Not a bad week

It’s another Mid-Week and I have been trying to think of the highlights of the week.   Even though things went wrong near the end of the week as usual it wasn’t all that bad and the weekend turned out well for a Father’s Day holiday.  I didn’t have to do bingo which allowed me to just relax for the rest of the day.

Work has been good.  My goal to get caught up is moving along and have not had many problems.  I am making a dent in the backlog scanning.  Didn’t have a union meeting this week which is okay by me.  We have some things coming up that will need participation.

The 4th District meeting last week went well and we have a few things coming up including a dinner later this week.  Let’s hope I don’t get lost like I did yesterday for the Ladies Guild Meeting.   There are also meet and greets coming up for the candidates and of course the Summer Kickoff in ten days.  As I said we will have many things to do this summer pre-campaign season (technically we are always in campaign season).  There are a couple of things coming up that I don’t know if I can make it or not.

Last night was the Ladies Guild Installation and was lovely despite the fact I got lost.  Been to this place a million times and the google maps crapped out on me.  Incoming President gave us all gifts of Alex and Ani bracelets.   She also set the goals for the next two years in which Father A adamantly insisted will happen (the merging of both ladies’ guilds from St Agnes and St Mary’s) by July 31.  It will be tough.  The first of the Board meetings will be July 17th.  Incoming President will alternate meetings between the two locations.  She will incorporate members from both guilds into one for executive board and general.  It will be interesting because there are some not really wanting to merge and want to keep their own autonomy.

Been going to the gym on a regular basis and getting good results.  I have been tired more too and achy.  I am taking a break tonight as I see Health coach after work.

I haven’t done much pen pal writing this past week.  Not enough time in the day right now.  I am hoping the weekend will provide me with that.

Everyone in the family seems to be good.  Getting ready for summer vacations and activities.


A long Day Tuesday

This will be a long day between getting up early, work, working out, and the dinner I don’t expect to get home until 9 but in bed asap.  It was a little warm this morning but thankfully I had the AC in the car full blast and was quite nice.  It is already mid to upper 80’s and it is lunch time.  I hear its warm and humid out.

I made it to class last night and did well.  Despite whacking my knuckle on a Kettlebell weight. Its bruised now.  I also nearly fell of the ball we were supposed to lay on and do weights.  Tonight, I have my session with Alex and will be bringing shower stuff and change of clothes because it will be tight time wise.  He says we will work something out.  I am looking forward to the in-body check in.

After class I went grocery shopping and managed to get it done within 45 minutes.  I got everything on the list and managed to spend about $100.  I got a couple of steaks that looked good and a few things to make fajitas if I do it right.  More frozen vegetables and yogurt, and everything else I needed.  I was home by 7:30 quarter of 8.

It was a good thing because the thunderstorm rolled in just about 8.  I could hear the thunder rolling through.  The storm lasted probably an hour and drenched the street.  I had to close the windows in many rooms.  Once the storm ended I opened the windows and it was much cooler.

I had one of the steaks and asparagus and yogurt for dinner.  I also watched back to back episodes of the CT PBS The Weekend with Yankee.  It’s from the Editors of Yankee Magazine and highlights travel, things to do in the New England area.  Much like the magazine I guess.  I like it.  It’s been around nearly a year (somehow, I have missed it on the PBS stations).  I think this will be something to look forward to Monday Nights before going to bed.

As soon as that was done I opened a few windows and headed to bed.  I was tired and had some weird as dream again…this time I remember a little of it.  “Bionic” Steve Austin came to rescue someone.   Then I felt something sharp in my leg.  It was Sky clawing at me.  I am not sure if he was dreaming or not.  It’s the second time he did it yesterday.

When I got up this morning I did the regular routine and folded some clothes and cleaned the sink out.  I just sent a message to Livia to see if she liked the new vacuum cleaner…Still waiting to hear from her.

I talked with Liz today.  I wanted to know if she knew of a local pediatrician who passed away she had heard of him but that’s it.  It was just about then she told me that an old friend of our parents passed away.  They traveled the same circles that some other friends of ours did.  Liz remembered she didn’t have a very nice interaction with the husband when Dad died.

Going to be hot

My effort to get to work early was not overly successful.  However, I did manage to get to work on time which is a definite win.  With the few minor glitches (like nearly running a pedestrian over as he kept on walking (I was clearly wrong but) it didn’t help any either.

