Today is the last day before recess

I am sitting here at the desk.  I have been working on yesterday’s mail while catching up with VanessaT who just returned from quarantine.  DG is still on quarantine.  There aren’t that many people here this week anyway.  Those who were here only worked one day and took the rest of the time off.   Admins gave us an extra recess day for this holiday and for Christmas.  I am not sure that will ever happen again in my lifetime here.

Sadly we learned that our one of our IT guys passed away from covid last week.  I found out through the three amigos as they found out through a meeting last week. We eventually got an alert from one of the Admins.

Supervisor is off until next Monday but he sent out a thanksgiving email and so Did SR.  I have alerted them that I will be taking time off in December for the move.  I put it in this morning.  Everyone is replying to it and the amigos are bitching and I find that to be just so juvenile.   I was going to tell them knock t off but decided not to.

I was multitasking so much that I can’t remember how much of last week’s mail I had done when I left I was still working on the 23rd date of mail.  I had to sent batches of Denials to a few of my coworkers and more than once Teresa reminded me to not make a big deal of  it all…just send a batch to each of the persons.    I can do more on Monday.  Well it must have satisfied SR because she thanked me.

I received some emails from the RWA, saying that the condo association covers the water so that will be under my condo fees.  Liz was surprised by that.  The most recent email says the account is under Dad’s name and has been for years but I have online access.  So I asked them will I need to provide a death certificate to be closing it.  I hope they answer me tomorrow. 

I am still waiting on UI’s response it will take 4 more days.

I also got an estimate from the mover we had here yesterday. $1700 and change Liz was very surprise by that..  We are going to look at the others that Liz sent to the message place.  Dave sent me something yesterday.

We talked about all of that and how stressed I am and she was great about everything reassuring me and apologizing if she was too sharp with me.  She also admitted that somethings may need to wait (lie the couch, or the chairs). 

It was nearly 5 when I got home and I fed the cats and had my dinner and relaxed a while before watching NCIS.

The writers once again rewrote history and that bothers me.

I couldn’t sleep

It was nearly 1 in the morning before I fell asleep.  Partly because I had coffee last night thinking I was going to be doing things and instead I ate crap and watched the Twilight saga. 

The other reason I couldn’t sleep is Cheryl informed us the closing date is December 11 for the house and condo.  It’s really happening.  Cheryl had Liz call her (and she should have called me and explained what Liz said to me) to explain to me what is going to happen.  Once I sign over the house I can’t come back.  Liz says I may have to spend the night at her house and leave the cats at the condo. By themselves and lose.  I am going to have to ask her about that again.

Liz asked me to make a list of the utilities and the account numbers and for both the house and the condo.   I did that and then proceeded to change the address on almost everything.  I haven’t done it to the water company yet I have to fill out some form and print it out.  Again have to read it again.  The DMV I Have to print out and mail to the company..  As for the UI and water and I feel I have to do more like tell them to turn it off and when to do it and add another account.

I finally fell asleep for several hours and woke up around 4 or 5 and the next thing I knew it was 5:30. 

I have fed the cats, did the normal routine and answered some emails and read some social media. I have to update the list now that the sun has risen.  I know I have a lot to do.

 I did manage to go grocery shopping for the week.  I hope not to go through it all in two days.

Today will be definitely cleaning the house again.  Getting that damn closet weeded out and hopefully do it before the rain that is expected starts.  I am hoping that I can go to the goodwill and or store to pick up stuff.

Well I am now waiting until 8 to start…..such a procrastinator.  I am getting scared thought it’s like I want to entrench myself on the wall like Tiger did that day under the bed.

Good news…

Late last night before I went to sleep I checked the Mychart site to see if anything came up and luckily I got my results (the actual email came to me at 9 but  was busy watching TV) and they were negative.   It wasn’t totally unexpected.  I hadn’t any symptoms and I have been fine all week.  So I told my siblings and spoke to one of the three amigos for 45 minutes about that and cats and the holidays and of course the moving.

