Sunday’s #365 prompt

Sunday’s #365 A day Question was not to be passed over. It is what I did today. Well I would have to say not so much. I actually stayed in bed until 6:30. It has been a while since I did that (during the holidays at least).

I managed to do the normal morning routine with the cats. The rest of the time they split their time sleeping between the guest room, my room, and an occasional trip to the litterbox. When it was time for bed they both came for a while.

I surfed the net, watched TV, made some calls, had breakfast, lunch and Pizza for dinner. I slept and did a lot of crossword puzzles


Another Quiet Day


Today was the second day of my long week weekend and it has been pretty much mellow. I spend most of the day watching NCIS marathon on USA. The kitties were taking turns sleeping at the foot of the bed all day but now both are there and sleeping. I will be joining them as soon as the Patriots VS Titan game is over.

I should have been out checking gyms but decided to skip it. I suspect that if I check it out they will want me to try the equipment and I don’t have clothes for it. It has been a little windy but sunny. I believe the temps got into the 40’s but now it’s below 20. I can probably do it Monday.

I heard from Liz before she went to Norwich this afternoon. She and Nel went there for a doo op concert at Mohegan Sunday afternoon and decided to go up early to relax and check out the casino. They are usually not casino people but who knows. They will be back sometime Monday.

We had a great time yesterday. I got to her house around 5 (it was just starting to rain) and so we checked out the outfits and the only thing that we didn’t like is a blouse and I will send it back. After that Mike and Cheryl came to help them replace a light fixture but the men folk had to go out and get it and we chatted about stuff. When they came back they also brought Chinese food we had ordered.

We talked about family stuff. It seems the wedding venue for Adam and Olga’s wedding destination wedding was completely destroyed in the mudslides (California). They are heartbroken (they have been married about 7 years now. The evening was over by 8 I think.

I think I messed up on my log on for the site. It is not recognizing my creds. Upside they do send me an email with the list of things for the service they provide (you see most of what you are getting). Like the returned Christmas card for my cousin Judy. I contacted her this afternoon via FB to get her address.

Oh and I paid some bills that I got email alerts for. Some were due by the end of this month and a couple for next month. I was a little surprised at the UI bill. It was a little higher than usual.

I didn’t update the MyFitnessPal site yet either. Today I had couple coups of coffee with sweetener and cream (also took a swig of it too). I had oatmeal and milk (two packets) for breakfast. Lunch was the leftover chicken fried rice. Dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich with bread and butter and tea.

I can’t believe I am writing this but I watched Most of the Patriots vs Titan game on TV tonight. A part of it I just had it on in the background. It was almost like the play by play reporting you would hear on the radio. I even sent texts to my friend Ann who was watching it too. She explained a few things to me. I have to say it was interesting.

I managed to write my friend T in Florida. Its three page letter telling her catching her up on my life. I told her about work, the political scene around here, and community service stuff. I will mail it out tomorrow.

Right now though I am going to bed…

Long Holiday Weekend

Today has been fairly quiet. I did my normal early morning routine and surprised the kitties when I didn’t get ready for work. Instead I made some coffee and headed back to my bed to spend the time sleeping, watching TV, and doing some writing. I did manage to do some laundry and send the dishwasher through.

I also heard from my siblings after sending each a text. Liz had told me she was getting her car serviced in all places Fairfield (it’s where she got her car). She also told me she had a few more things to do before heading back to the house. She also found out a dear friend of hers died in the fall. She had just recently (or at Christmas time) sent the woman something. Liz later contacted me to let me know she was going to nap and text me when she was ready.

I had a text from Jim telling me he has a sore throat. I mentioned that he has been sick a lot and wondered if he had immune problems like me or Liz. He never responded to it. He may not want to discuss it with me. I will try later.

The Nursing home called today they had to cancel all groups this weekend because there is a flu outbreak and so there will be no bingo! I am really glad so for all intents and purposes I barely have to leave the house!!! I probably will do something Saturday and Sunday.

