Its Like a Ghost town

I had every intention of going to class this morning at the gym.  THis would be my third day of missing it. Well I am going tonight after my session with Debra.  I stayed in bed until 5 the kitties were starting to get agitated. I did the morning ritual. I got up again after a while and started getting ready….I decided that I would take the shuttle in.  

I barely made the shuttle and I was the only one the first stop.  The second step the regulars were there. I got to the office at 20 of and did the mail pick up (GA has today off and she told me late yesterday afternoon).  The office seems rather quiet or more like a ghost town today. I would think everyone would want to take next MOnday off. Its commencement weekend and I think it will start to get busy sometime soon.  I may take the shuttle in on Monday myself.

Not going to be able to meet with Debra today.  So we will have a phone session tomorrow afternoon after the visit from Handyman.  I got a text from her earlier today and so we agreed to the phone session (the other recommendation was to meet at lunch and I couldn’t).

So yesterday is becoming a blur.  Part of the reason was I had a headache for most of the day.  I realized after having an interesting conversation with a coworker that it was the carbs, and sugars I have been having lately (not to mention) i can’ have earphones on anymore because the music is loud.  I have turned it down but I still had the headache.

Spent a good chunk of the day working on scanning after the mail was done early.  I was quite surprised to see a large box instead of the normal ones we get for Thursday.  I was able to finish by mid afternoon. I went back to the scanning and got a lot done. It looks like we will be caught up by the beginning of next week which would mean that could work on refunds as well.

I went home relaxed and made dinner for kitties and I and then spent the rest of the evening updating files and organizing said files.  I ended up not going to the gym (again) and watched the NCIS marathon. I also watched The Big Bang Finale. I always get teary eyed when I know a show is ending.  It was okay but I don’t watch it often.

Had a visit from a 4th District member who thought the meeting was last night!  Are you that fucking stupid???? If he did his partner would be there (maybe) and dressed better than he was.  I told him no its next week. Do you not get your emails? He and partner not going to be there (gee what a surprise) so they dropped off stuff for the  Annual Dinner. After he left I called Chairman Phil and left him a message. Hasn’t called me back or texted me. I don’t want to hold on to this stuff.  I already thought I lost it last night.

Well we got the first of two rain showers.  This one isn’t supposed to last long and neither is the one at 6.   I have to say I am glad I am going home earlier than I normally do tonight.  This time I will get to the gym and then do grocery shopping.


Thankful Thursday 5/16/19

1         I am thankful for my family warts and all.   Everyone seems to be doing well.

2.        I am thankful for my kitties.  They are doing well and cuddly.  

3.         I am thankful for my job.  Been busy getting much accomplished.  Just have to stay focused. Union has a few things down the pike.  

4.         I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health. See Debra tomorrow. Need to get to gym.  Didn’t go yesterday. FMLA has been straightened out.  Infusion at the end of month.

5.         I am thankful for my neighbors.  Everyone is fine.
6.         I am thankful for my home.  Have a new handyman coming by on Saturday to look at the Garage roof and window.  .

7.         I am thankful for my friends.  I had a great time at the coffee talk last night.  Met some new people I look forward to getting to know.  

8.         I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.   The Ladies Guild have a few things Installation dinner tickets go on sale this weekend and it is on Tuesday June 11th.  At the church.

9          I am thankful for the weather.  Getting warmer. Still have lots of rain.  It looks like the summer is going to be raining a lot around here.

10.      I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.    Enough said.

MId Week Reflection

Hallelujah! NO Rain~actually there may have been over night but by the time i got up the sun was coming up.  IT is supposed to be in the 60’s today and It wouldn’t surprise me if it got there already. Depending your point of view the next few days could be rainy and cloudy. Again.  Someone mentioned to me today that this summer is going to be a rainy and humid season.

As i mentioned in my earlier post this week is going by fast-again.  Work has been pretty busy. Mostly doing the mail and some scanning. To me the number in pages and pieces out number the number of total batches.  Luckily when DG comes back next week I can focus on that. More and more of my colleagues will be giving me labels to print out for them. Just call me label Woman.

Not much discussion since Monday about the move and the set up of our cubicles will be.  There is a mock up starting next week I believe. I have been told and can expect smaller cubes and less space.

The union activities continue to be about grooming members to come on to the committee and to prepare for the contract. The petition Drive for Ortho department is being considered successful.It looks like we will be having a picnic in August location yet to be determined.

