What was I thinking?

I woke up this morning realizing I picked the worst weekend to do grocery shopping! The weekend before Thanksgiving! What the hell was I thinking? I am afraid it will be so jam packed and hectic I won’t like it. I will in all likely get flustered and aggravated. I will have to go tomorrow as it might be too busy at lunch time.
This morning we are finishing up the set up for Auction tonight. I have to be over Janet’s house by quarter of ten. Then to the school auditorium set up. It shouldn’t take long. I hope.
The rest of the day I will probably write some letters and take a nap before getting ready for the auction.


Busy Weekend

I am glad last night was a fairly quiet night.  I did some laundry and had dinner and watched TV for a while.  I didn’t get on the computer much.  I was getting tired.


I did get an invitation to the Municipal Inauguration next Tuesday at Parson’s complex.  Its early but it lasts two hours.  Everyone who was elected to boards and commissions and offices of Mayor and CIty Clerk will be sworn in.  I have gone every year since our Mayor was elected.


I also got two phone calls.  One was from the woman who ordered five tickets and reserved a table for the AUction tomorrow night.  She wanted to give me her phone number.  She was flighty.  As of our conversation she didn’t receive the tickets.  I mailed them out Sunday.  I told her to call me if she didn’t get them.


The other call was from the Cardiologist’s office they needed to change the appointment in December to January 2 (the day we come back to work).  I believe it’s 2 in the afternoon.  Will have to call them and confirm.


So why is it a busy weekend?  For me we are setting up tonight and tomorrow for the Ladies Guild Auction and Dinner.  YOu have read it’s our biggest fundraiser of the year.  I need to get money to do the raffles!  It starts at 6:30 tomorrow night and it should be fun.  I think I will wear the purple pantsuit I just got out of the cleaners.


In New Haven the city and the University is preparing for the biggest sports event of the year.  The annual Yale VS Harvard game is tomorrow afternoon.  It’s been featured on at least one news station (the only one I watch) and it’s been bantered about around at work.  Handsome Dan 18 will be there too.  He is the 1 year 48 lb Mascot for Yale.  It certainly will tie up traffic around the Bowl not sure if downtown will be affected by this or not.  Maybe for those who come in from out of town.  What I mean by that is if they go to the local businesses during the weekend.  I just hope the rain that’s before predicted holds off.


Sunday morning will be grocery shopping and some letter writing before going off to Bingo and perhaps go to church.  Then of course it’s getting ready to go back work.


Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all. My Niece celebrated her birthday yesterday.  Actually she did earlier in the week with her husband, mother and several of her friends in NY.  Everyone else is fine.  I will be spending Thanksgiving with My sister and her family at my Niece and nephew’s home.

2.            I am thankful for my kitties.  They are good.  They have been running around at night and at times cuddly.  They do sleep on the bed at night.  They will probably curl up soon and relax until it’s time for me to go to bed.

3.            I am thankful for my job.  Things have been busy on a daily basis. Mostly working on mail.  Been able to scan daily .  Didn’t  do a lot of refund work this week actually.   The Area Union Committees are preparing for the power point presentation for information for members.  I wasn’t as successful to get my people to go but others were.  They need to know what we are facing in 2020.

Earlier this week a flyer went around announcing having theme baskets that areas have to work at as  team.

4.            I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.   I have to be on antibiotics again for another UTI.  Says if I get another one I will need to see a Urologist. In December I have a cardiologist and eye Doctor appointment.
5.            I am thankful for my neighbors.    Everyone has been busy.  Some are on vacation.    Others working.   My neighbor Shannon had a swim meet last week and they won.  I haven’t caught up with the Michigan neighbors I hope to soon.  I also learned that Neighbor Sylvia has put her house up for sale-again.  Better Luck this time.

6.            I am thankful for my home.  It is providing me a great place to be protected and comfortable.  I am still working on getting it better organized.    I see some projects ahead of me but they do need to wait.  I did get the shower handle fixed.

7.            I am thankful for my friends.  I heard from Dr. T about the woman’s club.  We can’t officially close until we distribute all the funds from the Scholarship.


8.            I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.  This weekend is the Ladies Guild Auction.  Not sure what the attendance will be but I am looking forward to it.

9             I am thankful for the weather.   It’s been cold and we have had some rain.  Don’t know if we’ll get snow for thanksgiving or not.
10.         I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.    Enough said.


Midweek Reflection

Finalized Thanksgiving plans with family mid week and I feel confident that it will be a great time.  I need to pick up flowers for that day.  As you know I was aggravated because my phone wasn’t working well and the end results was Jim did a 180 degree turn regarding the holiday.  You can’t keep doing that. To those who had made plans for dinner and or your companions.


