4 Cups of coffee

Good Evening! It was a chilly and sunny start to the day. There were lovely clouds out (not dark and grey as I imagined) The temps didn’t get any higher than 40’s. That was an excuse to have extra large THin mint coffee from Dunkin Donuts. That’s a 24 oz container and equals out to four cups (based on 8oz). I really thought I would have a razzed day.

IT looks like we will get a Nor’easter storm after all except now it will be on Wednesday instead of tuesday. IT’s been changing all afternoon.

I had a good time with LIz and Nelson at the play yesterday. I did let Liz know what happened Saturday with Sean. She listened and tried to reassure me I wasn’t at fault but things have to be different now. He can no longer come into the house or help with anything. She feels I shouldn’t say anything unless he says something. May be for now keep the distance. She does want me to find out why I felt it necessary to have the alcohol.. It was a great talk.

So we went to Long Wharf to BAskerville A sherlock Holmes Mystery. It was pretty good (despite the fact I fell asleep in the dark a few times). IT was quite clever. 4 of the cast members had to change 32 times in wardrobe. THere was a symposium after the play but we opted to go to Brazzi’s for an early dinner. I had a couple pieces of bread but a salad and ravioli lobster, soda (ginger ale) and coffee but no dessert.

I think we got back to her place around 7 and we had a long talk. About the situation from Saturday as well as other stuff. Stuff that She apologized for this morning. She reiterated that Sean was wrong and I need to be able to talk with someone safe for me. AKA:Debra and not the entire staff here. She doesn’t realize I have a support system here as well (admittedly I think is getting smaller).

When I got home I fed the cats, did a little straightening, and folded some clothes and got into bed and watched TV. I also did as Liz suggested and put the blinds down and closed them. I was exhausted despite the amount of coffee I had earlier in the evening. The cats came to bed as well..

This morning I worked on the scanning and then the mail. The mail from Kilby was non existent but GA had put stuff that was from campus this morning in slots for me to work on when I could ( I guess). So this allowed me to work on some readdress mail. Didn’t get a lot out but that will be on my work agenda tomorrow as well.. I had to leave early today for my derm appointment so I was unable to finish the Healthlogic stuff but will in the morning. I suspect that’s the way it’s going to be all week.

I got to my appointment at 4. Traffic was just starting to go slow. I ran into CHairman Phil there and we chatted for a bit. THen I went in and had my appointment. It went well. Dr, J gave me some ideas to take care of the eczema. Not sure i want to put a humidifier in the room. Hello the cats? I see him again next autumn.

I headed to Stop and shop and went grocery shopping. DIdn’t spend as much as I did the previous week but I still managed to forget stuff. After that I went to Starbucks in the same shopping center and got myself a Venti Blonde something. So I really will be up all night.

Before I came home I saw neighbor Chris and his pups so I stopped and visited with him. We talked about the St Patrick’s day and the family (No I didn’t mention the incident)

I finally got home and unpacked the food and left a stuffed pork roast to cook. It took about an hour and then i had one of the steam fresh protein bags. While waiting for it I fed the cats and after one of them catawaling they have been eerily quiet.

Liz sent me a long text message this morning to apologize for saying a lot of stuff that might have been unneeded. She reiterated pretty much everything I may have mentioned earlier today about talking about it safely with someone….

We;ll I have a few things to do before going to bed (cleaning the kitchen being one of them) so I will take my leave of you..


Looking forward

Good morning everyone it is a quiet Sunday morning and I have been relaxing. As I expected I didn’t fall asleep until way after Midnight so I stayed in bed well past 6 this morning. I saw a lovely orange sky in between the houses come up over the horizon. The kitties sure were not happy about that.
After doing our morning ritual I headed back to bed and tried to sleep but Sky had been asking to go into the computer room (aka my old bedroom). I didn’t want them in there yet but I broke down a short while ago because he was giving me a headache. Tiger who had been at the foot of the bed headed in there as well. I will be going there shortly to use the computer and do some organizing of files. I won’t be there for long though.
Today is the theater date with Liz. I have to meet her at quarter of 1 at her house and then we will drive to Long Wharf theater in New Haven and see: Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery. I had never seen this particular play but I am looking forward to it and spending an afternoon with Liz. Actually it’s been a while since I saw a live production of anything. I think the last time I saw a play was Wicked at the Oakdale theater.
I just sent an IM to Jim and he responded. I had sent him a message via IM yesterday but didn’t reply to me not sure if he sent me a regular text or if my text is working. He doesn’t seem very talkative on this messenger but when he texts he says more. He hasn’t asked me about Liz or anyone else lately. Like at all. That’s probably a good thing. I am waiting to read his response to my going to the theater.
It is about 24 degrees out and supposed to get a little warmer but not by much. The weather reports are still calling for snow in the middle of the week but I have heard the 4th Nor Easter is going to change to rain and nothing more. It says mostly cloudy for the week for New Haven. It looks like the snow won’t show up until the following weekend. Here in this part of the city where I live can expect clouds and rain. I can handle that as long as there is no flooding or downed trees from the wind.
Well its time for breakfast and then getting ready for the afternoon. After the play I will do some grocery shopping.