I stopped at the DD in West Haven on the Captain Thomas BLVD (the new one) and it was awkward to get to the window.  I don’t think I will be going there very often especially while driving to work.

It is supposed to have the three H’s today Hot, Humid, Horrible.  It was already 70 degrees when I left the house.  I made sure most if not all the windows were open and the water was fresh for the cats and of course the fans were on.  I can hardly wait to see what the bill will be like next month…(last bill was low)

Livia will be cleaning the house tomorrow instead of today.  That will allow me to get the clothes out of the Livingroom and dining room.

My morning consisted of scanning I managed to get three batches done.  Unfortunately, I put the wrong date on one of them and I hope it won’t be screwing anything up.  There were 24 packets and about 2300 plus pieces of paper scanned.   The rest of the day was mail related.

I called the tax office at lunch time and as of right now the new bills won’t come out for another couple of weeks so I have time yet.

I have class tonight and then I will go grocery shopping and then straight home to bed.

I can’t believe how tired I am

I had gotten a message from Alex to tell me I could come in earlier than originally scheduled so I had to through on my shoes and took off. I got in there and the in body machine wasn’t working so we couldn’t get me weighed (but will on Tuesday). We spent the first 20 minutes talking about exercise and diet. I was as up front as possible (possible being the key phrase). We talked about his trip and how much fun they had. He had me start with rowing machine to 1000 reps, then we did squats with ten lb weights, the elastics and sit ups, and three sets of each. While we were doing them we chatted and of course my voice went and I had to get a lot of water. When we finished that I had to do the rowing.
After exercising promised to be back for the class on Monday and our session on Tuesday. That will be tight because of the dinner that night. When I left the gym my intention was to go grocery shopping but went to Adams and got lunch. I came home ate and then got tired. It was nearly two and I watched TV and napped. The open house was just finishing up.
The rest of the day I did nothing until dinner time. I looked at the taxes due and couldn’t find anything so I will have to call them Monday. I also called in my time for the upcoming appointments to the Standard.
I got a call from Neighbor Sylvia. She wanted me to know that our neighbors with Pomeranian lost said Pomeranian from a heart murmur and Neighbor Nicki is taking it very hard. As Sylvia was explanting the situation she was criticizing the way Nikki would be leaving the dog alone a lot to travel or spend time with her son etc. She was letting me know so that I wouldn’t cause Nikki to cry. The dog may have been neurotic but Nikki and Tony did what they had to do. How would you like it if someone criticized the way you brought up Mikey? I don’t care if it’s your Opinion-I didn’t ask for it. After she told me about that we caught up on Neighborhood activities. I told her about my trip to SC. ALL OF IT.
I talked with Liz this morning I called her to let her know my voice was sounding better. It was not working out that way. We talked about what to get the newest graduates in the family (Olivia, James, Nelson 3) somehow she wrote scarf and it should have been cards.
I think I will go to bed early despite the fact that Jurassic park is on three different channels tonight. I think it has to do with the release of the latest Jurassic park movie coming out.


A lovely morning

It is a cool sunny Saturday morning and it feels great. I know I am feeling better when I don’t feel too cold in temps like this. It is 59 degrees in town and it is supposed to get in the 80’s.
I have been up since 6. I stayed in bed longer than usual because as I expected it took me a while to get to sleep even though I was tired. Of course some genius decided to rev his motorcycle engine as he is passing our street at 2 in the morning which scared all three of us. We settled back down and we fell back to sleep until this morning.
We have done our regular morning routine and I have a feeling they are back sleeping either out back or upstairs. Actually they were I called them to come to the cellar they didn’t seem interested. Sky wants to go into my old room but not yet. Tiger is out back watching the yard or sitting in the early morning sun
I have stuff in the dryer and will get it folded and move the laundry along. I really don’t want to be doing it through the entire weekend again.
I think I am going to lie down for a bit and then get out and do some stuff.