The weekend was spent mostly inside writing some letters.  As always have more to do.  I kept putting off grocery shopping because of the weather, I was too tired, or I still had food to reheat.  It doesn’t look like I will be shopping anytime soon.


I had my session with Debra and we discussed Thanksgiving plans, life in general and how not to be so hard on myself for doing things that I ended up doing after making promises that I wasn’t going to do (Like eating out every night)


Might call it an early night.  It was nearly 6 when I got home and had my dinner and did some laundry.  I am starting to get tired.

Despite sleeping late I managed to get to work barely on time.  Somehow I managed to get dressed and spend a little time on the computer before leaving as well.  That could be considered as “Pushing my luck”.  The traffic went my way too.  The only thing I forgot about was the elevator in the garage was out-again.  It happened some time yesterday.  Happily it was fixed by the time I got home.

I got to work and chatted with MS as we caught up with each other since she was here last.  She told me about having to get a new furnace and she had no heat.  She had to spend most of the week at her RI home.  I told her how my thanksgiving plans changed and how Jim did a 180.

I managed to finish yesterday’s mail and delivered then spent three hours scanning.  I was surprised to see how much was to be scanned (the daily stuff) the backlog is a non issue.  Luckily the scanner was cooperative the entire time.

I finally  heard from lawn guy this morning.  He realized he hadn’t billed me for September so he “knocked one of the lawn cuts off for September and full price for October.  Sent him a check $150.  I have a feeling that will be it until spring.  Hopefully he will weed the flower beds and put down the chips and stuff at that time.  I know I said I would try and do it this year but it didn’t work (weeding the flower beds).    I can spare everyone the excuses.

I heard from Debra this morning she needed  to change the session time to tomorrow.  THe minute I read it I thought “good I can go right home!” Then I remembered I still had things at the Tailors and dry cleaners.  They are still there.

The rest of the day was mail.  It was Tuesday which mean Healthlogic would be a big box.  I was working on it for the last two hours of the day (US mail was light and I had the committee meeting).  I will have to finish it tomorrow before I go to the scanning.

I took one of my alternate routes home tonight.  It was a tad longer and I had the feeling everyone was falling asleep at the wheel.  The light would be green and no one moved.  I was really anxious to get home.

Before coming home I stopped at Adams.  This the third night in  a row.  I had sweet and sour pork, chips, and dip.  It was also the second day in a row i had something from Paula’s.  A couple of things happens when I think about it.  1) Guilt because I swore I wouldn’t be eating out a lot 2)anxious because I keep looking at the financials and always seem surprised when things paid.  I realize that last night I gave myself permission to be able to go out but then reality sets in.  One of those pushing it moments.

When I got home i had found a letter that I had written to one of my OK pals was returned.  I really should have checked for the address.  Apparently she moved to Oklahoma City.  I wrote another quick note to apologize for not checking and asked her about thanksgiving and told her my woes.
I did some laundry while watching TV, and straightened a little-very little.  I was going to cuddle up with the kitties and watch TV.  They weren’t having it.  I did get up a couple of times and one of them came back.  Then they left after I went downstairs.  They were running around here and now are quiet.

I am going to bed now as i am getting tired.  Another long day tomorrow.

Dreary MOnday

The headline this morning in my email news said “dreary monday”.  Nothing like the understated right?  I really wanted to stay in bed and I did for about 5 minutes and then after our morning routine I went back to the couch for another half hour.  Still not wanting to get up.  Sky watched me from his chair across the room and Tiger headed upstairs to the bedroom.

I got ready for work and headed out the door just before 7:30.  I was on the road a short time later and of course ran into slow traffic but miraculously made it to the garage without incident and into the office on time.

I spent the morning scanning until about 11 and then got the readdress mail finished up.  My brain was not moving fast today.  I wasn’t sure if we would get a lot of mail or not.

We really didn’t but I got two batches of healthlogic to sort.  One was for Friday and one was for today but since they both came together I am putting them together.  I will have to finish them tomorrow.

I had my appointment with the DR. Lu (Hemotologist/oncologist) and he says my numbers are good but he would like me to start taking iron again.  I will see him in March.

After that I went to Liz and Nelson’s and spent the next two hours there.  We talked about health both of ours, things we learned today, and things that irritated us this week.  AFter i left there I went to the Pharmacy.

I picked up two prescriptions.  One was the oracea for the breakouts and the other was anti biotics.   I found out I have another UTI.  I told a few people that today and as I look back that could have been one thing I didn’t have to share.
I stopped at ADam’s again for dinner.  Liz expressed surprise that I don’t go to Adam’s more often for dinners and and meals.  I admitted I just did that last night.  To me this is her giving me her blessing to continue to go out for meals.  I came home it was after 7 I think.