The house is cleaned this week thanks to Ms Livia!  My job now is to keep it up until her next visit which will probably be after the holiday.  It will be after the 4th District too.

I called the Handyman that Siduri recommended and we have scheduled a meet for this Saturday afternoon.  I hadn’t heard from the other guy and have decided not to call on him again. IF you can’t even call back and say “I am sorry too busy” or please don’t call me again. THen you will not get a call from me.  I will now give a three day waiting period before calling the next person My only fear is the $$$ it will involve.

I am still waiting on Nephew to call back with his recommendations on the back porch stairs.  For him I will wait forever because I know he is busy. I understand he made breakfast for Sis on Mother’s Day.  He does that all the time. He is a great cook. I remember when he made a meal for Mom and I once. It was delicious.

There are other projects I need to start to think about but before I do that need to pay off some other things (cc’s).  The normal stuff gets done with little to no problems.

I have been to the gym almost every day this week except last Thursday, Mother’s Day, Today.  I tried to go for walks twice so far weather permitting. Now have to make sure I do go daily during the challenge.  That will definitely be a challenge.

Made it to the ladies guild this week-late.  Forgot that I needed to call the former president for members name tags.  Made arrangements to meet up after mass this weekend to get them as well as sell tickets for the installation dinner next month.  I just don’t remember the date.

Tonight is the  Coffee Talk meetup and I am looking forward to meeting some of the new attendees.  They are coming from Berlin CT and middletown. One of them was wondering if we could have it during the day.  She can’t drive at night. I suggested to her that she ask someone in the area for a ride. She didn’t get a response.  

The hiking meetup  the one with the leadership training was in Massachusetts just outside of Holyoke.  I chose not to go to this one as it was too far to go for it. The Hiking with Friends has their weekly hike every Wednesday but again too far for me to go on a Wednesday night.  Especially if I have to work the next day. JS and the boys haven’t been having any group walks either. The Out of shape hiking group is quiet as well. I may have to jump start their buts with an invitation.

Well I better get going…have a great one…


Monday Flew by again

Another Monday came and went.  I managed to get up before 5:30 thanks to Sky and his claws and of course Tiger and her vocalization.  My intention was to be up by 4. Slept through the alarm again.

I got up finished emptying the dishwasher and cleaning out the sink and putting things in the dryer and then manage to do the regular morning routine.

I also got ready for Livia’s visit today.  She had sent me a text mid morning about the door and luckily it was already done.  She has frequently forgotten to remind me she is coming with a text. I have had to ask if she is coming.  I probably should not expect it but it helps if she would.

I managed to get to work without incident.  The commute was light for a monday. My theory is end of school year?  My hope is it will stay this way for a long while but I doubt it. I will have to make a concerted effort to leave the house on time or earlier if possible.

Work went well but it flew by.  I spent the morning doing the mail and went to the Town Hall Meeting.  In the afternoon finished the mail. For the last two hours of the day did scanning.

The Town Hall Meeting was interesting and we hada virtual tour of the building (select floors). No definite date yet but it seems it will be done by the late winter months. Maybe January or February by teams.  Still working on the security, parking, and a few other things.

They did say that as the time gets closer they will do all of our requests for parking at once.  They recommended we don’t do it ourselves just yet.

They also talked about doing a program “How we Work”.  Training starts alphabetically come this summer. I don’t have to do mine until oh a year from now.  The Joys of having your last name begin with the letter P.

I talked with SupervisorBob about it later on in the day about the move.  He did assure me that his whole team will be on the first floor together. HE also told me that the mailroom, scanning, will be all together.  Including the equipment.

I managed to talk to only a few people regarding the meeting and there were some concerns about safety and transportation.  Those are a work in process.

After work I headed home and made dinner.  I got home later than usual because of residual traffic from an accident in West Haven and of course the rain.

So I emailed A to let him know I wasn’t going to make class but that I would come in and do cardio when I was done.  I did and managed to get over 12000 steps in.

Since I haven’t heard from MR S in the last several days, Siduri was kind enough to recommend someone she uses as handyman and gave me the number.  I will call him Tuesday.

Mother’s Day 2019

Good Morning! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother’s Day.  It is raining here (no surprise) and I am lying under the covers with Sky at my feet.  I heard tiger scratching at something. She just returned to her spot on the cedar chest to sleep or watch over us.

