This is going to be Quick

This is going to be quick as I am exhausted and need to get to bed.

The weekend: is becoming a blur. I can’t remember if I wrote that I spent most of Saturday with Liz trying making our flight arrangements and it wasn’t going well. Mid-Day Sunday we thought we would have to postpone the trip until my June vacation because the prices for these weekend were more than either of us could afford. Happily, my nephew Adam found a more reasonable price and made arrangements for us.
Work: I went back today and automatically love my seat even though it isn’t the one I thought it was. As I expected most of the move was done by GA but there were some things still left at the other desk that I did myself. GA feels I had too much personal stuff and it should be taken home. I did bring stuff home. I am so happy to know that my walking companions are in the next aisle from me. I found out that MB is as well. She was ready for us today too.
There was still a lot of mail and DG worked mostly on the Health logic and GA did the rest. Well when I say the rest she got the checks out and left all the EOBS for me to go through. I will focus on that and the readdress mail and Donna will focus on the Health logic until she leaves for her vacation next week.
I did find out that a co-worker lost her father while I was on vacation. They head a collection for her but that was last week and had just found out today. I can’t find the obituary.
Today was Commencement day at the University and I didn’t have any problems getting to work. Getting home though was a different story. Lots of traffic.
I didn’t go do Cardio today but I will have to do something tomorrow. I will try to do something Wednesday after I see Courtney.
The weather was absolutely beautiful going to change overnight. I can feel it getting chillier.
Made protein pancakes. They came out allright.


Didn’t fall asleep until 3

Oh man I knew I should have stuck to decaf last night. I didn’t fall asleep until 3 this morning. I spent most of the night playing solitaire and adding two blog apps to the phone so I can use them when I am in SC next week. I also looked at the possible flights that we are taking. I updated my packing list. Read up on Rock Hill (the kids new home town) and learned some interesting stuff.
First it is 30 minutes south west of Fort Mill where Chris’s older children live. It is largest city in York County according to Wikipedia. It is the 5th largest in the entire state. The population is 72,937. I was looking at Yelp to see the kinds of restaurants, coffee shops, and Grocery stores they have. They have 31 parks and 4 recreational centers. I can’t wait to go. Will be seeing Liz this afternoon to find out the itinerary. Yes, I realize we won’t have a hell of a lot of time to play tourist. I have a feeling we will be helping unpack and me gushing over baby Sophie. If I can manage it.
Today though I have PT Alex. I think we will be doing some working out as well as the in body it’s been a while since we did the in body (usually every two weeks). Not sure he will be thrilled. I know I am not. I didn’t go to the gym at all this week between being lazy and the storm.
The kitties are settling down for their mid-morning nap. I just was watching Tiger try to get back into the entertainment center shelf she used to get into when she was a kitten. She probably could now that the “cable box” is smaller but she walked away instead. Sky is vocalizing because he wants to go into the old bedroom I shut the door last night and both of them slept on my bed and almost on top of my legs.
It seems very cold right now. It is low 60’s in the house. I don’t want to turn on the heat. It is 50 degrees out and raining. I don’t need to go out yet but I do have things I need to do here.
In the meantime, have a great day…



Last Day of My Vacation

Well today is the last day of my vacation. At least for about ten days. I will have to put in for next Friday when I get to work on Monday but I shouldn’t have a problem. It also depends on the outcome of my BIL’s Doctor’s appointment today. I am not sure what she is expecting. But if there are issues we probably won’t go until my June Vacation which isn’t bad.
I have to start to use a budget again. I thought with everything that I currently have I would be fine. I forgot that the gym takes out $360 from my account and it’s going to be tight. I dread trying to make a budget that works…the setting up and how to produce it mostly. I know there are sites and templates but I just feel like a wall comes ahead of me. I don’t think I am drowning because the house bills get paid. Actually I think I will be fine. The bills I have scheduled for next week will be about the same time I get paid again.
Well I just got an update on the Family Reunion. It is going to be in June. I know that Liz and I talked about it in the last month (looking for a venue) but it is going to be on June 23. This is good. It is the same week as a few other celebrations.
I was hoping to go see Joanie but I just called her and she didn’t pick up. So now I will call her for tomorrow and see if she wants to get together. It is getting close to lunch time and I still have a few things to do before going out tonight.
Um that may not be prudent as I may have to go see Nancy regarding pet sitting gig I will be doing the weekend of the first. I found out the mice will not be among the tasks.
BBC American are rebroadcasting documents on Princess Diana in preparation for Prince Harry and Markel’s wedding tomorrow. I think the actual wedding will begin at 9 am our time. I just have to say they had some very huge hats a part of me would be very annoyed if my views were being blocked by those hats.
I went to the Ladies Night wearing the denim skirt and marooned blouse with stars imprinted. I had a pair of black shoes and my Mother’s Dove of Peace necklace I gave to her many years ago. I left around 5:15 (after chatting with Neighbor Kim) and headed to the bank. It was officially closed so I headed to the church. I waited for Liz in my but noticing many people were arriving including my cousin Donna, and a number of ladies from the guild.
When I went in Nel was already there giving directions. I was the first to sit and waiting for the rest of our table. I am not sure who came first or second. My Niece Olga was the last to arrive. Liz and Donna were throwing things at each other from each other’s table. They are both lucky that it didn’t hit someone and they didn’t respond with “fuck off”. Two of Liz’s Friends were very annoying to me. They seemed to get annoyed at a few things (like the service) and I was not liking them. I treated them with respect and kindness but I just don’t like them. Father Aiden brought his Dog Bruce to the dinner (after he ate his dinner) and we all got to say hello to him. Bruce is a huge Bassett house and sweetest thing ever. I offered my pet sitting service to Father Aiden for the future. Now that I think about it that may not have been a good idea. The food was good and I ate everything. I had the stuffed fish, and vegetables, and twice baked potato and of course dessert. Yeah I am going to need to take a walk tomorrow before my weigh in. Rain or no Rain.
Now that I am home I am going to get into my pajamas (flannel ones). I am so cold.