My hope is that next week my Friend Lisa and I will be getting together after 30 years and have a visit.  It’s been crazy we have had to cancel the last few times because one thing or another.  It will be great to see her.

This morning I woke up with a headache from the pillow again.  I can’t tell which one it is until I move it around and end up getting the headache.  I had some coffee but it hasn’t gone away as I write this I did eat some scrambled egg.

This morning I am trying to finish up laundry, cleaned the litter box mat, and made one call to a mover for estimates he will be here 11:30 or earlier if possible.  I haven’t made any other calls because now I am tired.

I will do the house cleaning tomorrow now.

Hopefully I find out

The Covid Test was literally 5 minutes yesterday and allowed me to have an afternoon off.  I actually left the office around 1 and on the way home called my sister to see if it was okay to  eat some lunch (I was entertaining the thought of going home first) I decided to stop at McDonald’s at the rest stop in Milford.  I drove to the testing site and began to eat and then I got on line and had my test.  I went home and ate again.

I also started looking at my utilities to make sure they were in my name or my folk’s name.  Liz suggested I look into it because I will need to get a death certificate if it isn’t in my name.  I am waiting for RWA (Water Company) to return my email and I tried to send an email  to ask the UI but its like trying to jump through hoops.  The cable and oil is in my name.

The rest of the night I watched TV, and I watched Christmas mvoies such as The Year without Santa (Mickey Rooney and the actress who played Hazel in the 60’s, Shirley Booth)

I am starting to feel uneasy with the deadline of getting out of the house almost three weeks away.  I haven’t finished the closet, I haven’t called the moving companies since Saturday, and I haven’t vacuumed or dusted since Saturday and that was a half ass job at best.

I just read that the middle school kids will be joining the HS students in the remote /distant learning until January 8.  That should be fun.  There have been reports and articles on how this is affecting families across the country and  I am not sure how its affecting students here.  All forms of sports has been ordered to shut down until further notice.  This was after many schools had been shut down and teachers were quarantined.

The media released the latest numbers last night:

21 new Covid-19 deaths, There are 840 patients hospitalized with covid virus.  Most of the state is in Red alert.  I am not sure what other numbers there were.  I am really anxious to know the results and I find it rather odd that “proxy messages” on my chart has gone out.  TBH I have no idea what it is they are talking about.

Liz was asking me about it today and then told me about her two friends who now have the antibodies for it.  She told me a couple of times this week.  She said is expecting that I will be okay to have dinner with them on thanksgiving.   I am bringing ice cream for the pies and desserts.

I was planning on cleaning but I didn’t get home until quarter of 5 (I stopped and got gas).  I fed the cats, changed the price on the desk.  I have been watching TV.   Tonight was Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.   I wasn’t able to watch all of it I fell asleep.

So now I am heading to bed.

Thankful Thursday

1. I am thankful for my family warts and all.  Everyone is well.  John is enjoying being a newlywed.  Nothing major I can think of.  

2. I am thankful for my kitties. Still cuddly this week.

3. I am thankful for my job. I just celebrated my 29th year at the university with a covid exposure from a coworker.  Three are still out and I get my test this afternoon.   The Front doors to the building wouldn’t open for me but it seems to open for everyone else.  That made me very uneasy.

4. I am thankful for the house/condo. I am really anxious to get to the condo.  One of the cabinet shelves almost broke the dishes under it.  I was so frustrated.  Still haven’t signed for condo yet.  NOr have I gotten a closing date.

5. I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good/better health.   I go for my Covid test this afternoon at 1:45.  I don’t expect to get the results until tomorrow or Saturday the latest.

6. I am thankful for my friends. I had to miss this week’s meetup. I haven’t written to my pen pals lately. I have talked with Mama. I am hoping to get an email off to Dr. T.

I hope to meet up with a childhood friend this week once I find out the results of the test.