I already posted my Mother’s Day wishes on Friday to Facebook family and friends but that’s all I am doing.  Seeing the pictures of everyone’s Mom is mixed emotions for me. Many of them are deceased and I have done it in the past.  It’s the 4th Mother’s Day without Mom. As I kept running out of ideas for gifts for Mom (twice I got her a family gift) a necklace and ring with all of our birthstones in it) before she died I ended up telling her I was her gift.   I haven’t been to her grave in quite some time either. Don’t feel the need to at least for now. It may change down the road.

I am supposed to go to class this morning but it’s too damn cold and I like being in the warm bed.  So I may go and do the treadmill and bike before the gym closes this afternoon. I still have grocery shopping to do anyway.

I spoke to Lawyer Bob yesterday regarding the projects I have in mind.  Basically the garage needs a few repairs (roof, and window replacement).  He gave me recommendation just waiting for the guy to call back. I told him I have other things down the road as well.  He wanted to know how things were going between sis and I. He knows the issues we have had in the past including last fall.  I told him it’s a work in progress. He asked about Jim too. He did say he would remain a trustee as long as the court doesn’t object to his location (Colorado).  I always thought there would be someone stepping in (another attorney) or my siblings. He did say he was just a cell phone call away.

This week will be mostly quiet.  I do have a ladies guild, and the gym, and one meetup.  I am expecting to see Debra at the end of the week though.  The following week will be a little more hectic I think.

A Busy Morning

Today was a busy morning.  I pushed myself to get to Alex’s 8 am class this morning.  I registered for it really early and when I arrived I learned that Alex had sent me a text.  We would not be having our session today he has a graduation to attend. So I don’t know when we are rescheduling it but will find out on Tuesday.  Since we didn’t have a session I attended the 10 am Foundation class with Pat.

THere were some new and different exercises I am not used to doing.  I did them though. In between the classes I went for coffee and then did 20 minute cardio on the treadmill.  Apparently they were having issues with the computer. I had just received confirmation emails for all the classes I signed up for.  I have signed up for Dan’s class for tomorrow considering it won’t really be walking weather tomorrow. Unlike today.

My strategy meeting with Alex for the Fitness challenge is after the 8 am class next saturday so I expect I will be at the Gym all morning again.  It will be pretty much the same goals (getting to class every day) Yes he asked me about that during class.

Before I got into my chores I took a walk.  I wasn’t sure the weather would be agreeable for the walk later on in the evening.  It was in the same area I was in last saturday but slightly different. It took about an hour and I stopped to talk to  few strangers..who were cat parents.

When i got home I relaxed and then I decided to order dinner from Outback for 4:30.  I got steak medallions, asparagus and half a blooming onion-i had thought.

While i waited for my supper I decided to get some stuff done.  I knew the laundry needed to be done so that was the first. Second was straightening the kitchen and cleaning the sink and emptying the dishwasher.  AS always took my time. Filled it up again and sent it through.

Since there is nothing on that’s holding my interest I think I will go to bed.  See you tomorrow.

Feeling Pretty good the last couple of days

I spent about five hours working on the mail yesterday and about two hours on Scanning.  That’s not what made me feel pretty good. Today spending the morning scanning and afternoon on the mail.  I think feeling accomplished and making some headway with scanning.

I had a great conversation with EV regarding union committee stuff and it was reaffirmation that I do belong there (she felt bad that she didn’t have me talk to my assigned group.  I didn’t mind it but I watched the others there so I could be a little more confident in my approach.

For the last few days GA/Gargoyle and I have been getting along.  She pointed out a few things to me about the new location (new rules etc) and keeping things cleaned and tidy.  I made sure things were cleaned at the end of the day.

As the end of the academic year approaches I have noticed that the city seems to be transitioning from busy scholastic energy to summertime energy.  Traffic didn’t seem bad getting out of the city as in the past. Of course it will change.

I haven’t been to the gym since Tuesday but I did manage to walk a mile on Wednesday.  The last two days haven’t been to the gym but keeping track of food. I feel I did pretty well not grazing but realizing some choices not so good.   I have no idea if I will be doing the In-body or not but I am pretty sure I will be doing some rowing machine and lots of cardio.

The sun came out late this afternoon.  It allowed me to put some stuff out to the curb for bulk pick up.  The vacuum cleaner from the attic (and even got the titans preoccupied while I did this).  I put the upright vacuum cleaner out too. I actually need to make a list of other things. Next door will put the gas grill out some time before next week.  While I was up in the attic I noticed some other stuff that could be thrown out unless it could be recycled. I emailed both my nephew and my sister about ideas.

I made Shrimp for dinner and it was great.  Still have to clean the kitcen tomorrow but for now I am going to bed.