St Patrick’s Day 2018

Greetings! I want to wish all of my visitors and readers a wonderful St Patrick’s Day. May all your Blessings be plenty.
My day has been rather quiet. I slept in late and then after the morning routine I fell back to sleep until 8:30. I was going to head over to see Lilly but her Dad was home so I guess they were already having breakfast.
I did go to the Gym this morning and got back by 12:30. We discussed nutrition and things that cannot be in my diet (no more frozen meals). I lost five lbs. since I started this. We also talked about the Nor Easter that turned into a dud. He had me do strengthening exercises. Squats, the bands. I finished up with half hour cardio.
Since being home been watching Star Trek Next Generation and about to watch X-men 2. Probably watch this for a while.
IT was about 35 to 40 degrees and sunny and it’s been beautiful. I had seen reports that indicate that we were supposed to get something this afternoon. It turned out to wrong. It should be nice the rest of the weekend.
I have been updating files on the PC…getting rid of the emails that have been gathering dust. I also have updating document logs. Trying to be organized.
I have also done some odds and ends. I washed some windows and tried cleaning the big bay window in front. It came out of the tract. It’s not supposed to do that. Luckily it is back in and will have to be looked at later.
My neighbor S came over tonight. He wanted to share a St Patrick’s Day drink with me. It was Irish whiskey. I had seen him when he came home and so I greeted him and wished him a happy. Anyway, he sat down and gave me my own bottle and we drank it. I suspect he has already had a few of these because as he was explaining things he was asking questions that were not making me comfortable. I hope I kept changing the discussion to something else. I also asked him to help with the window and we both tried it. At one point I was in front of him trying to fix the window and he said if you keep moving like that…and he also put his hand on my ass. I moved it quickly. Once we figured there was nothing we could do with the window…I rushed him out of here. I know I didn’t do anything to encourage this and I would never do anything to hurt his wife.
The cats have spent most of the afternoon up in the spare room. They just came down again for the second time and probably waiting for me to come up. I am not sure if they went back in or not. So will leave the door open for the night. I may get the energy to update more files and go in myself.
I finished the Chinese food from last night. I haven’t been hungry much after that. I have been having coffee and I suspect that will keep my up all night. So that’s why I expect to find myself in the other room.
Tomorrow is the trip to the theater. Liz suggested I have lunch before I go tomorrow so I won’t be hungry during the performance.


So many things happening

So many things going on this week. Nationally, Regionally, Locally, Politically, Globally, and personally.
Yesterday was national walkout day. Students from across the country all walked out of their classrooms to make the world know that they want those in charge to find ways to make them safe and better gun control etc. In many places both in cyber and real world people criticized the students for doing this and others punished them for doing it. IF they don’t do it who will?
The Toys R Us Company announced they will be closing all of their stores. That includes Babies R us as well. I have been to both stores over the years. I won’t say frequently but enough not just as customer but when our club was doing the baby contest there. They are about 2 miles from me.
A week ago Tonight State Senator Gayle Slossberg announced she would not be seeking another term representing Milford, Orange, and part of West Haven. Mid-week James Maroney announced his candidacy for that seat. James isn’t new to the political arena. He was a Board of ED member here in town and then from 2013-2015 he was a state Rep. I probably will be volunteering for his campaign.
Work is going well. My admin came back from her conference and got back into the swing of things. I was so tired one day but managed to put a huge dent in the readdress mail. The mail trays I had been waiting on all week finally came on Friday after a little more prodding from me.
I talked with Roberta this week there have been some slight changes to her itinerary the week she is visiting. They will be here for one night and spending the rest of the weekend with another friend but we are going to the Seder together. I had originally planned to get some painting done but I have put it off for so long that I don’t believe I have the time to do it.