Interesting things going on

Earlier this week while I was in New Haven I ran into a couple of people from work and they told me there were some changes coming up in the office. The first one I ran into was Caroline. She said there were several people moving around which I had some inclination that was happening based on conversations I had with Donna before leaving for my vacation. I had also met up with Admin Johanna on the way back to my car and when I asked if anything was going on she said lots and wouldn’t elaborate.
Today I had gotten a text from Denise K to call her and she wanted to let me know that I should call Supervisor and find out more but she let me know that I would be moving. When I called Bob he told me I would be moved to a cubicle I was originally supposed to have a long time ago near the mail slots! I am so excited. I am sad that I won’t be outside Bob’s office (he will be moving to another end of the building but his door will be open. I am pleased I will be outside Patty’s office. When she emailed everyone that the email hub would be disencumbered. They will now be somewhere else close by.
As much as I enjoyed being outside Supervisor’s Office I have wanted to be in the other aisle as it is closer to the mail slots and now it won’t be a walk. I will still have to walk to get to Bob’s but I have a feeling I will be going to Team Lead Lauren for things regarding the mail. However, would go to SR first. I also closer to ANN and Mary when we leave at night. I don’t know where the scanning is going though. I would have to walk to that though. I sent an email to AC to find out if she is moving but I guess I will hear from her tomorrow.
I am not sure where everyone else is moving (well actually I know of one because TD sent an email regarding the Lotto Pool). I am trying to find out if Ann had to move or not but she hasn’t said anything. Will check with Mary as well. I just hope the GA didn’t get annoyed. I made sure stuff was organized.
The sun finally came out today. In the last couple of hours. I opened the doors to let some air in so it can air out the litter box mat. It hasn’t dried from Tuesday’s storm. I probably will have to wash it down. The clouds will come back over night. The weather reports were not exaggerating when they said it would be raining for several days.
I didn’t go to the gym today but I have to tomorrow. I will have to let Alex know of my schedule next week. Between the scholarship presentations and my trip. Besides the way I ate today would not be good.
Right now watching NCIS on USA. Oxygen changed their Thursday line up. Lots going on in the fandom again. Trying to stay out of it but not working .


I had an educational Morning

Early yesterday morning I got an invitation to go to the Stratford Historical Society to learn about Stratford CT. Liz was on her way there and she invited me. So I had my coffee made some calls and then took off for Stratford for the morning.
It was great. When I arrived she was reading over the presentation before the kids came in. She gave me some instructions and so I sat quietly and listened. She did very well. She was done by 10:15 or so and then after a while I left. I told her some news about Jim. She didn’t seem like she was thrilled with it. I asked her about it later and she said families should talk to each other and we don’t. Well he doesn’t we do. Mostly I also told her that he would be contacting her for Chris’s and Jen’s address. According to Liz’s text this morning she heard from him specifically for the address nothing else.
The thing he was not really revealing was that he quit his job at the car rental place two weeks ago. I realize he is nearly 70 years old and should be “retired” but his job prior to that he didn’t exactly retire from. What bothers me is he didn’t tell me until after the fact. Granted I guess there are things I haven’t told him. It would explain partially the roommate situation. In later texts he tells me he will be going to the gym a lot. Should I be worried?
I had my infusion in the early afternoon. I knew I was going to be useless for the rest of the afternoon. I came home and laid out on the couch and watched TV for the rest of the day. I had cooked the rest of the marinated chicken and ate that throughout the afternoon.
The kitties spent most if not all of the afternoon in their summer/spring spots for naps. They started coming out around 4. They had dinner and spent the rest of the night chasing each other.
I watched NCIS for the rest of the night until I went to sleep-on the couch.