7. I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.  Crickets chirping again.

8. I am thankful for my neighbors. They are okay

9. I am thankful for the weather.  Stormy weather at the beginning of the week and chilly temperatures now.

10.  I am thankful for those who choose to protect and serve our country. Enough said.

11. I am thankful for those who are in healthcare caring for those who have been affected by this Virus.

Midweek reflection

Its Wednesday again and I am awed by the fact the week is going by so quickly.  It seems like the older I get the faster the years past.  I mean this is how long we have until Christmas and this many until the New Year.  I tend to get anxious about it.  It also happens around my birthday too

On a happier note 29 years ago today I began as a full time employee at the University.  Its been quite an experience witness, three new University Presidents, several strikes, watched a union grow and become a force to be reckoned with, experienced some sadness, as we faced the terrorism, and wars that came from 9/11.  We said goodbye to many people over the years through retirements, job changes, and sadly death.  We welcomed new people as new jobs opened up.  

I woke up around 2 to find out that my friend Ann’s families have symptoms of the virus.  Actually her nephew and friend have mild symptoms and Ann’s sister has worse symptoms.  Ann’s test results will come tomorrow.  I have been sneezing what seems like  a lot.  I am trying to not worry about it and  I feel like its not related.  I probably should get my temp taken.

I fell back to a light sleep until about 5.  Sky had been awake for a while and entertaining himself until his sister woke up just before five.    I decided that I would try and fall asleep until the alarm went off.  That second cup of coffee was a godsend too when I did get up again for the day. 

It was cold but not frosty when I left for work.  I had no problems getting to work and made it just before 8.

I spent the day working on the mail.  I finished the 16th mid-day and then worked on the 17th and at the end of the day I worked was able to get the 17th finished.  Near the end of the day I was able to finish today’s mail.  There wasn’t a lot.

I don’t think I will be able to finish tomorrow’s mail as I have the covid test to take.  I will be able to wok on the scanning for a couple of hours.

I rushed out of the office a little after 4 and headed home. The traffic was a little heavy not sure if it was accidents or the sun that was setting by 4:29 It was nearly quarter of 5 when I got home.

I fed the cats and relaxed and started eating the rest of the chicken and prepared the pork chops I will fix tomorrow night.  I had also got the garbage out for trash day.  I was feeling pretty organized.

I fell asleep on the couch and sky slept on top of me and then cuddled up like a little baby for nearly an hour.

I have showered and am going to bed.

OH For the past week or so I have been having text conversations with the ladies in the finding friends group.  They were discussing the location for tonight’s meetup and it looks like it was in Guildford.  They totally understood when I told them I could not make it yet.

They have planned a holiday party at Stephanie’s home on December 19th.  The gift exchange will be $25.  I am hoping to do it.  I have until the 10th to decide.

I heard Kris (brother Jim’s son) and he wanted to let me know he has a new Job and moved west of Denver? Doing what he loves.  He is selling sports equipment for skiing.  He has always loved skiing and at one time was going to be a ski instructor.

I told him the news of the move but I forgot to mention how Jim’s been helping.  I will later.  If I am not too late.

Returned to work

I did my normal routine this morning in preparation of going back to work.  I did the assessment, sent the emails, and did the morning texts.

I am glad I listened to Gil Simmons the weatherman at Channel 8 this morning saying we need to dress warm.  I had to defrost the car for ten minutes.  It didn’t take long but that will probably be the norm for now.  It also made me think about when I finally moved to the condo.

When I got to the office I got my temp and I was fine.  I went to see if DG and LF were here and they are not.  Neither is VT which I knew last night.  I was surprised to find that LB isn’t but I learned a bit ago that Supervisor did let people know there were some concerns.  He wouldn’t go too much into it.  I learned this from CS.  Who was happy to see me. 

As time went on more people arrived.  Not many but enough to keep me from going bonkers with the quiet.  Spoke to AC and she is fine.  I shared with her I was planning on calling her and she said no need.  I also said I figured you wouldn’t have been in a sharing mood.  She did tell me it was quiet here yesterday. 