The last couple of days

Shortly after I posted my thankful Thursday yesterday my whole attitude shot to hell. First I discovered that 4th District meeting for this month was last night and not next week as I thought. Then someone put a newly posted batch in the wrong location and when I was explaining it to my girl Ann she just wasn’t understanding it and I just stormed off and headed to the car. Mary knew exactly what I was feeling. Oh and there is a sign with instructions plain as day on the wall above the treasury boxes for the new batches. Today Leslie another lady I work with was making excuses. We are all adults learn to read. Apparently not all the admins told people the new location either. Oh and I did apologize to Ann this morning she was great about it. I knew I over reacted even though I kept justifying it to myself until I got to work this morning.
I rushed home last night to make sure the house was in some order so I cleaned a few spots here and there and straightened the kitchen and dumped all the clothes into the washing machines. Then I set up the minutes to write in. Happily, we had a fairly good turnout (10 or 12). I was starting to lose my voice again too. I was glad I was in bed by 10.
Today while scanning I had to delete this one treasury batch in its entirety because the program was going wonky. The one thing I forgot to do is to save each individual packet so I would not have to do the whole thing again. Once AC reviewed it with me it clicked. Unfortunately, that batch took longer than I wanted it too.
The scanning delay caused me to be late for lunch so I went to Paula’s ordered my lunch and then after I paid for it the system went down and it took forever to make it (half a grilled sandwich and soup) they refunded my credit card and I left. I was pleasantly surprised to find one of the girls delivering my order to me. I ate it.
The rest of the afternoon I did some mail and the readdress mail. I reviewed stuff with DG (she still doesn’t get it). Well she’s on vacation next week so I will be doing it all so there should be little or no problems with it. Unless I mess up with it.
I decided to get some coffee on the way home tonight so I can hopefully catch up on things I have been letting slide.
When I got home I found the “For Sale” sign up in front of Neighbor Maria’s house. There is an open house this weekend. There have been some showings earlier in the week.
I also found the new canister vacuum cleaner that I bought earlier this week waiting at the door. I opened it and it looks pretty decent. I am not sure I want to use it yet. I think I will let Livia use it on Monday.

I have some news for all of you Jerry Springer fans. The 26-year-old talk show (sputter) that has been in production in Stamford shut down and it looks like it may be over FOREVER! It hasn’t been renewed but there is an agreement with the CW to rebroadcast old episodes. IF you haven’t guessed I hated that show.
WTNH channel 8 is celebrating their 70th anniversary this month and have been showing the highlights of their existence with the varied anchors and reporters and weathermen. Tonight they had some of the former newscasters and old promos. That included Geoff Fox (hey have you seen it?).
I finally got a hold of Roberta after many texts and phone calls. They found a house and it is going to be inspected next week. Now all that has to be done is moving across country.
The cats are doing their own thing. Tiger has been lying on the guest room bed and until I opened the cellar door I think sky has been under my bed. He hasn’t been doing here for a while.
This weekend I will be banking, gym, writing letters, volunteering and getting ready for the next week. I really can’t wait for 4th of July weekend. In the meantime I have a couple of dinners, doctor’s appointments and a couple of meetings.


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for my family warts and all. Everyone is doing well.  I spoke to Kristian via IM the other day and he is safe from Durango fires
  2. I am thankful for my kitties. They Bring me joy
  3. I am thankful for my job. Catching up with stuff that didn’t get done while I was off.
  4. I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health. Haven’t been to the gym since last Thursday maybe.  I don’t see me going tonight either.  I just had my infusion yesterday and I see Rheumy in August.  I have an eye doctor appointment next week or so.
  5. I am thankful for my neighbors. Neighbor Sylvia put her house up for sale again.  Neighbor Maria’s house has had some people looking at it this week.  It went on the market last week.
  6. I am thankful for my home. Everything seems to be working okay.
  7. I am thankful for my friends.   Congratulations to Mardi and her family as they welcome a brand-new baby into their clan.  YeHah.
  8. I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. The lady’s guild Installation is fast approaching.  DTC has a lot going on as well.  4th District meeting at my house tonight (I had forgotten about).   Our annual dinner is next Friday.  Lots of other things I know I have been invited to but haven’t responded yet.