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for my family warts and all. Everyone seems to be doing okay.  Diane is doing well in the play.  I will be going to the theater with my sister this weekend really looking forward to that.
  2. I am thankful for my kitties. They have been following me around a lot lately and staying with me when I came home earlier this week from a storm.
  3. I am thankful for my job. Things have been busy.  Played catch up because of storms this week I left early when Nor Easter #3 came through.  We have some stuff coming up in the Union branch.
  4. I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health. I saw the hematologist and he says I am doing great.  No evidence of a blood clot.
  5. I am thankful for my neighbors.   Everyone is doing fine.
  6. I am thankful for my home. Everything seems to be working okay.  Still must make time for some painting before long
  7. I am thankful for my friends. I am really looking forward to seeing Mama Roberta and her husband soon.  Even if it for one night there will be time to spend with them.
  8. I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. I was very thankful the guild cancelled Tuesday night’s meeting.  The snow was supposed to start that night.  It has been moved to next Tuesday.

9             I am thankful for the weather.  I would be thankful if the warm weather and spring came on anytime soon now…I have had enough of the snow.

  1. I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. Enough Said.



Good Morning! I am happy to report I made it to work safely despite the messy conditions. The snow came around 6. I kept procrastinating about what to do about work but I left the house just after 7:30. I drove along the shoreline and truthfully not so bad. I got closer to the office and called my team lead who chose to stay home to let her know I was on the way. She offered to email the other team lead for me. I have been in the office since maybe 10 after. It is getting heavier and if it gets worse I am leaving at Noon for home.

It was fairly quiet around here today. It’s nice in a way. This morning I worked on the readdress mail that I spoke about last week. Managed to make more labels and put out the others to be delivered. Those of us who did make it in were leaving by 12 as the snow came down much harder.

I decided to call Debra to cancel the appointment but later realized we were having a phone session anyway. Sent an email to Alex to let him know I was heading home. He wasn’t sure he was coming in anyway.

A number of us began leaving at 12…I made it outside and fell! I was near the corner and landed on my hip (but only bruised it) a kind gentleman helped me up and two of my co workers checked on me a couple of times. I took a detour to avoid rest of the sidewalk and it worked.

I mailed my fmla papers today since the deadline is March 23. That’s what the letter from them was about. Unfortunately I already had forms filled out instead of the ones they included and I hope they will still accept them.

The drive home wasn’t bad the roads were clear and everyone was driving safely. The snow was slowing down by the time I got home. Now it has completely stopped and it looks like the sun is starting to come out. Everyone including the Weather.com is calling this a dud. According to some people the snow amounts range from 4 to 15 inches. Around here it is starting to melt. This is aggravating because well we could have done all the activities. Then again I am glad because I can rest the knee (its been hurting for a couple of days to begin with).

I have a phone session with Debra shortly so I am going to get ready for that. Will check back in later before going to bed.


I have a feeling

When my alarm on the cell phone didn’t go off this morning I knew today would be filled with challenges.

When I got to work and began scanning the scanner was lighting up with “error messages”. When AC came in she was having populating problems (numbers not showing up in the boxes) she has since took care of it.

Today should be fairly mundane. Regular Monday work activities. SR is at a conference this week so she won’t be in until the middle of the week (and after the storm).

Tonight is my Hematology Doc appointment and then class. I am going to go shopping after the gym. I will need a few things this week.

I can’t believe that in a few days will be St Patrick’s Day. Milford and New Haven had their Parades this past weekend. I didn’t go to either and I think I am already regretting it but I don’t always like crowds and my legs don’t always cooperate.

It is not only St Patrick’s Day but it is also my maternal Grandmother’s Birthday. I have mixed memories of my Grandmother because she was incredibly difficult to EVERYONE over the years. It caused a lot of grief between her children that took years to get through. I think a lot of grandchildren tried to stay out of it. When I spent time with her (through the bingo games)it was very stressful for me and there many days I would come home angry or stressed.

The other memories I do have is of the massive family parties we had in her honor. I remember one being at the house. Others have been at her house (I think) and one at the old Holiday Inn in town. I also remember how stressful Mom would get especially if I was less than helpful. When I felt she was stressful I got out of her way. IT was a mix of birthday party and family reunion. It’s been a few years since the last family reunion and I have a feeling another one is being bantered around.

I also can’t believe that in two and half weeks Easter will be here. I will be having friends come on Good Friday and we will be going to the Seder at the Synagogue here in the Borough. The rest of the time they will be staying with friends a short distance from me.