Thankful Thursday

1. I am thankful for my family warts and all-Had a great conversation yesterday with Liz. Reassuring me I am doing a good job with Life.
2. I am thankful for my Kitties-They have been happy that I have been home this week.
3. I am thankful for my job. I had gotten a few emails this week as there are some changes going on. I have to call my boss today to see if I can take a couple of days off closer to Memorial day for a trip with my Sister.
4. I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health. I saw Debra yesterday just before the wild Storm hit. I have my infusion today.
5. I am thankful for my neighbors : WE think that the school teacher has moved out
6. I am thankful for my home.   Spring Clean up is beginning.
7. I am thankful for my friends.   Talked with Mama Roberta Plans for the big  Move are up in the air.
8. I am thankful for the organizations I belong to: Its quiet this week but our last two meetings in the Ladies Guild coming up. As for the Political arena I have a couple of conventions to hit tonight. I am not sure I will get to one of them on time.
9 I am thankful for the weather. Despite the dangerous weather yesterday no one was physically hurt. There was some property damage though. Some schools and businesses were closed to day.
10. I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. Enough said

Mid Week Reflection

As I am in the middle of my second week of vacation it’s been pretty much the same as last week. Catching up on some stuff around the house, catching up on writing, cooking and relaxing.
Mother’s Day weekend was great despite the dismal weather. It was fun and I enjoyed getting to catch up with my nephew. That night I had dinner with my Friend Dave after we had seen the remake of Overboard. It was well done. I enjoyed it and it wasn’t over the top. What was over the top was the increasing number of advertisements that preceded the movie.
As the end of the week approaches it will be about finishing up some stuff and preparing for my return to work. I will also be hoping to get two more extra days as vacation as Liz has invited me to accompany her to SC to visit her new granddaughter Sophie and her parents. Our hope is to go the weekend of Memorial Day. It all depends on some my schedule.
I have heard there have been some changes made during my “absence” and I am looking forward to hearing about them in detail.

A wild Afternoon

Hello World. The Sun came out for a little while yesterday afternoon. Which allowed to reorganize the bulk/junk pile outside. As it is the Hoover vacuum is gone. So I re-bagged everything. Let’s see if stays this way. This is one of the thing I hate about bulk pick up. When treasure hunters come through they make a mess of the piles people put out. Although it is a little more convenient than driving out to the transfer station. I don’t know how people do it but they do. Liz does when she has stuff to take. Not always but…
I woke up with a headache this morning but after or while I fed the cats I took some Tylenol and fell asleep on the couch. I knew I did because as I was watching Charmed I missed some stuff.
I wasn’t planning on being outside this afternoon because of the predicted storms but they didn’t come until much later. They came just as I was leaving for home after my appointment with Debra. It was incredibly scary. Very dark, very rainy. While I was still on the road I got a weather/tornado alert/watch. So I headed home the long way and saw trees down along the road. When I got to the street almost everyone’s bulk Trash was all over the street. I managed to pick up some of the stuff but Neighbor Sean did the rest. It’s quiet now and has been since maybe 6:30. More rain on the way I read. Hopefully no one else will lose power and those who have get it back soon.
I actually put a roast in the oven for about an hour or so this morning and it looked done. I don’t think this is the type of meat Alex wanted me to have or eat but I can use it for stuff. I did have some of it for dinner tonight along with a big serving of Peas. Just cooed it a little bit more though.
I sent a message to Mama Roberta to see how she is and where she is. I called her a second time on my way home from New Haven just as the storm hit. Then again after dinner. She is going to be in Florida around the 20th but her itinerary has changed. Everything else regarding the move is really up in the air.
I checked in with family. They were good. Great story though…later on in the day while I was at the garage Liz called and invited me to take a trip towards the end of May for the weekend to Chris and Jen and baby Sophie. I just have to make sure I can get those dates. I also have to make sure it doesn’t conflict with any of the scholarship presentations or the pet sitting gig. We did this all through texts and then she called me to let me know that she thought I was handling this whole thing wonderfully. She wanted to remind again if I start doubting myself to remember that I am doing great. It made me feel wonderful.



When I got to the garage around quarter of 1 I found out I just had to get an oil change but I still brought my laptop. It would seem I need to sign up for Wi-Fi hotspots because I was not able to connect with the laptop. I tried to connect with the optimum passwords but it didn’t work. Unless I was supposed to use the one with the Wi-Fi at home? I just don’t understand it and I resent it immensely. I wouldn’t remember the passwords off the time of my head and I don’t think I entered it on my password list. I may have to check with the cable company and learn more about that.
Now that I have cleaned up the kitchen and then litterbox that got rained on its time for me and the kitties to go to bed…Be safe everyone. I hope this all made sense.