Thankful Thursday 1/11/18

  1. I am thankful for my family warts and all. Found out my brother has a girlfriend!. Everyone else is doing well this first week of 2018. I will see Liz tomorrow for a mini fashion show.
  2. I am thankful for my kitties. We didn’t make it to the vet’s last week (too cold in my opinion but we all will be going next week. They have been otherwise doing well. Eating pretty well, sleeping well.
  3. I am thankful for my job. We have MLK day off Monday and I was able to request tomorrow off! So I have me a four day weekend. Other than been busy.
  4. I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health. I had a good session with Courtney yesterday. We talked about a few things for the upcoming week. I see her again on the 16th. I believe.
  5. I am thankful for my neighbors. Found out Swimmer Shannon is in Florida doing training. She will be returning to school sometime soon.
  6. I am thankful for my home-I see things here and there that need to be taken care of but just not right now it can’t.
  7. I am thankful for my friends-Everyone seems to be doing well. Will be working on pen pal letters toward the weekend.
  8. I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. Lots coming up ….I hope I can do the things that need to be done. I am nervous about that

9             I am thankful for the weather. Even though there are reports of flooding it is helping the snow melt a little.

  1. I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.

What makes me smile? prompt for 1102018

First and foremost is my kitties.  I love waking up and they are coming to wake me to feed them and then they will be sleeping and the way they sleep.  In the human  part would be watching my nieces and nephews play and talk and just be themselves.

I really should learn to watch news in the morning because then I would have known not to get on the highway.  Maybe take part of the backroads.  I called Lauren.  I was about a min late.  Let’s hope traffic home isn’t bad.

Today has been about  finishing the mail from yesterday.  I got it done about 11.  THen I worked on some scanning and my hope was to go back to it once today’s mail was done.  WHich I did.  I did find the healthlogic delivery on my admin’s desk but didn’t take it.

I had my session with Courtney and we discussed the methods in which I am going to renew myself.  First start up with myfitnesspal, and cut back on red meat, and the soda and juice.  So Friday I am going to look at the Edge.    Then maybe Planet fitness.  I am not sure I want them in my checking account.  The prices for both seem good.

When i got home I got dinner from Adams.  Pork loin and carrots and roasted  potatoes.

What is my favorite snacks?

When I read this my first reaction was oh I love everything.  It could be anything.  MOst of the time lately I have been eating chips and salsa, chips and guacamole.  The second would be any of the ice creams.  Every once in a while it would be a can of frosting.  Like I said  anything can be a snack for me. LOL

Work went well.  I got there before 8 and before my super…;)  He chuckled when I stood there in my cubicle waving.  I can’t remember what I did next.  I know I got coffee and started scanning for most of the morning.  I had a few issues with the system and AC helped with it.  She did tell me just to check them again and then shred the rest that i worked on.   Not sure i can do scanning in the morning.  

I started on the mail for a while before I went to the Union committee meeting. EV is stepping down from her position on EB, the committee for personal reasons.  She has done it a few times but this time she needs to do she says.  Anyway, things over all seem okay on the floor…there are few things that need to be verified about a few jobs that have opened up.  We have a MLK rally/action on the 16th.  

When I got back there seemed to be lot of mail.  Started working on that and the stuff I had picked up earlier from the lobby.  Of course today was the big Healthlogic delivery and I never get through that until Wednesday.

I did find myself feeling that we are (or I am) getting back into a normal routine t work.  It feels good to think that way but I get the feeling something will get thrown around and changes.  

I put in PTO for Friday.  I let B knw but he hadn’t seen it before he left for the day.  I hope it gets approved.  I just feel like having a long weekend.  It’s not like I haven’t had one in the last few weeks.

My session with Debra was good.  I told her about the holidays, my relationship with Dave and the recent conversation i had with Liz.   We may have to have a phone session for next week.

On the way home I went to Chipotle Mexican Grille for dinner.  I had three medium sized tacos.  I had them when I got home.  It was steak and pork and it was delicious but not enough.  I had open faced grilled cheese.  That filled the bill.

