in tomorrow and approve them before I leave next week.  The first one isn’t going under the FMLA (not sure they would think its included).


Just learned that the Orange location of LL Bean (near Trader Joe’s) is closing because its so close to the New Haven location.  That means the twenty people in the Orange location will have to relocate the hope is that these people will find jobs in the remaining stores throughout the state.


I made it to the gym tonight and I absolutely shocked Mr AW.  I also confessed to him what I had the night before. I told him I was a little more careful today.  We will in all likelihood to the inbody that day as well. Of course when I got home i had spare ribs and some candy apple frosting (yuck).


Now after watching TV and threw a load of laundry in me and the kitties are going to bed.


Thankful Thursday

  1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all.  Diane and Rogier will be coming  after Thanksgiving weekend (like a week later).  Lovely invite from Niece Lisa for Thanksgiving but I had to turn it down.  Everyone else is well.
  2.        I am thankful for my kitties.  They have been great. Both have been sleeping on the bed at night.  Sky is testing his limits again. Sticking his head out the front door everytime I come in.
  3.         I am thankful for my job. I learned that a long time colleague retired while I was on my long weekend.  We are having a pizza party this Friday for Month End AR
  4.         I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.   I have my physical for the HEP program scheduled for next week.  I see Debra tomorrow.
  5.         I am thankful for my neighbors.   They are all well.  
  6.         I am thankful for my home. Livia comes and cleans the house next week.  I always love it when she does.
  7.         I am thankful for my friends.  Las Vegas friends are good.  Finally caught up with my Florida Friend.  She is very busy and now getting used to her husband there full time (he sold his practice last month).

Last night went to the Coffee Hour Meetup that I haven’t been able to get to and it was a blast.  We met at Panera’s in North Haven. Huge Shopping Mall. We had so many new faces and we had great discussions (family, and pets).

  1. 8.       I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.   Ladies guild next week. There is still some conflict but still figuring out how much I will feed into it and let the rest go.   There is some really great things coming up I hope.

The current election cycle is finished so the Politics will be resting for the next couple of months (some social gatherings for the holiday).  Then we will start up in February with the next bit. SIgh. Never ends. Going to insist not to do phone banking though.

9          I am thankful for the weather.   No Snow yet.  But it might come next week!

  1.      I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.    Enough said.


Long Drive

I rushed out of here yesterday forgetting my cell phone.  Stopped at home got the cats fed, had something to eat so I wouldn’t overeat at HQ (didn’t help).  Then headed to the gym, and after the gym headed to HQ.


I got there on time.  Alex and immediately started the squats w/30 lb kettlebell, then the rows, then the rubber band.  We talked about the brunch I went to, the fact my myfitnesspal app won’t open (they updated it), we spoke about elections, and pets.  Before we finished he reminded me that the final night of the challenge is next Monday! That  I need to behave (food intake wise/exercise wise)


After the session went to HQ where there was last minute phone banking going on.  I proceeded to eat pizza (4 slices) and then as more food arrived thanks to SHARONM and Chairman Phil I ate it.  Now I didn’t just stand there and eat I also chatted with people I hadn’t seen in quite some time. I also was on the receiving end of being ignored by TessM.   I didn’t seek her out but she is obnoxious. Sharon was upset as after cleaning up the first night it’s been a mess. Food everywhere (in her eyes-I know they have cleaned it up a few times but it wasn’t a priority)


There were some issues about getting the results right after 8 pm.  Chairman RIch explained they were trying something different and didn’t work so they will go back to the old way next year.  Anyway Candidate Cyndy and Ellen both lost their bids for the seats. Senator Elect James won and was so emotional about it. Rep Kim retained her seat (no doubts there).  When I left the race for the Governor’s office was very close. I was certain the Republican Candidate would be declared the winner. He conceded this morning.


Many on my newsfeed were not pleased and did the whole threatening to move out of state.  I spoke with MARYA and she is upset by the results and my last statement to her was give him a chance.  SHe would (has no choice) but I made sure she wasn’t angry with me. She isn’t. I spoke with one other to test the waters but not about that subject.


THe kitties were very anxious for me to get to bed last night.  They followed me up once I got there. I wasn’t feeling well (neck and shoulders were hurting) so I took the meds for it.  Eventually felt better and went to sleep.


The culmination of the campaign season was just many things that occured since the last mid week check in.  My Long weekend although turned unexpected, between computer problems, and traffic issues, went very well.


The ladies meet up brunch was a huge success and my contributions to it (food wise) was well received and made me confident enough to make more for the thanksgiving holidays.  


The rest of this week will be preparing for the Veteran’s day walk I am in on Sunday.  I won’t be volunteering at the nursing home. I have several things coming up over the next few weeks between ladies guild, meetups, and work.  The DTC is going to be on hold for the next couple of months for the holidays and such. Well we have a couple of social things going on this month I think.  


I have a physical next week.  Its part of the HEP program that we are doing at work.  I will still have fines to pay for it not being done earlier but I don’t mind.  


Near the end of next week the Regional Water Authority will be sending out a contractor to have a new meter reading system installed and I have to be there for that one.


I am making plans for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I have a hotel reservation made and i have the kitties taken care of.  I am trying arrange getting my car cleaned and my haircut before going.  The car can be done the morning I leave for the hotel. I don’t have to be at the hotel until 3 that afternoon.