Week 2 of my vacation

Let me start off by saying I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I did. Despite the weather conditions. A normal Sunday Morning and spent time on the computer. I had seen my Nephew Chris and chatted with him and asked if I could now post about Sophie on my timeline and he said yes and I did. Lots of responses.
I sent texts to my brother and my sister. I didn’t hear from Jim until much later but I chatted with Liz. She told me the time of “brunch” and so that allowed me time to do whatever I wanted to which wasn’t much. Didn’t do a bloody thing except take an old vacuum cleaner out to the curb.
I got to Liz’s a little after 1 and saw the beginnings of the renovations as the new beautiful refrigerator was in the room. Liz was out back and Rich was beginning his cooking. We talked and laughed and she enjoyed her gift (winning $3). We had steak, and chicken (me steak), potatoes, and corn. I was there until 3 or so and then headed to the movies.
We met in the lobby and headed to the ticket seller and got our tickets (we got really good seats top and in the back and recliner seats. WE did stop at the concession stand as I was really getting hungry again. I almost got candy but decided against it.
There were a lot of previews for a few Movies coming out and they seem to be in the fantasy genre that looks great. Including Mamma Mia 3. Okay so that’s not so much fantasy but it looks great.
This movie was a remake of the 1980’s version with Goldie Hawn and Life Long partner/husband now Kurt Russell. The movie was pretty good and not that far off. As Dave put it was flip flopped. It was great to see John Hanna (The Mummy Trilogy). I hadn’t seen him in a while.
We went to dinner at the Red Robin and we both had a chicken dish. I had a really good one it was called Chicken Ensenada. We talked about things catching up with life. We were finished by 7:30 and we both headed home.
When I got home the kitties were waiting for me so I fed htem and started to settle in for the night. I went to bed by 10.
Today I stayed in bed later than usual but it was just about then that Sky started heaving. It wasn’t a hair ball but I am not sure what happened but he is sleeping now.
I put the chicken dish together and its cooking. It should be done by 6:30 or so. I will do the shrimp soon.
I had fish for lunch with peas.
The rest of the day I may just surf the net or write letters.
I have a feeling the rest of the week will be fairly quiet. I have my sessions with Alex and Debra. I want to make some time for walking. I have my infusion on Wednesday and the Knights of Columbus Ladies Night on Friday.
The weekend will be about getting ready for my two weeks of work and then going back on vacation for 5 days. I won’t have much to do.
Oh and my thoughts and prayers to the family of Dr. Richard Wylie, President of Endicott College in Beverly MA. It was announced yesterday that President Wylie has passed away on Friday May 12, 2018. He was President of the College since 1987. I never had the opportunity to meet him in person but I always looked forward to his articles in the Alumna updates.
Well I have more cooking to look over so I will see you all later…

Cold and Dreary

Saturday was a cold and dreary day. I got up that morning with every intention of following the “to do list” I had planned. I even tried to focus on certain things within a set time. Will have to continue to work on that.
We did our regular Saturday Morning routine. I laid down for a bit. I wasn’t sure Sky would do to me what he did last night. He jumped from somewhere and right on my head and the next he is across the room. Scared the living shit out of me. They spent most of the day and overnight in the spare room this time.
Mid-Morning, I got up and out to do some errands. In no particular order I got to Wal*Mart and bought some stuff I needed such as the potting mix, kitty litter, and a couple things I almost forgot (a new meat thermometer), and salad dressing. I then went to Quest and got my blood work done. It worked this time.
It noon time when I got home and I was hungry. From there everything went downhill. Actually not really. I spent most of the afternoon and into the evening with the TV on and me sleeping or on the computer. I got really tired and I was cold. I had to close the windows and put on a sweater.
I did eat too. I had a salad with tuna fish and then later on some pork sandwich and before tossing the prime rib roast had a bit of that. The salad wasn’t cutting it for me.
I didn’t do any cooking like I had planned and didn’t do any collecting of bulk trash until I was heading to bed. There are a couple more bags in the cellar now and I will take them out when I go to Liz’s. I may just do the cooking (slow cooking stuff tomorrow as I am not doing much again).
I talked with Jim last night. I had gotten a text from him early yesterday after not hearing from him for literally two days. I was beginning to worry. Anyway we talked about the Scholarship presentation and he needs to see if his schedule at work can be allowed (I say at work but). We also talked about the Dining room stuff in the cellar. He thinks I should sell it. I want to be sure that his kids don’t want any of it first.