When lunchtime rolled around and I had MARKET VEGGIE SAUTE- with a warm pita,saute veggies and kale, garlic, with a scoop of house hummus, garnished with xvoo and toasted pepitas.

We also got a winter advisory from the University. We will be open and some services are on Spring Break schedules (considering the University is in Spring Break Mode-it explains a lot). They did advise us if we are not critical (which I don’t consider myself critical) staff we can use PTO. I have already said Something to Supervisor Bob. Along the lines of if it’s bad not to expect me. He said I probably won’t be the only one..

It was pretty nice this afternoon walking to the car but it all changed by the time I got to Milford for my Dr. Appointment. All the numbers look great. What does that mean you ask? No evidence of Blood clot. Iron is good but not being used. I don’t need to be on iron pill. Guess who is going to make a phone call tomorrow?

I ended up not going to the gym. I called them before going to the appointment. I knew by the time I got out of the Dr. appointment it would be 5:15. I wasn’t really prepared to rush over there in record time. So I went to the store.

I was close to Shoprite (a regional store) so i went there. It took about an hour for me to pick up all the things I needed. It was fairly high. I checked with my BIL who shops there often and he finds it to be better than say Stop and Shop down the road.

It was sometime around 6 when I got home. Don next door came out and asked me to watch my god pup Lilly next weekend. He is going to a Wedding up North and his wife is going into the hospital for some surgery. I jumped at the chance. I have wanted to watch her for years. She is such a doll. She is a sheltie. I think they call it a Blue Merle. it will be very easy. Feed her, walk her around the back yard and give her a treat or two. We entertained the thought of her visiting us here but agreed that the cats would not be so willing. So in the next couple of days we will have a dry run. Funny moments? The cats kept looking out the window for me.

I came in put the groceries away and fed the cats. I then started my own dinner. I had some of the roasted chicken and eventually made some semi roasted brussel sprouts in the fryer.

Been surfing the next and watching NCIS on Oxygen. I was surprised to learn it was on tonight instead of its regular scheduled Day.

As the evening is drawing to a close I haven’t been been rushing to get ready for tomorrow. I do have to get some dishes put away.




Got Lazy Again

After doing a few odds and ends yesterday and going to the hairdresser and then to the gym I got lazy. I was tired from the hour long work out.
I came home around 2 and started getting tired. I surfed the net and then started to fall asleep. I made lunch sometime afterwards.
I finally broke down and tried to reset the TV remote on the downstairs TV and of course it didn’t work so I called and got some assistance. We got it done but the remote does need to be replaced. It will be here in about a week. I can’t turn it on by the cable remote. I can with the other remote.
The rest of the night I sat downstairs watching TV and doing crossword puzzles. I went to bed by the normal time. The funny thing is I decided to leave the laptop downstairs and it felt weird because I usually grab it during the night if I wake up. I slept through the night.
It was Daylight’s saving day today and I ended up staying in bed a lot longer than expected. It was nearly 7 when I got up. The kitties were none too happy with me. I took care of the stove ovens but everything else is going to take “time”.
I am not going to bingo today. Need to do stuff and need to be with myself.
I found out that parts of the borough had a power outage. Actually parts of Milford did too again. They got it back by 9. Customers of Eversource however are still in the dark as of this writing. Many are outraged and even a rep from Essex has been aggravated. According to Eversource they are working on things the best they can.
Eversource used to be Northeast Utilities which rebranded in 2015 into Eversource. I seem to remember that NU had its shares of troubles over the years and it doesn’t seem to be changing much for Eversource. It’s funny according to their site they service Milford. I figured all of Milford would be under United Illuminating (who have their problems too). I would be interested in finding out just how much they service here.
Talked with Jim a while ago. I don’t think he is handling the time change well. He told me he was grumpy.
Talked with Liz. She was wondering if she had hurt my feelings on Friday by rushing me out the house.   I told her not to worry about it. We talked about our day, the weather and the upcoming week.
So I think I am going to take a cue from my sister and do a few things before the weekend gets finished.

How far would you go?

Someone recently posted alerts on a FB page for our town. The alerts were regarding suspicious activity in a neighborhood and apparently had pictures of the person and their vehicle etc. It turned out he was not doing anything wrong. What followed was criticism and judgements that this person had no right to do this without posting a follow up. I don’t think she really did anything wrong but is it legal? Once information has been released by the police isn’t it freedom of information? I believe she was making neighbors aware of a possible situation. How far would you go? Who do you think was right?