The kitties were waiting for me when I got home.  They stayed to themselves for most of the night and came to me only a couple a times before I went to bed.  I expect both of them on the bed as I go to sleep.

The snow is melting  the temps got up into the low 40’s and as I am heading to bed its 33 degrees.  It is supposed to get a little cooler but not by much.  It will freeze everything that has melted.

The laptop has been acting weird again.  A message has popped up that the fan in the laptop is not working well and it will cause documents and programs to die or do something I am going to have to take it to get fixed.

Well its getting late and I need to get to sleep..

What is the last good thing you ate 1/8/18 prompt

I made a chicken dish from no particular recipe that I know of but it had chicken breast strips that I had just gotten at the store last night and 1 cup of sour cream, 1 envelope of Lipton onion soup, a bit of salt,  I mixed them together until coated and then put them in a baking dish and sprinkle bread crumbs and then grated cheese and cooked for about 25 minutes.  IT was moist and delicious.  I had a small dish of peas w/butter.  It was quite good.


I was late to work today and was spoken to about it.  So I made the promise I would either call if I am going to be late (which I think usually do) or get here earlier aka on time.  It’s weird almost every year at some point I end up being late.  I started the day scanning and out of the 38 batches I wrote the wrong date on.  I put in for my two appointments at the end of the month.  Nearly confused PBC on the dates.


There was snow predicted for this afternoon and it really didn’t start until I left the city.  It really wasn’t bad and I was grateful because I still had stop at the store for a few things.  It really didn’t last too long. I was quite surprised to see channel 8’s Meteorologist Kevin Arnone post that he is leaving the station later on this month.  He thanked everyone for the support and the opportunity.  He is not the only one.  Renee Chmiel is also.  She was their reporter and on air anchor a few times.  To be honest wasn’t impressed with her.


I did some laundry and had dinner now I am going to relax and then go to bed early.

What Possession Could I not live without?

There is only a couple of things I couldn’t live without. They would be my laptop and my TV. I love to surf the net/web and I also like to do a lot of writing.   I have been an avid TV watcher all my life. I like being entertained. It could be anything…that holds my interest.

The thermostat was low again today and I turned it up. Happily the heat went up and stayed to 70 but I stayed up in the bedroom that seems to be a little warmer even though I can feel the cold. It was much better than the temps outside. From what I read IT was 7 degrees early in the morning. By Mid-day it was 15 and now its 9 degrees. Definitely stayed in under the blankets.

Been trying to read some of the blogs on WordPress and not all of them are showing up whether it is under the tags or readers list. Not sure what the problem is. Frustrating to say the least. I probably could read it on the other computer.

The cable guide on the cable system wasn’t working for most of the day until about 1. I am not sure why it was but it was annoying and I had to use the TV Guide site. Meh. I was doing a lot of channel surfing and trying to find the new channels that Optimum now has. I saw the Cowboy channel and it has mostly rodeo shows, business stuff pertaining to the cowboy world and a few movies. The other three might be HD and the little TV upstairs doesn’t get that one. Once I get the Other TV reset I will find out. I do get Flix TV.

Didn’t get much mail. Stuff for the woman’s Club and I will send that out this week I will include a letter to Telka. I do want to get a card for our friend Pat who has been ill. I want to be able to tell her I sent it to her.

My holiday card to my cousin Tommy and his family was returned. I hate when that happens. So I contacted his wife and hopefully she will see it and send me the address.

I found out that my Brother has a new girlfriend! He sent us a picture from New Year’s Eve and he was with a lady. So I asked him about it today. He admitted she was his girlfriend and have been going out for a while. She lives about 20 minutes from him. So they see each other from time to time.

The last day of 2017

It is the last day of 2017.  I am sitting at my house doing laundry  because Nancy’s machine either didn’t work or I did it wrong.  Which annoys the hell out of me.