9             I am thankful for the weather.  It has been beautiful for most of this week.

  1. I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. Enough Said.


This time last week

This time last week I was nearing the end of my week long vacation from work and still nursing my post strep throat and perhaps laryngitis. Happily, with the last two days of early bed times it seems to be getting better.
The weekend was semi quiet but as I mentioned before working my way back to a normal routine. I spent time with Liz and the family while we urged My nephew Nelson and his son in a 5k.
These last few days has been furthering the regular routine. I have been working, and doing some appointments. Haven’t been to the gym in a few days. Partially because the Trainers are having a great time with the Mouse. They should be back this weekend.
I have to admit haven’t done much in the way of daily chores but a conversation with one of the team leads made me realize that if I don’t want to I don’t have to. So for now the piles of clothes on the dining room table will stay there. Maybe tomorrow I will empty dishwasher.
Tonight will be fairly quiet. Tomorrow is garbage day so I need to get that out before it rains again.
I had a dream last night that Tiger was out back lying down and every time she tried to move her body she would meow really loud. I remember that I tried to pick her up but that’s about the time I woke up. When I got up finally I kept checking on her and she was moving around so I know she is fine…but it was unsettling. Now they are both sleeping somewhere around here and I think it’s time I did too.

Calling it a night

I have been home an hour already, had made a makeshift dinner of protein frozen vegetables and yogurt, watched a little bit of TV, and fed the kitties. Now I am in a make shift warm pajamas and about to go to sleep. I am so tired.
I left hear just about 7 the ride was fine until I found out the elevator in the parking garage where I park continues to not work. This is really inconvenient for me. I have had to make adjustments like walking to the second level and take the elevator from Temple Medical and walk from that garage.
I got into the office just about 7:20 and chatted with a number of people. I also made some calls (to the FMLA people) regarding my appointment on Wednesday. Then it went south a little. I changed the password (it was from the university site) and after that I couldn’t access anything for about a couple of hours. I called the help desk and the message suggested I reboot both computers and it worked. So I was able to print up a few things, and listen to music while I did work.
Bob and the rest of our team moved last week so now I have a longer walk to deliver some things. They are getting used to their new digs. At least it will help in my steps. I did learn that the batches we scan will be closer to where AC will be sitting and I will have to walk to get them.
I am going to get going, I want to get up early and get to the office early again…

Getting back into routine

This weekend was about getting back into a regular routine. Yesterday morning, I went with my sister and BIL to a Pirate 5K race that my nephew Nel Jr and his son Nelson 3 participated in. It was a beautiful morning and not really a large crowd. It was along one of the beaches in town. It was Nelson the 3rds very first 5K and he did an awesome job for seven years old. He won a trophy for his age group. My sister seems to think he was the only one in his age group. After the race we headed back to the house and had breakfast. I stayed for another hour or so.
After the early Morning I headed to town fair tire and got the tire I destroyed last week replaced. It was a lot more than I expected but it was necessary. From there I went grocery shopping and then home to watch the rest of NCIS marathon. Oh yeah my TV/cable box started working again. Now I don’t have to call the cable company and rip them a new one.
Today was kind of quiet (at least the morning was). It was the regular morning routine and that included sending some text messages to my brother who was making preparations for his return trip home (he was in Akron Ohio) for a conference.
The morning I was writing in my Pen pal blogs and starting some letters and working on some stuff in said hobby until the laptop was being uncooperative. Happily, it didn’t last long.
AT lunch time I started getting ready for Bingo. My first foray in two weeks. Even though my voice was starting to go quiet. My Resident Ann helped me out by calling the numbers. It was a hot mess as many of them were chatting and or clapping and making it difficult for people to hear.
After the bingo I headed to Liz to give her a mini fashion show for the stuff. This time only a dress went back. The rest of it stays (and got washed). The reason it got washed is I believe Tiger peed on it. I didn’t stay long as Liz was getting tired and so for that matter was I.
If you visit my Facebook page you will see, I have been taking the cats pictures and some of them have been damn funny. You know how I have mentioned when seasons change they tend to go back to places they have gone to in the past? Well I found tiger sitting in the base of the table out back, or sleeping under the recliner now and then. Most nights I can also find her sleeping on the guest bed room. A couple of times she has been sleeping under the night table by my bed.
Now Sky has been doing his regular sleeping on my bed but on more than one occasion I have found him in a basket on one of the bookshelves in Mom’s office. I don’t know how long he has been doing that but it was too funny.
Now that laundry is done (but in a massive pile on the dining room table) and its almost 9 I think I am going to go to bed. I want to get out earlier than I usually do for work tomorrow. I suspect it will be very busy tomorrow.
Oh there was an awesome Motorcyle caravan going through town apparently it was one of two to raise funds for a Yale Hockey player who died unexpectedly a few years ago. It was awesome to see but rather loud.