I promised to contact Vanessa to let her know who was and wasn’t here.  She thanked me and I told her I hadn’t heard or spoke to DG.  I know she wouldn’t be in a revealing mode.  I will email LG soon

Well, i just found out LG is in the office.  She had her test and was negative.  She vowed to do the six feet from everyone and that she is only following CDD protocol as she doesnt’ believe the HP really understands how close we work with each other.  She is also not really pleased with our admins.

Now that I am over the latest hurdle healthcare wise I am more determined to get work done both here and at home.  I didn’t do very much yesterday except cooking and sleeping, and of course watching TV.   It doesn’t look like I am going to do much tonight either.

I spent the rest of today doing the mail.  By the end of the day I was still working on the mail.  I found the mail for yesterday on dg’s chair so I started it for most of it.

The committee meeting discussed basically the status of negotiations and of course the recent activity at the office names was unmentioned to protect their privacy.  I did share my experience of the situation and that the staff in the office was told yesterday.  I shared that many felt they should have had been sent an email regarding this.

In preparation for NCIS season premiere I went and got some snacks, and coffee supplies, and cereal supplies.  The rest of the groceries can really be done Thursday.

So have a great night.

Monday Musings

Well it’s after ten and sunny out.  I sent the pertinent emails and included EV and told her there wasn’t a line that says I was in contact with anyone tested positive.  EV says she will call me sometime today. 

I did get a thank you email from AD, and PTO request approval from Supervisor. Nothing else like “hope you are okay” or something. 

I just got an obnoxious text from EV. I asked her if she was in contact with the others who are in this event she said its not her job to contact people that the Health Plan should do it.   I am already aggravated by everything that’s going wrong today I don’t need her shit.  She has a habit of being a little selfish and abrupt and on more than one occasion annoyed people with her attitude.

I am still trying to get my grocery delivery set up and as usual having fucking problems.  I tried Aldi and it won’t deliver to me.  The one it would be delivering from is up in Wallingford.  I am still waiting on a confirmation email from Shoprite.  Peapod…forget it. Its just  hassles all around. 

I had no problem ordering the cat food. I should have also ordered one new litterbox.  Do you know I have seen some that are over $100?  Those are the self-cleaning ones.  I did find some for $8 to $15 at PetSmart.

Any site I have gone too is slow and annoying me.  Even on the Informed delivery for the post office.  I thought because I updated or at least tried to update my address it wasn’t letting me sign in.

Around lunch time I decided to do something other than sit on my butt I brined some chicken and then cooked them and then did the pork chops…after they defrosted in the refrigerator for the afternoon.

I did the brine from the site.  Slightly different I used vinegar and the salt and just poured/sprinkled rosemary, oregano, pepper in it and poured it in a pyrex baking dish.  It was the only shallow dish I could think of.  I am wondering if I should use the same dish to cook.   Or use the pan in the recipe.  I didn’t exactly follow recipe steps.  I was supposed to pat the chicken or the pork but didn’t do it. Neither did I put olive oil on it.  It was still delicious. Now I just have to not eat it all at one night.

Its after 5 and I just got off the phone with the contact tracing person from the health plan.  She had sent me an email around 4 and so I called back and she was kind enough to call me just after 5.  She says I am low risk exposure so I don’t have to quarantine but I do need the test.  I answered all the questions with the codicle that I did have some symptom but I contributed to stress (explaining about the move)

I just have to monitor the symptoms and get the test on Thursday and I can go back to work tomorrow.  As I said to Liz when I called her I have been very lucky.

I have told a few people the end results. So I can go to sleep without worrying.

I had my session with Debra.  It was pretty good we talked about the past week’s activities and the upcoming holidays.

So before I come home from work tomorrow I will go to the grocery store.

STill no word from work

It is now after 5 pm and no email from Admins.  I did get another email from LFriello regarding the situation and she said she called our union steward and spoke to her about the situation.  We were sharing our precautions.  She also reassured me that Admins must already know because NW had to tell her and her supervisor.  I also called the union steward and asked her to call me.  I didn’t explain but I am sure can figure it out.  So I am helping she will call me soon.