I have been here an hour.  I had coffee, fed the kitties, and cleaned out their litter boxes.  It was very much needed.  I didn’t come last night because I wasn’t sure the roads would be great.  They had been vocalizing for quite some time now they are sleeping under the bed in the computer room.  


Yesterday as I mentioned we got snow.  Enough to use a snowblower and shovel.  It started about 10 and probably ended by 6.  I didn’t do very much of anything as it was tricky out.  

I didn’t go shopping but will later today.  I do have to get a few things for Vlad and of course my two goobers.  I actually slept once I got back from the house and subway.  Thrilled Preston to death.

I called Liz and chatted with her about the snow.  They were busy getting ready for tomorrow’s open house.  She was getting tired.


I got a couple of emails from Dr. T.  She gave all of us her new contact info (including landlines) and it seems the closing of the house is on January 8th.  She also wrote to us about a former GFWC-CT President who was our biggest supporter throughout our existence as club.  It seems that the woman has been sick and is battling stomach cancer.


The funny thing is shortly after the second email from T I had a conversation with Mama Roberta asking about T and I told her about the contact information and about the friend with cancer.  Anyway, Roberta and her husband will be doing some traveling in the next few weeks.  So I may get a chance to call her now and then (as usual).

I talked with Mama Joanie today.  SHe is bored with all the Holiday Hallmark movies.  Its way too cold for her too.  We talked about the holidays, my current house sitting gig.

While I was talking with Joanie I saw an Eagle (bald) flying through the marsh this afternoon.  I discovered later on in the day when I sent a message to all my neighbors on FB that apparently there is a Mama Eagle and a Baby Eagle there.  Donnie next door must have seen it before I did or efter.  I sent him an email.


Bingo went well.  We played for an hour and there was 15 residents and it all went well despite the fact they were getting annoyed with Vera who constantly sings and claps during bingo.  There is nothing we can do and even Bob thought it was annoying.  


After bingo I ran to Petco and got the food for all kitties. I am trying some new stuff and even gave it to my goobers and Sky seemed to like.  Tiger stayed up stairs.


I managed to pick up the breads and stored them at home.  Will pick them up when I go over to get them fed and get ready the rest of the time.


I got back to the zoo by 5 fed Vlad and Preston and had my dinner (wings and cupcakes and chips).  ARound 8:30 i took Preston out.  He didn’t like walking on the sidewalk and so I cut the walk short.  Stupid move.  He has pooped and peed in two places already and this isn’t the first time this week.  

As I suspected Vlad also moves the gate to get into the computer room.  I may have to put inside the door frame.  So they don’t move it.


I have been watching Nature, and I finally saw the last part of God’s Not Dead it was okay and I was sort of surprised at what happened to Kevin Sorbo’s character.


Oh and it seems O will be coming home on Wednesday and her parents on Saturday.  Not a problem.


What was the Last Major Accomplishment 1/5/18

I am sure I have had a few more recent accomplishments like making it home in one piece today after yesterday’s storm. But I can’t help but think back to my Car accident in September. I was for the most part calm. I wasn’t hurt but my 2002 car eventually had to be totaled and I ended up buying a newer car. I had my BIL with me but I did most of the business part (really don’t know how I managed to do it). I do love my car though.

Today was a semi quiet day. Staff compliment was probably half of normal. By the end of the day I wished I had stayed home. Issues with the mail again.

It was quite cold. I got into the car it was 15 degrees and by the time I got home it was 9 degrees. I stopped for gas and glad I did. However didn’t get the receipt. Haven’t kept up with that file either.

I called Liz tonight. We talked for about half hour. She did well with the Chemo but it was a challenge to get it. Her parking garages and sidewalks were like mine in the city. Not so good. She had all these plans for tonight and hopefully she would sleep. Will have to find out if she did.

The thermostat for the house turned itself down yesterday. It was 62 when I got in. I told Liz about it she offered that it saved me money by doing that. I have a feeling she was wondering why I don’t put plastic over the windows until I get them replaced. I would rather not. I will just have to keep turning it up or put on layers of clothes or curl up in the bed like I did tonight.