THe kitties were waiting for me so i put my food down and took my coat off and turned the heat up and gave them some kibble and began my own dinner.  While i ate I watched a variety of things.  ET, the LOTR installment, CSI and some travel shows on PBS.

I also read a letter from AA in Montana.  SHe was telling me how her retirement was going, and what her plans are.  THey sound great.  She also told me about interviewing the man who owned the electrical company who was underbidder for a project to repair the electric grids in PR.  The company has since been released from the contract and investigated.  AA expressed doubts about the company as well.

I will be writing her very soon as well.  I will tell her about work, and Ladies guild and how things are going.  Even though we follow each via our blogs it’s still fun to write letters.

Tomorrow is will be another long day as I meet with Debra after work.  We didn’t have a session last week.  We also didn’t have a phone session either.  I will have a lot to tell her.  Mostly about the THanksgiving plans that went awry.

I will be attending the lunchtime Committee meeting as we prepare for the lunch time presentation for members about the history of Local 34.  The presentations will be this thursday and then again next week.

Well I am starting to get sleepy.  The kitties are already upstairs and have been calling me.  Have a great night..



Sunday Night

It is after 6:30.  I have been home from my afternoon activity for nearly two hours.  I had dinner from Adams (ribs and wings) and a bottle of Juicy Juice Tangerine and Orange something.    That bottle of juice is almost gone.   I have a feeling I will regret this in many ways.


I left here shortly after 1:30.  I said good bye to the kitties (they were basically sleeping when I left) and I got to the Nursing home ten minutes later.  Maria was worried I was not coming.  I helped bring the residents to the dining room and I then brought the bingo stuff in.  I learned that Patty one of our regulars had passed away in the last couple of weeks.  She was a multiple amputee and her husband frank was so very helpful.  He had been playing with us for months and then stopped coming (had other things to do but I suspect it had to do with the fact that guests/visitors could not win the pot) .  I have been trying to find her obituary but I can’t find it.  I will continue to look over the week.


I had 15 residents playing.  There were quite a few winners.  Some won multiple times.  My girl Ann wasn’t feeling well she wasn’t her peppy self today (at 90 plus years would any of us?)  Janet the second Bingo queen wanted to play full card.  Not happening.  She offered to call the numbers if I ever wanted to take a break.  I may think about it.  I was surprised that Max from FP didn’t come today.  I hope he is coming back.  I don’t know if he met his required hours for community service or not.  They don’t usually until Graduation time.


After Bingo I was hoping to visit Liz but she had company and had planned this visit for this visit since the middle of last week.  Liz called me back about 5 while I was watching PBS.  We talked for about half hour.  We talked about the final outcome of Thanksgiving plans for Jim and me.  What the expectation will be that day.  She also tried to get me to promise not to talk about the cats at all.  I promised her I would try not to talk about the cats unless someone asks me.  She resigned herself to that quasi promise.  We will get together after my appointment tomorrow.


The kitties came down from their spots and one at a time while I was eating.  They eventually went back to either sitting or sleeping.  Then for the last half hour Sky has been ambling around meowing as though he is looking for something.    He is quiet now.  Tiger went back to the bed.


The laptop adapter must be dying again.  The light keeps fading and I have had it plugged into the lap top and it didn’t look like its working.  I thought it might be the plugs.  It will cost $15. I don’t know why this isn’t lasting longer.  I can’t remember how long ago I bought this one I think it was at the beginning of the summer.


Oh and obviously I didn’t go grocery shopping.  Like I said I stopped at Adams for dinner and then went home and ate.    I definitely will have to do it soon.


Well I have a few things to take care of before getting ready for bed.  I may even stay awake long enough to watch NCIS LA.  It actually is starting at its normal time.


I slept in!

Today I managed to sleep in for a Sunday morning. I usually get up by 5:30 but today I got up at 6. Of course the morning routine was the same. I am just having some tea right now and then do some writing again.
The writing. I managed to get one letter written yesterday. It took me most of the day. Its two pages. I did also watch TV, and do some sleeping as well. I also was grazing.
I finally had some dinner around 5 it was pizza and it may have been too much as I was not feeling well for the rest of the night. This morning after having some tea I ended up getting sick to my stomach.
Despite the fact I wasn’t feeling well I did sleep pretty well. The kitties were curled up with each other at my feet and then did their night time ritual. Getting up and walking the house and then coming back to bed for a bit.
Sky has been watching the birds outside the window and he is making noises and getting frustrated he can’t get to the birds.
If he knew how cold it was outside he wouldn’t want to be out there. It’s in the 30s and cloudy.
Well I will see you later.