So I went to the Thursday Group class last night and it is pretty much like Tuesday’s classes. IT hurt and i could feel it in the knees and the lower back. I hope I kept trying. Ran into Alex food confessed. I am in trouble tomorrow. The Obnoxious lady was in this class but less obnoxious than on Tuesday.

After the class I headed to Pops and called Dave (he had sent messages while I was in the class) and to let him know I was there. He was doing some errands. It was nearly 7 when we sat down. We talked about work, family, life in general. We both had scallops and pasta. We had salad he had dessert. We were there until closing and then left. We talked about vacations as well and going to movies soon. As of right now I think he is in California.

I stopped for gas at the Pilot station and got into a really cool conversation with a guy in the line next to me. I was having a little issue with the gas hose and we started talking (he is an instructor for AA) and I told him about Dave. We talked about the Unions and his job and he was just coming home from Montego Bay..

I came home and got ready for bed. The cats followed. Soon they were sleeping and it took me some time so I did some crossword puzzles.

Today was good although I got a little stressed out as GA came to my desk like three times and i was getting more than paranoid. This gave me a kick in the pants to work on some of the readdress mail that has been gathering dust.

I didn’t get a lot of us mail (and I wasn’t expecting the) Healthlogic but it got done by the time I left for the day. I gave me a moment to talk to SR as she is going to conference next week so she won’t be here. I kiddingly said I will be on my best behavior and she came out with oh good I won’t get any emails? Which got me to thinking that GA had been saying things (she was watching me a lot today). However I got the feeling that we all got the messages we were NOT saying. I was pretty up front with both Supervisor and SR about focusing and getting the work done. So by the time I left I was feeling better.



I called my sister on the way home to see if I could stop by (I hadn’t seen her since she left for her trip and have only spoken to her once or twice and texted all week). I stopped and got my dry cleaning before I got to her house and we spent the next hour and half talking about her trip and she showed me our cousin’s beautiful pristine house. She showed me the pictures of the kid too. OMG Audrey and Jason (Chris’s kids) are so grown up and they are just at the tween stage.

We basically got caught up on the family (both the hers and ours) and I told her about the new insurance plans we have. As usual I think I didn’t explain it well. But we had a good time. Nelson came home from what sounded like a trying experience at the pharmacy. He fell asleep before I left.

It was after 6:30 when I left and I wasn’t really hungry but didn’t want to cook anything so I stopped at Subway close to the house. I got a foot long seafood salad sandwich for dinner. I finished it a short time ago. It was good.

The kitties were waiting on me when I got home so before i ate I fed them. Now they are both sleeping at the foot of the bed. They are lying butt to butt. It really is cute. This is the longest SKy has been quiet tonight. HE had been vocalizing for the past hour.

I really should be finishing the laundry but I am tired. There isn’t much on TV tonight except the normal marathons and a few movies.

It is a bit chilly in the house now ( had turned the thermostat down when I came in-it was hot). There was an oil delivery today. The bill was lower than last month’s but it still rather high. It will be paid in the next few days.

The outside temps are supposed to drop to 29 overnight. We might get some snow flurries i think. It looks like we will have a fairly decent weekend weather wise. Monday might be another story. I hope not. Someone says it may go out to sea..

Thankful Thursday

  1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all.  EVeryone is doing okay. A few of my great niece and nephews are celebrating birthdays.  My sister is home from her time in SC/NC


  1.        I am thankful for my kitties.  They are doing well and cuddly.   


  1.         I am thankful for my job.  We were able to leave early for the Nor’easter yesterday.


  1.         I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health. I thought today would be the first day I wouldn’t feel sick but now that the stomach issues are done my cough has returned.  If it continues I am heading to the doctor.


  1.         I am thankful for my neighbors.  They are all getting ready for the Christmas holiday and working.  
  2.         I am thankful for my home.  We had a power flicker last night during the storm but never lost it.


  1.         I am thankful for my friends.  Everyone is well. I am expecting Mama Roberta and Papa MIchael at Easter time.  I have received a letter from Sami I am excited about.


  1. 8.         I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. DIdn’t attend the ladies guild this week.  I am just going to have to resign from the board. I want to be a part of the organization but not this other stuff..


9          I am thankful for the weather.  The latest Nor’Easter didn’t have a huge impact (flickered lights) on me except for getting out early yesterday.


  1.      I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.    Enough said.