            The rain hasn’t started yet. The wind advisory is in effect until midnight tomorrow.  I had to turn the heat up in the house  I was talking to Nextdoor today and among the many things he told me is we are getting snow at the end of the week.  I just realized I may have said that earlier today.   I was watching him stock up his wood supply. 

The cats were fed early this evening and now are lying quietly around here.  Tiger is beside me here on the couch and although I can’t see him (no lights on) I suspect Sky is somewhere I just heard him meow.  He will be here soon.  They will be semi happy if I end up not going to work tomorrow.

I am watching the NCIS:LA marathon on ION and it’s the Wedding of Kensi and Deeks.  IN about three hours (give a take the CBS schedule) the second episode of this season is on tonight.  There is some rumor going around that the golden couple of LA is in trouble.  I missed last week’s season opener for both this show and Nola.  So I watched it and it was pretty good.  Didn’t get a chance to see Nola will another time.  I did see tonight’s episodes even though they were delayed 30 minutes.

Its almost 10 at night and it’s been semi active night.  The storm did come through and the winds were very loud and very strong.  The storm door is broken now.  It pulled out of my hand to begin with and as I pulled it closed the bar that is a part of the spring to close it bent.  I had to slam the door shut and lock it.  It rained a few times and there was a tornado watch and a thunderstorm watch until 2.

I finally got a hold of the union steward and as I suspected she knew why I was calling.  She did say I would have to quarantine for two weeks.  I just got off the phone with her again and she did say to fill out the form indicating I have come in contact with someone with Covid.  She said they would back us up and that we shouldn’t have to use our time.  I will email them tomorrow morning.

Now I have to start thinking about what to do until my test is performed.   I just tried to register for shop at home for ShopRite and no confirmation email.  

Didn’t get much accomplished

Well I didn’t get too far with the quotes yesterday.  I am not surprised.  I looked online at one and tried to call them but 1) this particular place out of East Haven is closed weekends.  2) They tell you to give some details of what you need but don’t give you a quote until you call.  Well I am not sure what to say yet.  I am also guessing most of the others are close for the weekend now too.  I did go over the Optimum packages so I don’t have to keep paying $223 and change. 

My goal today is to get the house cleaning done, and get to the closet.  Not really accomplishing that at the moment.  I will.  My reasoning for that is we are supposed to get a rainy Sunday afternoon.  My hope is it will spur me to do it

Today is my Niece Diane’s Birthday.  My memories of her over the years are mixed emotions.  She was a funny little child when she first came to us and she was on her second and final return from Taiwan and she became a real American girl.  There were times she irritated me (usually when she was smart ass teenager) and then when she went through the drama queen stage (to my siblings she is still there).  I still love her despite that.  I actually feel the same way with all of them.

I contacted my coworker who said she was going to get tested and she contacted the Manager and Supervisor.  It looks like we will have to sign a paper tomorrow.  I am waiting for the two emails that chew me out for it.  I didn’t tell I knew it was NW.  I called Liz and gave her the update. 

WE talked about the movers we have to contact, and you have to go through a hundred things to just get  a quote.  We decided that we would do that together sometime soon.  We also took a look at the optimum last bill…we will be working on that one too.

We also talked about the closet that I have very little outfits I put aside for spring as most I wear all year long.  Including some of the dresses but I can still put them away until I get to the condo.

I heard from Jim today he says read the travel policy for PA and he said I was right (yeah no shit) that it is getting bad.  NO Shit.

The weather is changing quickly.  The sun was out until about noon time.  The clouds moved in and the wind started picking up and about an hour ago we got a “severe weather alert” in patch.  The wind is supposed to be heavy and thunderstorms until midnight.

The TV remained on and managed to get rid of a lot of clothes hangers.  One whole bag of it and still have lots more to throw out.  I still need to do the clothes things.  I will do it slowly. Then again,  I think I am done for today.