Celebrating Veteran’s Day

Today is actually the official Veteran’s Day holiday but  many companies, businesses, schools, and federal agencies observed it yesterday.  Some banks are open and some are not I thought for sure the post office was closed but I got junk mail.  


I am grateful to those who chose to serve and protect our country in all ways.  I know it can’t be easy on them.  Many members of my family have served over the years and they have seen many things and it cost them dearly.


The volume of the mail allowed me to spend a little more time scanning, and then doing  a little of everything else.  Still working on the readdress mail.   I was able to send some stuff out as it came in and others not so much.  My hope is to have it out of here by Monday afternoon.  I am thinking we won’t have a lot of mail from one source but more from another.


The ride home was surprisingly heavy but I made it home in good time and called Mama R.  She just got my letter that very afternoon  We talked about things going on in both our cities. Woman’s club business.  We couldn’t talk long because her friends from the outer banks were visiting.


I came inside and sky was waiting for me and Tiger eventually came down and I made my dinner and watched TV for awhile.


I did start some letter writing and have a letter to an old friend in Kentucky.  I did put her file in “Potential Pen pal “ folder until I hear from her along with Dawn in Florida.


I had a great telephone conversation with a girl from HS.  We have been friends on FB for several years now and we caught up on our lives and family.  It was a little hard to hear her at times (damn cell phone).  She is making plans to retire from the city in about a year and move to FLorida.  She already has invited me to come see her.


It was nearly ten when I got into bed.  I had started some laundry and wanted to go to bed.  I actually was going to do some more writing but when the kitties came up I knew I wasn’t going to do it.


Now that it is Saturday morning we have done our morning routine.  I did go back to sleep for a bit and then got up watched TV and started surfing the net.  I have a couple of letters here waiting to be answered.  My original plan was to be up and grocery shopping by now.  I don’t really need anything yet.  I could do it later or tomorrow.  It really is too cold.  


Sky has been walking around here meowing (or being vocal) and a few times he would let me hold him.  The last time I held him he went to his spot above my head (on the couch).  Tiger I think is upstairs on the bed.  They haven’t really finished their breakfast.  Sky goes back and forth and plays with it and then proceeds to walk on the furniture with it on his pads.  Eww.  Then he grooms himself.  There he goes again.  


There is going to be an NCIS Veteran’s Day marathon on so I am going to sit back and settle down and write letters and watch the marathon.



I want to Scream Holiday edition

As you may remember I had made reservations for Thanksgiving as recently as this week. I sent messages to Jim (that he never got apparently) and as I told you in the Thankful Thursday posts he wanted us to have dinner with his Ex and the kids. I thanked him and Claudia but passed. This morning I saw a message from him asking what I would be doing instead and I told him having dinner with Jr and Lisa. So he now says he would rather have dinner with me. REALLY? I already spoke to Lisa yesterday letting her know I would be coming. So in one of his messages he says we will have thanksgiving together next year. Ya Think? I jokingly said he has an entire year to prepare as I will be there next year.
Liz called me this morning after she had read the text that I want to kill Jim. We talked about the situation and she reiterated its not a competition (not exact words) that it’s a holiday about what I want to do. That we don’t have a large family anymore and but this does need some planning. Basically the plans changed and now I want to be with the Rivera Clan.
The whole reason I didn’t want to go down to PA is I was expecting to get together with an old friend/classmate the day after. Well that’s not happening either. KL has to work I don’t think I will bring it up. I can spend the day quietly and work on letters and cleaning.
There was very little mail today and so I spent it working on the re-address mail and the Healthlogic. I will spend tomorrow morning scanning and then work on the mail. By the end of the day my hope is to finish the readdress mail that’s left.
I got home around 5 and the kitties were waiting by the door for me. I decided not to give them kibble so early. I know I gave them too much last night and I am worried they are getting fat (well maybe she is). Did a lot of hugging tonight with Sky but right now I think he is upstairs. He is definitely quiet. I am thinking Tiger is too.
I made some salmon strips. I put it in a fryer pan thought I cooked it long enough but I didn’t. It was still a little cold inside. I also had cereal and tea and if I wait long enough I will go through everything else. I don’t know why I am not food shopping yet I can do it tomorrow.
Been watching the NCIS Marathon on Oxygen. Just turned it off. So many things are wrong in that fandom and probably the way I see the actors now after PP suggested sexual Harassment and bullying in the work place.
I have some cleaning and straightening to do before I go to bed.